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May 05 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 175

Astaroth by Unknown Artist

It been a while since I posted an image of the anime Succubus known as Astaroth as a Succubi of the week, and so, this week it is her turn to be one again… Clicking on the image will take you to another page on the Tale where you can then get a larger image of …

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Apr 29 2011

It’s supposedly a special day in the Realm of the Succubi…

Questions by TeraS

It’s supposedly a special day in the Realm of the Succubi today… Now from what I am told by my heart, it is a holiday there… Even though I honestly don’t think that my birthday isn’t that important really… Now while that may be true, I suppose that for here in this world I’ll have …

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Apr 28 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 174

Bow Tie Tail Succubus

Succubi should have a bit of cuteness in them… Well, in my personal opinion there should be a ton of it, but that, of course, is not generally the way things go… This week’s Succubus has just a little bit of cute in her, and that I think makes her just a lovely sexy Succubus… …

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Apr 21 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 173

Anime Succubus by Unknown Artist

For this week’s Succubus, I found one that is Anime based, so her looks do not include a tail or horns, but she does have the wings, head and otherwise, that Morrigan Aensland has… Oh, and she’s cute too!       The image here is at the full size that I have of it, …

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Apr 17 2011

Angels vs. Devils – An Art Collection…

Furious - Angels Vs Devils Published by SQP

I was in a book store with my Eternal this weekend and we were poking around the used book section of it hoping to find something of a Succubi nature there… And we found something quite interesting, even though it has been available since last year… Title: Furious – Angels Vs Devils Editor: Sal Quartuccio …

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Apr 16 2011

An Ragnarok Online Succubus and Incubus YouTube…

Ragnark Succubus amd Incubus by AryaShiroyama

I found yet another Work In Progress video on YouTube, which shows an artist colouring a drawing of the Ragnarok Incubus and Succubus that I thought was interesting… If the video doesn’t appear, try this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpJUpU3R1JU And a very small image of the completed work, as a reference… Sorry that the image isn’t exactly …

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Apr 15 2011

A Succubus with a really big Pitchfork…

Pitchfork by chickwhipped

Zazzle for some reason is becoming more and more… succubish? Shall we say? There seems to be more and more items on sale there with Devil Girls or Succubi, which I am thankful to the many artists there for… And this time, I found a Succubus with a really big pitchfork… This I think is …

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