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Demenita Succubi (Felarya)

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For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

The following information is taken from the Felarya Forums website. The main page link to that site is here.

The Felarya universe deals with the fictional world of Felarya. In this universe most of the beings such as Succubi are gigantic in size. This universe deals with vore and as such may be uncomfortable for some to read.

This concept is the creation of Wildthing on the Felarya Forums.


  • Singular: Dementia
  • Plural: Dementia
  • Average Height: Around 5 foot
  • Average Life Span: Unknown

Notable Physical Features

Dementia Succubi are considered petite by most standards due to their general short height and wiry frame. To compensate for this they tend to have overly large wings for their size which they can use to make themselves look more intimidating to others. All Dementia have thin black horns which curve around from the forehead to just over the ears of the Succubi. They tend to have grey tinged skin although variations can occur; black hair is also common.

Notable Magical Features

Dementia Succubi are renowned for having no offensive or defensive magic of any kind. Instead they rely on illusions and a form of mind reading that they possess. Their mind reading allows probing of basic things such as current emotions, likes, dislikes and fears. These can then be manipulated into illusions that the Dementia can cast into the targets mind. It is important to note that the Dementia have no control of the actual images they cast, only of what the desired effect of those illusions would be. The only people that can see these illusions are the victim and the Dementia herself. The Dementia are therefore forced to manipulate their target through elaborate use of mind screws rather than brute force.

Race Overview

The Dementia tend to be more manipulative than even their fellow demons. Unfortunately for them, the majority of their population are completely insane. The ability to see what the target is seeing has a negative effect on their sanity, most Dementia of any respectable age have long since descended into madness with varied results between them. This means they are a dying race, very few remain and even then, most nobles of Hell can find very few uses for them. It is a rumour that a couple of upper class nobles use them as a form of punishment to give an example.

Other Succubi Types

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