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Jun 27 2010

So there is a Succubus in The Gates?

So there is a Succubus in The Gates? For those that are not aware, the Gates is a summer show on ABC that is sort of a mix of Sex In The City and Vampires Diaries. Neither of which do much for me, but I digress… Well, at least this teaser that was released this …

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Mar 07 2010

I wish I didn’t see this movie…

See Dick Run DVD Cover

I really do… Actually I want to get my hour back of my life that I lost while watching this, but I’ll get back to that a little later on… The movie that I am going to review today is called See Dick Run. It was released in 2009 and is a comedy starring Kel …

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Mar 05 2010

Where exactly is the Lost Girl Succubus?

Well over a year ago, I posted here on the Tale about a Canadian television show that was under production for the 2010 season… That show is called Lost Girl, and you can find an entry in the SuccuWiki here. Now according to the releases on this show, it was supposed to premiere this past …

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Feb 06 2010

Nahemah Movie… What ever happened to you?

This is a question that came to me while I was looking through my lists of Succubus related videos on YouTube. This is probably one of the bigger mysteries for me at least… And in case the embedding doesn’t work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4T-K-vEYJAI This is, or was, a teaser for a movie called Nahemah that was supposed …

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Jan 29 2010

Another Lilith-based movie to avoid…

Umbrage Movie Poster Card

It seems to me that, for reasons only known to the movie makers, that legends need to be altered in order to play on the current “hot things” in the movie world. Of course that points at the idea of making money I think, but that’s not always the case. Coming later this year is …

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Jan 17 2010

Succubi in the Clash of the Titans coming soon?

Clash of the Titans Remake Poster

Some of you that are old enough, or aware enough will have seen the 1981 movie called Clash of the Titans. Well there is a remake of this movie coming in March of this year. And of course, it has been “reimagined”. A word that I have come to loath for the most part since …

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Dec 06 2009

It’s Succubus movie time again!

Box cover of the movie The Crier, reissued as the movie Demoness

It’s time once again to pick a wanna-be movie from the rental rack at the movie store and see just how bad it could possibly be… This one is. So originally it was called The Crier, but was released as Demoness on DVD in the US and Canada… They shouldn’t have bothered with that idea… …

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