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Bob Is Doomed (Webcomic)

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A frame of the webcomic series Bob is Doomed, by Chris Provencher and Dan Jacobson showing Bob, the main character, and the unnamed Succubus of the series.

Bob Is Doomed was a webcomic created by Chris Provencher and Dan Jacobson. The first publishing date of the series was in April 2008 and ran until June of that year. The series was to follow the main character, named Bob Roberts, who responds to an ad about a job in his old home town of Fuzzy Acres. The town however, has changed from a small town into a huge city, which seems wrong somehow. Bob arrives at an office downtown called Dubious Holdings and is greeted by a Succubus. Her name is not told during the short run of the series so far, but she is described as being one by the creators of the series and her actions in the series do suggest she is one.

According to the banner at the top of the site, the series was described as being Lovecraftian office humour that was to appear on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Regrettably, the series has gone on indefinite hiatus while Chris Provencher and Dan Jacobson pursue other projects, and try to determine a model under which they can deliver the comic reliably on schedule. The site that held the series is now closed, but the creators of this series do plan on having the series return someday soon.[1]

Series Theme

The series told the story of Bob Roberts, who follows a job offer back to his hometown of Fuzzy Acres, and finds the sleepy little town is now a booming city itself. But something sinister seems to be threaded throughout the town’s new prosperity, like a tentacled horror lurking behind a set of chintz drapes. Is a deathless, unthinkable doom preparing to consume Fuzzy Acres? And will Bob find his fate and that of his hometown to be inextricably entwined?

Series Information

  • Title: Bob Is Doomed
  • Creator: Chris Provencher and Dan Jacobson
  • Date Started: April 7, 2008
  • Last Update: June 2, 2008
  • Current Status: On Indefinite Hiatus


  • Bob Roberts: The doomed one of the series.
  • Julian Nyar: Bob's Boss
  • The Receptionist: The unnamed Succubus of the series.


  1. According to an email that Tera received from Dan Jacobson, for which she thanks him for taking the time to answer some of the questions she had.

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