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Arendagrost, Maw of the Abyss, as depicted in Dungeon #150
Game background
Title(s) Maw of the Abyss
Home plane Abyss
Power level N/A
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Portfolio N/A
Domains Chaos
Superior Demogorgon
Design details
First appearance Prince of Demons - Dungeon #150

Arendagrost, known as the Maw of the Abyss, is a fearsome denizen of the Abyss in the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game. Arendagrost is the most powerful of the hideous spawn of Demogorgon, the Prince of Demons and Malcanthet, Queen of Succubi.


Arendagrost is described as vaguely resembling an immense wingless dragon of gargantuan size. Instead of legs, it moves upon a sea of tentacles. In place of scales, it is covered in coarse black fur and has three heads that resemble monstrous horned fiends that breath bloody acid, fire, and frost. Its six-fold eyes offer instant death to anyone catching their hideous gaze.


Arendagrost is the most powerful of the hideous spawn of Demogorgon and Malcanthet, and even his father finds him unsettling to look upon.


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