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Demonic Seductress Set (Vendalia Foxtrot)

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Vendalia Foxtrot is a Second Life skins and avatar designer. You can purchase various outfits, shoes, boots and other items to add to the avatar you use in the Second Life universe. This is a Demonic Seductress Set that is available for purchase and use in the Second Life universe. All of the items can be modified that can be worn. Everything can also be copied in this set.

Demonic Seductress Set designed by Vendalia Foxtrot.

Demonic Seductress Set

This set includes 24 items (not including the notecard and ad image):

  • Demonic Seductress Left Spiked Wrist
  • Demonic Seductress Left Wing
  • Demonic Seductress Horns
  • Demonic Seductress Right Wing
  • Demonic Seductress Shape
  • Demonic Seductress Spiked Collar
  • Demonic Seductress Shoe Shape
  • Demonic Seductress Stiletto Right
  • Demonic Seductress Stiletto Left
  • Demonic Seductress Left Upper Arm Spikes
  • Demonic Seductress Right Upper Arm Spikes
  • Demonic Seductress Left Shoulder
  • Demonic Seductress Right Shoulder
  • Demonic Seductress Right Spiked Wrist
  • Demonic Seductress Head Wings
  • Demonic Seductress Succubus Skirt (Pelvis)
  • Demonic Seductress Tail
  • Demonic Seductress Nipple Studs and Chains
  • Demonic Seductress Gloves
  • Demonic Seductress Spiked Left Ankle
  • Demonic Seductress Spiked Right Ankle
  • Demonic Seductress Socks
  • Demonic Seductress Bottom
  • Demonic Seductress Top


The Shape: This set comes with a shape that will allow you to instantly have everything fit correctly. If you want to use it with a different sized shape, you can modify most of the items to fit correctly. Some items have limitations on how much you can scale them down, since I do not use Tiny Prims.

Demon Tail: The tail is animated with a wag. Also, when someone touches it, they can choose from 6 different things to do to you. These would be Grab, Stroke, Fondle, Bite, Suck, and Lick. This tail also allows you to do these things to yourself as well. ^.^

High Heeled Shoes: The shoes have a simple scripted sound function. Clicking on your right shoe will activate the menu to turn ON or OFF the walking sound. Once the sound has been turned on, you can click the right shoe again to get to other options such as sound volume or turning the sound off. Remember, if the SIM does not allow scripts to be run, you will not be able to access your menu until you are in a SIM that does.

Pantyhose: Sometimes Second Life can have issues with storing the right adjustments for your pants or socks. This can cause the pantyhose of this outfit to have strange overlaping dark lines. If you end up seeing this, just adjust the length of your pants to and socks to meet at the black belt just above your ankles. This will allow you to hide any overlapping.

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