Nov 29 2015

A Review of Taken by the Demon by Katie Riddle

Taken by the Demon by Katie Riddle

Taken by the Demon by Katie Riddle

Origin stories about Succubi always interest me. I like to find out about someone before they became one of the Succubi. I’d rather know who they were and why they changed or became than just having them appear in a story with no background or explanation.

The better stories about this, at least for me, are the ones where things turn in a direction unexpected from where the story began. Mix in a bit of humour, some strong characters and it gets better. Perhaps the Succubus need not be selfless, but even then, they can do good…

  • Title: Taken by the Demon
  • Author: Katie Riddle
  • Length: 24 Pages
  • Publishing Date: March 19, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells of:

Chelsea Foster is an average citizen in the grip of a town now controlled by a powerful demon. In order to save her town, she’ll give herself to Molock, a powerful demon who has some extreme demands. He’ll take her offer. And he’ll take her on the town’s stage, in front of the entire town.

A demon takes over a town, makes demands, and eventually a sacrifice is needed. It might save the town, it might not, but Chelsea decides to be that sacrifice. She’s alone in the town, owes the people there in ways she can never repay… or can she?

This is, as a whole, really an origin story and as such I am hoping that Chelsea’s story will continue from here. There is a wonderful story built up through the work, one that’s gripping and holds your attention as things happen. More, watching as things unfold from Chelsea’s eyes makes for a story that has a lot of emotion and history behind it. As well, and what caught my attention, was the little hints that Chelsea was… different. It wasn’t really explained, but here and there the hint was made that she was waiting for something in her life and the events around her seemed to bring her towards that moment.

Chelsea herself is a very complex personality and I liked that because she held the work together from the first moment. Seeing what happened through her eyes brought the story into a very sharp focus, but it also allowed for little bits of dark humour to pop up here and there that just added to the tapestry of the writing. As the story moves onwards towards Chelsea meeting her destiny with the demon, you come to expect the story to go in a stereotypical direction. At first it seems to, the signs are all there, but then it takes a turn and that’s when things change.

As does Chelsea herself. By the end of the work, Chelsea has been transformed, referred to as a Succubus, and isn’t quite the same person that she was at the beginning. It’s never quite clear what the transformed Chelsea looks like, save for a few offhand mentions about fingernails and the change within herself. But the main thing is that she has an attitude that leans towards having done good than being evil and I really like that approach.

After the erotica, the transformation, and the last thoughts of Chelsea as she disappears, there’s a good bit of closure to the story and a last thought about Chelsea herself. It also leaves the way open to Chelsea appearing again in a followup work and I’d like to see that happen. Especially since another character in the work seems like the likely means of doing so.

The story, as I have said, it well told, strong and I enjoyed it very much. The erotica was, at its best, a hot flash with some rougher moments, but when Chelsea transformed and the story turned that unexpected corner, that’s when this work came together for me. I would have liked to have had more time with Chelsea, perhaps a flashback to where she came from, some truth about her other than the story that the town knew about her. It would have been nice to have seen Chelsea in the afterwards, looking back on this moment in her life and making a comment herself about things.

Perhaps there will be a part two. I think she has a lot more story to tell and I hope that happens.

I’m giving this work four and a half out of five pitchforks.

A really good story that builds towards a well told piece of erotica. I liked Chelsea, I really liked her a lot and it would be nice to see what happens to her in the “after”… Somehow I have the feeling that she isn’t, at all, stereotypical.



Nov 29 2015

A Review of Succubus: Book One (Devour) by Simone Evars

Succubus: Book One (Devour) by Simone Evars

Succubus: Book One (Devour) by Simone Evars

There are some characters that, for one reason or another, seem to resist developing through a story. Whether that is their personality, they being in a rut, or simply not seeing that they can be more than they are. they don’t change. Being “ancient” isn’t a good reason of that. It is an excuse.

While this resistance to change can be simply what they are, it doesn’t always reflect who they are. When confronted with, or by, something or someone that gives them pause, there is the chance to change. If they cannot see that, if they only lie to themselves, that doesn’t necessarily make for a better story. Most of the time it only leads to questions.

The work tells the story of:

Qarinah the demoness had things pretty good. Travel, wealth, beauty….And immortality through devouring human souls. When she meets Renard her easy life is upended as her hunger for human flesh is intensified. She comes to the conclusion that if she devours him, she can regain her control.

Qarinah seeks out those that have done evil to women for a price. She has done so for longer than she can remember. An encounter with a man leaves her confused and needing him. But he isn’t what she expects and her hunt for him leads to something unexpected.

At the beginning of the work, it is very hard to like Qarinah overall. There’s little in the way of seduction, of being more than a being that seeks to consume others. Really that is her entire purpose for being and she is very focused upon that. This is made more clear through several encounters where she ends the lives of those that have done evil things and with that comes a certain acceptance of that being how things are for her.

But it is her thoughts, her very cold internal monologue that drives a wedge through most of the story in finding a way to like her. She’s so focused on the hunt and the kill that all else about her is pushed to the background. At least until she meets Renard and she is confronted with a mystery, but also a growing need within her that she cannot understand.

Once past the first encounter, there’s more focus on Qarinah trying to understand herself, her needs, and trying to ensnare Renard over and over again. This works, for the most part, but there is a lot of internal friction within Qarinah that is spoken of, but really isn’t explored. She tries to ignore as much as she can and while that is a valid response, all it accomplishes is to ramp up her needs and confusion.

The final third of the work tells of Qarinah with Renard, he revealing something which shocks Qarinah and forces her to reveal herself. At this point I expected the previous events in the work to come again, but thankfully they do not. The encounter is tentative, unsure for both of them, but once that passes, there is a wonderful heat in the erotica that was missing prior to that point. It is, by far, the most telling part because Qarinah is made to feel. She didn’t before and that was enjoyable and seemed to suggest that her character was developing.

The ending is short, though it does offer some really interesting paths for the series to take going forwards. However, in spite of what happened between Qarinah and Renard, Qarinah herself falls back into herself, returning to who she was before and it was a little disappointing. But there is one point that does give some promise, that being Renard himself, and I think that tells something important.

There are some problems in the work however. It does need at least one more editing pass. There are quite a number of misused words: “you’re” instead of “your” for one. Some of the dialogue is a little clunky, reading that out loud makes is sound wrong. There are also a couple of disconnects with stated facts in the work that I wonder if they are mistakes or are actually plot points. One of these being that Qarinah states that no human could break her skin and yet in her encounter with Renard that happens. As well, Qarinah tells Renard she will kill him, then when he asks to see the real her, she responds that he isn’t going to leave. It just is a bit confusing as she has told him already that he’s “going to die”.

Still, the ending shows promise, there are some really interesting paths to follow, and if the series moves away from Qarinah being a “demon” and instead focuses more on her “changing” or “learning” or even “having what she needs” then I think that will be quite a story to tell. But if all that happens is she falls back into her past and learns nothing, that will be disappointing. There’s more to Qarinah than what she has admitted or accepted. I’d like to see that be.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

In spite of the violence, the blood, and the far too cold aspects of Qarinah’s personality, there’s something about her that offers the possibility of change. I hope, as this is what seems to be the first work in a series, that happens. Having her fall back into what she was before after the encounter and needs in this work would be a waste of things.

Qarinah needs to develop. to be more than what she has been so far. There’s a path to that, an interesting one. Perhaps that can be told. I do hope so.



Nov 28 2015

A cute Lilith Aensland YouTube

Well, actually it isn’t Lilith Aensland as such, it is a character named Kawashiro Nitori cosplaying as Lilith Aensland, and I think she’s very cute. The music is a bit hyperactive, but as a whole I adore the image and, in some ways, I think the music works well here…


And if the video does not appear on the Tale, please try this link.

As well, here is the full image of Kawashiro Nitori cosplaying as Lilith Aensland which I found on Danbooru here.

Kawashiro Nitori cosplaying as Lilith Aensland by Yohane

Kawashiro Nitori cosplaying as Lilith Aensland by Yohane

I just really like the cuteness of this art and, honestly, seeing Lilith like this would be simply adorable I think really…



Nov 27 2015

A Review of Forever Young by Kurt Dysan

Forever Young by Kurt Dysan

Forever Young by Kurt Dysan

Characters that are Succubi tend to lend themselves to be written as Femme Fatales with some regularity. It does make sense in that they attract their pray, entwine themselves to them and, eventually, they create some sort of bad ending for whom they are with. That isn’t true of all Succubi of course, but it does seem to be one of the tropes that is written about quite a lot.

The telling of that particular story is somewhat of a tightrope in that how things unfold, what the character’s personality is like matters. The entrapment has to make some sense, how things unravel needs to fit the character and their actions as well. But most of all, there needs to be something about them that says, clearly, they aren’t exactly what they seem to be. But the reaction to that has to make sense as well and that can be the hardest thing of all.

  • Title: Forever Young
  • Author: Kurt Dysan
  • Length: 16 Pages
  • Publishing Date: January 16, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

The allure of a succubus. She’s beautiful, sensual and his best friend’s wife. She radiates some sinister quality, yet she never does or says a thing that doesn’t suggest she loves her husband, even as he’s wasting away. He has no reason to think she is anything but a loving wife. And yet…

Charlie is concerned about his friend George and why he seems to be getting older and weaker by the day. An encounter with his wife Myra bring questions to him and then when Myra seduces him and George passes away his concerns become fears. Myra is more than she seems to be, but will Charlie escape her attentions?

The best way to describe this work is a story about a Succubus who has become very good at her role of a Femme Fatale. She appears, for all intents and purposes to be a loving wife, but when she turns her attentions upon others, it’s quite clear that she isn’t all she appears to be.

Myra is never really said to be a succubus in the work, though it seems to be very clear that she is one. While her charm, seduction, and yes, hints of mind control are quite clear, she isn’t exactly a succubus in the traditional sense. While physically she is the epitome of sex and her outward personality is attractive to the point of being overwhelming, at her core she’s a cold, rather matter of fact character and it is a stark contrast when that is revealed over time.

The only character in the work that one can really connect to and feel sympathy for is Charlie, for how he falls to Myra, the way in which his resistance is cast aside and then the slow downward spiral that he lives through. In being so the few erotic passages in the work aren’t really hot but are written in way that Charlie is overwhelmed and Myra, for her part, just sees as a means to an end.

This is what really sets this story into a Femme Fatale tone as through the work Myra comments idly about her conquests, her needs, and there’s not so much as a wisp of actual love or caring to be seen over all. Myra is a predator, quite a good one really, and her only purpose is to find prey and make use of them.

This brings about the one part of the work that gave me pause. Myra’s actions are, as a whole, quite public, and being so doesn’t quite work I think. Of course these moments are seen from Charlie’s perspective, and the world as a whole wouldn’t be likely to understand, but there is a point where Charlie comments on seeing Myra on television, looking younger each time and the man she is with looking older in a very short period of time. It is done for effect, but it requires a suspension of disbelief that I couldn’t quite manage.

Myra herself is distinctly unlikeable and that’s a shame because I think she being so cold and heartless took away what might have been a means to learn more about her. As it is, there’s nothing told about her past, if she is a succubus in truth, how old she really is. She is there in the story as a force of nature, claiming her victims, and not much else.

That all said, there is something about the work, in the tone, in Charlie’s character, that is interesting and attractive to read about. Reading as he tries to understand what is going on, what it means and then having to face Myra and the aftermath tells a difficult story about him.

The ending of the work is expected, really not a surprise, and being so that was disappointing considering all that Charlie learned. As well, the ending is much too short when compared with the story as a whole. It’s too abrupt, too simple an ending and I would have liked something a little more robust. However, being that the work is from Charlie’s perspective, that can’t be helped with how everything played out. Perhaps a little postscript might have been nice to see.

Three out of five pitchforks.

A tragic story in a lot of ways with one character that is overwhelmingly cold and heartless. A bit too much so for my tastes, but in being so, that adds something as well to the work that makes it a different sort of story. Not all stories are about love, sometimes they are about being practical. Myra is most definitely that.



Nov 27 2015

A Review of My Dreams Made Real by Cora Cross

My Dreams Made Real by Cora Cross

My Dreams Made Real by Cora Cross

A review of a work that had been previously released by Sinn Lee, but is now being authored by Cora Cross. Many of Sinn Lee’s works are now available through Cora Cross, and I’m alright with the change as the author clearly notes that the work had been previously released and I appreciate that honestly.

The question of what one’s dreams reveal is an interesting one. Sometimes they reveal our own secrets and sometimes we reveal our secrets to others. But is it the secrets that matter or what they lead to that matters more?

  • Title: My Dreams Made Real
  • Author: Cora Cross
  • Length: 16 Pages
  • Publishing Date: March 2, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells about:

Melissa starts to have vivid and erotic dreams about a strange demon-like creature. She decides to record herself sleeping one night. She discovers that Jeremy (A man she used to live with) is really an incubus! She goes to confront him about it, but stopping these steamy encounters isn’t what’s on her mind.

Melissa remembers dreams in which a demon appears and seduces her. Finding that the dreams are real, she also learns that the demon is someone she knows. She confronts him and then her dreams aren’t dreams anymore.

Overall the story is a hot flash with some good story to hold it all together. Possibly the most interesting thing in the story is that Jeremy, the Incubus of the work, uses his powers to place Melissa into something called a “dream-spell” which could be thought of, in a way, as sort of being like “sleep-sex”. It’s actually the one thing in the story that gave me pause and that I found myself thinking about a lot when it was mentioned in the story. Almost to the point where the erotica didn’t register for me for a paragraph or two and I had to reread that part of the work again.

The concept of “dream-spell” is one that I would have liked to have seen explored more fully because it’s a very unique power to give an Incubus or Succubus for that matter. I wondered about all sorts of uses for such a spell, what it could do, and in that I think I came up with a half dozen stories that I would love to have seen.

However, the idea really isn’t used as much as it could have been. It’s shown, fleetingly, and mentioned, once. Otherwise it languishes in the background as an explanation about what happened and nothing more.

The story, for the most part, is Melissa discovering what has been happening, finding out that Incubi are real, then realizing that the Incubus is someone she knows, and then going to see him. This takes up a good two-thirds of the work before the confrontation arrives and the heat of the story comes into play.

Jeremy, revealed in his true form. isn’t quite a “normal” looking Incubus, and as well he states that he needs sex to survive, and has as much of a crush on Melissa as she had on him. He has horns and a tail, but grey skin. He’s unique, and I thought that his personality reflected that uniqueness well.

The erotica itself is mostly teasing by Melissa before things become heated between them. The scene itself is a bit lacking on heat, but does otherwise set up some interesting ideas and situations had the author continued with them.

And that’s really the main problem here. There’s a lot of good story ideas, a lot of good characters, events, and action that could lead towards a longer, better story. But it doesn’t get there. The work stops at a point that promises more for the characters, but is never seen. It would be interesting if that was, to see what happens between Melissa and Jeremy going forwards in their relationship.

I’m giving this work three out of five pitchforks.

The work needs some editing, there are some sentences that simply don’t work in the form they appear, others that seem to be missing a word. The idea of a dream-spell is one that I did like and would have liked to see more of. Actually there’s a lot more than I would have liked to see, considering all of the build up to the reveal, and it would have been nice for that to unfold.



Nov 26 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 410

An image of Morrigan Aensland this time on the Tale, and it’s one that, when I first saw it, I had the oddest feeling that I was looking at Betty Boop in a way… Which, of course, made me smile and wonder…

Morrigan Aensland notice me sempai ! by chacrawarrior

Morrigan Aensland notice me sempai ! by chacrawarrior

This work is by an artist on DeviantArt called Chacrawarrior and you can find the original page on DeviantArt with this work here and this artist’s page is here as well.

I just love the cuteness of this art of Morrigan. As I mentioned, I had a moment when I thought she looked a but like Betty Boop, that being in her expression and that bit of blush on her cheeks. While she isn’t really, the overall tone of this art seems to be more fun and cute above all else and, for me. I do adore Morrigan when she’s being cute and a bit sexy as well.

Lovely details here, in the shine, her expression, the texture of her wings and hair. Even the bit of fringe around her chest really looks wonderful and I do love the overall look, even if, of course, one’s eyes are drawn a bit towards Morrigan’s cleavage here.

Cute matters a lot, Morrigan is very cute and adorable… All things that I love so very much…



Nov 25 2015

The look on the model says everything about the costume…

DWCostumeHave you ever noticed that sometimes, and not always, the models that are used to sell costumes have the most interesting expressions? Sometimes it is funny, sometimes sexy, rarely seductive. However, there are those moments when the expression they have simply tells you exactly what they think of the costume…

This is simply called Woman’s Devil Costume and it comes with the dress, the horns, what they call a belt, and the choker. The shoes are not included and this sells for $20 US.

The entire thing does nothing for me, at all, and really just looks cheap, unflattering, unfinished, and most of all… It just looks like… nothing.

Even the horns that come with this mess seem to be odd, certainly oversized and really do nothing for me as well.

But more than anything, it is the model’s pose and her expression that tells me that this costume is something that shouldn’t even be considered by any means. Mind you, she does have a sort of “mind controlled” look in her eyes and expression… Which would actually explain how it is that she managed to wear this mess as long as she did to allow the photo to be taken.

I can’t see a way to make this better, there’s just too much wrong with this in style, material, look and more…

One out of five pitchforks.

That’s being generous I know, but there is worse and I have to remember that don’t I?