Jul 10 2015

A Review of The Incubus and The Others by Trent St. Germain

The Incubus and The Others by Trent St. Germain

The Incubus and The Others by Trent St. Germain

The singular truth about humanity, and for that matter, all sort of beings, is that there are aspects of our personalities that lord over us. Some of them can be good, others not so much so. Perhaps some of the most terrifying are the ones we think are completely above us but are our worst. What we think, because it has always been that way, is acceptable.

There is such a thing as losing control, of being greedy, thinking that one can make the world do their bidding for a prize thought unobtainable. The question that hardly ever is asked comes to: What does it cost and who pays for your greed? Beyond that then, who offers the answer and what do they collect from you in return?

  • Title: The Incubus and The Others
  • Author: Trent St. Germain
  • Length: 367 Pages
  • ASIN: B00ZY4IN7E
  • Publishing Date: June 17, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

The Incubus and the Others, is a supernatural thriller and family tale that examines social mores and hypocrisy in ultraconservative north Louisiana.

Marcus Lanehart has lived a lonely life in San Diego. He is haunted by recent loss in his personal life, as well as being disowned by his family five years ago. Most of the aristocratic, wealthy, and right-wing Lanehart family still lives under one roof at Ten Points, a former Louisiana cotton plantation in the family for nearly 200 years.

Marcus drops everything and returns home after the death of his father, but a dysfunctional family of varied characters is the least of what awaits him. Marcus’ older brother Geoffrey has fallen under the influence of Conrad, a demon whose sadistic and sometimes sexual manipulation of the household—and uninvited invasion of Marcus’ dreams—sets the stage for the affluent family’s ultimate destruction.

Marcus has suffered a loss, one of many in his life, and the troubles are not finished. Summoned home to a family that does not want him, to a funeral for a father that disowned him, he finds that things are not as they seem. There is a presence, one that has plans for him and his estranged family and nothing will be the same again.

I do enjoy works that have detail, a story, fully realized characters and, most importantly, that there is growth in the characters as the story unfolds. All of these points are in this work and the author does service to each character, making them stand out in their own way. Along with this comes their personalities, what they believe in, their bias, troubles and more. None of the characters are simply “there” in the story, each one matters, the story drives that home, and it makes for a gripping read at times.

There are moments however where a character expresses something about themselves which is, at least for me, quite distasteful and the thing is, this happens a lot. Now, a lot of that simply is who the characters are and what their beliefs are. But in this happening, it is hard to find characters to like as the story goes onwards. Really the only character to like is Marcus. That isn’t a matter of picking one character that is likeable out of the others but something more than that.

It comes to just how the other characters are so self-absorbed, plotting and scheming and so on. There is so much friction within the family as a whole, so many secrets, both known and unknown, that there is a scene of waiting for the other shoe to drop so to speak and to see what happens to them all. It is very much like watching a train wreck and not being able to look away. But that isn’t a bad thing, in fact it adds to the author’s craft, adds levels of conflict, and points the story in its ultimate direction.

While the family drama unfolds, the author manages to allow the supernatural aspects of the story to slowly seep in over time and when the work makes the turn, becoming more supernaturally focused, that fit into the puzzle quite well. One does have to pay attention to the story, remembering the past moments as the reveals come quickly, things change, and the conflicts come to a head.

There is really, as a whole, very little erotica in the work, and I think that is how things needed to be. There are hints of things happening “off the page” and what does appear does not take away from the focus on the work. The handful of erotica that appears is simply a bit of colour to the greys which the rest of the story uses to make the plot advance onwards.

Conrad, the incubus of the work, is a mystery throughout most of the story, the reveal at the end about why all of this happened is a bit of a shock, but in retrospect makes sense, at least from his perspective. He is, to be clear, more “demon” than “incubus” but again there needs to be a centre of the evil that unfolds in the story and he fills that need. Like so many of the other characters, there is little to like about him, but then that is the point.

He does show some of the aspects of an incubus, including being in dreams, some mind control and other aspects, which do work. I have to say that the mind control/hypnosis parts of the work felt “right” and were not over the top which I applaud the author for not falling into that trap.

The horror aspects are quite brutal at times, some of which I didn’t care for, and at the climax of the work, there is a moment which simply made me extremely uncomfortable. In that moment, just how dysfunctional this family is comes to the surface and, in all honesty, it was just about the most difficult thing to read in the entire work. It had to be, make no mistake, considering all that happened otherwise in the work, but it was very hard to get past for me at least.

The work comes to a close that points directly towards a sequel, and in that comes both promise, on the one hand, and a lot of questions needing answers for. Considering how the entire story unfolded, the final pages of the work didn’t actually surprise me at all. Interestingly, how this work ends again points out that there isn’t a character in the story that doesn’t have a purpose or meaning. I think that’s excellent work by this author.

I look forward to seeing where this series goes from here. I admit that some of the characters I don’t care for. Some of the moments are hard to read at times. But that simply reflects the author’s writing ability and how they can make the story work in the midst of such a group of people. The only real criticism I have mainly is that there might be a little too much detail in the work over the places and settings than needed to be. I can understand needing to set the stage for the drama to play out upon it, but at some point the background has to fade into the background and the story needs to move onwards.

I’ll give this work four out of five pitchforks.

Simply the most amazing writing that tells what is, as a whole, the most difficult of things to read. There are moments where I had pause, and yes, some points where I was uncomfortable with the events that occurred, but at its core, the story is far more than those moments. There is a lot of promise here, the story of this family, the things that pull upon it, are far from finished and I do wonder where things will go from here.

But in all things, sometimes one soul can, and does, make the difference.



Jul 10 2015

A Review of The Succubus and her Girl by Jamie White

The Succubus and her Girl by Jamie White

The Succubus and her Girl by Jamie White

Some stories about Succubi, and Lilith in particular, are told in such a way that the main character of the story is taught a lesson. Sometimes that lesson is one about themselves, sometimes it’s about what they have done. Many times it is about seeking revenge or transforming them into a tool for Lilith or her Succubi to use.

The hardest thing about telling a story like that is to avoid falling into a stereotypical story about domination and control that focuses on the erotica and leaves the story to fend for itself. That becomes a larger issue when the character at the centre of the story isn’t someone that you can find an emotional connection with.

  • Title: The Succubus and her Girl
  • Author: Jamie White
  • Length: 24 Pages
  • Publishing Date: September 22, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com


The work tells the story of:

Mason loves causing trouble wherever he goes as the quintessential bad boy. So when he goes into the Succubus Special, he figures he’ll do more of the same. The bartender, Lilith, invites him to the back room.

But as it turns out, it’s a trap of Lilith, who is a juicy, hot succubus! Once Mason becomes Michelle, it’s time for Lilith to work her magic–and the way she does it is unlike any woman before!

Mason is a real pain in the ass for any and all women he meets, gets involved with, or has anything to do with. After being thrown out of a club he finds himself in another where the women want all of him and after a time they get all of him. He discovers that he is at the mercy of Lilith who gets what she wants from him and then changes him into something that she can use.

The beginning of the story, when Mason is introduced, just about made me stop reading the story because he is completely unlikeable and then some. He is that kind of character because one expects to have something happen to him that will make him change or make that change for him. Call it a sort of universal means to giving someone a lesson they will never forget.

When the story turns to the appearance of Lilith and her Succubi, there are some really very well written scenes that come from that. Of course Mason’s attitude gets in the way of things, and he doesn’t see the obvious clues in front of him, but, again, that’s how the story is meant to unfold. There is a bit of erotic moments in this part of the work, but then the “horror” aspect appears and Mason is taken to be at the mercy of Lilith.

Lilith isn’t quite stereotypical, there are some interesting character traits that I liked. What was more interesting was that the other Succubi were quite different and more interesting than Lilith herself was at times. Overall, the Succubi in this story, Lilith included, had some familiar aspects in their character, but the place they were in, how they acted there, and what they did to draw Mason to them was just different enough that I thought it was really well done.

Lilith transforms him, gives him a choice, and with a bit of persuasion, Mason is Michelle and then Lilith uses her as she sees fit in as many ways as possible, giving him what can only be described as a taste of his own attitude and actions. Those scenes were not what I would call erotic, more brutal and monster erotica, which didn’t do a lot for me. While the story leading up to those moments had some interest, and the ending offered a path for the story to take going forwards, the problem was Mason once again.

The beginning of the story never really leaves his character, there seems not to be any real development in him at all, and when the story ends, he is basically right back where he started, but not quite the same person. I think that was the most disappointing part of the story, that nothing really changed in the end and all that has changed is that he has Lilith to answer to which as a whole seems to be somewhat stereotypically so.

The work runs hot and cold as a result, leaving me wanting for more in the way of story that overcomes the character of Mason and gives more about Lilith herself. What little is told about Lilith is just enough to say there’s more about her and her world than we see, but then the story turns back to the erotica and that story gets buried in that.

I’m giving this work three out of five pitchforks.

There is promise in this work, but when the main character is instantly disliked from the first page that is a hard thing to overcome. More about Lilith and her Succubi would have been nice to balance out the harshness of Mason overall and that would have helped my enjoyment of this work by far…



Jul 09 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 390

If I can find an image of one of the Succubi where her tail is being expressive, that just gives me a lovely smile. I found such a work of art for this week’s Succubi. Her tail makes me smile, but the entire image is just wonderfully fun too…

Devil by Evulchibi

Devil by Evulchibi

This art, called Devil, but in my mind I call it Hot Stuff, is by Evulchibi. I found this work here on DeviantArt and you can find this artist’s page here.

I love this work in so many ways really… Her tail is simply adorable, seeming to have just the right comment to make over what’s happening here. I like that she looks human, save for her horns, which aren’t too large, and her tail, which gives her more presence than if she was not quite so human in appearance. A simple bikini just is the right look, and her expression framed by her hair just seems to say “I’m completely hot… come over here and I’ll show you!”

I will also admit, because it is very obvious, that the one thing that I adore most of all is that she does, in a lot of ways, remind me of the Succubi me…

And she’s always hot stuff you know…



Jul 08 2015

Not sure about Evil Twin, more like Trashy Twin

My Evil Twin Devil CostumeOnce again the costume designers have amazed me. Well, perhaps amazed is the wrong thing to say. Let’s say shocked, irritated, and just a little bit, made me roll my eyes. Trashy it appears is equal to evil. From a seduction point of view that does make some sense.

I wonder why it is so hard to make a costume look sexy instead of trashy?

This is called the My Evil Twin Devil Costume, which is possibly one of the worst costume names I have seen in some time.

The costume comes with the red sequin dress, which has the tail in the image as well. And this is where the costume goes wrong in my eyes. The hemline is removable. When you do, it becomes a cape, and the real appearance of the dress, being short, is revealed. The costume also comes with the sequin devil horns, but not the shoes, or the pitchfork.

It sells for about $50 US at most sites on the internet.

One of the things that bothers me about this dress is that the sequins are only on the front of the dress. They seem to be like a panel of sequins that are stitched onto the actual dress, which looks lousy. Either sequin the entire dress or none of it, don’t try to skimp please? Make up your mind and create a nice looking dress. If the entire dress was sequinned, I actually think it would look okay as a minidress. But like this is just falls apart.

The “cape” is a waste of fabric, this isn’t a vampire after all. The tail needs some work, it looks much too cheap and that is a problem. The horns aren’t bad and, again, a full sequinned dress and those horns would look really nice, sequinned shoes as well obviously, but like this it just doesn’t quite work.

I’ll give this two out of five pitchforks.

You would be better off buying a sequinned dress, heels, and the horns alone. Then at least you would look more seductively evil and not evilly trashy…




Jul 07 2015

A Review of Taken by Her Mechanic by Tori Kiss

Taken by Her Mechanic by Tori Kiss

Taken by Her Mechanic by Tori Kiss

Some time ago I reviewed a work by an author that I thought had quite a lot of promise. It told the story of a Succubus encountering her one unexpectedly. You can find that review on the Tale here. Imagine my surprise when a work with a similar title, published under a different author’s name, appeared. Could it be the same story? Could it possibly? The answer to that question is, very much, yes.

Could I hope that the author had improved the story? Added to it? Done something more than they had in the original work?

The answer to that question is… sort of.

  • Title: Taken by Her Mechanic
  • Author: Tori Kiss
  • Length: 15 Pages
  • ASIN: B00C6QF0RO
  • Publishing Date: April 3, 2013
  • This work at Amazon.com


The work tells of:

She’s a succubus who needs her fix. Only a man can fill her with the power she needs.

She finds him. He’s a mechanic. Or… is he something more? This succubus is about to find out.


When reading this version of the original story, there isn’t any changes to the plot, the characters or anything substantial. I will note that the author did edit a lot of the errors in spelling and grammar that I noticed, which does improve the story.

As I noted in my original review, there is story to be savoured, there are two characters that play off each other so very well that the attraction between them is perfectly written. The situation is a little forced at the beginning, but once the faltering start is past then the real story and the heat arrive.

Agjalel, the Succubus of this story, amazingly enough, has a tail. It’s not exactly what I expected it to be, but I did find it a rather unique take on the Succubi. I also thought that the mythos around her was well done and I wanted to know more about Lovers and the world they live in. While that was what caught me and held me in the story, it also was how perfectly Succubus-like Agjalel acted, what she discovered about herself and then Vincent added much more to that pleasure.

We really don’t learn a lot about Vincent, and to me that’s a shame because so many ideas, hints, and suggestions about who and what he is appear in the work. When the climax of the story comes, for both of them, what could have happened, and I expected the ending to be a sad one for all that was hinted at, thankfully did not. But the ending came too soon.

The writing is wonderful, emotional, and draws you into the story. I found myself wanting the hopes of Agjalel about Vincent to be true, But it wasn’t only that. What really made this story work for me is that there is the connection between the two, the choice that Agjalel must make, and what that really means. But then the story ends and… and I was left wanting for more. Regretfully that never came from this author, only this reissue of the story and that, honestly, is a sad thing.

I’ll give this work four out of five pitchforks.

There is more to tell about Agjalel and Vincent. A lot more. It is a shame that promise, that heat, ends where it does.



Jul 07 2015

A Review of Begone, Demon Conjured by Unnatural Lusts! by Tasha Starr

Begone, Demon Conjured by Unnatural Lusts! by Tasha Starr

Begone, Demon Conjured by Unnatural Lusts! by Tasha Starr

An incubus-themed work for review this time on the Tale. Sometimes I wonder about the book summaries that authors create. On occasion they aren’t exactly… correct. By that I mean one reads the summary, expects one thing as a result, but then something completely different unfolds.

That’s not always a bad thing, sometimes it makes the ending more surprising, better, acceptable. But then comes the question of why exactly the work is so short and ends on a cliffhanger when it easily could have continued onwards, if only a bit further, for some truths to be revealed?

  • Title: Begone, Demon Conjured by Unnatural Lusts!
  • Author: Tasha Starr
  • Length: 12 Pages
  • ASIN: B00XWW3D84
  • Publishing Date: May 18, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

A creature intent on ravishing me in the night stalks my house and arouses my passions. I remain unsure whether experiencing him will be the end of me or the beginning of ecstasy. The demonic Incubus himself has a secret plan as well. Why has he not yet forced himself on me, as is in his power? I search for answers, even as I futilely attempt to resist the allure of this creature of the night. What will I have to undertake to finally find resolution–and release!

Haunted by a demon, the reasons way not known, a woman tries to find answers and when she does, makes a fateful decision. In doing so, the incubus finds himself both summoned and trapped and she taken and held. But which is which?

The work is written in the first person, which does work, if feeling a bit out of sorts at times. That’s more in how the main character, who is never named, deals with the events she is in the midst of, but also in how so much of her thoughts and plans are half-hidden away. During the story, she is told that she is being visited by an incubus and of its plans, but really her reaction simply happens and there’s no real sense to that in the moment. As the story unfolds, eventually coming to the conclusion, her actions, and admissions, just didn’t quite fit with the rest of what she did, felt, and thought.

The incubus isn’t named as well, and remains as much as mystery as the main character herself. He speaks little, hides himself, and when he does appear, there isn’t much in the way of a connection between him and the main character. There’s just something odd about him, and even when why, and what, he intends to do is known in the story, it doesn’t really make a difference overall.

There is very little erotica in this work, mainly at the end, and a bit of an interlude at the beginning. There is a story, and really, when the twist comes at the end, I found myself sighing a little and wondering why the author ended the work where they did. The final page, what it reveals about the incubus and the main character, sets up quite an interesting story to take forwards from that point.

I can see many possibilities here, some of which I think could be really delicious if used. But with this being such a short work, there needs to be more development, more meaning to be found going forwards. There’s a mystery here, in a lot of ways, that is just touched upon, but isn’t really taken anywhere. I really wish it had been, that the work was at least twice as long as it is, and that more time was spent to learn about the characters and who they are.

There is really very little dialogue, this mainly being monologue more than anything else. When words are spoken, they are a little bit… odd. Speaking some of that out loud the words don’t come out as being smooth or “right”. There’s an oddity in them.

As the basis, or outline, of a longer work, this has promise, but as a story, even a short one, if needs to be more than it is. The framework is there, there is story to be told. There are two characters which can be interesting, but don’t come out fully before the climax comes, in more than one way, and the work comes to a close.

I’ll give this work three out of five pitchforks.

There is something here, it simply didn’t come out to play.



Jul 06 2015

Meaning By TeraS

It’s been a week for me, mostly suffering from this simply amazing cold that has afflicted me. The worst part being that I haven’t had the time to gather my thoughts, to manage something, to have an idea in my mind that I want to write something about.

Now I know, really, that there will be better times ahead, when I will be able to think clearly, to write the things that want to be. Perhaps even once in a while I might even find that little bit of sexy inside that seems to be adrift sometimes.

I think that, more than anything else, is what bothers me. It’s feeling like I have … misplaced … something. I haven’t lost it; I have moments where I have some really lovely and delicious thoughts. My heart reminds me that my ability to write something, anything really, is a moment where there goodness can grow from the words, from the story, from the ideas within, goodness that can add up to something.

So, while this is short, perhaps we can all find some …


By TeraS


There is a place where, quite simply, no one ever goes … well, almost no one.

That isn’t because it is off limits, out of reach, or even simply guarded so that one couldn’t enter. No, the reason, quite simply, is that there is but one of the Realm that knows about it, but one who knows how to get there, and but one who takes the time needed.

Oh, she could just will herself there, arriving there in an instant, but that isn’t something she has ever really considered doing.

Her travels begin at her front door, where she makes sure to hug her Eternal before she leaves. Not because she will not return; it simply is because that is their way, and it was the thing she did when she first found the place. She walks through the Realm, seeing the comings and goings, occasionally pausing to chat with those around her, because that is part of who she is: she always has the time for others more than herself.

Eventually, she comes to the edge of the forests to the north and looks upwards. There, far off in the distance, are the mountains that mark the edge of the Realm, the clouds enveloping the tops, hiding them from view. They seem so far away, days upon days of travel.

As she did that first time she looked at them, she wonders what is up there, what she could see from there, and, after some reflection, she takes that first step on the path that leads in the direction she wishes to go. Time passes—how much matters little—and she keeps on, stopping here and there to look at the life around her, marvel, and be thankful for all that is there to be seen.

At some point—and even to this very day, she isn’t exactly sure how it happens—the mountains come into view as the path opens up in front of her, the canopy of the forest giving way to the sight of the sheer rock walls of the mountains, the seeming barrier to her and her intentions. Coming to the base of the mountains she remembers how, that first time, she had stared at them, almost willing them to give into her, but of course they didn’t. She remembers what her mother had told her, so long ago, that nothing worth doing is easy.

And it wasn’t.

She could have given up, many times, on her journey. But that thought never occurred to her. She was then, and always, quite the stubborn Queen and, if the world wouldn’t cooperate, then she simply would have to make do.

And so she did.

The sun was setting and the footing was becoming quite dangerous when she finally paused there, somewhere up in the mountains, close to the edge of the clouds, but not quite being there. It was frustrating of course, being so close to her goal and yet so far from it. She found a place to rest, upon a small outcropping, and dangled her legs into space as she looked upward into the clouds. She looked at them for the longest time, wondering what was above, what she might see if she would continue on, to see what the clouds held away from her eyes.

But then, she looked towards her home and Realm. From where she was, she could see everything and everyone there, the flickering lights of the streets, homes, and more. At least, at the time, she thought that it was lights. But she knew better now.

It took some time for her to realize just what she was looking at.

It wasn’t the Realm, the streets, the buildings.

It was the Realm, those she loved, and those that loved her in return.

That was when she realized that what was above her, the “What if …”, wasn’t as important as that which she had, knew, and cherished always. With a smile, she turned back then, making her way back home.

She had returned to that same place many times since then. But each time she brought a piece of the Realm with her: a flower once, a small photograph another time, bits and pieces of the world that she cherished, those she loved. Little by little, she was making a little place there, high above, where she shared this special part of herself, and of her world, with them.

After each time she visited, looked upon the Realm, and felt inside what mattered the most, she left the spot behind, left all of the memories there, to be held among the unyielding stone of the mountains in a place that no one else would ever really know. But, in the times between her visits, it wasn’t quite the same place that she knew. She had taken a small part of herself there, yes, a small part of her family there, a small part of those she loved there, little bits and pieces that meant the world to her. These bits and pieces, however, were really just icons—pieces that pointed to what Tera loved. In the midst of the twilight of the evening, the spirits held in that place took form, looking out over the place they called home as well; but they were different without her love there.

Tera never really understood why it was that there seemed to be light showing her the way down, the way home, the way to where everyone she loved was waiting for her to return. The meaning of the light she saw in all that mattered to her was that her light had shined, given, and lit the way. It was simply her own light begin returned to her.

And in that comes the meaning of one life and one soul, one who brings meaning to so much more …