Mar 07 2016

And Now the News… Part IV By TeraS

It has been some time since I have written in the story I call: And Now the News… If you’d like to read what came before, you can find that here on the Tale.

We all come from somewhere and somewhen… For some that tells not just their past, but their future as well. But what is the cost of spending one’s truth for what amounts to a dare? Is that all there is and when the deed is done, was it the right thing to do?

We all come from somewhere and somewhen … For some, that tells not just their past, but their future as well. But what is the cost of spending one’s truth for what amounts to a dare? Is that all there is? And, when the deed is done, was it the right thing to do?


And Now the News…
Part IV
By TeraS


The past is part of us. The present is fleeting. Both lead to the future.As said by Tera to a lost soul in search of meaning to certain choices

Paige lay upon soft, golden sheets, her form curled up beneath and among them. Her sleep was fitful, haunted, uneven. From time to time, a sound escaped her, a moment of loss, of calling out …

…of the need within.

She awoke to find herself no longer in the temple, not in Her presence. Her thoughts were slightly jumbled. A mixture of Thrall, who ached to return, to kneel, to keen and be devoted, and Paige, who was confused, lost, wanting to understand why. Raising herself from the bed, the sheets held against her, she looked about to see she was in a comfortable room, the space inviting, loved, cared for. A thought intruded, one of her being trapped, held against her will.

She looked for the stone walls, the bindings that were used to hold her. She glanced towards the door, knowing it was locked, there was no escape until she had become what they wanted her to be. But there were no such walls. There was no door trapping her. A memory came, a memory of Her voice explaining that Thrall could leave if she wished; the choice was hers.

Pulling the sheet away, Paige looked upon herself. The only thing she wore was that black collar. There was no escape in the nude from this place. At the same time, another part of her relished the thought of padding through the temple, bare to all, submitting to Her in all things and ways.

The sound of clothes rustling drew her attention to the foot of the bed, where she saw a figure only glimpsed before. Thrall recognized her as Need. Paige didn’t know her, at least she didn’t recall her well. Need knelt nearby, as She had asked of her. To be present when Thrall awoke, to be the hand to guide Paige, to give whatever was asked of her. Need shivered slightly, wetting her lips and allowing the softest of mewls in her want.

She was the embodiment of need, of want, of desire. Thrall shivered, knowing that Need was there for her and her alone. Paige, however, didn’t see Need: she saw a woman that was achingly familiar; but her own thoughts were slippery, unclear, troubled as she tried to remember.

Purple eyes glinted in the light, catching Paige’s and Thrall’s attention long before the moan and tremble from Need’s voice poured from her lips and over the sheets: “Hello.” It was a simple word, but laced with passion, with aching need. For Paige, it was like having her clit licked. For Thrall, it was enough to make her pussy drip and her legs part slightly, the offer of servitude on the edge of her lips before Paige took control once more.

“Who are you?”

“I am Her Need.”

“No, who are you?”

The purple eyes were captivating: “Need.”

Paige shivered, something deep inside fluttering at the word, at the thought of how completely fulfilled Need was in this moment. “Why are you here?”

“To serve.”


The moan sent a thrill along Paige’s spine as Need whispered her desires: “You.”

Paige thought about this, still looking at the woman with purple eyes, still so intently focused upon her. She wondered about why purple eyes, why purple hair, why was she wearing a purple collar.

Thrall whispered the answer: “She knows.”

Paige shook herself from the stupor she was in and asked: “Where am I?”

“In our place.”

Paige was confused, Thrall soothed the worries, spreading a warm calm feeling over Paige’s thoughts: “Ours.”

She gathered the sheets around her and rose from the bed, Need remaining where she was, her eyes never leaving Paige as she moved about the room. She looked out into the hallway, seeing the passage leading off towards what seemed to be an elevator in the distance. No guards, no threat of punishment, nothing to stop her from leaving if it was what she wished.

Thrall guided Paige’s fingers to play upon her folds, a whisper of thought merging with Paige’s own.

“… I can leave. Escape. Expose this place …”

“… You can stay. Remain. Be part of this place …”

… We can stay for Need and be …”

Paige didn’t notice how her thoughts had shifted, how her focus had moved from thoughts of resisting and escaping to thoughts of the one called “Need.” She didn’t really notice when the sheet fell from her fingers and pooled on the floor about her. She didn’t think it was strange that she began to play her fingers over her skin, cupping her mound, licking her lips. She remembered the taste of another on her lips, the desire for her long hidden away. She felt the ache again, long trapped beneath the role she had been made to embrace.

It was Her Need.

“I …”

“I am Need.”

Paige made her way to Need, pausing, then kneeling with her. She looked into those purple eyes in wonder. Thrall ached for them to touch, ached for Need.

Need’s purple-tipped fingers touched Thrall. Paige felt them on her cheek … familiar, so familiar that her clit thrummed at the touch. A memory came, mixed with Thrall, and then Need moved closer, her lips surrounding and then sucking. Paige remembered this, had a recollection of doing this, of how it made them cry out in pleasure, how thrilled she was to be able to do this for her. She was lost in the moment and didn’t realize that Need had guided her to recline, to part her legs and offer herself to Need. Thrall was hot and wet, and whispered for Paige to give herself to Need. Paige closed her eyes, biting her lip as Need began to lick along the inside of one thigh, moving slowly higher, her fingertips just ahead of her tongue: “Oh … fuck … yessss … please … yesss …”

The feeling overcame Paige, she falling into Thrall, the two becoming one in the moment when Need’s supple tongue and lips pleasured her needy clit, her fingers parting her folds and moving in and out of her slick, wet, hungry pussy.

As Need pleasured them, Paige and Thrall shared a memory: a shower, being pressed against the tiled walls, blue-green eyes sparkling in need, a voice begging to be allowed, a nod, then gasping in surprise as her lover sucked on her nipples, kissing around her navel, and then, still holding her against the shower wall as the water sprayed about them both, cupping her ass, fingernails raking her skin. Next came the scream from her lips as that tongue—oh, Goddess, she had the longest tongue—dove into her cleft, flexing, tasting, purring into her cunt making her cry out in surprise once more. Paige was cumming, so hard, so long, sliding slowly down the wall until she was wrapped in her lover’s arms as the warm rain of the shower drizzled over them both. Her trembling hand reaching out, cupping the chin of her lover lightly: “Only you.”

The answer was a soft smile: “It’s nice to be needed.”

Paige wept, the tears mixing in the water from the shower around them: “I …”

The memory came to a close as reality returned in the rush of an orgasm, one Paige hadn’t felt since that day. She screamed until she was unable to breathe, her hands twisted into Need’s hair, holding her, where Need worshipped her. The memories, long suppressed, trapped, refused to her because of the choice she had made, flooded back in. Paige and Thrall cried out at the unfairness of it all, of what she had lost. She thought of how she had been changed, how she was no longer the woman that once had loved and been loved. A deal had been struck, and she had paid for it with her very soul.

Need’s tongue slithered away, licking Paige-Thrall’s folds, her clit. She left a kiss on the inside of each thigh. Paige was in a stupor as Need rose herself, crawled between Paige’s legs and drew closer. She couldn’t look away from those purple eyes, the shine of her wetness on Need’s lips and chin. Then, just as their nipples rubbed deliciously, Need hovering over her, eyes looking into eyes, Paige saw … “It’s … you.”

“I am your Need.”

From nearby, Paige heard Song’s voice, the song returning once more, breaking the barriers between Paige and Thrall, merging them, blending them into one.

Paige’s eyes turned as black as the collar she wore. Her hair turned the deepest of black. A wave passed over her skin, the changes made vanishing away. They were not part of being Hers. They were unneeded.

She had, in her arms, what she needed.

The three spoke, their voices becoming wanton, aching, submissive. Each of their beings calling out their own truths.

Song pure in bliss, the first to know: “I am Her Song.”

Need purred in heat: “I am Her Need.”

Paige felt the last of what was empty out of her mind and soul, the truth coming in ecstasy: “I am Her Thrall.”

The three souls cried out in pleasure, crying out their singular truth: “We are Hers.”

Mar 06 2016

A Review of Succubus Noir: Tearing The Veil by Christiane Pelletier

Succubus Noir: Tearing The Veil by Christiane Pelletier

Succubus Noir: Tearing The Veil by Christiane Pelletier

A review today of the first work in a series which appeared several months ago, then was removed, and returned in the past week or so. At the time the work first appeared, I purchased a copy and seeing that it had reappeared, I decided to review it today.

Not knowing who you are is a problem. Not understanding why you are is a bigger one. When push comes to shove, what is your truth and who can you believe? At best, or worse, you are either on your own, or beholden to another. The question is, which is the role you will play and can you?

The story is about:

Keri Linsey is an ex cop, private investigator. She is working on a case involving a cheating wife and a jealous husband. Like things weren’t complicated enough she’s also struggling with certain needs that are waking inside her. Will she be able to control her dark desires or will she become a Succubus unleashed?

Keri hasn’t been feeling well for some time now and things are getting worse. But she still has a job to do and in the process of doing so she discovers she isn’t sick, she needs to feed. A succubus alone in the world can find herself being the prey of others. But Keri herself isn’t easy prey too.

The concept of this work, Keri herself, and the appearance of a certain Mistress towards the end of the story are all very interesting and hold a lot of promise. Keri is a strong character, trying to keep things together as best she can. The work tells the tale of her coming to learn she is a succubus, what a small part of her powers are and then being offered a choice.

The problem with this work really comes to the editing and how the work reads more than anything else. It needs at least two more editing passes to remove a lot of awkward sentences, dialogue and action. The writing is very uneven, tending to shift back and forth in tense and perspective more than it really should have, if at all.

The erotica is somewhat hot, being a pair of short hot flashes among the rest of the work. There’s an air of BDSM as well during the erotica. A small hint of a succubus using her powers on others comes along, but it’s fleeting as a whole. There’s really no passion, no direction, no meaning or focus in the erotica which in a lot of ways reflects the balance of the work.

Besides Keri, another character is a succubus, but she appears fleetingly at the end of the work, offers a hint of what comes next in the story, and then the work closes with a promise of something more to come. Her character is vague, not really fleshed out clearly, but seems to be a focal point of the story, and series, going forwards.

Somewhat confused in the storytelling, much like Keri and some of the other characters, the work offers a path for the series to take, if that ever happens. The ending comes quickly, much like many of the characters do, and when the work closes, the main question comes to one of, what was the point?

There’s quite a lot of world building character-wise, which was fine, save for the need to edit it. The author really needs to do so and take some care in what they are writing. There is a story here, one that interests me, but the read isn’t smooth or clear. It needs to be so.

Two out of five pitchforks.

The work needs a serious editing to make the dialogue more real, more focused and more believable. The numerous spelling mistakes and grammar errors have to be dealt with. If that was done, and the work read better, that would make a huge difference.

Keeping in mind that this review is based on the first release of this work, and that I have not purchased the reissue, I’m going to assume that the author did something to make it read better than it was. The work ends such that there should be a part two and I will be looking for that.

There’s something interesting here to be found. It is the flaws that smother it.



Mar 06 2016

A Review of Smoking Hot: The Diary of a Fire Demon by Amy Mah

Smoking Hot: The Diary of a Fire Demon by Amy Mah

Smoking Hot: The Diary of a Fire Demon by Amy Mah

Not all the stories that I review have a Succubus character in them. Sometimes the reason I review a story is simply because the story is something special in a lot of ways. There need not be erotica, there doesn’t have to be anything more than a story with characters that have an interesting story to tell.

There comes a moment, sometimes, when who you are inside doesn’t match who you are on the outside. However, in being so, in seeing things from a different perspective, you can change yourself, those around you, and, sometimes, most importantly, you can find what has been missing in your life. Someone that matters to you and you to them.


The work tells the story of:

Swapping bodies with a young female demon had not been part of the planned vacation. Nor was having to attend a demonic high school for the magically gifted when the most magical thing you could do was set your own underwear on fire. Life was not going to be easy, even less so with a painful tail that everyone trod on. Owning a magic sword that always tried to look up your skirt when fighting, was not helpful. But then nor was having a telepathic diary that corrected your thinking instead of your spelling.

The summary for this work doesn’t really tell what this work is about in a lot of ways. That’s not to say that much of what is told doesn’t happen, because it does. However, there is more. The work is a coming of age story, a mystery, an adventure. But at the core it is about finding someone to care about and in doing so, discovering more about oneself.

Alyce is an ordinary girl who finds an extraordinary mirror. The girl on the other side offers an adventure, which Alyce accepts, but when she does so, she discovers that the girl on the other side is actually a demon, more specifically a Fire Demon, and Alyce now has her life. Off to school Alyce goes, meeting with some troubles along the way. Helping another demon named Pink, they become roomies and their adventure begins.

Alyce, as a Fire Demon, isn’t a succubus, obviously, though she has horns and a tail. The thing about her is, as the story unfolds, there are secrets about her new life that come out and in that happening, there is a lot of development for her and Pink as well. When the truth comes out, when they finally understand what is happening to the two of them, the story moves into telling what happens to their relationship, and who each of them are.

To follow along, to see Alyce come into her own, expressing her humanity in a place where humanity isn’t known is one thing, but to see that happening to Pink, and to a lesser extent, to a few other students marks a change in things. This doesn’t come to a climax in this work, but it sets up a lot of plot threads for where the series should go.

In some stories like this there is a lot of angst, a lot of internal argument in the main character that doesn’t add much to the story. Here, that doesn’t come out, though there are some interesting passages in Alyce’s diary that come close to that. By avoiding this theme it makes the work a lot stronger as a whole and a better read.

The work ends on a sad note in a lot of ways, there is a revelation about what happened back on Earth, what Alyce finds out about Pink, and more. There’s a melancholy that seeps into the last chapter which bothered me. After all of the trials, battles and hurt that Alyce goes through, the ending just left me… wanting.

Still, the work is amazing in many ways, it avoids a lot of stereotypical pitfalls that most coming of age stories fall into. There’s nothing erotic in the work, and really there shouldn’t be. This is a work about finding someone, becoming someone, and, in the end, making a choice to stand up for those around you. That is, always, a good story to tell.

Four out of five pitchforks.

The ending comes on a sad, almost painful note, and I wish that hadn’t been that way. To the writing of this review, there hasn’t been a follow-on work in the series and there really needs to be one. There’s so much good in this work and where Alyce’s life goes from here should be told.

I hope it is.



Mar 05 2016

An amusingly awkward Succubus short film

I was looking through Vimeo the other day and came across a short film called Life after Beth which is, at least to me, really amusing and so over the top awkward that I couldn’t help but laugh through most of the film. It’s quite short, just over seven minutes and while it is awkward at times, I thought it was well done for the most part.


If you cannot see this short film on the Tale, please try this link:

The synopsis of the film describes the film as:

As Landon sets up the perfect dinner to win back his ex-girlfriend, he is visited by a mysterious woman named Ofelia who claims to be a “hunter”.

The succubus of this film is Beth, Landon’s girlfriend and really she has a somewhat limited role in the film overall. She does appear, things get quite odd and uncomfortable for Landon and then he finds out that he’s been with a succubus for the past two years.

That’s vague I know, but really to say a lot more spoils the film and I don’t really want to. Suffice it to say that overall I thought the acting was quite good, the effects were neat and the story overall had a lot going for it. Beth, when she finally shows she is a succubus, isn’t quite what you might expect her to be.

Life After Berth Screenshot

As such, one would expect that Beth is really quite evil, though overall in the film that’s not really clear until she and Ofelia the hunter, confront each other while Landon scrambles for his life. I realize that Beth really isn’t the point of the story, it actually is the relationship between Landon and Ofelia that matters more and it does carry the film well.

I liked the story, the characters and, as a whole, the entire work fit together well. It isn’t what I expected from the synopsis however, but leaving some things unsaid, at least in this case, helps overall.

I’ll give this film three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The awkwardness, more than anything else, made me laugh and in doing so I think it made the story and film better.



Mar 04 2016

A Review of More Tales from the House by R.K.B. Kirin

More Tales from the House by R.K.B. Kirin

More Tales from the House by R.K.B. Kirin

A little while ago I reviewed two works by R.K.B. Kirin in their Shadowlust series. The first, Tales from the House, you can find here on the Tale. The second, Tale of the Farm, was reviewed here on the Tale as well. In each case I felt the works were stories that were well told, had the most interesting and involving characters, and gave life to a series that I felt, and still do, has a lot of promise to share.

Today’s review is of the third work in the series which returns to the two characters that begun the series and tells of them and in doing so, reveals how things were, are, and came to be. Which, for me, was deliciously wonderful by far.

It is the story of:

Dirk finds himself trapped in a frightening bastion of the supernatural known only as the House where the beautiful and sinister Selina endlessly seduces and entices him. Surrounded by the paranormal, Dirk struggles to maintain his sanity, but Selina’s insatiable, inhuman lusts may be too much for him to withstand.

Desperate, Dirk delves into ancient books seeking answers, but how can he hope to find a way to resist Selina’s wanton charms when his own desires start to manifest themselves as his own doppelganger? Dirk’s only chance is to learn the secrets of the House, but where will those secrets lead him and what carnal mysteries will he uncover?

The time that Dirk has spent in the house is difficult to say, but he knows that something is happening to him. A mystery unfolds around him, he faces himself to find the answers, and along the way Selina awaits him.

I think this is a wonderful continuation of the first work in the series and it does, to a point, answer some of the questions that were left unanswered at the end of the first work. While the second gave another view of how this universe works and some of the beings within, the core of the series is Dirk and Selina, their relationship, and what it all means.

Following Dirk as he examines the library of the house, discovers a book there, and then what comes from that point onwards is one of the most captivating supernatural erotica scenes I have read in some time. The struggle within Dirk as the book tells a story is one thing, but when Selina appears, the heat moves from a simmer to a boil deliciously. The mix of physical and, for lack of a better term, spiritual sexually play off against each other well.

What’s most fascinating to me is that neither Dirk or Selina are really in control of what happens to them, and how those reactions play off each other reflects how little Dirk knows and what Selina knows and isn’t telling. It isn’t evil or horrific, there’s an current of desire, need, pleasure that joins the two together and works really well.

When the revelation comes as to what happened and Dirk confronts this, that interplay is very true to his character and doesn’t seem out of place or odd. Along the way something happens, the world changes and another level of the house is revealed bringing with it two new characters that have a unique relationship, but also reveals something about Dirk that I assumed, but wasn’t stated until he was confronted with it.

The broadening of the mythos of the series in this work comes to the core of the story. It pushes the characters, allows for some questions to be answered, but leaves a few new ones in the wake of the events. The characterizations are lovely, the erotic heat is very well done. There’s a touch of snark around Dirk at one point, but it made sense, seeming to be very right.

Selina remains a bit of an enigma, but even so, her need, want and desire for Dirk doesn’t waver. Wrapped in this comes a better feel to her intelligence, her purpose, and what she wishes. Perhaps not all of her truths are told, the erotic moments cause a bit of drifting from thought to need, but it doesn’t harm the telling of the story at all.

With each work in the series, the author’s grasp of the characters, especially Selina and Dirk, make the work read better, their voices clearer. The writing is excellent, the characters true, and the events, while odd in a supernatural way sometimes, fit well. I wish there was more about Selina’s past, or a little more time spent in the library between Selina and Dirk in an intellectual way. I found that little snippet of their time together was the most telling of all.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

The questions about both Dirk and Selina are still there, the story isn’t finished I think, call this a moment of clarity along the way to understanding. Learning about the house, what Selina’s role is to those within the walls was telling. More so the struggle within Dirk was told in a voice that expressed so much about him. A tempting quandary and I look forward to where the story goes from here.



Mar 04 2016

A Review of Give Me Your Love by Will Garnet

Give Me Your Love by Will Garnet

Give Me Your Love by Will Garnet

Perhaps the one thing that all characters need is a purpose. By that I mean as the story unfolds there should be a reason for what they do and why they do so. A complex character should not devolve at the last moment into a simple stereotypical being of evil or horror.

When every aspect of the character seems to say that they are intelligent, have a plan and a purpose then that should be. A story with heat, strong characters and a telling story need not take away that enjoyment on the last few lines of the work.

The story is about:

The most dangerous monsters do not fear the light. They hide in it. Vaneya is one of the Advescor, an ancient and beautiful demon who feasts on the emotions of her victims. When her dark hunger leads her to a young woman, the only question is whether Vaneya will consume her completely or turn her into a slave who will remain forever enthralled to her. “Give Me Your Love” is an erotic short story of emotional seduction and domination.

Vaneya prowls for the emotions that feed her and keep her alive. Meeting Miranda, she enthrals her, controls her, and then after dominating her, Vaneya takes the most precious of things.

Overall the work has a hot mix of mind control, succubus-like seduction, and an interesting D/s relationship that the two characters fall headlong into. The story is well written, the characters are well told with history, futures, and what they experience with each passing moment is captivating.

Vaneya is in many ways a Succubus, her true form is just slightly different and that difference allows for the story to turn in some well thought out directions. For example, she cannot hide her true nature in artificial light, she enthrals by touch, by playing with the emotions of others and then bending them to her will. There’s a very strong theme of mind control in that which is written in a style that works exceptionally well.

It really is a good story, one that I enjoyed up until the climax of the work. Even a little past that the story held me and I liked it. But the final two sentences just didn’t work for me and all of the good story that came before was tossed away in the name of a stereotypical ending.

It’s sadder that the emotion that Vaneya feeds upon is love and with all of the howe she has in controlling the love of others, directing it, turning it to her advantage and then using it for her own ends that the work ends as it does. The book summary offers two possible endings and the one that came was not, I felt, one that made a lot of sense as a whole.

One of the things that has always bothered me about some stories about succubi and succubi-like characters is that they tend to take a sexual being with power and in the moment where that power could be used to drive the story in a new direction, to give the characters an opening to continue, to bring out more about them… it doesn’t.

Thus, a work that held so much excellent writing, characters and more just runs headlong into an ending that takes all of the heat away and left me cold.

I’ll give this work three out of five pitchforks.

Really it deserves a higher rating, but the ending simply made that impossible for me. Perhaps the author will continue Vaneya’s story sometime and if they do I hope there’s more to her than what the ending revealed her to be. I think she is and I’d like to be proven right on that point.



Mar 03 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 424

I have a “thing” for sweaters… I think they can be amazingly sexy and, of course, for Succubi that’s an important thing. I found a lovely little portrait of a succubus that does, in many ways, reflect how adorably cute and sexy it can be…

Comm: Demon by GK-7

Comm: Demon by GK-7

This is a commissioned work by an artist on DeviantArt called GK-7. You can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page on DeviantArt can be found here.

She’s quite the amazing looking character really. Love the little touch of her having freckles, that’s something I’ve never noticed before on art of succubi. Interesting green eyes which contrast quite well with the red of her horns, wings and sweater too.

Love the hair style, it just frames her face exactly right, though her expression I am not quite sure about what it is supposed to be exactly. It looks, in a way, like she’s disappointed in something, but I might be seeing more than is there.

Above all else, that sweater really is enchanting on her. I love that it is over one shoulder only and it adds a little touch of cute and sexy to things that just makes this work that much more special…