Jan 31 2016

A Review of Slut Finder: Level 10: The Demon by Sasha Scott

Slut Finder: Level 10: The Demon by Sasha Scott

Slut Finder: Level 10: The Demon by Sasha Scott

For the past few months there has been an ongoing erotica series published called App Warp by Sasha Scott in which the main character found himself in possession of a certain piece of software that gave him a measure of mind control over the women he encountered. I never read the series as it didn’t appeal to me. However, what appears to be the final work in the series does have succubi appearing.

Sometimes there is a concept which makes a good deal of sense, explains a lot, and in the end leaves some really interesting plots open to be explored. However, when the characters cannot grow out of being stereotypical, whether that is being “evil” or just looking for “Miss Right For The Moment” then the story tends to fall flat and just become a porn movie scene and nothing more.

  • Title: Slut Finder: Level 10: The Demon
  • Author: Sasha Scott
  • Length: 22 Pages
  • ASIN: B01B3OI3HS
  • Publishing Date: January 25, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work is the story of:

Slut Finder is a powerful app given only to the most worthy of men. With it they can find the most compatible sexual partners imaginable and thanks to the built in hypnosis feature there is no way for them to resist.

It’s the final level of Slut Finder and a change in pace. The true secret about the app is revealed when a succubus appears from the phone, hungry for all that lustful energy which had been built up using the app. Will the demon succeed or will they also be conquered?

A series of encounters using an app called Slut Finder climaxes with the revelation of who created the app, what it really is designed to do. Eventually someone has to pay, somehow, and using the app comes with a price.

Tha main character himself is shallow, singularly minded, and is lacking as characters go. Even when there could well be some kind of character development, that’s pushed to the side for getting to the erotica. Reading his thoughts is a bit painful as well because they are simply awkward and don’t “read” well which hurts the telling of the story.

The single named succubus in this work, Hebe, overall is a rather stereotypically written character in that she’s evil, really only wants to “take care” of the main character. As with the main character of the work, there’s really nothing to like about her either. She’s shallow, self-absorbed and just reads very much as being one-dimensional.

Which brings me to the writing itself. There are some points where the dialog “sounds” wrong, the thoughts of both characters having the oddest turn of phrase, a tone that just doesn’t seem right all things considered. The thoughts of the main character, the narrative, becomes stale and uninteresting very quickly. There’s really no heat in the erotica to be found.

There isn’t much heat because this is really, for all intents and purposes, a scene from a porn movie, written out. There’s no depth, all that Hebe cares about is sex, and the main character really isn’t that much different as a whole. Once the mind control slash succubus sex scene comes to a close things take a twist.

That twist is never explained, which bothers me. There’s no good reason for why things turn out as they do. More so, the actual conclusion of the story doesn’t make a lot of sense either, being an afterthought, something to just say who won, but not why.

This work reads as porn, not erotica. That is a real problem because the story gets lost in the drive to get to Hebe and the main character jumping into bed together and telling that scene. There’s so very little time spent explaining what the app is, who Hebe is, and in the end that’s not really told well.

I would have liked more story than this work gives. There’s too much focus on the sex and not enough on the story itself. I think the work needs another editing pass just to make the dialog sound less like a porn movie and more like real characters, not to mention making the narrative read more like a story than a series of disjointed sentences that become tedious to read.

Two out of five pitchforks.

The concept of the phone app I think was a good idea and it offered a hint that the succubi might be a bit more than simply looking for some souls and some sex. Sadly that didn’t happen, the story didn’t change from how the rest of the series unfolded and why the series ended as it did was never really explained well.

Having gone back and skimmed over the rest of the series, my thoughts about this work really were reinforced, that being this was more “porn” than “erotica” as a whole. It’s a shame that turned out to be true because the concept, the mind control aspects and the appearance of succubi had promise, in the end. But in the end, that didn’t come.



Jan 31 2016

A Review of Swapped by the Naughty Incubus by Sinn Lee

Swapped by the Naughty Incubus by Sinn Lee

Swapped by the Naughty Incubus by Sinn Lee

Another work by Sinn Lee is what I shall be reviewing today on the Tale. It is a tale about an incubus needing something, finding it, but in doing so, having to change things.

It’s a neat little gender swap story, having little bits that are cute, emotional, and what I really liked, a bit of love and affection for a reason. Having a reason for why things happen is important, but also having that reason make sense makes for a better story too…

  • Title: Swapped by the Naughty Incubus
  • Author: Sinn Lee
  • Length: 16 Pages
  • ASIN: B00T1AL7VG
  • Publishing Date: January 31, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

When David moves to a new town after landing a new job, he doesn’t expect his dreams to be the highlight of his day. His job turns out to be terrible, along with the city. Only at night, does he escape from it all. Strangely enough, his dreams take on a strange twist when he always turns into a girl when a shadowy demonic figure comes to visit him. What will David do when the dreams end and his gender-change becomes a reality?

As David dreams, his world is turned inside out by an incubus that needs something from him. In the aftermath, David is no longer himself and, now she, finds that things aren’t all that different in some ways, but very much so in others.

This work is a bit different than many of the gender swap stories that this author has written in that there’s more time spent on the characters, on the process and the aftermath than the actual erotica. This appealed to me because I felt more connected to the characters, what was happening to them and so on.

The incubus of the work is never named, but they aren’t stereotypical, and in many ways they are quite a bit different than most. As an aside, any incubus that can cook is, at least to me, something special. It seems to be clear he is an incubus, and the little snippets of how things work for him, what he can do and why, are really fascinating. I would have liked to know more about that, but the hints alone are something to ponder over.

Very little erotica really, it is much more romantic overall than some of this author’s other works that I have reviewed and really that works well here. It is about the transformation, the reason behind it, and what comes from it than simply the sex and I liked that a lot. Still, there were some issues that I couldn’t quite manage to get past and I really wish I could have.

There are some minor issues in the work however. It needs another editing pass for some spelling mistakes and a few points where some words were partially in all-caps. The main problem I had however was the lack of a name for the incubus. As the story turns towards something romantic, even loving, I found that he being called “demon” really bothered me. If in her new form David was to be his, then wouldn’t his name be known? As well, after his gender swap, David’s new identity is never touched on either. It is a bit of a gaping problem in the story for me and having those answers would have been nice.

I’ll give this work three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Really a cute little work that has a lot of love and affection between the main characters that I think worked well. Some editing needed, a name for the incubus would have been nice too.



Jan 30 2016

The film is called Succubus… does it have one?

A YouTube trailer of a film called Succubus that I know nothing about today on the Tale. There’s very little information about this film that I can find, the trailer really doesn’t reveal much, and the summary is quite vague really…

The main reason why this is appearing on the Tale is that I’d like to see this, somehow, and find out what it is about, or have someone tell me about it so I can figure out if this is something that needs to be on the SuccuWiki or not.

Because honestly, I just don’t know.


And if you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link:


This film appears on the IMDb here and is summarized as:

Succubus is about man struggling with his conscious in order to protect a girl from a danger, he created in his alternate reality.

I suppose that it could be about a Succubus in some way, but the summary leaves a lot to be desired really. Not even looking through the cast list reveals if there is a Succubus in the film or not as well.

Really a lot of questions, and one way or another, I hope to have them answered sometime…



Jan 29 2016

A Review of The Succubus Awakens by Carley Rose

The Succubus Awakens by Carley Rose

The Succubus Awakens by Carley Rose

A review of a new series that started this month about a Succubus coming of age who has no idea that she is one. The one thing about this work that bothers me to an extent is that the main character has just turned sixteen at the opening of the series. I find that uncomfortable considering all that transpires in the first work in the series. There is a logical reason, of course, but that alone isn’t enough I think.

Just saying that someone is a succubus isn’t enough to base a series on, there needs to be something which makes that mean something. At the same time, allowing the erotica to drive the story can, at times, work, but there is more to being a succubus than sex. Defining that part of the story matters.

  • Title: The Succubus Awakens
  • Author: Carley Rose
  • Length: 33 Pages
  • Publishing Date: January 18, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work is the story of:

‘The Succubus Awakens’ is the first in the ‘Cravings’ series, following Elle after she awakens and goes from being a normal teenager into the model of good looks overnight, somehow drawing people in with a power that feeds off of their sexual gratification.

There’s a force inside of her that needs to feed, to take the energy that the people around her have no problem giving to her. It’s temptation in it’s darkest form.

Can she control herself when faced with a hot incubus and werewolf that try to challenge her? Or will she allow her inner demon to do with them whatever it pleases?

Elle wakes up from a dream and finds that she’s not the same girl from the night before. She’s the centre of attraction, she seems to be able to control others, and there’s a need inside of her that she’s never experienced before. Encountering a boy that claims to be an incubus, she is told she is a succubus, and then things start to get complicated and out of control rapidly.

Elle’s path through this story is one of being lost, trying to understand what is happening to her, and making a series of mistakes in judgement, understanding, and with her lack of sexual experiences, combines into putting her into situations that feel odd when they happen. Elle throughout the beginning of the work is very innocent and really assumes that everything that is happening to her is because of puberty. In the end, that’s true, but it is her succubus coming of age that has changed her.

That becomes the focus of the story overall. How Elle tries to understand what is happening, how everyone around her acts. There are some well written moments of succubus mind control that I liked, but as well there was too many moments where the story could have been more focused on explaining the events but instead moved into a sex scene before getting to the next encounter.

There is something odd about Elle, and when she encounters Pete, an incubus at her school, that oddity becomes much more distinct and focused. But rather than getting further into explaining how things work in this universe, there’s a confrontation which leads to only more questions. If Elle can be said to have her humanity, Pete struck me as very much stereotypical in his personality and actions, which was disappointing. As well, the encounter is short, little comes from it, and in the end it seems like an afterthought than anything really of substance.

The climax of the work comes with a supernatural being confronting Elle and the events that come from that confrontation, which end with a mildly hot flash of erotica. The result of this being only to push the conclusion of the work towards a mysterious group and what that means to Elle.

When Elle attempts to learn about her nature, there’s a distinct slant to her thoughts, and from Pete, and others, that definition of what a succubus is. I’m hoping that the stereotypical assumptions made do not become how the series unfolds because if they are, that will leave me cold.

While Elle as a character has her moments, the rest of the characters seem a bit two-dimensional overall and the author needs to make Pete more interesting if he’s to be anything like a major character in the series. As well, while the vagueness of the opening work makes sense as to be leading into a series, there’s a feeling of too much happening in a short period of time. There was a reasonable point in the work where this could have been split into two parts, allowing for more development for Elle and the other characters and I think that should have happened.

There is the beginning of a series here, one that could be interesting, but having Elle being sixteen when everything happens is a little uncomfortable. That point isn’t dwelled on, really only noted at the beginning of the work, but it still makes for some encounters that are slightly concerning.

I don’t quite understand why she couldn’t have been eighteen, a little more “wise” or “adult” to begin with because if Elle was, then what she does with those she is close to in the series would make a lot more sense. Elle talks about her first “wet dream” at the beginning of the work, but when her powers come to the fore, there’s nothing “first” about her actions. She acts very much like a mature succubus and I can’t quite see how that works exactly.

There’s a lot missing, detail wise, in this work, but being there is more to come, I can accept it. But the ending is too abrupt, adds in a huge question, and then fades out with nothing more to be said until the next work. I will be looking for that, hoping for more focus on the why and less about the sex.

Three out of five pitchforks.

Elle’s story is about her coming to be a succubus. The sex isn’t who she is, or what she is. It is only part of the story. Telling that story, which I think is interesting, needs to be more of a focus than it is. That’s not to say the little flashes of the Elle to be aren’t hot, for they are, but losing who Elle is for her new needs seems a waste.



Jan 29 2016

A Review of Plaything: A Tale of Demonic Desires by Raine Roka

Plaything: A Tale of Demonic Desires by Raine Roka

Plaything: A Tale of Demonic Desires by Raine Roka

There are some works in which the main character just rubs me the wrong way. Sometimes it is their attitude, their personality, or something more. Given that, as a whole, this is usually done for a reason, it seems to me that some sort of connection would be nice to have with that character.

Perhaps it is a quirk of the writing, some kind of problem within the story that just makes it not quite connect. When that happens, even the most amusing ending can’t quite overcome that issue.

  • Title: Plaything: A Tale of Demonic Desires
  • Author: Raine Roka
  • Length: 21 Pages
  • Publishing Date: May 25, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story is about:

When Howie Bell inherits his eccentric uncle’s country house, he hopes he’ll be able to sell it for a tidy sum. He decides to take a look around the place first, and discovers that his uncle was an avid book collector – and a practitioner of black magic! Howie can’t resist trying a spell to conjure up a playmate, and is rewarded with a demon who takes the form of a stunning, voluptuous vixen. Unfortunately Howie isn’t the sharpest knife in the box, and after some initial pleasure he discovers that a denizen of Hell isn’t quite the ideal partner.

Howie takes possession of his uncle’s run down mess of a house. Looking for something to sell, he checks things out and discovers a vast library. A book found, a spell cast and he finds that he has summoned a demon. A bit of fun, the tables are turned and he has a problem to solve. One way or the other.

Overall, the story idea is interesting and I was expecting something that would hold my attention. But the problem is, in short, Howie. As a main character he just doesn’t interest me, I really felt nothing towards him, and when things turned and went off the rails, I didn’t find that it mattered all that much.

Really, that’s a problem because getting past his speech mannerism, his attitude, and so on, what he does, how he manages to make it from the beginning of the story to the end is interesting and shows that he has, at least something, of a mind. But there’s just this style which gets in the way of my liking the story and I couldn’t overcome that.

The demon, which can be called a succubus, is for the most part very stereotypical and that didn’t do much for me either. Yes, she sexy at points, but then the usual tropes appear, things become less interesting and in the end there’s a bit of something there to see, but it’s overcome by the stereotypical behaviour.

There is some heat in the erotica, but again the style of the characters made it very lukewarm and as such didn’t hold my attention either. The writing itself is good, tells a story, and manages that well, but the characters just didn’t appeal to me.

The ending is, however, quite unexpected and I will admit that Howie’s solution is unique, makes a good deal of sense, and in that I found a bit of laughter in the ending that gave some enjoyment. But that couldn’t quite overcome Howie otherwise for me.

I’ll give this work two pitchforks out of five.

Howie just rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning and that carried on throughout the work. Even when the ending made for a laugh, that wasn’t enough to make me like the story. It’s a shame because the idea is interesting, I’m not sure how the story was told managed to make that work right or not.



Jan 28 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 419

Succubi do, of course, have many different forms, shapes, styles and personalities. I do, I admit, like the cute Succubi most of all and when I find them, that’s a lovely moment for me. Sometimes the Succubi aren’t quite obvious about themselves, which is fine, but there is always something that reminds you of who they are…

Sirri the Succubus by Nexxy-Darkstar

Sirri the Succubus by Nexxy-Darkstar

This work is called Sirri the Succubus and is by an artist on DevianArt called Nexxy-Darkstar. You can find the original page on DeviantArt here and this artist’s page can be found here.

There’s so much cuteness here from the little pet she is holding to her outfit, the look in her eye, and the way she’s so protective of her pet. She’s a succubus, horns, tail, sort of, and all, but as well she’s not over-sexualized which I think works best of all with her character.

It’s an interesting melding of her red hair and her dark horns, but also how the red highlights over her body add a lot to her looks too. She’s really quite unique and that, more than anything else, makes her adorable…



Jan 27 2016

I see the tacky in this costume, I don’t see the sexy

Sexy Devil Flames BodysuitIt seems like this year is turning into the year of tacky costumes, or at least I am finding more of them so far this year.

This is called the Sexy Devil Flames Bodysuit and it comes with the bodysuit, the lousy pitchfork and the silly looking horns. The most amazing thing to me is that this disaster sells for $60 on the web and I just cannot see why anyone would willingly pay that much for this mess.

I really do not like the horns, especially do not like the silly pitchfork, and as a whole the costume itself does absolutely nothing for me at all. It just looks wrong in so many ways. There’s nothing in this that isn’t a prime example of being tacky.

I suppose that the one thing this costume has going for it is how much cleavage you’ll be showing off. but that, again, is tacky.

I can’t think of a single thing that could make this a better costume, not even setting it on fire, though that might be rather satisfying if the costume didn’t cost anything.

Really it would be a mercy to all those that would otherwise have to gaze upon this and wonder what the person wearing it was thinking in the first place.

Yet another zero out of five pitchforks.

Simply avoid this and look elsewhere.