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"In the beginning... There was B. And the B was snuggly and good." - Tera

B (or 'Beta', for those who wish to be proper) is the abbreviated name of the Collective's resident Angel-kin, a term to describe those Celestials commissioned to interact directly with mortals and beings of other planes. The letter 'B' (he considers the period unneccessary) is in truth the first letter of his true name, which he refuses to share except to those few people he considers blessed and trustworthy enough to keep it safe. Like many of his kind, invoking his full true name can give someone complete power over him and his abilities. Fortunately, no one seems to mind his single-letter status, as he has made it distinctly his title.

B has shown an interest in the Collective Succubi, mostly because of their differences from the other demonesses of the same name. But their close relationship structure, playful and teasing natures, and hypnotic abilities have instilled some feelings of shyness in B around them - a facet that Tera seems to find endearing - which has made it difficult for him to forge many strong friendships.

Physical Description

B resembles a college-age young man (approximately 20 to 25 years of age) of just under six feet tall, with short dark hair and light brown, almost amber colored eyes. Like his appearance suggests, he dresses to fit the fashion of the student generation, usually in simple t-shirts, jeans and an over-shirt. He does possess attire appropriate to his race and station, but he claims not to wear it for "not having a suitable occasion" to do so.

B, like all other Angel-kin, possesses two distinctive physical features: The first is the simple, solid gold halo that floats seemingly unassisted over his head. It is both a mark of status for him and, in some ways, a part of his body (like a succubi's horns, B is capable of processing physical sensations with his halo). It's most obvious feature is that of a power gauge, glowing whenever B utilizes his abilities, and the intensity of the light directly indicates the effort involved. The halo has also been shown, on at least one occasion, to act as a simple mood indicator.

The second distinctive feature is found in the pair of large, white-feathered wings sprouting from his shoulders. Unlike his halo, the wings are not merely a symbolic item. B can use them to their full power as a means of flight, but prefers to show off their flexibility in various ways (such as embracing someone), as his usual life is spent mostly grounded. The wings appear to be quite strong and sizeable (B's last measured wingspan was somewhere around eight to nine feet from tip-to-tip), and thus far he has proven quite capable of carrying at least one other person with him as he flies.

Powers & Abilities

B's most commonly used ability is a basic camouflaging of his heavenly parts. With a thought, he can render his wings and halo both invisible and intangible to common interaction. However, he does not possess any abilities to disguise his appearance, or alter it in any extreme way, with one exception (revealed only briefly and recently to Lisa Gentil, see below).

He is capable of some degree of mental influence, though it couldn't outright be called controlling. Many of B's powers - referred to as Blessings - involve the manipulation of his target's emotions and feelings, most often in a positive way (though he has on one occasion attempted to inspire awe and fear in a threatening mob) such as reassurance, calmness, pleasant feelings, happiness and security. The use of each Blessing typically requires some form of simple or intimate contact with the person B wishes to Bless, anything from a touch on the hand or a hug, to a lover's kiss. He also does not use his Blessings lightly, generally reserving them for people he deeply cares about, or wants to help or protect. In addition, B is also able to protect the minds and hearts of others by physically entering their dreamscape, though this is usually a dangerous and risky thing to do.

Being commissioned specifically for associating in the physical world, B does have some ability to defend himself and others. While nowhere near the awe-inspiring power of an Archangel, B's capability as a fighter is evident in his fluid grace and defensive style. When threatened, he is capable of summoning armored gauntlets of power as his weapons.



A new ability discovered by (or perhaps forced upon) B is the exception to his lack of shapechanging abilities. At will, he is capable of shifting to a female form. The transformation appears to be more than just a physical one, too. As a girl, she prefers to be addressed as "Belle" over the single letter designation. She retains all of the powers and abilities of her male persona, but is more willing to use them in an inviting or flirtatious manner. Where B is usually shy and blushing, Belle is more open and engaging. It is unknown whether this new form might lead to something akin to Jekyll and Hyde in the future, but for the moment, B is happy to shift to Belle, and she is just as willing to change back.