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Clover Succubus Set (Vendalia Foxtrot)

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For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Vendalia Foxtrot is a Second Life skins and avatar designer. You can purchase various outfits, shoes, boots and other items to add to the avatar you use in the Second Life universe. This is a Clover Succubus Set that is available for purchase and use in the Second Life universe. It is designed to be part of a celebration of St. Patrick's Day. All of the items can be modified that can be worn. Everything can also be copied in this set.

Clover Succubus Set designed by Vendalia Foxtrot.

Clover Succubus Set

  • Clover Succubus Shoe Shape
  • Clover Succubus Bottom
  • Clover Succubus Shirt (undershirt)
  • Clover Succubus Right Wing
  • Clover Succubus Left Wing
  • Clover Succubus Tail
  • Clover Succubus Body Shape
  • Clover Succubus Hair
  • Clover Succubus Skirt
  • Clover Socks
  • Clover Bottom(underpants)
  • Clover Top
  • Clover Succubus Silk Gloves
  • Clover Succubus Horns (chin)
  • Clover Succubus Stiletto Left
  • Clover Succubus Stiletto Right


Comes with both Underpants/Undershirt and Pants/Shirt to allow for anyone that wants to layer their clothing with this set.

Demon Tail: The tail is animated with a wag. Also, when someone touches it, they can choose from 6 different things to do to you. These would be Grab, Stroke, Fondle, Bite, Suck, and Lick. Also, there is a menu to change the Rune Color tint by clicking on the base of the tail. Clicking on the main tails will bring up your self play menu as well.

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