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Empusa: an Aether Vitalis Short Story

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Empusa: an Aether Vitalis Short Story eBook Cover. Written by Mercy Loomis.

Empusa: an Aether Vitalis Short Story is an eBook written by Mercy Loomis. In this work the main character Empusa, is the embodiment of the classical demigoddess of Greek mythology. She has similar powers to that of Succubi. This work is followed by the story The Power That Dreams Have, also by this author.


  • Title: Empusa: an Aether Vitalis Short Story
  • Author: Mercy Loomis
  • Published By: Smashwords
  • Format: eBook
  • Length: 11 Pages
  • ASIN: B005Y17NZK
  • Publishing Date: October 20, 2011

Plot Summary

Empusa is a Greek daimon whose lovers usually don't live to tell the tale. She makes an exception for a trio of humans caught in a tangle of love spells, but there is always a price to be paid...

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Book Review

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