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May 08 2016

A Review of Case of the Missing Succubus by Gerald Costlow

Case of the Missing Succubus by Gerald Costlow

I do enjoy works in which the joy the author has in writing comes out clearly in the characters, the story, and the world they are creating. The thing kept in mind is making the characters tell the story, not the story tell the characters. By allowing them to “be” the story that places a …

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May 07 2016

So that’s a Summoner’s War Succubus

Summoner's War Succubus

I have never played the game Summoner’s War, but I am aware that there is a Succubus in the game and what she looks like. As there really isn’t a lot of good images of her, I was interested when I came across a YouTube that someone made of her…   If you cannot see …

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May 06 2016

A Review of Recruited by the Sexy Witches by Sally Fornia

Recruited by the Sexy Witches by Sally Fornia

I will be reviewing the third work in the Cult of the Futa Goddess series today on the Tale. I will say up front that I didn’t read the preceding works in the series, but that isn’t necessary to get an idea of what is going on in this story and who the characters are. …

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May 06 2016

A Review of Incubus Seduction by Lyra Valentine

Incubus Seduction by Lyra Valentine

A review of the first work in a new series called Witches Boone by Lyra Valentine today which has a rather different sort of incubus appear as one of the main characters. The story itself is interesting, certainly a bit different, and as the opening into this series it works well. But there’s a little something missing among all …

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May 05 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 434

Fall-From-Grace by SirTiefling

One of the characters in the Planescape universe is a Succubus who calls herself Fall-From-Grace. She is a Lawfully Neutral Succubus who owns the Brothel for Slating Intellectual Lusts. For me, at least, she’s the most interesting kind of Succubus there can be, one that has come to realize that she can be more, will be …

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May 04 2016

It’s certainly striking as a costume, but what is it?

Fever Devil Costume

Generally, at least I think so, when one is wearing a costume, succubi, devil or otherwise, it should be fairly clear what it is you are trying to project as to what you are. Sometimes that’s so obvious that you are being prodded in the rear by a pitchfork. Sometimes the pitchfork is the only …

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May 03 2016

A Review of Dark Reflections by Alana Church

Dark Reflections by Alana Church

A review today of the third work in The Succubus series by Alana Church, a series that I have found myself captivated with as it has progressed. I reviewed the first work in the series here and the second work here on the Tale recently and how that second work closed left a rather interesting …

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