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Mar 03 2010

Domino Masks and Succubi do mix…

Devilish Domino Masks

Domino Masks and Succubi do mix… Well occasionally they do, but that depends on the mask really… For those that do not know, Domino masks are usually see at masquerade balls when you want to disguise who you are… Thing is, some Domino masks don’t really do that to be honest… This particular style I …

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Feb 24 2010

Disco Sparkly Succubus Costumes?

You Little Devil Costume

I do wonder sometimes, why so many costumes for Demonesses and Succubi look like something from the mid-1980 Disco mistake world of fashion… Like this one: Oh my where to being on this interesting idea of a costume… The costume consists of four parts. You get the sequined horns, the feather boa, a necklace and …

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Feb 17 2010

The Devil needs a new Temptress I think…

Devil's Temptress Costume

And now, this week’s Succubus Costume mistake… And it’s just huge… Sometimes I wonder whether it’s written somewhere that all devilish costumes have to be a) tacky and b) ugly. This one is less ugly maybe, but the tacky sticks out like a sore thumb. The costume includes the vinyl dress, the armlets and the …

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Feb 10 2010

Why would you make this succubus costume?

Devilrella Costume

Actually that is a question that I would ask of a lot of costume designers, makers and sellers… In this case it would also include a pitchforking by several dozen Succubi… Honestly, what were they thinking when they created this? The first thing that makes me cringe is that the name of this is Devilrella. …

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Feb 03 2010

Succubi don’t play in this Playground…

Devil's Playground Costume

And now… Yes… Once again it’s time to look at a Succubus costume and just cringe… A lot. This is… Well it’s a train wreck isn’t it? This costume consists of a one-pice dress and a pair of armlets and that’s the extent of it all. The boots, which don’t help this at all, do …

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Jan 27 2010

Succubus Costume Desperation?

Devil Delight w Wings

I think that this is becoming a theme isn’t it? I haven’t come across a decent, at least to me, Succubus costume for a long long time… This one isn’t a good one either… I really think this is tacky beyond words, but this is what you get with this costume in the package. The …

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Jan 22 2010

A Delicious Morrigan Cosplayer…

Morrigan Darkstalkers Cosplayer

I was sent in my email last night an image of a cosplayer with her presentation of the Succubus Morrigan Aensland… I think she is, if not the very best Morrigan Cosplayer that I have seen so far, she is most certainly in my top ten cosplayers… Really, she’s wonderfully suited and has the body …

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