Aug 16 2015

A Review of Just This Once by Sylvia Parker

Just This Once by Sylvia Parker

Just This Once by Sylvia Parker

One of the things that bothers me is the summaries that some books have. They do tell something of what is going on, but there is a problem that crops up from time to time. Sometimes they tell a very small part of the overall work and leave out everything else.

I do realize that, much of the time, the point is to drive sales of a work, but I don’t see why there needs to be one expectation from a reader going in and then finding out that the actual story is something that’s much different than one expects.

  • Title: Just This Once
  • Author: Sylvia Parker
  • Length: 24 Pages
  • ASIN: B00L5LT8RE
  • Publishing Date: June 19, 2014
  • This work at

The work is described as:

Anna is a disciplined elven thief, and a damn good one at that. Having fenced some stolen goods to a personal adviser of the Governor, she leads him to a safe-house in the Poor Quarter, run by Tartan, a close friend. She finds him catering to the carnal needs of the citizens of the city, holding a massive erotic party where clothing is optional.

As she discreetly tries to get in and get out, Anna is stopped in her tracks by Ubana: a powerful succubus. The elven thief is put under a spell of intense desire, and she gets in touch with her dark side as she begins to rub elbows – among other things – with some of the peculiar and powerful guests of Tartan’s party.

As a whole the summery doesn’t leave much out of the work, everything that is mentioned does, in fact, happen in the work. The problem is that the way it is written it seems like the succubus is a core character to the plot, which she isn’t, and in that I came away from the work disappointed.

It reads very much like a very over the top sexual fantasy Dungeons and Dragons adventure in many ways with just about every trope being seen at some point in the story. The majority of the story is taken up by Anna’s adventure to get where she needs to be and then things take a turn when a centaur wants to have some fun with her and the succubus decides to help out.

Ubana appears in this work in total for about one page, possibly a page and a half. She is quite stereotypical in a lot of ways, is intent on one thing only and beyond that really nothing much is told about her as she’s simply an easy means to get Anna all hot and bothered which then leads to the centaur having his way with her.

The name Ubana should be familiar to those that had read other works by this author as she has appeared in several other works, again only fleetingly. Really the only difference between this appearance and her other ones is that here she isn’t having her way with someone, or trying to kill them, or worse. Between the two versions, the one in this work is somewhat more palatable in that she isn’t exactly as evil as her other incarnation.

There really wasn’t all that much that held my attention plot wise, and honestly there could have been a lot more lead up to the main story and a better ending than there was. A few mistakes that another editing pass might have caught as well. The erotica was, for me, rather lukewarm. There is the single scene with the centaur but that’s really mostly Anna losing control and doing things she has never done before. It’s really mindless in a lot of ways and that just didn’t have a lot of heat in it for me.

I think the problem that I’ve noticed in other works by this author comes out here as well. There is a plot, it tries to go somewhere, but it gets abandoned for a single sex scene which then, when it comes to its climax, ends the story and leaves a lot to be desired.

I’ll give this work one and a half pitchforks out of five.

Like the other works by this author, any succubus in the story is there but fleetingly and in all honesty does nothing for the story as a whole. They could be removed at the stroke of a pen and it wouldn’t change a thing.



Aug 16 2015

A Review of Julie’s Ascent by Emily Walker

Julie's Ascent by Emily Walker

Julie’s Ascent by Emily Walker

Quite some time ago, I reviewed a work on the Tale in which I thought that the story had some promise, even though it was so very short. I mentioned at the time that the work seemed like the beginning of a longer, more detailed origin story for a series and I wondered if that would ever come to be. If you’d like to read that review, you can find it on the Tale here.

Recently, to my surprise, the work reappeared in a more full and captivating read that I thought was wonderful. There comes a moment when what the truth is does not represent what we believed it to be. Sometimes becoming a succubus isn’t about what you are, but who you are…

  • Title: Julie’s Ascent
  • Author: Emily Walker
  • Length: 117 Pages
  • ASIN: B00ZPM8Q36
  • Publishing Date: June 14, 2015
  • This work at


The work is described as:

When Julie Monroe ends up in Hell, she has no idea why she’s there.

The things does know are: she’s dead, she’s transparent, and she’s been given a second chance.

Kind of.

Given the opportunity to return to Earth as a Succubus, she take the chance to get out of Hell–but she isn’t too keen on sucking souls for the Underworld. To make things even more complicated, she has a huge crush on her mentor, Asa. He’s been in the business of the Succubae for hundreds of years, and Julie can’t help but feel drawn to him.

Convinced she can escape, Julie thinks she can run and hide. But, as she discovers different dimensions of Hell on Earth, she begins to realize that maybe there isn’t a way to escape her fate.

Julie finds herself in Hell, her future to be a succubus, and while that isn’t something she looks forwards to, the more pressing question is what happened to her in the first place. Learning the hows and whys of being a succubus, which are nothing like she expected, she finds that there is more going on than she knows. Questions abound, the answers are few, slim and none, and when she finds out the truth, the questions do not end.

The work spends quite a lot of time in world building, telling of the characters, of Julie herself. There is more depth to this work in explaining Julie’s thoughts, her confusion, her worries, and, in some ways, her desires, than a number of other works of late and that works really well here. At times there is a bit too much “woe is me” in Julie’s thoughts, but she soon gets through that stumbling and moves onwards to try to take control of herself. It is not a simple path, there are many points at which Julie stumbles and needs to be, if not rescued by Asa, then given a talking to.

We really never see Julie’s succubus form, by that I mean horns, tail and so on. In some ways this makes her a better, more complete character in that she still has her humanity in the face of so many others that do not. As well, while there is mention of succubi and incubi killing and taking souls through sex, that isn’t how things work in Julie’s reality. How things work for her is more subtle, but also more dangerous for her and that adds an aspect to things that isn’t seen often. There is a little bit of a mind control aspect here and there in the work, but it is very lightly touched upon and does not get in the way of the overall story.

There are consequences. Some of which are warned of. others that happen. But it is the past that haunts Julie most of all and more over time. Uncovering that past is a constant theme in the work, even through all else that Julie deals with. It is a mystery that isn’t simply explained in a word or two, it literally takes the entire work for all of the pieces to fall into place and when they do, it is really quite surprising.

There are two other characters, one a succubus, one an incubus, which add some twists to the story, but also explain a lot about what happens that I think worked well. Asa, who is the other main character of the work, is written well, is a strong personality, and has a quirky personality that I did enjoy too.

There isn’t really any erotica to speak of, really that’s not the point of the work. It’s the exploration of memory, what happens when it is found, and what that does to you. A solid work, really there are no editing errors that take one out of the story at any point. I wish that some time had been spent in telling more about one particular character, why they did what they did. But then, not all of the answers come at once.

I’ll give this work four and a half of out five pitchforks.

Really everything I could have hoped for from what came before. For that being true, for the author finishing this work, telling the story, making the world be all that it is… That is such a wonderful things.

I hope the author isn’t going to wait three years before releasing the rest of this series, at least it seems like there will be more to come. Julie’s story isn’t over, the questions, though some answered, remain. The promise I had seen before comes through quite well and I look forward to seeing more someday…



Aug 15 2015

A Blonde Succubus art YouTube

Another art in progress YouTube on the Tale today, one with a Succubus that strikes me as being a bit forceful in her attitude and personality I think… Possibly with a touch of being a vampire in her as well…


And if you cannot see the video on YouTube, try this link:

This artist also has placed the completed work on DeviantArt as well, and you can find this art on DeviantArt as well here too…

Blonde Succubus by Bloodyvampyre1987

Blonde Succubus by Bloodyvampyre1987

I’m not quite sure about her horns pointing in the direction that they are as it seems rather dangerous to me at least. She seems, in a way, to have the same sort of teeth as Morrigan Aensland as well, which makes me wonder if she’s more vampire than Succubus in a way. Really like her eyes, they are quite striking and as a whole she seems to have a dominant personality about her that I like too..

I’ll have to see what kind of story can be told about her I think…


Aug 14 2015

A Review of Succubus by Joyce Melbourne

 Succubus by Joyce Melbourne

Succubus by Joyce Melbourne

The one thing I cannot enjoy is a work that takes a stereotypical view of the idea of Succubi and does nothing with them. Yes there can be some erotic moments, yes there can be some part of the Succubus that might be interesting. But the problem is when the story follows a path which as been well told before and really doesn’t take things in a new direction but rather ends the story on a note that simply wrecks any enjoyment that might have been.

Why it is that so many authors need to show Succubi as being nothing more than monstrous things when they can offer more than that if they just take a little risk and move away from the everyday into the extraordinary?

  • Title:  Succubus
  • Author:  Joyce Melbourne
  • Length: 12 Pages
  • Publishing Date: October 19, 2014
  • This work at


The work is described as:

A woman is seduced by a succubus; a being in a female form, who drains her of both her sexual, and life energy.

Avery finds herself haunted by the touch of a woman in her dreams and as her dreams become her life, her life ebbs away piece by piece until only the touch is left and nothing more.

Avery seems, from the beginning of the story, a very interesting character and at the beginning that’s more than enough to hook me into the story. The problem is that when the succubus appears Avery becomes… less. She’s less intelligent, less focused, less alive as a whole. While much of that is the effect of the succubus upon her, it does take away so much of the character quirkiness that was present and replaces it with a dull personality for the most part of the story.

That’s a shame because I think the story would have been more interesting if Avery would have a clear mind and be able to, if not completely resist the call of the succubus, then at least be able to respond to the help she is offered by the one person in the story that she should have listened to. Instead she pushes them away.

As well, that action doesn’t feel right for the one she refuses as, considering the relationship they had, they should have done more than they did. They turned into an afterthought, almost a red herring in a way, and that just bothered me. Perhaps not all stories have to end on a positive note, but in this case I think that would have helped this story a lot considering where it ends.

The succubus is, save for her being interested in Avery, a fairly stereotypical succubus with but a single purpose in her thoughts as the story progresses. As the time that Avery spends with her goes on, the succubus turns from being something erotic into something more monstrous which climaxes at the end of the work as a scene that just took away anything and everything that had been accomplished in the story to that point. There was hints of something different, but it didn’t arrive. There was a moment when the story could have turned towards something more positive and hopeful, but it didn’t go that way.

The story is described as being erotica, but I really didn’t see a lot of heat. The story was confused at times, though that was a reflection of Avery’s own confusion. When there was some erotic passages between Avery and the succubus they were slightly glossed over and the heat was something that didn’t burn as hot as it could have. When the final scene came, I really didn’t see anything erotic there, as all it did was make me sigh in frustration as the story came to a close.

In short, I just didn’t find that I enjoyed this work as much as I wanted to. It was lacking focus, a great deal of heat, and the stereotypical actions of the succubus just didn’t do anything for me. Even when Avery had a slight clue about what was going on, instead of taking the story in that direction, it is tossed aside for a bit more time between the succubus and Avery, but not before Avery is chastised for asking a question that, to me, should have been answered if for no other reason than in the setting it was asked, it should have been.

I’ll give this work one and half pitchforks out of five.

Stereotypical succubi I just cannot find interesting at all. Erotica with pain and suffering doesn’t do much for me either. To have a story that offers such a good plot and characters come to the end that it does really doesn’t do the story justice and that’s the greatest shame of all…



Aug 14 2015

A Review of Succubus: Succubus by Olga Berg

Succubus: Succubus by Olga Berg

Succubus: Succubus by Olga Berg

There are few works about Succubi that tell things about them that hold me from the beginning. It especially matters when the Succubus herself might look like the legends, but is not what the legends tell them to be. They can be thankful, caring, offer something to another that changes their lives.

But that is, in many ways, only a small part of whom the Succubus is. Sometimes the horns hide the halo. Sometimes the tail points the way. Sometimes, just sometimes, someone understands all of this and then, something exceptional happens.

We all learn something.

  • Title: Succubus: Succubus
  • Author: Olga Berg
  • Length: 41 Pages
  • Publishing Date: July 26, 2015
  • This work at


The work is described as:

A story about a monk who saves a succubus who then reveals the monk’s secret which changes his whole life…

Amadeo encounters a succubus who, he is told, has done evil. After some consideration, he meets with her, frees her, and then in return the succubus frees Amadeo from the past he did not know. His live changes, truths appear, but Amadeo never forgets Alma. Sometimes the truth sets you free, sometimes it just opens the door and you need to step though to find your own truth.

The work focuses upon Amadeo, his life, both past and present, and in doing so there is a mystery that unfolds which is quite telling for all of the characters involved. But none of this would have begun without Alma, the succubus of the work, having been captured, having a talk with Amadeo, and then, over time, revealing to him what his past was.

Alma has the classical appearance of a succubus, hooves, red skin, tail and horns and all, but that is where things change. She is not, at all, what one might expect a succubus to be. That in itself makes for some contemplative moments for Amadeo, but more so, there is a connection, an understanding that comes through their time together that means quite a lot more than seems to be at first. She is there in the beginning, is in his thoughts through discovering the truth, and in the last, she appears to answer a prayer, a telling one, by Amadeo.

I felt that the story gave Alma an angel-like aspect to her, one in which it is clear that her purpose is not to be evil, but rather to open the eyes of others to their fantasies, desires and most of all, the love within themselves. When Amadeo finally learns the most important truth about himself, the one that makes all things possible, that provides a ending to the work that feels right, closes the tale on a point of joy, and, most of all, provides a truth that matters.

This is not a work of erotica, far from it. This work tells a story in which one character makes the journey from being lost, without a past, to having that past known, finding his way, and discovering that, in many ways, two souls, once entwined, are for always.

As much as I loved the story, and how wonderful both Alma and Amadeo are, there are some minor problems as well. The main one being that there is a problem with tenses throughout the work, which some additional editing would have helped with. As well, the text reads a bit oddly in places, seeming slightly confused as to what the author was trying to express. The latter does cause some confusion in trying to understand the text, but considering the spoken dialog, that well could be a reflection upon the characters themselves in a way.

The work ends on a note which offers a satisfying note for the main characters, and at the same time leaves the suggestion that there could be something more at some point. The final truths spoken by Alma turn out to be quite thoughtful, open, and are the truth as she knows it to be. For some characters that is the answer to their prayers, for others it is the shaming of their own faults, fears and flaws.

A story with power, promise, love, devotion. But also with fear, disbelief, self-crimination and need. The telling point is the word of a monk and a succubus and what that means to them both.

Four out of five pitchforks.

I wish the writing had been a little more clear at points, certainly at least one more editing pass to correct the various tense errors as well. This is a wonderful, thoughtful and, for me, compelling story. I hope there is an “after” to be told, but if not, what is here tells something wonderful…



Aug 13 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 395

A rather purplish Succubus for this week’s image of the Succubi. I think that the most interesting thing about Succubi is all of the different looks they have. No two look exactly the same nor should they. Their personality, their seductiveness and more, must be there and clearly so. In doing so, the artists that draw Succubi bring them to life from imagination… And imagination is where the Succubi play…

Sugar by VonVoski

Sugar by VonVoski


This work is titled Sugar and is by an artist on DeviantArt called VonVoski. You can find the original page on DeviantArt with this art here and this artist’s page on DeviantArt is here.

She simply is a gorgeous looking Succubus, I love her looks, expression, her hair is wonderful and I like that her tail and horns also match the rest of her appearance. The contrast between her pale skin and her purple makes her stand out more I think overall too.

The thing that works best is the shape of her face, the look in her eye, the little pouting tease on her lips. There’s a lot of character in this and I adore that in art most of all. She’s quite seductive, doesn’t have horns that look wrong or a tail that clashes with the rest of her as well.

I like the outfit, how it is both sexy, but not over the top so and as well it teases her form, shape, and leaves a bit of a hint of things to be discovered about her. Naming her Sugar, I think was inspired as well as really I can’t think of a better name for her…

She is, quite simply, a sweet Succubus after all…



Aug 12 2015

More of an Octoberfest Devil than a Halloween one

Wicked Devil CostumeHalloween obviously arrives in October, but there is another important event that happens to also appear in the month of October and it has a lot to do with drinking and buxom girls carrying beer. Perhaps I have found the right costume for a Devil Girl to appear there, but not one of the Succubi by far…

This is called the Wicked Devil Costume and it comes with the dress and horns and nothing else. The pitchfork, stockings and shoes come separately. The costume alone lists for $40 and the rest of the ensemble would rise that to just shy of $100.

I have to say that as something for Halloween it really doesn’t do much for me. However as something for a bit of an Octoberfest surprise I think that the entire look does make the grade for that at least.

The pitchfork however is nothing special, the horns are so-so but do work, just slightly, as part of this costume’s overall look. I think what really makes the entire look work here are the stockings, but then the problem is that they are not part of the basic costume.

It does have a certain cuteness to it, and I am reminded a lot, as I have mentioned, about Octoberfest. But would I consider it?

I can’t really say it would be one of my first picks, there are several other costumes that look much better, have more of a look to them than this does. Still, that doesn’t mean that it is completely wasted… It’s more of a question of how to use it rather than lose it…

Two pitchforks out of five.

Slightly better, but we all know that next week will be back to the disasters again…