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Dec 25 2008

Here Cums SuccuClaus…


It’s still Christmas here in The Realm and so… Something special for Christmas for you all… This post is special in two ways… The first is that this is my annual Christmas Succubi manip… The second is that this Tale will mark the 400th one that I have written… And so here it is: Here …

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Nov 30 2008

Succubi Seduction…

Succubi Seduction by Darkwalkers Shadow

Last night on the Collective, Darkwalkers Shadow posted a delicious idea… In his words… New for the 2008 holiday season, the Collective’s reigning Succubi breaks into the video game market with what is guaranteed to be the hottest game of the season. Soon available for PS3, Wii, XBox360, DS, PSP, your mobile phone, PC, MAC …

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Nov 16 2008

Red Hots…

Coming Soon - Red Hots

A little teaser of the next Succubi Manip that I am working on… Tentatively I am calling it Red Hots, but that might change… Hoping that you had a good weekend!   Tera

Oct 20 2008

My 38,000th Collective Posting Manip…

Black and White by TeraS

I’ve reached another milestone on the Collective today… 38,000 posts so far… And as usual on the 1,000 milestones I have created an image for it: Black & White By TeraS It is a Succubi manip of course… If you click on the image you will go directly to the file on Succubus.net…. Have a …

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Sep 28 2008

The Astral Mere

The Succubi Magazine - The Astral Mere

I finally finished modifying the magazine cover that I showed on the Tale in a previous post. The original image is: And my succubi version, called The Astral Mere: I know that it’s silly and so on, but I needed to do something that would get me back into a Succubi mood again… And yes… …

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Jul 14 2008

Another Succubi Manip…

Tails By TeraS

Had some time to finish a quickie little Succubi manip last night… It’s called Tails… It’s just something fun to start the week with… Hoping that your week is a good one! Tera

Jul 07 2008

A Succubi reminder about golf…

Succubi Golf by TeraS

Just something I put together last night in a moment of silliness… Hope that your Monday is a pleasant one! Tera