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N-P Stories

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A list of Tera’s stories that begin with N-P.


Needing By TeraS   She lays upon red satin sheets, her body partly covered by them. A slender calf peeks out here, a bare shoulder there. Her arms are wrapped around a pillow, clutching it to her chest. She sleeps, but even as she does there is the hint of a smile upon her lips …

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Never Need To Be

A story with a bit of a hidden meaning, or perhaps that meaning will be one that really isn’t so hidden for those that know. Sometimes there are things that need to be said, but then they can also be the things that …   Never Need To Be By TeraS   There are moments …

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There are little short stories that I’d like to tell and so …   No by TeraS   There are those in the universe who have a rather warped idea of who Tera is exactly. They believe she is evil, which she isn’t. They expect her to do whatever they want her to if they …

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Not Going

Not Going By TeraS   “I’m not going.” “You are such a stick in the mud, Vicky. Honestly, get your nose out of your books and live a little! It wouldn’t kill you to have a good time.” The argument was one that the two roommates had every year on Halloween since they were put …

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Part of the Story

Part of the Story By TeraS   The story begins, as so many of them do, at the beginning. Or rather a beginning, for the story that this one is connected to had been in existence for some time before. That story is just as important as this one—probably more so—but, in the here and …

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On Wednesday, June 1st, 2016, our lives changed forever. My Eternal’s mother was called to be with Goddess, and she answered the call. Over the past while, readers of the Tale might have noticed the ongoing theme of loss, pain, tears, and more. Some will know the pain that walks with us now, some haven’t …

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Perhaps the thing about finding that thing you are not knowing you need is not in the seeking, but the finding… Perhaps… We’ll see… Perhaps.   ____________________   Perhaps By TeraS   Life, they say, is all about decisions. You decide, every day, on where your life will go next and what will eventually be. …

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Sometimes life causes you to consider, to reflect, or something more. Over the past year, I’ve written a lot of stories that have, in one way or another, been reflections of what has been happening to myself and my Eternal. I’ve written two stories which tell little bits of that larger story, this time … …

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One of the things that the Succubi Queen is famous for is her pondering. She considers many, many things that most would never expect her to… And from that comes this little story, such as it is… ______________________     Pondering By TeraS The library of the Realm is known for all of the knowledge …

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May 2nd, 2013, marked the 2000th post on A Succubi’s Tale. I have to admit that I really never believed that I would manage to do all that I have here on the Tale and on Succubus.net as a whole. I am, so I am told, up to my tail is problems most of the …

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I received a question, or perhaps more of a thought, on my Tumblr blog: “What are the original purposes for Succubi/Incubi being among us? What is their mission for us and for their own evolution? Now do not get me wrong. I love them all, it’s just that no one seems to ask.” I think …

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