Mar 03 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 424

I have a “thing” for sweaters… I think they can be amazingly sexy and, of course, for Succubi that’s an important thing. I found a lovely little portrait of a succubus that does, in many ways, reflect how adorably cute and sexy it can be…

Comm: Demon by GK-7

Comm: Demon by GK-7

This is a commissioned work by an artist on DeviantArt called GK-7. You can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page on DeviantArt can be found here.

She’s quite the amazing looking character really. Love the little touch of her having freckles, that’s something I’ve never noticed before on art of succubi. Interesting green eyes which contrast quite well with the red of her horns, wings and sweater too.

Love the hair style, it just frames her face exactly right, though her expression I am not quite sure about what it is supposed to be exactly. It looks, in a way, like she’s disappointed in something, but I might be seeing more than is there.

Above all else, that sweater really is enchanting on her. I love that it is over one shoulder only and it adds a little touch of cute and sexy to things that just makes this work that much more special…



Mar 02 2016

Sorry but no, this isn’t sexy as a costume…

Red Fur Devil KitThere are, of course, some silly looking costumes. Really none of them do anything for me because the trashiness is to the point where my eyes hurt looking at them. Such as this case in point which has the oddest name to it as well…

This is called the Red Fur Devil Kit and it isn’t a complete costume by any means. It comes with the faux fur hat, pitchfork with bow, and faux fur gloves. And that’s all. The dress, the stockings, the shoes, everything that isn’t furry here doesn’t come with the costume.

Which is why, of course, it is called a “kit” and not a costume. It sells for $25 US on most sites that I have found this eye watering disaster on.

Really there’s nothing to this so called costume option from the pitchfork to the horns on this model’s head. Honestly the dress she’s wearing is more sexy than anything else and that’s saying something considering…

As a joke costume I suppose it’s an option, but really why would someone want to wear this? More importantly, why would someone design this mess in the first place?

On top of that, what’s the point to putting bow ties on it on top of everything? Adding a little accent to this disaster cannot help it to be anything more than a fuzzy rug to leave on the floor and pick something, anything, else.

I’ll give this zero pitchforks out of five.

Why do this? What’s the point?

And does it burn well?



Mar 01 2016

A Review of Remind Me by Nanea Knott

Remind Me by Nanea Knott

Remind Me by Nanea Knott

The last, at least for now, in a series of reviews of the Sex Demon series by Nanea Knott here on the Tale. You can find my review of the prequel work here, my review of the first book can be found here. The review of the second work in the series can be found here on the Tale as well.

The series has been captivating for me, the characters, the storylines, the world the author has created fascinates me, brings a smile to my lips, and, as all really good stories do, leaves me thinking about what is, was and what might be.

There are some thoughts I have about the series as a whole, which I will share later, that I find myself wondering about in all of the works so far, and there will be a Book Four quite shortly which makes me happy. My thoughts come to the psychology of the characters and a singular thread that keeps popping up over and over again, but, that’s for later.

Mysteries still abound in the series, the questions to wonder about becoming more and more complex. Almost as complex as the truth held within the characters themselves.

There is one, very tragic, character in the series who has been haunting the edges of all of the stories in this work and with this, the third work in the series, her story is told, but also that of another who’s past also cannot be forgotten, or forgiven.

Some are gifted with the moment to love completely. Some are held in the knowledge that they found their soulmate, their one and only. Each day with them is to be held onto for there comes a time when they may not be there anymore. To be the survivor means a part of your heart is closed forever. The hard part is coming to see there is another part of your heart that needs, wants, and asks even if you cannot believe what you hear.

  • Title: Remind Me
  • Author: Nanea Knott
  • Length: 148 Pages
  • Publishing Date: February 14, 2016
  • This work at

It tells the story of:

Can Lightning Strike Twice?

Shane McCann is a hardheaded cop with an injured leg and a bad attitude. He’s working a missing persons case and he knows that the victim’s friends are hiding something. He needs to find out what it is. One woman in particular catches his interest. She’s beautiful, mesmerizing and in her eyes he can see she’s as injured on the inside, as he is on the outside. If he can get her to trust him, it might make all the difference.

Megan Winston is a succubus with a shattered heart. She found her mate only to lose to him after a fatal accident two years ago. Now a friend of hers has been kidnapped and she agrees to be questioned about the disappearance, but she has to be careful. The investigator is human. He’s smart, sexy and despite how much she likes him, she’s already had a mate and everyone knows demons never get a second chance, or do they?

Megan is alive, but she isn’t living. She is a rare succubus among her kind, one that has survived the loss of her mate. She lives, but the world holds nothing for her. She is present, but is detached from those that care about her. She knows, with certainty, that nature only allows her one mate and nothing more. But nature abhors a vacuum. When she encounters Shane, a man with his own doubts and finds there is something awakening within her, Megan’s own doubts and thoughts conspire against her. The answer is one they both must find together.

Megan is a tragically flawed character, her past being with her every moment and being so it takes over much of who she is throughout this work. There’s a deep sadness that she cannot find the way out of, express, or overcome. She has lost hope, in short, and there’s little question of that as the story unfolds. Her thoughts are of what she has lost, that she is “broken” and being so, there’s nothing in the world for her save to plod along for the sake of others around her until she fades away.

Megan’s appearances in the previous works in the series gave a hint of how shattered she is with a few small scenes, a short piece of dialogue here and there. This work fleshes her character out, giving her reasons for being how she is now. There are those that lose their light in their lives and then continue onwards because they are surviving. This is precisely what Megan is doing until the threat to her kind appears and things get very bad, very quickly.

Shane comes into this work connected to another main character in the series and being that he is, there’s a series of moments which come after Megan’s life goes very wrong, very quickly that draw him into Megan’s world. How that happens is handled in what I felt was a very true way to Shane, but also to Greg, who appeared in the first work, and others in the series. Their relationship, what it is built on, is taken to the limit over the mystery around them. How that is resolved is quite well done, if somewhat sharp and to the point.

While the work focuses on Megan and Shane, the prior works in the series make themselves known, some moments from those works being now seen from their perspective as well. They are interesting contrasts to what came before and help to connect the dots between the events in the series. That said, Shane’s entry into the series provides something that before didn’t seem to happen. While many characters have emotional flaws, few have physical ones. Shane’s past, what has happened to him brings with it a lot of emotional baggage that he fights with. Once Megan becomes part of his world, that only serves to make him more flawed, but also more real as a character.

How Shane deals with knowing about Megan, learning the secrets around him, trying to come to terms with his own disbelief and Megan’s refusal to accept the impossible is touching and heartfelt. Listening to his own self-doubts, how learning about Megan, being in contact with the succubi and incubi around him, how he is treated at times adds to that doubt and, at least once, pushes both himself and Megan to a place that, given a little understanding and openness, might not have been. But it is part of the story, how it unfolds and being so, that makes a strong connection with the reader by far.

The fight within both Megan and Shane, the needs they both feel, but are told by others cannot be, by themselves saving it must not be, is some of the most difficult character development I have read in some time. By that I mean it isn’t an easy path for either of them and it quite literally takes them to the edge of their lives to get things resolved.

There is a moment when something about Megan’s past is revealed and in that moment comes a concern for her, what she might do in the future. It is a shattering revelation to her, but in the context of the series it makes perfect sense and also tells how long things have been unfolding for her kind in this universe. It’s a means to anchor the series, how things have been developing, and I think that her reaction was completely right for her.

The plot of this work holds mainly on them both, but there are little intrusions of the mystery group that is causing problems, and they are an ever present thought in all of the character’s minds. There are moments, as written in the prior works, where events unfold and continue to do so in this work. There’s a slow burning fuse in this that will come to a heat at some point, but before doing so, the questions I am sure will expand and become more concerning.

There is a bit less erotica in this work compared to the prior ones, but that is a reflection of Megan’s attitude towards Shane and how long it takes for their understanding to develop, When it  does come, the moments are, like their relationship, building towards a climax and when that appears it feels right for both of them.

What I feel is missing, overall, is there still isn’t a lot of time spent in explaining how the succubi and incubi society works. Again, as in the prior works, there is a physical difference noted, but not delved into that I wonder about. Marissa remains an enigma, one that is both stellar and troubling at the same time. There is friction between many of the characters that I’d like to see develop towards some sort of resolution as well. Most of all, there is a certain tone to so many of the characters that I would like to understand better. I think in understanding that, the answers to the series overall will become clearer.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

I feel like Megan’s story isn’t finished by far, that her past will be coming back towards her again and her own personality might be her undoing. There are some interesting new characters appearing which offer some teasing paths for the series to take into the future. The series paused, at least towards the main overarching plot, in this work, but the revelation, when it comes about Megan’s past makes up for the absence.

I’m looking forward to the next work in the series, Long Term Memory, which is to be released in the next little while. As such, the single thing about the series so far, that is present in almost every succubi or incubi character comes back to my thoughts and makes me wonder about something.

Why is it that every one of them, without question, cannot accept when they encounter their soulmates? There’s almost an inherent need to push them away, refuse them and just not believe what their own bodies, minds and emotions are telling them. I’d like to understand why that is. I have a feeling I know, and if I am correct in my thoughts, it is a rather shameful thing for a, so far unseen, group to be doing to those they claim to be protecting.

Another thing that comes up from time to time is the rather cold attitude many of the characters have towards their prey. I understand that is a function of how their powers work, but at times it seems shockingly strong from several characters and I wonder about that.

While we know quite a lot about the characters in the series so far, the actual succubi and incubi society hasn’t been really examined closely. There have been some vague mentions, but towards some specific laying out of how things work, why they work as they do hasn’t been explored as much as I would like it to be.

There is one other point I feel like needs to be explored in the future and that comes from a question of seeing the parents of the characters, learning more about their pasts, and understanding where they came from. There hasn’t been an appearance of a mated couple that have been together for a very long time. I’d like to see what that’s like, if their view of their own society’s decisions still holds them. I wonder if they know a truth they haven’t told the younger generation that are experiencing something new.

There is such a thing as hope. There is such a thing as the impossible. The hardest thing one has to do is accept that both can be. Fighting against what one knows because “that’s impossible” isn’t so much a choice as a teaching and those that teach can be wrong on occasion too.

Dearly my favourite series of 2016 by far. I’d honestly love to see Tera (my character from my Realm stories) and Marissa meet sometime. I have a feeling that they would know more about what each deals with than anyone else. I’d also love to see Marissa’s reaction when Tera tells her a simple truth, one that I feel that Marissa herself has forgotten with all that swirls around her.

A wonderful series with so much promise being shown and offered and I recommend these works highly. My best wishes to Nanea and my hopes that her writing continues to bring her pleasure, that she finds the joy in each word written and that she has much success in her writing future always…



Mar 01 2016

A Review of Succubus by Samantha Blackstrap

Succubus by Samantha Blackstrap

Succubus by Samantha Blackstrap

In the rush of getting to the erotica in a story, much of what otherwise could be interesting story is forgotten. The questions of who the succubus is, where she came from, and, possibly the most important one, how it was that she wound up where she is, get pushed aside.

Sometimes that can work, if the erotica has a point to it, a purpose and it is one that makes, in some way, sense in the story itself. Even then, if that works, the ending can fall flat and leave one wanting in a lot of ways…

  • Title: Succubus
  • Author: Samantha Blackstrap
  • Length: 18 Pages
  • ASIN: B00S78OSCI
  • Publishing Date: January 13, 2015
  • This work at

The story is about:

Madeline arrives home to meet the new woman of the house, Linda. After a hot and dirty tryst she realizes that Linda is not at all what she seems. Now it’s up to Madeline to give the demon her due and vanquish the foul beast that has invaded her home. Who said demon hunting couldn’t be sexy?

Madeline comes home to her father and discovers that dad’s married someone. But things aren’t right with Linda and Madeline soon finds out that Linda isn’t human, she’s a succubus. A choice has to be made and Madeline’s in for the fight of her life.

Madeline herself is quite an interesting character and she’s the most three dimensional of the characters. There’s some good development of her character through the work, even though it is swamped at times by the erotic encounters between herself and Linda.

Linda is not fleshed out well, and for the most part seems to really only be focused on her need to feed upon both Madeline and her father. There’s some vague hints and ideas about her, but they aren’t really followed through, save in passing, and that’s somewhat disappointing. There’s a story in her, but it’s mentioned in asides that don’t give her a lot of depth overall. Some of the scenes with Linda are slightly off-putting at times, and there’s a certain vibe about her that just feels wrong from the first moment.

That’s a larger problem as when the erotica comes with Madeline, it’s… awkward. There is supposed to be heat in it, but it reads as a vague sort of mind control and succubus power story that goes around in circles leading nowhere. There are moments, especially in the last few pages, where Madeline’s fight with Linda is quite telling and I liked parts of that.

It’s the ending, how abrupt it is, how the story ends with an offhand remark by Madeline’s father that made me wonder. I couldn’t quite see how Madeline, or her father for that matter, figured out how to rid themselves of Linda. That’s never explained and left a whole in the story for me at least.

There are some moments in the work where the dialog seems off. While some of that can be said to be the style of Linda’s speech, nonetheless, there shouldn’t be the oddities that there are with Madeline’s as well or her father. The work could use one more editing pass to clean up some inconsistencies within the story, but as the work seems to be hold erotica over story, that isn’t likely to happen. By the same token, the erotica needs to be expanded upon as it’s rough, quick, and doesn’t have the heat it really should for what the story is.

I’ll give this work two out of five pitchforks.

There’s something missing beyond the odd dialog and occasional odd writing. It’s that the story which starts comes to an abrupt halt and when it starts up again it gets buried in the erotica. Perhaps the story needs to be taken out from the erotica and allowed to develop more than it is.



Feb 29 2016

Leap Day By TeraS

This particular story will be appearing on Leap Day 2016. The thought came to me about what would Leap Day be like in the Realm. My heart tickled my tail with an idea, and so let’s see what succubi life is like on …


Leap Day
By TeraS


There is an oddity about the Realm, how time is marked, and what that means sometimes. As Tera is so fond of saying: “Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.” The universe, however, works in its own way; the marking of time by sentient beings is their issue, not that of the universe. As such, there comes a point in time—usually once every four eons or so in the Realm—when an additional day must be added. This day is called the Leap Day, but it isn’t what those on Earth understand it to be.

You see, Leap Day in the Realm means that … well … almost anything can happen, if you are the one to ask.

Cassiopeia, Tera’s best friend in the Realm … well, she would love to have fun with Keith, something that she had been trying—unsuccessfully mind you—for the past few centuries.

She’s been trying a lot.

Seriously, she has tried almost every possible way to surprise him, including appearing in his shower more times than Keith or Tera could count, appearing out of thin air moments before Keith would be meeting with some dignitary or other, trying to pull him into a side room … or hall closet … or, more often, wrapping her silver tail around Keith and pushing him against the nearest wall …

… or trying to get him to push her against the wall, or over a countertop, or against a shelving unit in the middle of the Realm Library—which, as an aside, now has a plaque in the floor marking it as where Cassiopeia had ambushed Keith and, in doing so, caused several hundred bookcases to fall like dominos.

Miriam wasn’t pleased about that, and Cassiopeia was filing books for the next year, though that didn’t stop her from trying to seduce Keith during that year dressed up like a naughty librarian and telling him that she was there to ‘collect’ her ‘overdue’ fines. Meaning, of course, that she wanted him, and she was getting miffed over how everything didn’t quite work out for her as she planned … over and over again.

When the announcement of the coming of Leap Day came, Cassiopeia made sure she was first in line to see Tera and make her request. Only the very first could ask the Queen or King for her desire. Her silver tail and horns were shining brightly, she had spent hours getting her blue hair to look its best, falling like a waterfall over her shoulders. She even made the choice to wear a stunning blue and silver dress, which showed off her assets to their best, and sky-high spiked heels that proclaimed—quite loudly, mind you—that she was very serious about what she was going to ask for.

Those in the line before her, when she got there, took one look and stepped to the side. They didn’t do so with malice, and in truth many of them had heard stories about Cassie’s trying to “leap” into the King’s arms on more than one occasion. Seeing the look she had made one thing very clear: Cassie was going to get what she wanted, one way or the other, and woe be to anyone in her way. Not to mention that everyone wanted to hear the stories afterwards, because Cassie was the biggest gossip you could imagine at times.

When the pages ushered her into Tera’s presence, she found her dearest friend dressed in … that dress. The one Tera called the SuccuDress. Even after all of the effort she had been through, to make herself as stunning as she possibly could, Cassiopeia knew that, when Tera was wearing the dress, the one that hugged her curves so deliciously, her long black opera gloves matching the black of the dress with its red trim, that Tera was in a very dominant mood. Cassiopeia always moaned a little when Tera was like this. Being the Queen, being strong, demanding … not to mention being Tera, she would soon be wrapping Cassiopeia around her little finger, and tail mind you, as she always did.

Cassiopeia’s fantasies, after all, always had Tera in them, at least until Keith appeared; then her fantasies involved him, as well. She wanted to know what made Keith the one Tera wanted, needed as her Eternal. From Cassiopeia’s perspective, she thought that sex with him was beyond mind blowing, really that was the only thing she could figure out as she didn’t have an Eternal and wasn’t really expecting to find one. The silver-tail’s view was that Eternals would be perfect sexual matches to one another. She didn’t really consider anything else, mostly because she didn’t put much stock into that.

Coming back out of her daydream, that of being pressed against a wall somewhere in the Palace, with Keith doing all of the nasty things she dreamed of and got very wet over while Tera teased her mercilessly, she found Tera smiling one of her smiles, which meant that Tera knew exactly what she was thinking.

In a rather formal tone, the Queen began: “Cassiopeia, sister of the Succubi, you are the first to ask on this Leap Day. What do you ask?”

Before her blue-haired best friend could answer, however, that smile of Tera’s was matched by her slinking closer, her tail moving slowly behind her as she did so. “But … I know what you will ask. I know what you have been dreaming about. How much you need to know. How much you want … the need in you …the desire you have.”

She was frozen in place, her lips slightly parted as the red-tail drew a gloved fingertip over her lips. Her tone changed, becoming that of her friend Tera, the one that she had loved for so long: “Cassie …” She quivered now; Tera never used nicknames, not even with her, and hearing her do this made her weak in the knees. “… you’ve never been able to be with Keith because he isn’t what you want. You want both of us.”

Cassie answered by biting the inside of her cheek and mewling quietly.

“You dream of being with us both, touching us, feeling my lips against yours, Keith’s body against yours. Our tails entwined together while you worship me, taste me and Keith takes you. You want us to control you, bend you to our will.”

The dripping heat of her arousal made her gasp for breath as the irresistible brunette’s fingers drifted lower, settling on Cassie’s hips and holding her closely. “Cassie … you want to submit to us. Be anything we want you to be.”

She nodded, still not trusting herself to say a word.

Tera’s tail twined with Cassie’s own: “Then, for this Day, you will be … more.”

Keith was elsewhere in the Palace as Cassie and Tera were together, but even so, at the moment that Tera said those words to Cassie, he felt a shiver run down his spine and along the length of his tail. This was never a good sign. It meant something was up, and likely his Eternal was involved in it and he was going to be … well … not exactly suffering … but still.

His shiver was confirmed when there was a knock at the door and Tera pushed the door open with the tip of her tail before wrapping one leg around the door frame and looking at him with love in her eyes. “Hello, my Eternal.”

The raised eyebrow he had was about to be accompanied by the question on his lips … until he saw that she was wearing that dress of hers, that perfect one that left very little to the imagination as to what she wanted, and was thinking. And it left him with no voice.

He smiled, tilting his head to the right, as she uncurled herself from the door and slinked across the room. She melted into his arms, her tail wrapping around his waist, her lips brushing against his. He idly noted that she was slightly taller than he was, and looking down he noticed that she was wearing sky-high spiked heels.

“Feeling a little … wicked?”

She smirked, a little glint of light against her lipstick: “Oh, very much so. But I think you’ll like what wickedness I have in mind for you. What we both have in mind for you, my Eternal …”

Keith looked back towards the door and found himself looking at … Tera?

The Tera in his arms winked and looked back towards the door. Standing there, no, posing there, was Tera, but it wasn’t quite Tera. Tera wouldn’t be wearing a silver and blue dress. Tera wouldn’t be looking at him with quite the same lust in her blue eyes.

Tera—the one in his arms—untangled herself from him and moved back to the doorway. She took up the same pose that she had when she first appeared, her doppelgänger doing the same. Their tails entwined as they looked towards him and then, in perfect synchronicity, they licked their lips and purred.

“I’ve wanted you …”

“… she’s been dreaming about you … about me …”

“… what I feel in your arms …”

“… she wanted to know …”

“… to taste when you kiss her …”

“… I want to know …”

“… everything …”

The twin Queens rubbed against the doorframe, moaning, biting their lips, a shiver passing through them both.

“… been dreaming of being yours …”

“… alone …”

Tera–the real one, he knew—had a sparkle in her so-green eyes: “Can you guess who she is, my Eternal?”

Keith smiled, it wasn’t too hard to figure out: “Cassie.”

Cassie shimmered into view as the illusion of being Tera faded away. Among all of the blue and silver, she wore a red collar around her desirable throat and fingered it as she moaned: “Please … I …”

Keith held up a finger and looked at Tera: “Leap Day, right?”

His Eternal nodded and smiled.

Keith just shook his head: “Oh, Cassie: you have no idea what’s going to happen.”

The silver-tail temptress, who could and did have her way with every other male or female whom she wished to, bit her lip and whispered: “I do. My King and Queen are going to have their way with me. Every little dirty dream I have had about you both is going to come true.”

Tera licked her tongue against her best friend’s ear: “And you are going to cum, Cassie … often.”

Her Majesty was right on that point, of course. Cassie had cum, and blissfully so, in the Reception Room, at least a dozen times in the hallways of the Palace, and, when Tera had licked her clit just outside of the room where Keith was, and told her not to make a sound, the blunette thought her mind would explode.

It did, quite utterly, when she found herself in Keith’s arms, his tail twined with her own and his lips pressing against hers. Tera spooned herself warmly against her, sandwiching her between them, between the two beings in the universe she loved, needed, wanted to be with more than any others.

Tera whispered: “What’s the first naughty thing in your mind?”

Cassie whimpered as she felt Keith’s hand move down her waist and over her thigh and then slip beneath her dress. The heat of his fingers close to her cleft was just the start of what she wanted. She gasped as Tera’s gloved hand rubbed against her sex, the material sending quaking need through her. She tried to moan, to breathe, and found his lips upon her own. She was wet before, now a dribbling flood trailed a path down her thighs and brought her scent into the air about them all. His lips left hers, she trying to keep the contact, the blissful moment, and then she felt her head being turned to the side where her Queen’s lips waited and pressed against her own. In the midst of the kiss, she felt her King’s finger slip underneath the sensitive place just below where her tail met her body. She moaned into Tera’s mouth, crying out in pleasure as he rubbed that spot and every nerve in her body responded in aching need and joy at the touch.

Somewhere along the way, in the midst of the bliss, she realized that their clothing was gone, they were entangled together, lips kissing, fingers touching, legs rubbing against one another, one hand stroking hardness, the other dipping into wetness. She thrilled at the sound of them both being pleased with her, the joy of hearing them praise her, needing her, the taste on her fingers as she felt a pair of tongues lapping, teasing, slipping in and out of her … so wet, so aching in her need that she didn’t hesitate when she smelled the cherries and licked deeply of her Queen. Her hips bucked in pleasure as her King parted her folds and drove deeply within her, filling her perfectly, making her cry out as she was made to pleasure her life-long friend as her life-long friend’s mate was pleasuring her … screaming as she straddled him, gasping as he filled her on each thrust she made, keening as she sucked on her, licked her, bit her lightly. Her entire body was on fire, but when her tail was held by them both, their tongues licking the length … it was far too much for her. She came, screaming her submission to them both, and then fell onto him, she curling herself around him.

She needed to obey now. She was theirs, as she had wanted to be for so long. Being told to take Keith deeply, deep throating him as Tera watched and pleasured herself was bliss. Her shapely rear in the air for His Majesty to drive deeply into while she licked out Her Majesty was bliss. Being made to kneel on the floor and have the Queen toy with her, standing over and dominating her while the King watched, was bliss. Every little dream, want and need came, and she did, as well …as promised … over and over again.

The day turned to night and still they played with her, their toy, their pleasure, their pet. Being paraded through the halls of the Palace in only her collar and spiked heels was another fantasy made real. She obeyed: that was her dream, her need, and her soul cried out in wonder as she learned how much she was loved by them both … not as the Queen and King … not as her owners … as her lovers, the ones she had been dreaming of for so long.

The time passed, the day proceeded towards its end—though it didn’t seem to be a day, time being an illusion and all—and, in its last few minutes, she was standing with them both on the Palace balcony. They held her between them both, she wrapping her tail around them as they did with her. Cassie closed her eyes and held every moment.

A clock sounded the end of the day … and she found herself back in the Reception Room with Tera.

Confused, Cassie asked: “What? Was it real? Was …”

Tera smiled: “Leap Day is the day when we take a leap of faith that the ones we love also love us.”

The door was opened by a page and Keith entered the room, smiling: “Cassie, Tera’s always loved you. I’ve always loved you, even if some of the stunts you’ve pulled have tested my patience and my resistance at times.”

Cassie looked at him, a smouldering look in her eyes: “How about a spanking, then?”

She felt her best friend’s hand smacking her ass once: “We didn’t do that, did we, my King?”

“No, I don’t think we did, my Queen.”

The silver-tailed subject couldn’t help herself: “Next time, I’ll look before I leap.”

Keith crossed the floor to Cassie and kissed her lips: “Next time, you will get a spanking.”

Tera hugged them: “From both of us.”

Cassie’s smile was wonderful: “I can hardly wait.”

Feb 28 2016

A Review of Unforgettable by Nanea Knott

Unforgettable by Nanea Knott

Unforgettable by Nanea Knott

The next in a series of reviews of the Sex Demon series by Nanea Knott here on the Tale. You can find my review of the prequel work here and my review of the first book in the series can be found here.

So far in the series I have been wondering about several things that have been mentioned, referred to, but not really delved into deeply.

The question of how people forget things after they are with a succubus, how that plays out exactly. What happens with others involved in that event? Another aspect is what exactly is the difference between humanity and the succubi and incubi?

Then comes the question of the mysterious group that wishes them to be no more. A lot of questions to be wondering about, but perhaps the largest one of all is, why is it so hard for succubi, and incubi for that matter, to accept when they find their mate?

The question of being true to oneself takes many forms. One can be true to their calling, to make that be their lives. One can be true to a belief, no matter the cost. One can be true to one’s own desires. Perhaps the single thing that matters the most is to see the truth and accept it when it comes calling.

  • Title: Unforgettable
  • Author: Nanea Knott
  • Length: 162 Pages
  • Publishing Date: September 20, 2015
  • This work at

It tells the story of:

A glance across the room of a golf course clubhouse had two strangers longing to meet. A phone call would interrupt their plans. Later that day Dr. Kevin Nettle scrambled to the hospital to save a hit and run victim. He’s capable, dedicated and lost. Medicine was his whole life until he followed his colleague into the emergency room.

Succubus Shelly Graham is content to live her life as it’s always been despite the growing emptiness inside her. She doesn’t remember much about the crash, only that she’s in pain and bleeding. Her only hope of healing is to feed. The young doctor treats a beautiful patient astonished by her ability to heal. He wonders why and starts looking for answers. When he finds it, he also finds trouble. There are factions at war and he and Shelly must find a way to save one another before the secret battle kills them both.

Shelly is a succubus having a really bad day. First she’s in a car accident that almost kills her. Then she finds out her doctor is her mate, then things turn even worse when she discovers that some of her friends are in trouble… and it is coming for her. For a succubus like Shelly, who is fine on her own, learning to deal with a mate is something she was never prepared for. Relationships are never easy, and when you are a succubus, they really can suck sometimes.

The most interesting part of this work was how Shelly reacted to discovering that Kevin was her mate. As strong as she is on the outside, there’s a very strong sense of insecurity for her relationship wise. But the reason for that is more of a defence mechanism to her particular succubus ability. While most of her kind have time to enjoy being with the ones they feed on, Shelly doesn’t have that luxury. It’s that difference that, for the most part, defines her character, how she sees the idea of romance, or lack of it.

Being that she thinks in this way, how things unfold between her and Kevin is a very rocky path and there are quite a few moments when I couldn’t help but sigh at the mistakes, stumbles, and how poorly she reads Kevin’s body language and actions. Even when Shelly finally accepts things for what they are, she still has a need to somehow turn away, over and over again. It’s a little sad at times, there are some very tearful moments that come too.

Kevin’s reaction to things is very real from his perspective. There is confusion, misunderstanding and what makes it worse for him is the mysterious group who are looking to remove all of the succubi and incubi appear in his life. Trying to put the pieces together, then being confronted by them, takes his character to some moments that are humorous, frightening and sometimes ill advised. Nonetheless, he is single minded, especially when it comes to Shelly and I thought how his character and Shelly’s contrast, but also are the same in a lot of ways was a lovely piece of writing.

The core of the story is what happens to Shelly and Kevin, but as this unfolds there is quite a lot of information revealed about the main plot, and side plots without giving too much away. The connections with the prequel and first book in the series are a little subtle, not taking away from the main characters. There is an appearance of a new character that draws Kevin, and the reader, into the world of those that oppose the succubi and incubi and while he appears somewhat fleetingly, he leaves a telling impression on the series.

The erotica is every bit as hot as the preceding works in the series, but I must honestly say that the single most amazingly hot erotic scene is the last one in the work. I now know how I will get my Eternal to sign something for me if I need him to. The erotica is more romantic, more passionate, more holding to the truths of the characters than in the prior works. There is more time spent on the passion in the moment than the climax and in being so it was very hot for me.

As the work plays out, there are a few points at which there is a lot of information to be processed and we see that from Kevin’s perspective. Again, as in the prior works, it isn’t told as an info dump. How that is told works both from a story perspective and a plot one as well. Kevin asks questions that, as a reader, I have had from the beginning and understand the answers added a lot to things. The detail matters here, it might be a lot to digest, but it isn’t wasted space in the story. The explanations have to be there and they work.

There is still a lot of mystery to tell, the question of what makes the succubi and incubi different isn’t revealed. The mystery group is scratched on a bit, mainly making it clear they are not people to be taken lightly with all that happens. As for the succubi and incubi, and especially Marissa, there is a lot still unrevealed by far.

One of the things that bothers me somewhat is how arrogant some of the characters are in the series. Why they are isn’t explained, but it’s a present force when they do. I still cannot wrap my mind around how it works that when a succubus or incubus is feeding they don’t show up on recording devices. I will say that in this work, for the first time, there is a scene which graphically tells of how their powers work on humans, how it effects their memories, and it allows for some cute moments, but also a very serious one to think about, all things considered.

I only noticed one editing mistake in the work, quite a minor one really and it didn’t cause me to stumble in my reading. The characters have growth, the plot is solid and tells a very good romantic story that pulled on my heartstrings. The best moments are when Shelly tells Kevin of her past, what like is like for her and in doing so she reveals her inner self-doubt. It is a very strong piece of writing and in that moment Shelly really came alive as a character for me.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

An excellent read, well enjoyed. The work adds some layers to the series to take onwards, introduces how many of the main characters fit together, and gives purpose to why things are as they are. I would have liked a bit more told of Shelly’s past, her parents. I wonder about quite a lot of the characters that appeared in this work and who will be the next to appear.

I do know of two who I have the oddest feeling are going to wind up with each other for some reason, even if they don’t like each other very much. The questions are still here, the answers are coming, along with many of the characters, and that made me smile.



Feb 28 2016

A Review of the Succubus Incorporated Series by Vanessa Von Vine

Succubus Incorporated by Vanessa Von Vine

Succubus Incorporated by Vanessa Von Vine

There are some series that have an idea, a concept, a hook as it were, that catches my attention. The story of that, how it unfolds, why things happen as they do, interests me.

I hope to see the story, to have characters that learn something, be something more. That doesn’t always happen. When the story gets sidetracked for the sake of a series of hot flashes and loses it’s way… That becomes a problem. More so when the story abruptly comes to a stop when things were just getting to the point of closing the circle and getting somewhere.

The series tells the story of:

Succubus Incorporated is a paranormal Romance. It is about the training of a new Succubus, a young eighteen year old girl named Sarah Donavan, who saves the world by having sex with mythical creatures – the only way to keep a demonic force from exiting its cage, a strange wooden idol. She has many problems, but the biggest is that she is in love with her former French teacher Mr. Morlock, who just happens to be her “Watcher”, and the husband of the retired former sex witch and succubus Mrs Morlock, hates her and will do anything to make sure to keep her husband away from Sarah’s growing magical sex powers . . .

The series summary is slightly misleading as the story tends to centre around Sarah and Mrs. Morlock butting heads, threats being thrown at each other and, as a whole, that becomes all that the series seemed to focus on. That and a series of short hot flashes as Sarah learns about her powers and the new existence that she finds herself in.

The plot that keeps returning over and over again of Sarah wanting Mr. Morlock, then having to deal with Mrs. Morlock just becomes too repetitive. It turns into a game of ‘ticking each other off to see who breaks’, along with the typical taunts and curses being thrown. This takes away from really learning about how things work for Sarah, what she can do, how the Morlocks got into the situation they are in, why things happen as they are.

While both Sarah and Mrs. Morlock are called succubi, it’s not really clear if they actually are. There are hints of some mind control being used, a little magic ability, some shapeshifting and so on. Being they are acting in a succubus-like way, and there is some references to that, it makes some sense in that context. But to find that, one has to wade through all of the internal monologue from Sarah about pining for Mr. Morlock, her hate for Mrs. Morlock, and so on. In the moments when Sarah uses her powers, or when Mrs. Morlock does, that was interesting, had some heat and worked overall.

The erotica runs hot to warm, depending on the events of the moment. There is some vanilla scenes, a couple of supernatural ones as well. There is some complexities as well in the erotica which reflects Sarah’s internal needs and struggles which I didn’t expect and added something to her character.

But as for some growth in the characters, that really doesn’t happen. Sarah’s thoughts do not change from start to end, Mr. Morlock is as conflicted as he was in the beginning, and Mrs. Morlock is every bit as ugly in personality as she was at the start. There’s so little change in any of the characters and that need not have happened.

One thing that kept nagging at me was how the Morlocks were never referred to by first name. It always was “Mr.” and “Mrs.” which I could understand from Sarah being somewhat overwhelmed by events. But it also put up a wall to those characters where there wasn’t a connection to them. Sarah being focused on only having Mr. Morlock as well didn’t make a connection for me either, and her constant cursing and ranting internally over what Mrs. Morlock does, again, just left me not caring to any great extent.

There is a story, background and a universe here, but that’s fleeting in how much is told about it. There’s a info dump at times which helps, but, again, the infighting among the characters gets in the way of the storytelling. I understand there needs to be conflict, that it makes for a better story, but repeating the same curses, having the same arguments, doesn’t really make things work.

As a whole, the characters are a little thin, needing to be rounded out more, tell more about themselves, and not be so sealed up with who they are. To have the characters be, in their own ways, stereotypes of the horny teen, the submissive husband, and the overbearing wife, leaves a lot to be desired.

At the end of the series the work ends on a cliffhanger of sorts, a threat in a way. There seems to be a direction for the series to take which I think would be interesting, but that never came to pass. But as well, on the last page, it’s clear that none of the characters has learned anything and the series ends where it begins.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

Characters that are hard to like, a plot that doesn’t really go anywhere, and then a series that ends on a cliffhanger and goes no further. It’s a shame because the core idea is a good one, but losing that to the infighting just takes away so much.