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A Demon's Desires and The Succubus Brothel Bundle (eBook)

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A Demon's Desires & The Succubus Brothel Bundle
A Demon's Desires & The Succubus Brothel Bundle eBook Cover, written by Satine LaFleur
A Demon's Desires & The Succubus Brothel Bundle eBook Cover,
written by Satine LaFleur
Author(s) Satine LaFleur
Series The Succubus Brothel
A Demon's Desires
Publisher SLVR Press
Publication date January 18, 2015
Media type eBook
Length 73 Pages

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A Demon's Desires & The Succubus Brothel Bundle is an eBook written by Satine LaFleur. It is a collection of all of the works in the The Succubus Brothel and A Demon's Desires series by this author. In this work the character Tamsin is a Succubus and the character Vex is an Incubus.


  • Title: A Demon's Desires & The Succubus Brothel Bundle
  • Author: Satine LaFleur
  • Published By: SLVR Press
  • Length: 73 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: January 18, 2015

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Plot Summary

This bundle is a collection of different steamy and sinful stories from A Demon's Desires and The Succubus Brothel, two of the most profitable series' from Satine LaFleur. Follow Tamsin the succubus and Vex the demon on their separate quests to satisfy their sexual hunger and uncontrollable urges.

The Succubus Brothel

  • A Hotbed of Lust and Sin: Tamsin has lived her sinful and hedonistic life as a succubus for hundreds of years, feeding off of the sexual desires and primal, carnal urges of others to survive. She's tired of having to chase down every meal, and has set up the perfect base of operations for them to come to her instead. Willing, ready, and able to give her exactly what she needs. This dominant succubus knows what she wants, and she definitely knows how to get it just as good as she gives it, bringing all of their ultimate fantasies to life.
  • The More The Merrier: Hedonistic succubus Tamsin has spent centuries living in sin--feeding off of every sexual desire she could, seducing men, women, and magical creatures alike, and traveling the globe while she did so. In our last short she decides to open up a brothel instead, allowing the eager residents of the land to come to her with their carnal needs and overwhelming lust. Now she's overcome with an insatiable hunger for sexual desires that don't seem to be satisfied by using just one partner at a time. Join this dominant demon as she takes the matter into her own hands, mouth, and... well, you get the picture, feeding off of a group of wayward soldiers while making all of their lustful dreams come to life.

A Demon's Desires

  • His Meeting with the Mage: After being held prisoner in a dungeon for decades Vex finally escapes, only to realize he has no idea who, or what, he is... or what the urges he's now feeling are. On a journey to find his memories, Vex comes to realize he's living in an age of magic, dragons, witches, and demons... in fact, he himself is a demon possessing a body that isn't his own, and now he has carnal urges and sexual desires to feel and taste flesh that are stronger than any mortal has ever experienced. He wants it, he needs it in a way he never knew possible. Can this busty open-minded mage satisfy his taboo, demonic desires?
  • He Takes What He Wants: Vex has recently found out he's a demon possessing the body of someone long passed, but the more pressing concern for him is the urges he can't control anymore. His body is compelling him to indulge in all sins of the flesh--to touch it, taste it, and carve it open so he can watch the blood flow. Now his inner demon is in control, and when he happens upon a village with a beautiful, pure woman that he becomes mesmerized by, he has to have her, and he'll get her by any means necessary... no matter the consequences. No longer responsible for what his body does, or how far it'll go to experience passion with the innocent maiden, will Vex's sexual desires cause him to take what she holds most dear?

Book Review

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