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Category:Anime and manga articles using obsolete and incorrect infobox parameters

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This category lists articles with obsolete or deprecated parameters along with various other issues.

Currently, this category contains articles with the following issues:

  • |volumes= is set to 1 or less, and |last= and |magazine= are unset
    • Typically, these can be fixed by replacing all three parameters with |published=.
  • |genre= contains a demographic group or "ecchi"
    • Remove demographic group and "ecchi" from parameter. If there is a {{Infobox animanga/Print}} component, check that the appropriate demographic group is listed there.
  • |publisher=, |magazine=, |studio=, or |network= contains a flag icon.
    • Remove the flag icon or, if non-Japanese information, integrate into the article if sources can be found.
  • |production= is set.

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