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Cassiopeia by DarkShadow
Name Cassiopeia
Title(s) The Temptress In Waiting
AngelKitty Jacqueline
Age Physically mid-30s, though she is actually several centuries in age
Gender Female
Hair Colour Blonde
(Originally Blue)
Eye Colour Green
Tail Colour Silver
Personality Loving and flirtatious with a bright, vivacious and sparkling personality
Strength(s) Exploration of carnal pleasures
Weakness(es) Extremely poor luck
Favorite Place Tempting Keith every chance she gets
Home in the Realm Starlight Villa
Alias The Seductress
Created By TeraS
Quote I want to know … everything

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Cassiopeia, better known as The Temptress In Waiting, Tera's dearest and oldest friend, and Keith's constant temptation, is a Collective Succubi, being known for her sexual activities which are legendary. She is a silver-tailed succubi; her AngelKitty is named Jacqueline.

Cassiopeia at one point in time had been a rival to Tera as Monarch of the Realm after Tera's mother passed away. Believing, at the time, that the old ways were better, Cassiopeia's confrontation of her dearest friend led Tera to encounter her future husband Keith and the two becoming Eternals.

Following Keith's appearance in the Realm, becoming the red tailed King of the Incubi, Cassiopeia became enamoured with him, desiring to discover everything about him and to understand, intimately, what it meant to have an Eternal. Events over time eventually brought about Cassiopeia becoming known as the Temptress in Waiting, a very ancient title in the Realm not used for eons untold.

Her goal of encountering Keith, placing him into compromising situations so that she might have her way with him, is a constant thought in her mind. However, she battles with the terrible luck she has, many of her plans and schemes being derailed or thwarted time and time again.

Physical Description

Cassiopeia appears to be approximately the same age as Tera. She is a silver-tailed succubi and physically has a very similar body shape to Tera, Cassiopeia being the second last succubi born to parents of the prior generation of the Realm, Tera being the last. Her normal scent is a mixture of chocolate with hints of cherry. She has long blonde hair which she prefers to wear draped over her left shoulder. She has piercing green eyes in a shade very close to Tera's own.

Cassiopeia is never seen dressed in a fashion that suggests she is subtle in her needs. She is, first and foremost, a sexual being, her thoughts entwined with glamour and being the centre of attention like most silver-tails are. Following her being enamoured with Keith, she has used every possible fashion means she can think of to get his attention, more often than not appearing completely in the nude when she ambushes him in one of her plans.

She dresses mainly in silver tones, or uses them to accent her look as accessories. Following becoming the Temptress in Waiting, Cassiopeia wears a silver necklace with a green emerald at it's centre on formal occasions along with a silver dress slit down the right side to reveal her legs and silver heels. One piece of jewelry she has worn since Keith gave it to her shortly after becoming the King of the Realm, is a silver bracelet which adorns her left wrist.


Powers and Abilities



Olivia is Cassiopeia's TailSelf, being a very rare instance when both a Succubi and her TailSelf have the same tail colour, in this case being silver, although her hair colour is brunette, of the same style as Cassiopeia's and a shade that is close to Tera's own hair colour. This particular physical trait being somewhat concerning for Keith when Olivia makes herself known. As smitten with Keith as Cassiopeia is, she is not as forward, being far more shy in her personality and actions. She cares less about the physical aspects of seduction and sexuality, and more about having her thoughts challenged by another. In the distant past, being close to several Queens and Kings, she delights in Cassiopeia's role as Temptress in Waiting, something she never achieved. The fact that she finds both Tera and Keith's intellectual discussions captivating is just delicious to her.


Cassiopeia has an AngelKitty called Jacqueline. She appears to be a white Persian Longhair with silver wings who seemingly has a dismissive air about her, not being impressed by many things or beings that encounter her. Her human form is that of a woman in her mid-30s, appearing to be approximately the same physical age as Cassiopeia. She is of slim build, piercing blue eyes and auburn hair in a loose ponytail. Jacqueline's relationship to Cassiopeia is one of advisor, occasionally promotor and mainly someone to lean on when things go awry for her. Never without an opinion, she once confronted Keith in her human form, the events not being known to any other than Keith and Jacqueline.


  • Cassiopeia prefers to be called Cassie, especially by Keith, and is one of a handful of souls that Tera doesn't tend to use their formal name with. Unless of course Cassiopeia has done something to "miff" Tera, or it is a formal event where Cassiopeia's full name must be used.
  • Cassiopeia's sexual activities are legendary, the whole Realm on more than one occasion has had minor realm quakes caused by her ecstatic cries.
  • Nobody ever accuses Cassiopeia of being subtle.
  • She has been Tera's closest friend since childhood and when Tera became the Monarch of the Realm, Cassiopeia revealed her true feelings to Tera.
  • She is smitten with Keith, a fond wish being that she might, somehow, be an Eternal to him.
  • Cassiopeia is based on the real world Cassie who brought Tera and Keith together.


  • Cassiopeia has appeared in many stories on Tera's Blog, she is a major character in the Realm mythos. A list of stories in which she appears can be found here and here.
  • Is one of the few Realm characters that has appeared in other story universes written by other authors.

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