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Lost Girl character
Bo, Unaffiliated Succubus
Bo, Unaffiliated Succubus
First appearance

It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World
Last appearance

Portrayed by

Anna Silk
Nickname(s) Bo
Ysabeau McCorrigan (Birth Name)
Beth Dennis (Adoptive Name)
Aliases Bo Jones, Bo Thornwood, Bo McCorrigan
Species Succubus
Gender Female
Spouse(s) Rainer[1]
Children None
Relatives Aife (Mother)
Unnamed (Father)
Trick (Maternal Grandfather)
Mary Dennis (Adopted Mother)
Deceased Relatives
(Maternal Grandmother)
Sam Dennis (Adopted Father)
Appeared In 61 Episodes
Aligned Unaligned (Originally)
Dark Fae (claimed by the Una Mens)
Fate Active
Last seen in Dark Horse standing over Kenzi's grave and mourning her loss

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Bo, formally known as Ysabeau McCorrigan, and previously being named Beth Dennis, was the name of the lead character that appeared in the Lost Girl television series. She has appeared in all episodes of the series to date. Bo was Fae, specifically a Succubus, but was unaligned with either the Light or Dark Fae until the Fourth Season when she chose to join the Dark Fae as a result of her meeting Rainer, also known as The Wanderer in order to break the curse he was under. The role was played by the actress Anna Silk. She first appeared in the premiere episode of the series It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World where she came into contact with Kenzi and through saving her, was drawn into the hidden world of the Fae through the actions of Dyson and Hale in bringing Bo to The Ash.

This event changed Bo's life in that she found a close friend in Kenzi, a lover in both Dyson and Lauren, and friendships with Hale and Trick, though her relationship with Trick would be discovered to be more that it first appeared. She would come to odds with The Morrigan and The Ash. though because of her relationship with Trick and the others, Bo would tend to act in concert with the Light Fae in their goals even as she claimed to be unaligned. Through Kenzi's encouragement, Bo would find a home with Kenzi, start a private investigations business, and begin to explore the world of the Fae that was now opened to her.

Character History

First Season

Second Season

Third Season

Fourth Season

Bo's first appearance in the Fourth Season was in the premiere episode In Memoriam where she appeared for only an instant at the very end of the episode. She seemed to be waking up, gasping for breath, and her eyes were glowing a bright blue. No other details of her location or situation where given.

She next appeared in Sleeping Beauty School where she found herself on a old train that seemed to be traveling through an infinite darkness, her memories seemingly unclear though she did remember Kenzi's name. Freeing herself from her captivity, she opened a door which led out of the train and jumped into the darkness, her fate unknown at that time.

She next appeared in Lovers. Apart. finding herself after escaping the train in a cottage deep in the woods. She was discovered there by a family who were the victims of an ongoing curse where each generation of the family were possessed by what they called a ghost and forced to kill the other members of their family. Bo came into contact with the ghost, which turned out to be an Elemental, absorbing her into her body to protect the family. In doing so, Bo learned that the Elemental was seeking revenge for the death of her love and taking out that revenge on the family. With the help of Dyson the Elemental was reunited with her love and the curse was ended. Cleo, who arrived with Dyson in search of Bo, attempted to take her to Vex as part of a deal Cleo made with him. Bo overcame Cleo and then left with Dyson to be reunited with her friends and family.

After returning home in Turn to Stone, Bo was shocked to discover that Kenzi had been hiding secrets from her and Lauren was using a false name and was a fugitive. She also had to deal with Tamsin coming into her full power, the threat of Massimo and as well, having to face being told she was Dark Fae by the Una Mens.

During Let the Dark Times Roll, Bo went to find answers for what the Una Mens had revealed to her from Vex, but found that The Morrigan had taken back control. Bo attempted to find a means of getting out of the agreement she had apparently made, declaring herself as Dark Fae, but with little success. Following her being reunited with Lauren through the actions of The Morrigan, she searched for Vex and found him. However he did not have any answers for her and Bo was unable to stop Vex from cutting off one of his hands in order to escape the Una Mens. Confronting The Morrigan again, Bo was shown a pledge she signed with another Dark Fae named Rainer, who likely was Bo's father The Wanderer. Unable to locate him at the time, Bo was forced into being under the control of The Morrigan, though she did not accept that. Following this, Lauren revealed that she had joined the Dark Fae which harmed Bo's relationship with her. Bo also learned that Trick had been named The New Acting Ash by the Una Mens which officially put her at odds with Trick, but unofficially she remained close to him as family was more important than Fae politics.

During Of All the Gin Joints, Bo was contacted by a singer that claimed she knew Bo even though Bo did not know her. When Bo heard her sing, blocked memories that Bo had surfaced about her time on the Death Train, but they were vague and unclear. As well, Bo's sexual needs seemed to become more dominant and violent as was seen when she was with Dyson. Bo tells Dyson that she has been forced to join the Dark. Trick warns Bo and Dyson that they cannot be together as Light and Dark are forbidden to do so. Bo discovers that she is marked by The Wanderer for unknown purposes as well. Bo and Dyson are then found together by the Una Mens who proclaim that Dyson has broken the laws and move to attack him as this episode ends, but the reason is unknown.

In La Fae Époque, Bo entered Dyson's memories with Lauren monitoring her and Cassie, an Oracle Fae whom Bo encountered in Dead Lucky, making this possible. Bo experiences Dyson's memories of Paris in the 1890s, placing herself within Dyson's actions there. She feels and acts as Dyson did, having little control over what happens to her there. In doing so, Bo experiences Dyson's first encounter with Trick, Dyson coming into possession of what are called Helskór or hell shoes, the death of Flora, a Fae that Dyson knew at that time, and Dyson's first encounter with the Una Mens. Upon Lauren's actions in helping Bo to escape Dyson's memories, Bo then recovered one of the Helskór and used it as a bargaining chip with the Una Mens to force them to release Dyson. Kenzi and Hale. At the end of the episode, Bo decides to take events into her own hands, recover the missing Helskór and use it to confront The Wanderer with the help of her friends.

During Groundhog Fae, Bo found herself trapped within a time loop were she experienced the same evening over and over again. Eventually she discovered that she was trapped along with Tamsin and Hale in the loop who were aware of its existence. During the course of the loop. Bo was intimate with Tamsin at one point. She also confronted Trick over why he was not helping her to find The Wanderer and he revealed to Bo that he was frightened. Bo and the others escaped the loop, but in order to save Tamsin and Bruce, Bo was forced to confront Krampus who forced Bo to admit her fears to him. Bo revealed that her greatest fears were that she would lose her family and friends again, but also that she feared what she could become at the hands of The Wanderer. At the end of the episode, Kenzi gave Bo a package which was addressed to Bo in Bo's own handwriting. The package contained a sealed container of the black smoke which previously had been used to take Bo to The Wanderer.

Destiny's Child marked an important moment in the Wanderer arc for Bo. During this episode Bo came to the conclusion that she needed to confront The Wanderer and find the answers she was seeking. Opening the container of black smoke, Bo discovered that it was a servant of The Wanderer who was willing to take Bo to The Wanderer for a price. Bo agreed to this and left with him, but soon found that it was a trap. Bo managed to escape by falling into Irkalla, otherwise known as Hell. To escape from Irkalla, Bo answered a riddle from Leviathan, the ruler of Irkalla and asked her a riddle which could not be answered. Before she was freed, Leviathan told Bo that they would meet again as soon someone that Bo loved would die. Upon returning, Bo overcame the servants of The Wanderer with the help of Dyson and Lauren and then left with them to confront The Wanderer. Bo returned to the Death Train and battled with The Wanderer, now known as Rainer, for a short time. Rainer then touched Bo over the mark he placed on her and she touched him which caused Bo to seemingly come under Rainer's control. Bo then returned to the Dal Riata where Trick, Dyson and Lauren were waiting for her. She explained that becoming Dark was her idea so that she would return to the train willingly and break the curse that held Rainer on the train. Rainer then appeared and stood next to Bo, the two holding hands as Bo declared that Rainer was not her father, nor her enemy but was, in fact, her "destiny".

During Waves the events which occurred on the Death Train when Bo first met Rainer, The Wanderer were revealed. At their first meeting, Bo and Rainer were at odds, but over time Bo seemed to become smitten with him. Eventually Bo came up with a plan which would result in her returning to the Train and freeing Rainer, placing clues with Rainer's help which she would find. As a final means to force Bo to return to the Train, she also had Rainer witness her pledging herself to the Dark Fae. It was also shown in this episode that Bo had severed her ties with her friends and had Rainer move in with her. Bo also confronted the Una Mens with Rainer at her side and with his ability to foretell the attacks of the Una Mens, Bo was able to defeat them easily. At the end of the episode, Trick approached Bo and begged her not to kill the Una Mens, but was too late to prevent this from happening.

In End of a Line, Bo was attacked by a zombie and all evidence indicated that The Wanderer had sent it after Bo. With Dyson, Tamsin and her mentor Acacia's help, this was proven to be incorrect. Bo did come to blows with Acacia and was forced to drink the blood of the head zombie in order to stop their attacks. In the aftermath, Dyson confronted Bo over her relationship with Rainer, but when Bo could got answer his questions, Dyson seemed to end their personal relationship. When Tamsin saw an image of Rainer, she told Bo that Rainer was not the one that had hired her to find Bo. Kenzi revealed to Bo that Hale had given her a ring and they intended to marry, but upon her return Bo found Kenzi injured and Hale murdered by Massimo. Kenzi demanded that Bo revive Hale as she had previously done for Dyson[2] but Bo refused as it would have killed Kenzi. Bo was forced to use her powers to calm Kenzi, but not before Kenzi told Bo she would never forgive her for not saving Hale. At the end of the episode, Bo was kneeling beside Kenzi and Hale unable to do anything.

Origin marked major changes in Bo's life. She attended the burial of Hale with Kenzi, Dyson and Tamsin and could not bring any resolution to Kenzi's pain in losing Hale. Having promised Kenzi that Massimo would pay for killing Hale, Bo was unable to do so which would have consequences. Bo was approached by a knight who called her "Queen" and when Rainer appeared, called him "King." Bo then learned that Rainer would live for only seven days upon returning to the Earth as per prophecy, six days having passed by this episode's timeframe. The knight assisted Bo and Rainer in an attempt to find a solution in order to save Rainer and in the end, the only means to do so was for Bo to marry Rainer. Bo asked Dyson for his advice, but he refused to do so. Tamsin revealed to Bo the meaning of a crest that was found with items that Hale had bequeathed to Dyson and in doing so, Dyson told Bo that prophecy said that she was "The One" but not what that meant exactly. Bo met with Lauren who attempted to reveal to Bo what she had learned about Rainer, but Bo would not accept that information, instead believing that Lauren was trying to break Bo's relationship with Rainer. As a result, Bo's relationship with Lauren seemed to come to an end or at least was part of the reason why Lauren soon after attacked The Morrigan. Bo was confronted by Kenzi over her not helping Kenzi in her quest to find revenge. Kenzi then demanded that Bo unclaim her, and Bo did so, which severed their relationship, Kenzi leaving soon after. Bo then married Rainer with the goal of saving his life and braking his curse. It was then revealed that in doing so, both Bo and Rainer had completed a prophecy that the knight was secretly trying to make unfold. This meant that with their marriage that a being called The Priapus was released. At the end of this episode, the mark which both Bo and Rainer shared began to glow brightly, the meaning of this not being made clear other than it was connected to the release of The Priapus.

In the season finale Dark Horse, Dyson expressed his love to Bo and formally gave fealty to her, saying that he was meant to serve a Queen, not a King. When the portal that Bo's Father was intending to use to arrive on Earth was found, Bo attempted to defeat a group of Remnants, but in doing so was turned towards her dark side. She declared that her father intended that she become the Dark Queen and threatened Dyson, but he was able to break the change and save Bo from changing fully. Bo then asked Dyson, along with Tamsin and Trick, to defend against the oncoming hordes of Remnants. Bo then left to confront Massimo and killed him, saving Lauren and in the process almost causing the death of The Morrigan when Bo used her to gain the upper hand on Massimo. When Bo returned to join in the battle against her father, she was witness to Kenzi sacrificing herself in order to close the portal, Kenzi figuring out that the prophecy about Bo's heart referred to her and she needed to sacrifice herself to save the world. Following Kenzi's death, Bo was seen at Kenzi's grave promising that she would find a way to bring Kenzi back. Bo also declared that she was not going to be afraid of anyone, or anything, ever again.

At the end of the Fourth Season, Bo was facing a future without Kenzi and how that would change her going forwards was unclear. Bo appeared to be determined to bring Kenzi back at any cost. The question of what her father wanted with her was still not revealed, but it was told in passing that Bo's "destiny" was to be the Dark Queen as part of that plan.

Powers and Abilities

Bo is a Succubus and has the power to absorb the life force, or Chi, of humans or Fae by drawing it out through their mouths and also through sexual encounters. Through this feeding she sustains her life and in addition can use the absorbed Chi to heal wounds she may have suffered. Bo needs to feed at regular intervals, which can be extended by her will power, but at some point she will have to find prey and feed or she will die.[3] It is possible through the use of drugs, as shown in the series, to help control that need, but it is not a complete cure for it.[4] It is important for Bo to keep control of her needs when feeding because it is easy to take too much energy from her prey and kill them.[5] Over time Bo gained the control needed to not constantly kill her prey, but in the event of her need overcoming her, Bo's control can be easily lost. It has been shown that Bo can feed from Fae without fear of killing them. However, the Fae is drained to the point of near exhaustion when this occurs.[6]

Closeup image of Bo and Lauren holding hands in the episode It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World with the telltale glow of control being attempted by Bo
Closeup image of Bo saving Dyson by transferring energy from her to him in the episode (Dis)Members Only

Bo has displayed several powers in the series. First is the ability to control others emotionally and mentally by touching their skin at any point on their body. The outward appearance of this power is the washing of a bright glow of light over the victim’s skin.[7] That is accompanied by the victim being enthralled to accept suggestions by Bo. The second is when Bo is feeding on her prey, the energy taken from them by her appears in a form similar to a white vapor that leaves the mouth of the prey and is then consumed by Bo through her mouth.[8]

Connected to Bo's feeding is an associated ability to transform those she feeds upon into thralls who are completely devoted to her.[9] It Is also possible for Bo to transfer energy back to her prey, or, if needed, to pass their energy into someone on the verge of death to help them to recover.[10]

Bo has demonstrated that she can see the auras of invisible Fae if they have a sexual attraction to someone. [11]

There have been two examples of Bo feeding on the Chi of several people without actually being in contact with them. In the second season episode Death Didn't Become Him, she had been shot and seemed to die or become unconscious. In this case, there was a reddish glow throughout her body and somehow she was able to draw the Chi she needed from a great distance away. She was also able to differentiate enough to not draw the Chi from Lauren who was in the same room.[12] Bo also used this ability to revive Dyson in The Ceremony when she returned with his lifeless body and used the Chi of all of the people in the room with her to save Dyson's life, though in doing so she drained many of them severely.

Bo has displayed skill in using various bladed weapons over the series, but tends to prefer to use a small knife that she carries strapped to her right thigh. She has never been seen using any sort of gun or similar weapon and her skill in doing so is uncertain. Bo appears to have some expertise in hand-to-hand combat which she likely learned from Dyson and from her own experiences after leaving home when she was young.

Appearances in the Lost Girl Series

First Season

Second Season

Third Season

Fourth Season

Information revealed in the series


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