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Diablo character
The Unique Succubus Bloodlust
First appearance Diablo
First game Diablo I
Fictional profile
A Unique Succubus that can be
encountered in Level 15

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Bloodlust is a Unique Succubus that can be encountered in Level 15 of the labyrinth in Diablo if the Hell Spawn variant is present on that level.


Hell Spawn
Normal Difficulty Nightmare Difficulty Hell Difficulty
Level 30 45 60
Health (Diablo/Hellfire)
825 2476/2575 3303/3500
Damage 20-55 44-114 86-226
AC 75 125 155
To Hit 115 200 235
Exp 4480 10960 21920
0 100 100
Location Hell 15


Her Blood Star damage can be quite high if the player does not have much in the way of magic resistance, but she can be felled easily by Fireball. Heroes playing in multiplayer games should be warned that due to there being a small, but guaranteed number of Hell Spawns near Archbishop Lazarus on Level 15, Bloodlust will always be on that level, no matter the player(s)' luck with the game's randomization factor.

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