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Chateau Aensland

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Chateau Aensland
Author(s) Blankpage
Language English
Series The Chateau Aensland Saga
Genre(s) Fantasy
Mind Control
Publisher MCStories.com
Publication date March 20, 2004 -
June 13, 2004
Media type Online HTML
Followed by Home of the Lilithbornes

Chateau Aensland is the first work in the Chateau Aensland Saga, detailing Danny and Julie's capture and seduction by Vera Hayes. While the story focuses mainly on Danny, Julie also gets two chapters of her own.

Warning: If you have yet to read the series, the following would be considered spoilers.


Tear Me Apart

  • named for: The Smashing Pumpkins, "Tear", a song about the wake of a car crash.

Danny meets Julie in a bar in Los Angeles. They are both under the impression that they have been summoned there by Vera Hayes to discuss a shift in the tournament scene of the video game Puzzle Fighter, a game which they are both players of. While they've seen each other online, they've never met, and have a friendly discussion, wondering why they alone seem to have been invited since they're not even remarkable players. Just then, Vera appears, and tells them she has only invited Danny and Julie. When they ask why, they start to feel woozy. They realize the drinks they are drinking have been drugged, and lose consciousness.

When Danny comes to, he sees Julie standing over him, wearing very little. Vera is there, and she tells Danny that she is his mother. He naturally disbelieves her, to which Vera replies by telling Julie to undress Danny. Julie and Vera together then share a sexual moment with Danny, which drains all his energy, and he has a dreamless sleep.

Be My Angel

  • named for: Mazzy Star, "Be My Angel", a simple love song.

Danny wakes up with Julie and Vera at his side, and Vera tells the two that they need to shower. Danny, drained of energy, has a hard time helping himself, so Julie washes him. As the water falls on the two, Julie seduces and makes love to Danny. The act makes him pass out and come to in the bed. Vera explains that Danny is now telepathically linked to Julie and demonstrates by petting her, and Danny can feel the physical sensation as well as Julie. She then tells Danny that he has seven other sisters and he is also linked to them.

Vera sends Julie downstairs to meet her other sisters as well, then cautions her to put on socks before she goes. Danny blushes a crimson hue because that is his fetish. After Julie leaves, Vera invites Danny to ask questions and answers them truthfully. She says that Danny will soon desire nothing but sex and will give everyone strength in this way. She then seduces and makes love to him herself, and he falls asleep during the act.

Pretty Daisies Love

  • named for: Tori Amos, "God", a song that lyrically speaks out against the patriarchal depiction of God.

Julie reflects on her capture and seduction by Vera as she walks down the stairs. She sees her seven sisters sleeping in the courtyard just as she senses Danny's orgasm. Two of them, Maria and Melissa, are awakened by Julie's approach and surround her. Maria tells Julie a few things about Melissa, including to be wary of her as she loves to taste girls. Melissa proceeds to lavish Julie with her mouth, telling her she tastes like an orange. The two then express their desire for Danny, and ask Julie to tell them about him. They then all make love together until Melissa is satisfied. She then leaves, and Maria and Julie have time alone, which Maria uses to deepen Julie's love for Vera.

Force Ten Hurricane

  • named for: PJ Harvey, "50 Ft. Queenie", a stream of consciousness ditty of a woman bragging like a man.

Danny wakes up, struggling with his new reality and wondering whether or not it was all a dream. Vera regrets to see that Danny still doesn't believe in her, and chooses to reveal her true self to him, although she does not yet tell him her true name. She was nervous to show Danny because most people cannot survive being in her presence, but she believes he can. Danny feels his mind become completely controlled by Vera's as they make love, and she tells him about what she remembers of her past and his. She said she believed she was a demon from hell until she met a special boy, and before that boy died he told her that their love had promise. She spent the rest of her life looking for her children, but they all died, until she realized that she had to bring them to her home and allow them to play with each other; this would keep them alive. After their lovemaking is complete, Vera tells Danny that he needs to always obey her, as it is very important that she learns to control her power, or she may kill him. As Danny rests, Vera expresses her doubts to Maria, who reassures her.

The Hand Inside You

  • named for: Mazzy Star, "Fade Into You", a song about loss of individuality in love.

When Danny awakens after his lovemaking session with Vera, he sees an unbelievable sight - a girl from his youth that he had a crush on: Sandy. She says she remembers taking care of him, and now she can take care of him again. Danny reminisces on his happy childhood memories as Sandy flirts with him, but he can't remember very much beyond the basics. Sandy is wearing a pair of socks that she knows turns Danny on, and teases him with them, reassuring Danny that it's okay to look. She then reminds Danny that their pleasure is shared and they make love as well. Danny still has a hard time believing that Sandy's really returned to him. She admits that she enjoyed teasing him when he was a boy, and hums him the lullaby from his childhood before she makes love to him.

Servatis a Periculum

  • named for: Evanescence, "Whisper", about fear of sleep. The phrase is pseudo-Latin for "you are safe from danger".

Julie has fitful dreams of being with Danny, and she is awoken by Maria, who has something to show her. She takes Julie to a garden containing ten flowers, and asks her to select a flower, but not to pick it, and then smell it. Julie picks the daisy and smells it, and then is rocked by the emotions of her former life flowing into her. Maria helps Julie come to terms with the visions of her past life and death swirling into her. Maria explains to Julie that they are immortal and they now live to keep Vera company. While Julie is saddened at the idea that she can't save anyone else, she comes to accept her own existence and rests in Maria's arms, and has a dream of the day she decided to meet Vera.

Goodbye Horses

Maria and Vera talk on the balcony, and Maria tells her that Julie is sleeping. Vera tells Maria to watch over Julie, but then fears for Danny's safety. Maria then reveals Vera's true name, Lilith, and reassures her that she'll do the right thing. Lilith thanks Maria, using her true name, Mary. Later, Danny wakes up next to Sandy, and Vera is there, stroking her hair. Danny tells Vera he's scared that this is all a dream, to which Vera responds by waking Sandy up and telling her that they have catching up to do. Sandy makes love to Danny again, and Vera tells him that because they know he thinks it's wrong, they'll continue to do it until he understands that it's okay. Vera leaves, saying she needs to take care of some things, and leaves Danny and Sandy alone. Sandy makes love to Danny and they share a dream. When Danny wakes up, he and Sandy shower and spend some time together. In the aftermath, Vera approaches their sleeping bodies and absorbs their energies, then wakes Sandy up by using her true name, Haruki, who tells her that Danny's still scared. Lilith acknowledges that this is because he still has the earth spirit within him and that perhaps soon the Lilithbornes would not need to hide.

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