Jan 10 2016

A Review of Interview with the Succubus by Kara Lang

Interview with the Succubus by Kara Lang

Interview with the Succubus by Kara Lang

There are those characters that suggest they are succubi, of some description, but really don’t quite appear to be so. They can be sexual, alluring, have some aspect about them that offers the possibility of they being a succubus, but never quite deliver on that.

A review of a new series in which the main character seems to be, in a lot of ways, unsure about what she is, as a whole. Perhaps that’s the point of the series, in some way, because that needs to be explained more than it really is.

  • Title: Interview with the Succubus
  • Author: Kara Lang
  • Length: 18 Pages
  • Publishing Date: January 4, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

Erythrina: a beautiful young woman, hiding a monstrous appetite. Mark: the skeptic invited into her home, to investigate her claims. After tonight, neither of them will ever be the same, as their destinies become linked by the same strange, impossible secret.

Mark meets with Erythrina, a woman who claims to have strange powers and abilities that Mark cannot believe. An interview takes an unexpected turn and Mark is faced with a reality that he cannot believe.

The work reads like the opening chapter to a novel in that the characters are introduced, the setting is explained and then the conflict, or discovery, is made which then pushes the story onwards. It is mainly story, trying to set out something about what Erythrina is, who Mark is, and what draws them together. Beyond that, there’s really not a lot else in this work.

Erythrina is a mystery for the most part, and even when she is trying to explain what she is, she doesn’t seem to be able to say with some kind of clarity. Is she a succubus? In a way perhaps. There’s more focus placed on her particular feeding method, and what that entails. As the main theme in this work is clearly noted, that is vore. While that leaves an impression in how that is described and so on, it serves mainly to force Mark to believe Erythrina’s story and not much else.

Once past the reveal, the story rushes through the conclusion and then ends at a cliffhanger which makes some sense at least. But that’s a shame because there was a good deal of time spent in the work telling a story, but then walking away from it in a kind of slasher-horror movie way which was disappointing.

Overall, there’s really no heat in this work, not much in the way of anything succubus-like happens. It really is mainly a tease for whatever comes next, whatever that may be. I would have liked a better ending, something more substantial. It would have been nice to know more about Erythrina than there is, if only to understand who she is, not so much what she is.

One out of five pitchforks.

I’m not sure about this series, I’m not sure there is a succubus to be honest. I hope the next work in the series expands on things more and comes to some kind of explanation and resolution about those questions.



Jan 09 2016

A Morrigan Aensland sketch WIP YouTube

Another artist’s process YouTube in drawing Morrigan Aensland today on the Tale… The post is familiar, in truth there are quite a number of artists that have used the original image as the basis for their art and I think how each interprets that is telling in a lot of ways…


And in case you cannot see this video on the Tale, please try this link:


As well, of course, here is the finished artwork as shown in the video…

Morrigan Aensland by 234BANDICOOT

Morrigan Aensland by 234BANDICOOT

As I mentioned, this art does remind me of something that quite a number of artists have applied their own talents to. In this case what strikes me is the expression that Morrigan has here which seems to be sort of a hesitation or something similar. There’s a kind of tension around her in this image, at least to me for some reason…

It’s a bit different than what I have come across and I think it’s interesting for that…



Jan 08 2016

A Review of Lexi and the Devil by Michaela Daphne Taylor

Lexi and the Devil by Michaela Daphne Taylor

Lexi and the Devil by Michaela Daphne Taylor

I’ve found, on occasion, that some of the works that appear on a search for succubus books have, barely, a connection to the subject. Many times the actual appearance of the succubus is for less than a page, means really nothing, and as a whole, reflects how little story there is for all of the attempt at writing a hot flash.

Then comes the other problem which is that when the main character is dislikable from the first moment, it doesn’t matter if the erotica is there or not, if the story is good or not. Driving a wedge between the reader and the story usually results in disappointment for everyone.

The work tells the story of:

Lexi wants to be rich. So much so that she sells her soul, offering Satan eternal sexual pleasure in return for worldly wealth. Little does she know that the contract comes with a catch. Furious with the deceit, Lexi vows to take revenge and finds the perfect moment in Satan’s personal BDSM dungeon. The torturer becomes the tortured, but could this be what the devil secretly desires?

Lexi makes a deal with the devil, but that deal turns out to be very one sided. Having lost, in more than one way, Lexi confronts him, looking to have her revenge. The thing is, the devil is holding all of the cards, and Lexi is playing his tune.

The only appearance of a succubus in this work comes at the very end when the devil makes Lexi an offer, she accepts, and its transformed. Otherwise the work just revolves around Lexi’s attempts at being “evil” getting what she desires and then being sent off to pay at the hands of the devil.

There’s a good deal of BDSM in the story, but it’s almost cartoonish, really doesn’t have any heat in it, and overall just served as a means to draw the two main characters into the same place at the same time. There’s a bit of character development, though it is very thin, but that does nothing to overcome the main problem I had with the work.

It simply wasn’t interesting.

There was no heat, no passion. There wan’t one character that I cared about in the work, nor was there really anything that hooked me in the story. If it wasn’t for the possibility of there being a succubus in this work, really I wouldn’t have read this. Seeing that Lexi isn’t really a succubus, save for the very last page of the work, it mainly focuses upon some BDSM fantasies that just read and felt wrong in a lot of ways.

It’s a bit more confusing in that while Lexi is a paper thin character with only one thing on her mind, the devil is actually interesting to a point. There’s more to him than Lexi and that again hurt things because the main character should be central to the story as a whole. The devil, and hell for that matter, are larger, more interesting characters than Lexi.

Lexi being a gold-digger, if one who knows a little bit about supernatural things, just wasn’t a hook for me. She has her big scene at the beginning which clearly tells of her one-track mind and desires, but little else. Even when she’s confronted by the devil, she doesn’t change her attitude or anything else about her.

Little heat, really not much story, the focus is on the BDSM erotica and that just doesn’t ring true. The story is, as a whole, average and that’s being kind. I think there could have been more time spent in story to balance out all of the erotica and, perhaps in doing so, there would be something more of a hook as well.

One out of five pitchforks.

Really nothing of interest here, though the idea isn’t a bad one. The work needs to be developed more and with that there could be something more to this as well.



Jan 08 2016

A Review of A Byte of Paradise by J.G. Scape

A Byte of Paradise by J.G. Scape

A Byte of Paradise by J.G. Scape

A review today of the first work in the Tales of a Hotel Succubus series, a series that, for me, offers a wonderful story, excellent writing, and a Succubi who is, very much, like one of the Succubi of the Realm than anything else. I’ve said so often that I would love to discover more authors that create Succubi that are different, and Kat, the Succubus of this series, has that certain something that I adore most of all…

She has a soul, she cares, and it matters.

It is the story of:

Lori Moss, a programmer working in software sales, finds herself the sole occupant of a honeymoon suite at a beachside resort hotel after catching her ex-fiance, James, in the arms of her best friend. After getting some odd advice from a bellhop, Lori seeks out a mysterious woman to forget James, but discovers more than she was expecting from the woman, the island, and herself.

Lori’s life has gone off the rails. Her fiancé cheated on her, and now she’s stuck on a trip were it seems that she’ll be alone in her misery. A chance encounter leads her to meet Kat, who isn’t like anyone she’s ever met. Kat’s purple, she’s a succubus, a sex demon if you prefer, and she’s going to show Lori that there’s more to her, and herself, than she ever knew before.

The most amazing thing about this work is the underlying humour that seeps into so much of what happens. While there are some serious moments, some lovely hot erotica, and the characters have their own compelling stories, it’s the running commentary from Kat at times that keeps the story full of light and makes it adorably cute so often.

Lori is a character who comes across in the work as being very real, grounded, and in need of someone to talk to. She has background, a story to tell, and as things unfold it’s nice to see how her story is given a means to be told, expanded on, and for her character to develop further.

As well, there are several secondary characters that I found fascinating, possibly the one I want to know the most about is Bianca. She’s mysterious but captivating as well. There’s an untold story which I feel like would be something amazing to tell. The hints about that are ones I wanted to see explored, but they weren’t. Still, that didn’t really disappoint me as her presence in the work more than made up for that.

The succubus of the story, or sex demon, is Kat and she’s wonderful. The thing about her is that what matters about her, what makes her an attractive character isn’t what she is, but who she is. Her personality shines in the work, her humour is joyfully shared, and I was just captivated by her. While she is a futa succubus, that isn’t important really to who Kat is. I make that point because while the erotica focuses upon that, the rest of the work really doesn’t very much. In doing so, that allows Kat to be who she is, to be part of Lori’s life, and to take that story, what it means to both characters, in directions that feel right most of all.

Kat does use her powers from time to time, but in doing so they are used in ways that make sense and aren’t in the story for the sake of proving that she is a succubus. There’s meaning to her actions, why she does things. There’s nothing foolish because of this, there are solid explanations to why things happen, what Kat can do, but the story isn’t bogged down in trying to explain every aspect of Kat. There’s a certain faith in her that one gets through the story and when Kat’s magic happens… It really is magic.

There are several hot flashes of erotica in the work which revolve around Kat and Lori. In these appear some really well described moments of Kat’s powers and their effect on Lori that I loved. A kiss with Kat is more than a kiss sometimes, and how that all unfolds was heartfelt and deliciously written. I didn’t feel like the erotica was over the top save for one scene which might have been pushing the limits of things a bit, but, again, the scene came to a close with a good, logical ending that I appreciated.

The work ends on a series of notes, allowing a lot of the storylines to complete. Still with that the ending leaves quite a number of paths open for Lori, Kat and Bianca and in doing so that leads towards the next work in the series, whatever form it may take. The ending isn’t sudden, it fits in with the story, it makes sense, and it left me wanting to see more. Really the best kind of ending for the first work in a series. A story closes the loop, but as well, it leaves threads to be pulled on and explored.

Really a wonderful story, amazing characters and the entire universe does have a lot of possibilities to play with. There are a few minor spelling mistakes here and there, but, very minor. I would have liked to know more about Kat, how things work, but that’s part of the appeal really. I also would have liked the story to be somewhat longer, mainly because the chemistry that Kat has with Lori, among others, would have been nice to see more of and explore further. I do hope that happens.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

I want the next work in the series, right now. Seriously. I love Kat dearly… She reminds me of someone… I wonder who that could be? More than that, this work brings me a lot of hope for all the strength in the writing, the characters, and more.

I hope Kat returns very soon.



Jan 07 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 416

For the first image of the Succubi for 2016, I found a lovely Librarian of the Succubi who I think is adorable, cute and most of all… she has the perfect set of glasses…

Hell's Librarian by himebuns

Hell’s Librarian by himebuns

This work is called Hell’s Librarian and is by an artist on DeviantArt called Himebuns. You can find the original page where I found this work here and this artist’s page can be found here as well.

She’s just an adorable Succubus I think from the tips of her hair to the tips of her toes. A lovely smile, a cute expression, big cute eyes, her outfit simply just is perfect for her too. I wish that her horns had matched her tail, the green makes them fade into her hair and while that might be a good thing it caught my attention. Speaking of her hair, it’s wonderfully textured and styled in a way that simply fits for her.

It makes me smile to think that she’s reclining on a sort of bean bag, a pile of books beside her and being tempting not just for her lovely Succubiness, but also the knowledge that she holds within herself. There’s more to her behind that smile and I think that’s a wonderful thing…



Jan 06 2016

The garter might work, the whip doesn’t…

Devil Whip With GarterFinding the right accessories for a Succubi costume is not the easiest of things. Many of them are tacky, ugly, and quite frankly make me shake my head for the silliness of them. Now, one of the more popular items seems to be a “devilish” whip to be carried along… I can sort of see that, in a way, but really things like this just make me shake my head and sigh…

This waste of material is a Devil Whip With Garter and it sells for anywhere between $24 US and, when on sale, $7 US.

It’s… well tacky and silly are the most obvious things to say, but really there’s so much more. I don’t mean that in a good way either. I mean that in a “why would you bother with something like this” way.

It’s not even practical, and yes I know that saying something like that doesn’t make a lot of sense because it’s not meant to be practical. But really why bother with something that’s so small as to be more of a wand than a “whip” as it is described…

Come to think of it, it might be a better idea to cut the whip part off and use it as a “magic wand” or something like that because really that handle looks to me more like a wand than anything else…

We begin the year with giving this zero pitchforks out of five.

Seems like we ended last year in the same way… I hope that isn’t telling…



Jan 05 2016

A Review of Demon Lust by Snowe Foxx and Panthera

Demon Lust by Snowe Foxx and Panthera

Demon Lust by Snowe Foxx and Panthera

I’m starting the new year of reviews with something of a disappointment in the hope, though it may be fleeting, that there will be better things to come as the year progresses. It’s always disappointing when story is sacrificed for erotica, no matter what form it may take and when it does even the best of twists in the ending can’t really help to make things better regrettably.

Many times the stories about incubi, in whatever forms they may be, tend to focus on one point only. Getting the main character and the incubus together as quickly as possible and then seeing what happens from there. It’s more challenging to draw out the story and make it more before going off the rails.

It is the story of:

Priest Daniels is a bored, sacrilegious man of the cloth who is about to come face to face with the most frightening creature known to man: a demon. This is no ordinary demon, however. Demos is a very large, imposing man with incomprehensible powers; powers he employs in his quest for the hapless priest’s soul.

Will Daniels be able to ward off the extraordinarily good-looking demon’s advances and prevail against the Devil’s minion? Or will he succumb to his wile and charm?

Daniels finds a demon is delving for his soul. After a time the struggle ends, the need overcomes and the results are quite unexpected.

This can only be described as a hot flash and really not much more than that. There isn’t a lot of story outside of the interaction between the main characters and the majority of that tends towards constant pushing by Demos, the incubus of the work, until Daniels’ will crumbles and he succumbs. It’s hard to find much story otherwise because, as a whole, there isn’t.

There is a smattering of set up, but beyond that point the story takes on a dream-like quality and as such any character development is left to the side as the erotica heats up and things transpire. It’s a shame really because there is a story to be told, but that doesn’t have the opportunity to come out and it should really.

There is an interesting twist at the end of the work, which consists of three lines of dialog, which I would have loved to see develop more than it is. It’s unclear who, exactly, is speaking save that it is a woman of some description, with the most interesting question that she puts to Daniels. There’s a story in those three lines that, I think, tells a lot more than what this story did. It gives some needed background, a reason for things happening as they did and more.

But that never happens. The story leaves a lot of questions about what happened, what could happen as a result, and more. Perhaps the author would have been better served to continue this work from where it ended and tell the other part of the story.

Certainly, at least for me, it couldn’t have hurt.

I’ll give this work two and a half out of five pitchforks.

Overall the characters are a bit stereotypical, the direction of the story was telegraphed from the beginning and the ending, and is one to ponder mind you, couldn’t get me out of the disinterest that the work had. Erotica alone isn’t a good story. Too much of that here by far.