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is sex with supernatural creatures permitted in stories?

I want to expand on incidents in Of Demons and Blue Moons and produce very explicit stories.

After about twenty minutes, the rasping sound of dragon tongue on rock ceased and Scott looked towards them. Both creatures’ throats issued a low purring sound and their necks were craned upwards. Scott followed their gaze, seeing Fae a hundred feet up, climbing down the seemingly sheer face with lithe and nimble moves. Bathed in sweat, her tanned skin shone as if oiled and the flamenco hat hung down her back, along with bow, quiver and katana, secured by the strap about her neck. A lump came to his throat, and a renewed longing, she was utterly beautiful.
Tearing away his eyes, he strode between Song Singer and Stumble Fish, placing a hand upon each creature in order to make the telepathic connection.
“They desire her!” he said in surprise. “That makes three of you,” stated Cerberus. “Dragons are like dogs, they would try and mount a keyhole if it were big enough, and the longer they are separated from females of their own kind the more likely it is that they will try,” the hellhound nodded towards Fae. “They are restrained at the moment but they will sate themselves with her if we are not soon done here and clear of this desert. It will become very difficult to handle them in a week or two, sooner if they have water a-plenty and full bellies.”
Fae dropped the last few feet, landing easily and re-seating the hat upon her head. On seeing Scott, she beamed a wonderful smile that was filled with some childlike delight. Almost as if she were displaying a goldfish that she had won at a fair, she held out a large lizard that she had killed.
“Look, breakfast!” He let his eyes drink her in, as he had not dared to do for quite some time. The firm and perfect breasts with their wonderful bounce at each step, the flat belly, athlete’s legs and the delicious wiggle of her buttocks as she walked by him. Scott allowed a little daydream to play across his mind that was distinctly X-rated, but she did not bat an eyelid. The dragons also watched her as she walked and the manner in which each licked its lips had nothing to do with missed breakfasts.

“And I know twice as many positions as the karma sutra ascribes to, although to be fair, unless one is as double jointed as my good self, or perhaps a Centaur with a gymnastic flair, it would be imprudent to try them all.”
“You have actually been with Centaurs?”
“Oodles of times, they simply have lashings of stamina to spare, although it does help to be able to hover on your back,” she stated earnestly. He merely looked bemused.
“Their hooves, silly, terrible painful on the toes and quite the passion killer.” She tapped the side of her nose sagely. “Once trodden, never forgotten.” She smoothed back his hair. “They aren’t the perfect lovers, obviously, and simply rubbish at post-coital cuddles.”
Scott lay there, looking at her.
“Mmm, yesss,” she said, shimmying her hips. “Bad boy, fucking.”
“How so?”
“All those muscles, gang banger attitude and, of course, moonlight is their Viagra … do the math, Mr Bennett.”
“Orcs and Trolls, impressive on length, girth and energy but certainly no gentlemen.”
Scott looked quizzical.
“They leave you breathless, but for all the wrong reasons. Invariably a girl starts on top but as the critical moment approaches they will roll over into the master position and not even consider taking the weight on their elbows… even a girl of my constitution finds being buried under a grunting, ten foot lump, a tad challenging to her patience.”

She also uses her Succubus side to trigger a gangbang by werewolves so she can top up her energy levels.
If you say its ok i'll mail the author, but he didnt objest to my last tribute story--Vanessa Ives Fan (talk) 11:04, 23 August 2015 (PDT)