Sep 06 2015

A Review of Synthie Recalibrated by Alina X

Synthie Recalibrated by Alina X

Synthie Recalibrated by Alina X

A review today on the Tale of an anthology work that contains three stories that revolve around a similar theme but approach it in different ways.

There are many truths in the universe and many universes within those truths. Some worlds are in the future where the impossible can be made real. Some are in the past where battles are fought both within and without. But in all of the moments, good and bad, difficult and challenging, there is one single truth that comes from all.

You can be true to yourself, but first you have to find what that truth is and accept it…

  • Title: Synthie Recalibrated
  • Author: Alina X
  • Length: 38 Pages
  • ASIN: B00PB09KK0
  • Publishing Date: November 5, 2014
  • This work at

It tells the story of:

A trio of erotic futanari tales…

synthie recalibrated: Sequel to synthie. Down on the planet below Station 6 is something that doesn’t want to be found.

Agamemnon is a heavy gravity planet with faint traces of an ancient alien civilisation, and a core mine that is the source of Station 6’s wealth. After a mysterious zone is discovered that probes are unable to penetrate, Mike Alson’s experience as a space pilot and his biosynthetic body make him the ideal person to investigate.

When Mike tries to enter the zone, his own synthetic systems are not invulnerable to attack, but he is determined to get to the heart of the zone and find the alien technology that is hiding there.

Last Summer: A museum archivist discovers an ancient phallus and takes it home to play with. But the phallus transforms her, becoming a part of her.

Even as she struggles to come to terms with her new nature, she meets a girl on the bus and decides to take a chance…

The Princess and the Succubus: Arianthe, the king’s new bride, is a sorceress determined to end is His thousand-year-long reign, but He isn’t the demon she thought He was, and she lacks the strength to resist His power.

Fellow prisoner Barb, a succubus, forms an alliance with Arianthe, and together they make a desperate attempt to take away the king’s power.

As always with anthologies, I will review the Succubus story first and review it before turning to the collection as a whole and giving a review for the work in its entirety.

Arianthe is a sorceress who finds herself at the mercy of a cruel king that has his way with her and then intends to kill her. Imprisoned, she is approached by a Succubus named Barb who ask for her help to be free and in return Barb offers Arianthe a means for seeking her revenge… and something more… if she can overcome the power of the king and her own fears.

Of the three works in this collection, by far I felt the most strongly towards this, the last work in the collection. Arianthe is an amazingly complex character and while her past is a bit murky, there’s something about her that was captivating, strong, and powerful. As the story unfolds and the internal struggle she faces is revealed, the hold that the king has by means that Barb is aware of and explains to Arianthe, the strife of that struggle, the need to try and push through and do what she must for both her sake and Barb’s is gripping.

Barb is an amazing Succubus character. It is very clear that she is a Succubus, but she is also not a stereotypical one and in this story that is really an important thing. She’s strong in her own way, she has a need to be free and when she encounters Arianthe, Barb desires her freedom, is willing to do much to have that, but there is something more. As that simmers in the background of the story it allows for some interesting turns of character in Barb and with that comes a story about Barb herself, what she sees in Arianthe and what she is willing to do.

There is really very little erotica in this story and really there need not be because it is the characters themselves, their struggle with the events around them and what that leads to that is so much more than what a simple erotica story would be. The story makes a good deal of sense, there is not the feeling of things happening “just because” but rather each event, each action, each moment means something and all leads to the climax of the work which turned into something more than I expected and made this work grander as a result.

The postscript of the story also touched back on things that happened in the story, and it answered two important questions as well. But it also ended the story on a point where I did, so very much, want to see the “what happens next” part of the story. I think that needs to be told fully because there are many questions about Barb and Arianthe that didn’t come to a conclusion and I really would like to know the answers. Strong characters, a world that has a lot of promise to it, and by the end of the story you really want to see more. This would be an amazing novel and I’d love to see that appear sometime.

Four out of five pitchforks.

For the collection as a whole, I found that the other two works are more erotica than story for the most part which worked well I thought. The first, in a science fiction universe, was rich with characters and the world they live in. I did not read the origin story of Mike and how he came to be in the situation he finds himself in, but there is just enough background told that I felt I understood what was going on and the story took me from there. It is a really well told science fiction mystery/erotic tale and I liked the work very much for all that was told in the story. This work also ends on a pause and there seems to be more to be told in this universe and that will be interesting to see.

The other story is a mix of magic and reality, but also there is an undercurrent of love and understanding that takes this from base erotica towards something more. It’s a story about trust and finding that one person that’s willing to take a chance on you no matter what. And if there happens to be a miracle involved, that just makes the story more heartwarming and enjoyable.

I’ll give the collection four out of five pitchforks as well.

Three well told, strongly written, and interesting stories that touched on quite a number of themes, ideas, and moments that I enjoyed. Perhaps the erotica wasn’t quite as good as the stories themselves, but really it is the stories told that makes this work worth reading.



Sep 06 2015

A Review of The Succubus Next Door by Remo Santomauro

The Succubus Next Door by Remo Santomauro

The Succubus Next Door by Remo Santomauro

A review of the first work in a series called Demonproof this time on the Tale. This appears to be a three book series in which one of the main characters is a succubus and she is quite the force in the first work.

One can make mistakes when summoning a succubus. A word misspoken, a thought out of place. There is also the chance of something happening that is unexpected and finding one is being confronted by a succubus who is none too happy about what you did.

When that happens, all of the tricks come out, and the summoner can be the slave if they are not very careful and lose themselves to their lusts, wants, and fantasies.

  • Title: The Succubus Next Door (Demonproof Book 1)
  • Author: Remo Santomauro
  • Length: 52 Pages
  • ASIN: B0115GP96W
  • Publishing Date: July 6, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Awaked by a disturbance next door, Rick goes to check on his hot blonde neighbor, only to discover that the amateur witch has summoned a demon from the Seventh Circle of Hell.

When the seductive succubus breaks loose, and tries to drain Rick’s life force, he has to battle the beautiful, treacherous creature in the depths of his mind while immersed in his greatest sexual fantasies.

With the aid of a powerful artifact, Rick turns the tables on the devious, red-skinned beauty, and teaches her a lesson in pleasure and punishment.

Rick is awakened by an explosion next door. Worried about his neighbour Jessica, he goes to check on her. In doing so, Rick discovers that Jessica has summoned the succubus Caesetia to their world. Now Rick has to deal with the evil that she is, what she wants, and how much that is going to change his and Jessica’s lives.

The work is told from the main character, Rick’s, perceptions and at times that tends towards a bit of a ‘sex-focused male’ aspect of his personality. Now a good part of this is what Caesetia’s powers do to him, but there’s more to Rick than that, but not really seen. As the story unfolds and the results of what happens with Caesetia become more clear, that past dims a bit. The same can be said about Jessica, except she’s mainly unconscious through the entire work, having made a mistake in her summoning and Caesetia taking advantage of that. That said about two of the characters, the third, Caesetia, who is the succubus of the series, is both interesting and disappointing.

Caesetia is, in many ways, a stereotypically evil succubus with really only one thing on her mind, and it isn’t sex, it’s escaping from Rick when he binds her to him. That’s a shame because there’s every hint that she has more to her than being stereotypical. There’s very little to her backstory, there’s not a lot of focus on her personality, other than her particular view of sex, what she wants, and how she sees the other two characters. There’s some mind control being used by her that’s quite good and results in one hot piece of erotica and one, sadly, over the top scene that almost made me give up on the work.

While the story is written well, and there is a lot of story to be told, the thing of it is that Caesetia herself gets stuck in a bit of a rut very quickly. While I understand the need to show she’s evil, that she wants to get rid of Rick and escape, that happens over and over again. Caesetia has a lot of promise as a succubus, she has all of the seductiveness, the sexuality, the means to twist perception and reality and that all turns into some very hot erotica. Where the story falls short is that in almost every moment she is with Rick, she is lying to him, trying to trick him, changes her story and so on.

This gets old very fast and I didn’t like that part of the work. I understand it, that is her personality, but honestly if every conversation between the two of them is going to be an argument back and forth which ends with Rick commanding her not to do one certain thing again, and again, and again… that’s going to take a lot of the flow and story down with it and it need not be that way. She is evil, that’s understood in this work, very clearly so, but hammering away at this plot point just didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

There’s so much else going on which should be focused on, and it isn’t I think. There’s a transformation, some revelations about Jessica, the backstory about how things came to where they were, even that artifact that keeps being mentioned over and over again. All of this should come to the fore over Caesetia just being a liar and then having sex with Rick.

There needs to be more focus on telling the story and a little less on one single personality quirk that just isn’t as interesting as the rest of the story. As well, the erotica goes a bit over the top towards the latter part of the work and that, while making sense, didn’t work as well as the first erotic sequence that Rick goes through. There is some reality shifting in all of this, but there’s also some subtle mind control that I liked very much. Perhaps more focus on that part of the story over some wild out-of-control erotica would have been better.

The characters are good, a little stereotypical however here and there. The writing is reasonably good, though the dialog could have been tighter at times, or at least, if nothing else, more focused. More focus on story in the latter half of the work would have been nice, but that doesn’t hurt things too much.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Really a good beginning to the series and I look forwards to see where things go from here. I’d like a little less stereotyping of Caesetia, if for no other reason than she has to be more of a character than simply a lair that is good at having sex.

We’ll see what the next works bring with them, supposedly an Angel and a Witch, whenever they may appear…



Sep 05 2015

A cute Morrigan Aensland Speedpainting YouTube

A neat little YouTube of an artist speed painting Morrigan Aensland today on the Tale. The art is lovely and the music is rather neat I thought…

And if you cannot see the video here on the Tale, please try this link:

And an image of the finished art in case YouTube makes the video magically vanish as it is want to do at times…

Morirgan Aensland Speedpaint by AshleyZombie

Morirgan Aensland Speedpaint by AshleyZombie

This is simply an adorable work of Morrigan Aensland art, one of those that just has a lot of personality show in it I think. Especially in Morrigan’s eyes. The artist made a little comment that the hurt their hands doing this and I can see why as they really put a lot of detail into this art.

Beautifully done, the use of Morrigan’s theme was a neat surprise and fun too…


Sep 04 2015

A Review of Claimed by the Demoness by Kelly Freer

Claimed by the Demoness by Kelly Freer

Claimed by the Demoness by Kelly Freer

There needs to be, at least for me, something in a story that isn’t quite expected or assumed. The further away the story is from what I think to be stereotypical, the more it tends to draw me into the story and enjoy it for what the story tells. A work cannot stand on its erotica alone, nor can it try to use a slipshod idea as the core of the work. That just does nothing for me.

The theme doesn’t have to be complex, the plot need not be outside of reality, nor does the erotica have to be so far into the realm of porn. It is entirely possible to tell a story of self discovery and within that, find a means to tell of what happens when one’s own desires, wants and needs take them to a place unexpected.

That is where the story really begins…

  • Title: Claimed by the Demoness
  • Author: Kelly Freer
  • Length: 18 Pages
  • Publishing Date: November 13, 2014
  • This work at

It is the story of:

As the first freshmen to play in the University football team, and the most sought after quarterback of the division, Lee depicts the American jock ideal. Every female on campus wants him.

But Lee has a secret: he’s still a virgin. An encounter with a hyper-aggressive delta-delta-delta girl at the football team’s party causes Lee to run away from his abnormally strong lust. Eager and conflicted, he arrives at Hellspot to make the devil’s pledge: his very own succubus to drain him of all his fantasy and urges. But there’s a catch. Lee will forever be bound to the succubus’ lusty ways. Will Lee get out the hellspot and save himself from eternal lust? Or will the all-star quarterback be claimed by the commanding power of the demoness succubus?

Lee’s life is both truth and lie. In truth he appears to be what he seems to be, but within the lie of his own reality is hidden. A moment, a mistake, and he then finds himself in a position where his soul is at risk of being claimed by a Succubus forever. And that fate is one that tempts greatly.

The work is very involved and detailed in that Lee, who he is, how he reacts, the one he calls a friend, are very real and they aren’t cardboard stereotypical cutouts of “jocks” in that there is something more about them both. Listening to Lee’s thoughts in the story puts him into a different light and when things go off the rails as the story progresses, the emotional attachment is quite strong.

The Succubus in this story is never named, which is was a little disappointing. She has a human form and a demon one, which I didn’t really care for, but it was meant as a contrast so that worked well. But the way what she is comes out in the story is a bit heavy handed and I think it could have been a lot more subtle than it was. The moments of erotica with the Succubus are very much a Domme controlling in nature and some of that was very hot and well done. But there were other moments that, while seeming to make sense, felt wrong.

The erotica in the story waxes and wanes with the majority of that being in the moments between Lee and the Succubus. There is a good deal of Succubus mind control in those moments which works well as a whole. The scenes are a bit more violent than I personally like and I think there should have been more seduction in what happened rather than the direct demand of submission that the Succubus demanded of Lee.

Setting that aside, the setting up of Lee being in the presence of the Succubus was also a bit odd, a bit forced as well. The encounter between Lee and the manager of the hotel he finds himself in was odd and felt wrong from the beginning. It didn’t make a lot of sense how that played out and with that the need to “push” Lee through that part of the story and into his “doom” seemed to override the storytelling in order to get to the erotica.

After the climax of the work, when the aftermath comes, it leads to a point which, quite obviously, seems to point at there being another part to this story, an ongoing struggle between Lee, the Succubus, and what she has claimed. That is, again, somewhat forced but that is necessary as the work comes to a rapid close and there didn’t seem to be time allowed for that to develop further along as I think it should have. Perhaps it will sometime.

There are a few scattered spelling and word errors, but nothing too overwhelming or that interrupted the story to the point where it was distracting. As a whole it is a story of entrapment of the unwary and what sacrifices are made in the name of another. That part of this story needs to be told more than it is.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

As the opening to a longer series, this really would work well. There is a lot of plot, character development and more. While so much of the story is taken with setting up Lee and telling about his life, that does offer a doorway into a larger universe of storytelling that I hope the author might explore more fully over time. Giving purpose to a character is a good thing, what isn’t so much is when the story comes to a close after that purpose is revealed and the story ends.

It is the rest of the story that matter as well and needs to be told.



Sep 04 2015

A Review of First Time with the Incubus by Savannah Harlow

First Time with the Incubus by Savannah Harlow

First Time with the Incubus by Savannah Harlow

A short time ago I reviewed a work on the Tale called Taken by the Incubus and His Tentacles by June Harper, the work originally released in August 2014. Last month, the same story, save that the editing is better, reappeared under another author’s name. For the sake of completeness, what follows is the review I gave the previous work, with some minor changes.

But the rating remains the same.

There needs to be a point to a story. More than a wave of a hand, an expression of mystery and nothing more. It is also wise to have more of an ending than the work coming to a screeching halt right after the erotica comes to a close.


The work is described as:

When sexy, innocent Ava receives a gift from a mysterious stranger, she doesn’t know that it houses the spirit of an incubus who feeds on the virginities of sexy women! When the incubus escapes, he takes Ava in the night.

Ava travels to New York to her dream job for the summer, along the way meeting an old woman who gives her a necklace. Ava breaks it and then something odd begins to happen.

As a whole the summary suggests that the oddities, the incubus, is central to the story and that much of the work focuses on that. But that isn’t true in this case. There is substantially more time spent on Ava’s travel, finding her apartment, meeting her boss, and they spending time together than with the incubus of the title of the book. In truth it isn’t even clear if he is an incubus, there really aren’t any clear signs that he is, and as such that is a bit disappointing. His name is never revealed either for that matter.

There really isn’t all that much in the way of erotica in this work, really there is one short scene the didn’t do anything for me at all. It had some incubus-like qualities, but overall what happens just didn’t have much heat in it. The scene plays out in the last five or so pages of the work and at the very end it simply comes to an abrupt stop, the incubus vanishes and the story comes to a close.

As a whole the work would make for a good opening chapter, or really the basis of three chapters, of a longer work, but in this case, how the story plays out just seemed to be a series of loosely connected scenes that eventually ended with a very short hot flash piece. The thing is that the buildup to the incubus appearing really set the stage for a story, one that has two characters with their own quirks and they are described really well. But going from “ordinary” to “something weird is going on” happens so abruptly that it feels out of place with the rest of the work.

I think that drawing out things, playing on the sense of something being off, eventually leading towards the incubus appearing after Ava had been teased or dreamed of things would have been more interesting and the final encounter would have worked better. As it is, the incubus just isn’t interesting enough when compared to Ava and the other main character, or really any of the minor ones.

I’ll give this work two out of five pitchforks.

All kinds of story being told, and really if it was the beginning of a novel it would hook you into the story well. But in this case, it takes up the vast majority of the story really leaving only a very short passage for the erotica that is quick, blunt, and really didn’t have all that much heat in it.



Sep 03 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 398

I think at times the hardest thing to find when it comes to Morrigan Aensland art is to find an image that shows her to be seductive and not simply sexy. It is, of course, a rather fine line to walk, but sometimes an artist gets the balance exactly right and something very special appears…

Morrigan Fan art by kike1988

Morrigan Fan art by kike1988

This work of Morrigan art is the creation of the artist kike1988 on DeviantArt. You can find the original page with this work here and this artist’s page can be found on DeviantArt here.

I think this is simply a gorgeous rendering of Morrigan in so many ways. Wonderfully detailed, especially in her hair, which is just amazingly done. I like that her wings sort of blend into the background, making them look ethereal in a way. A lovely expression, perhaps slightly amused which I think matches well with Morrigan’s personality. But most of all it is her overall body shape and pose that makes this special.

The focus isn’t on her cleavage as many works of art of Morrigan are, but rather it’s her entire form and pose that comes through here. She looks more “real” as a whole, she isn’t cartoonish, and in being so her style comes through clearly…

One of my favourite Morrigan artworks of the year by far…



Sep 02 2015

Where’s the tail and horns… seriously.

Black Devil Sexy Demon Halloween Fancy DressSo last week there was a costume that tried, not well mind you, but tried, to be at least vaguely sort of a combination Succubus and superhero… thing. Well, not to be outdone, someone else came to the idea that Succubi are creatures of the night and bats are as well. So… SuccuBat anyone?

This costume, and the name of it is obviously designed for google searches, is the Black Devil Sexy Demon Halloween Fancy Dress. It comes with the bat ears, I refuse to call them horns, and the body suit. The wings are not included and it sells for $85 US but can be found on sales for as little as $60 US.

I have to say that I like the bodysuit, it does give me some ideas. But the ears make me shudder, the wings don’t do much for me as well. There is a but however. I think that the bodysuit itself isn’t a bad idea as the basis of a costume, adding a pair of horns to this and a tail might work as would some red heels or ankle boots.

It wouldn’t be the best costume by far, but it would be at least something that would, in a way, look devilish, not really succubish however.

Comparing this to the costume of last week, I think this would be the better idea for a superhero costume if for no other reason that there isn’t much kitsch to it. Really that’s an important point as, if you think about it, the idea of being a Succubi, or a devil girl, isn’t to make people laugh…

It’s to make them come and do whatever you care to have them do…

I’ll give this two pitchforks out of five.

It’s a start, not a lot more, but it is a start which is something…