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Chloe Love

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The Succubus Chloe Love as seen in the Monday, July 13, 2009 comic.

Eerie Cuties is a webcomic written by the artist Gisèle Legacé (Giz), who is also the primary artist, and Dave Zeroi, and the comic is coloured by Miguel Marques. The first strip appeared on Monday, June 1, 2009. A new strip is published often (usually twice weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays) on the Eerie Cuties website.

In this online comic series, is a young Succubus character whom is named Chloe Love.

Chloe Love

Chloe Love is a 14 year old Succubus in the webcomic series Eerie Cuties. She is blonde, with reddish eyes, red horns and a pair of black bat-like wings and a long pointed succubus tail. She also has freckles which to her is not Succubus-like. She considers herself as a failure as a Succubus and as a result attempts to hide her Succubus features. She does so by wearing a black headband with horns that she puts over her own real horns, and is able to absorb her tail and wings into her own body (though they do come out on their own under stressful circumstances).[1] She is bashful, caring, and doesn't think that those qualities are Succubus-like and so, she sees herself as a failure as a Succubus. Chloe is also the friend of Nina Delacroix, whom is a 14-year old Vampire who was born on Easter and feeds on chocolate. Chloe revealed herself to be a Succubus in the July 13th, 2009 webcomic.[2]

In the July 15th, 2009 comic, Chloe lamented her failings as a succubus, but the undoggedly optimistic Nina assured her that she was pretty.[3] Shortly after this, right after she expressed her boosted self esteem, she had a Succubus growth spurt which caused some problems for her.[4]

Short comment by TeraS - Honestly I don't think she is a failure as a Succubus. She's cute but unsure of herself and I think that she will, over time, realize that she is a good Succubus in her own way.

There has been some speculation that Chloe does not have regular contact with her Succubus parent, given her low opinion of herself, and her actions with the manifestation of her 'pheromone delivery system'.

There was a piece of background information on Chloe that appeared in the series. Nina's mother, Mrs. Delacroix appeared when Nina was having a sleepover. She met Chloe and commented that Chloe's mother's name was Adora Love.[5] It was also commented by Chloe that her succubus nature makes her want to make girls look pretty when she was at Nina's sleepover party.

Eventually Chloe came into possession of her mother's cursed panties and changed dramatically both in age and her powers, causing all kind of havoc in Eerie Cuties. Eventually she lost ownership of the panties, regained some of her past personality and things returned to what passed for normal in the series. However, Chloe's mother decided that the best thing for her to do was to spend some time in hell to control her powers better.

When this occurred, Chloe was written out of Eerie Cuties and it was uncertain if she would ever return, However, a hew webcomic called Dangerously Chloe appeared to follow her new adventures separately from the main Eerie Cuties series.

Succubus Powers

An example of one of Chloe's hearts from the December 23, 2009 comic strip.
Chloe displayed an unusual method of sending out her Succubus powers.[6] She creates small hearts that look similar to the mascot, save that they do not have tails or horns that have been seen. They scatter and are attracted to male targets, exploding on contact with them. After that happens, the affected male is infatuated with Chloe. This all started when Chloe got the hiccups and, according to the story so far, if she sneezed she would let loose dozens of them.[7] This could well be a problem, as Chloe seems to have been stockpiling them in her school locker for quite some time.[8] This came to a head when Layla, the older sister of Nina, sprayed lilac hairspray, triggering an allergic reaction. The resulting explosion of pheromones coated the school[9] and has resulted in a 'zombie apocalypse' of boys chasing her down.[10] The incident was mostly brought to a close when Nina activated the sprinkler system,[11] but Chloe had been pulled out of the the building by some of the boys. Under 'attack' by several boys, her powers activated on their own, draining the 'life force' from several boys (and the French teacher).[12] Chloe felt guilty about this, though it was revealed that the boys could recover from it.[13]

Dangerously Chloe

Following her mother's decision to take Chloe to hell in order to learn to control her powers better after the "panties" incident, Chloe reappeared in a new webcomic called Dangerously Chloe.


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