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Ashley Moore

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Ashley Moore

Age: 28
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Blonde
Eye color: Hazel (Human)
Green (Succubus)
Succubus Alias: Excalibur
Occupation: News Anchorwoman
Ranking: 55.6 Sexually and
Morally balanced

Ashley Moore in the Angel Falls Universe, was a human female born of demonic means who would become a succubus and serve Lilith Mephistopheles as one of her servants to aide her in obtaining more succubi to serve Lilith as Queen of succubi in Angel Falls.


Ashley was born to Robert, and Stephanie Moore in 1983 although she was conceived after a succubus had taken her fathers semen and an incubus impregnated her mother. Her parents would perish in a freak accident in 1991 when their automobile brakes had failed. Ashley who was in the automobile was thrown clear of the crash. She then became ward of the state and placed in a Forster home where she would meet Samantha Potts. The two would become best friends for the remainder of their life in Angel Falls.


Ashley Moore was an overworked and under appreciated newswoman at local station WTF. She was plagued with being second fiddle and losing big stories because of her unfortunate luck. She lived with her friend Samantha Potts in a rundown apartment in Angel Falls, and they both struggled to make a living.

They were approached one day after they were down on their luck by a woman named Lilith who had the strangest yellow eyes. She hearing of their plight invited them to a party to mingle with some wealthy men and women in hopes they could hob knob and improve their occupations. All they had to do was apply for the job.

From that moment they had unwittingly became Lilith's new servants. At the party Ashley was instrumental in exposing a city comptroller for fraudulently spending city funds. The big story would get her the anchor job, and more notoriety. It was in 3 weeks she had been offer the anchor desk for a National Television station. But the following Friday Lilith came for the two, stating they had to pay for their recent good fortune as Succubus who find certain people who had escaped their contracts.

Human Ashley

When Ashley is human she is very pensive, and all business which most of the men who date her calls her the Ice Queen. She hates the fact she was tricked into becoming a Succubus, and tries to break her contract, but only on the condition she freely submit her body to a person who loves her for herself.

Succubus Excalibur

As a Succubus she is heavily into dominance as she prefers to torture her prey rather then have sex. Lilith wants to use Ashley as a breeder but it's her own stubbornness that prevents her from having sex with her prey, yet she tends to be playful only around Samantha.

Ashley has green skin as oppose to Samantha's Red skin. Her wings appear only when she needs them.

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