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Origins: 600BC-450BC
Location: Ancient Europe
Notable Characters:

Centaurs are a member of a composite race of creatures, part human and part horse. They are depicted with the hindquarters of a horse attached to them.

History of Centaurus

It was stated that after Ixion fell into insanity and was ostracized by his country, Zeus sympathized greatly with Ixion and brought him up to Olympus to dine with the Gods. Here is where Ixion saw Hera, Zeus' wife and Queen of the Gods. He instantly fell in love with her beauty and began to desire her sexually. Zeus soon became aware of the situation. He was in disbelief that Ixion would betray him and his sincere kindness so he set a trap. Zeus found Ixion sleeping in a field and created a cloud figure of Hera. Zeus laid the figure, who was later named Nephele, next to Ixion. When Ixion awoke, he thought Hera was laying naked beside him and began to have sex with her. Zeus was so angry when he saw his suspicions confirmed that he drove Ixion from Mount Olympus, struck him with a thunderbolt, and then damned Ixion to be eternally bound to a flying burning wheel that would spin around the heavens nonstop (though it was later moved to Tartarus).

Nephele had a child from this union whose name came to be Centaurus. He was a deformed child who hunched over and found no peace amongst other humans. The only place where Centaurus felt like he belonged was on the mountain of Pelion. Here he roamed, lived, and mated with the Magnesian horses who resided there. From this union, the centaurs were spawned. Nothing else was known about Centaurus after that.


The Centaurs had been invited, but, unused to wine, their wild nature came to the fore. When the bride was presented to greet the guests, the centaur Eurytion leapt up and attempted to rape her. All the other centaurs were up in a moment, straddling women and boys. In the battle that ensued, Theseus came to the Lapiths' aid. They cut off Eurytion's ears and nose and threw him out. In the battle the Lapith Caeneus was killed, and the defeated Centaurs were expelled from Thessaly to the northwest.

Deal with the Devil

After the battle with the Lapith, it is said a lone Centaur couple named Erwien, and Cathias hid in Thessaly for many years, yet the fear of repercussions from the Lapith's existed. Cathias was pregnant with Erwien child and feared if the Lapithians found the child, they would destroy it. It was Samael who approached the couple and promised them their child would live among humans if they gave him their souls. They agreed and the child was born as a healthy female, yet all children produced from her that moment on were all female.

Demonic Impregnation

The contract was honored and the Centaurs have since disappeared from human history. In 1742 in Jamestown Virginia, Erin Haddock, who was a future generation of Cathias was tempted by a horse who was possessed by the deviant incubus Loc who possessed a horse and mated with her. Not documenting the event the offspring from their union was not contracted by Samael and lived for 3 generations until Shelby Mustang was born.

Shelby Mustang

Shelby Mustang is the lone representative of the Centaurs. He demonic aura had finally exposed her Centaur nature, and physiology. She is also Hermaphrodite as her hindquarters which appear human, also has a horse penis, as oppose to her front quarters which she has a human vagina, and uterus.

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