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Demon Dreams

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Demon Dreams
Demon Dreams.jpg
Demon Dreams Patron Page Title Card
Developer(s) Bad Ideas Team
Publisher(s) Bad Ideas Team
Distributor(s) Bad Ideas Team
Engine Flash
Release date(s) Not Yet Released
Latest release Not Yet Released
Preview release Not Yet Released
Genre(s) Adult Fantasy
Media/Digital distribution Download
Arcade system PC

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Demon Dreams is a flash game being developed by Bad Ideas Team which features both succubi and incubi characters since June 2014. According to the game's Patreon page, players would take the role of either succubi or incubi charcaters within the game, which can be customized, and then through gameplay seduce mortals, acting as heres within the game universe.

While the game is under early development, the intent of the game creator is that when completed, Demon Dreams would be free to download.

Game Information

According to the game's Patreon page, the game will be be played in a modern setting in which succubi and incubi act not in their traditional roles as sex demons, but rather a sort of sexual therapist. Accordingly, they would act less like sexual predators but rather would assist in helping mortals to process sexual thoughts and experiences had while awake, understand them, and integrate them into one's personality and mental outlook. As such, the game portrays succubi and incubi as the heroes of wet dreams.


Players begin by designing their succubus or incubus character, both physically and assigning their powers and abilities. Following this, the players then enter the dreams of sleeping mortals and seduce them. However, during gameplay it is possible for their dreams to become nightmares and, if this goes too far, the mortal will awaken early and the player's mission will end. Success means arousing the mortal and then having a sexual encounter with them.

Release Notes

Currently the game is under development with a Patreon page being active and seeking donations to accelerate the project's completion.

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