Nov 22 2015

A Review of A mystery & a meal. by David Gosnell

A mystery & a meal. by David Gosnell

A mystery & a meal. by David Gosnell

it has been some time since David Gosnell published a work in The Wielder series, and I was really quite pleased to receive a copy of his latest work in my email the other day. The series is one of my favourites by far and, of course, Silithes, the main Succubus of the series has always fascinated me with the mystery that surrounds her and how tightly she holds that to her.

The work that was released is one that focuses on Silithes for the most part, though the other characters in the series also make their appearances as well. Being that Silithes is such an enigma for the characters in the series, to have a story that speaks to her, who she is, and what her feelings are about herself, Arthur, and the world around her, told many things that weren’t said before in the series.

Like, for example, Silithes fears something and she sees it in the mirror every day.

The work tells the story of:

Silithes is a succubus on a mission. She’s out to find out who the sick freak is who’s been killing women in her town of New Orleans. And once she finds out who he is, she’s going to make a meal out of him.

That is, unless he gets her first.

Silithes’ mission takes on a different complexion when a young girl’s life is on the line. The clock is ticking and this mystery has to be solved because now it’s about more than just a nice snack.

Silithes finds a mystery that, at first, seems to be a matter of finding someone doing evil and getting rid of them in her own way with her Wielder’s permission. But what she begins to put the pieces of the mystery together she finds that things aren’t as simple as they might be. What’s worse is that in finding the solution she has to face something she never expected to. Herself.

This work falls between the first book Betrayal and the second Sworn Vengeance in the series and as such it connects well to both sides of the series and doesn’t feel out of place. Being where is does fall into the series, there is a bit of foreshadowing to the later works in the series, but that is done very lightly and doesn’t intrude on how things are at the time of this story about Silithes. There is the friction between herself and Arthur, the issues she has with the other summonlings that Arthur has with him. It is a bit hard to see Arthur’s attitude towards Silithes at times, but things have to be that way because that’s how things were.

The work is told from Silithes’ perspective and in doing so her thoughts come out very clearly and I liked that a lot. I thought it was a wonderful thing to be able to “hear” her thoughts. To understand why she did things in the way she did so. Even being able to listen to her internal monologue, the occasional eye-rolling comment at the universe was an amazing touch. But more than that, to read of her fears, of all of the things that haunt her was far more telling. It is, at times, a stark contrast between the Silithes the world sees and who she really is.

The work is very much a detective-mystery with a very strong Succubus slant to the story, but even so, being as it was made complete sense. Silithes didn’t act out of character, her motives held true to her character. There are a few points at which there is some lovely Succubus mind control or influence told and that was true to Silithes as well. Silithes shows something that has been obvious from the beginning of the series and that is she is far more intelligent than many expect her to be. Not in a evil way, but simply that is who she is and she is very good at being able to use her abilities to get what she needed… even if there is one that she cannot have and cannot completely understand why.

That is until a moment in the work where Silithes sees exactly what others see in her and when she does that is a very strong and telling point in her character’s development. Her reaction, what she comes to decide upon changes her and in doing so the next work in the series makes a lot of sense in a lot of ways.

Well written as always, the story moves from chapter to chapter well, there are very few mistakes in the work, a very few minor word errors here and there, but they are far and few between. The emotional attachment to Silithes and the other characters is very strong, the plot is well suited to tell this story about Silithes as well. Overall, I think this well might be my favourite work in the series so far.

Five out of five pitchforks.

A work that, at last, allows a good look into who Silithes is, what her thoughts are, and in the most important way, doesn’t allow her to hide her own truth. Something very special, well enjoyed and offers a glimpse into one of the deepest mysteries of the series. For that, most of all, a captivating read that I recommend.



Nov 21 2015

A 1990s Comic Book cover that makes me ponder…

I came across a cover of a comic book from the 1990s a little while ago that brought me up short for a moment. It is, I will admit, not exactly “seductive” at least as I see things, but it is interesting and as such I wanted to share it, and also to ask if anyone has one, if they can tell me if there is, in fact, anything Succubus-like in this issue or any other in the series.

From The Darkness Issue #4 -1991

From The Darkness Issue #4 -1991

Now it isn’t the most sexy of covers with a Succubus on it, but I think she could be seen as being one, though that isn’t exactly clear. I’ve seen some of the other covers in this series and, as a whole, a lot of them have either a Succubus or vampiress theme to them. So, possibly, there is something Succubus-like within the pages, but as yet I haven’t found any copies to say for certain…

So, as such, if anyone has a copy, and this is something that should be part of the SuccuWiki, please leave a comment?


Thank you !



Nov 20 2015

A Review of Redneck Succubus: She Comes by Beatrice Evenmorne

Redneck Succubus: She Comes by Beatrice Evenmorne

Redneck Succubus: She Comes by Beatrice Evenmorne

A short time ago I reviewed two works in a series called Redneck Succubus here on the Tale. You can the first review here and the second book’s review can be found here. Overall, the series has left me wanting for quite a number of things, some of them being the background to how things have unfolded for one, but more in that I have been hoping for something that wasn’t stereotypically “evil”.

The final work in this series was recently released and, sadly, things continue to be as stereotypical as ever. There is such a thing as “bad things happening” of course, but in the same vein, there’s better stories to tell than simply a succubus having her way and leaving ashes in her wake.

  • Title: Redneck Succubus: She Comes
  • Author: Beatrice Evenmorne
  • Length: 32 Pages
  • ASIN: B017VE81ZI
  • Publishing Date: November 11, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Krissy’s taken out her revenge on Larry. He doesn’t want to accept the new “her,” but soon a woman will show Larry exactly what it means to be a woman. Until that happens, Krissy doesn’t know what to do with herself, that is until she finds two muscled men who know exactly what to do. But she’s got a strange feeling that something else inside her is driving her actions. What will happen when those actions come to fruition?

Krissy’s hunger is getting the best of her and as it does so she finds herself taking others, and not leaving much behind. Encountering Larry after his transformation, Krissy cannot help but have her way. But is it all Krissy’s doing or is someone else pulling the strings?

The work focuses on, mainly once again, the sexual encounters that Krissy has and as well Larry after his transformation Krissy uses her powers to claim more of those around her, leaving ashes behind as she has before. There is a moment however in which she tries to control herself, but that is fleeting and most of what transpires has happened before and will, of course, happen again.

The possibility of something pushing Krissy in the direction she has been going in is told a little better in this part of the series, but that is fleeting as well in a rush to put Krissy into the erotic scenes of the work. In the end, that comes out and in doing so it offers something interesting to think about, but the work doesn’t do anything with it.

There is a little mix of everything erotic in this work, futa and otherwise, and it makes up the majority of the storytelling. In being so the small pieces of story, of plot, do not come out as well as they should, which is disappointing. There was a question at the beginning of the series, that being how Krissy got into the situation she is in and what happens to her. There’s some payoff in that theme in how things turn, but as for taking that plot to a conclusion, it didn’t manage to get there well.

The work ends in a way that could have been really interesting, but rather than take the story onwards into a situation where the truth of all that happened comes out, the author takes the story to an abrupt, two sentence ending that is very disappointing. There’s a mystery that is offered at the last page without a name, without explanation, and then, before anything more is told the work ends on a decisive note.

In a way, how this work ends, and the series for that matter, shouldn’t have been a surprise considering how the previous works did, how the individual scenes focused on the sex and walked away from the story. Rather than expand on the story, to answer the questions that Krissy has, or even try to take the work in a new direction with the appearance of a new character, the work runs headlong into a brick wall and comes to an end.

It is a very unsatisfying ending because what happens is completely stereotypical and it didn’t need to be. I could see a way to continue onwards, but with how things ended there’s really no point in doing so. It felt like the author gave up on things just at the point where there was something more than simply sex going on.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

A disappointing ending to the series when there was a way to continue onwards and tell a larger, more interesting story than one of revenge and what it can do when one has the power.



Nov 20 2015

A Review of Succubus Week: Wednesday by Lisbet Laire

Succubus Week: Wednesday by Lisbet Laire

Succubus Week: Wednesday by Lisbet Laire

A review of the third work in the series called Succubus Week on the Tale today. You can find my review of the first work in this series here and my review of the second work in the series can be found here.

Throughout this series so far, I have one single overriding question that, since it was mentioned, hasn’t been paid off on. That being who Adrienne’s mother is. Now this is, I admit a minor thing, but it bothers me quite a lot that it wasn’t delved into very much. So, going into the third work in the series, I hoped that something would be revealed. When an author sets up such an obvious hook, one expects it to be paid off sometime after all.

  • Title: Succubus Week: Wednesday
  • Author: Lisbet Laire
  • Length: 16 Pages
  • ASIN: B017VAG41K
  • Publishing Date: November 11, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Succubus Adrienne is on the hunt for a murderer, sent home to get some rest before a stake out she first goes to pick up a book from a rare books dealer. The shop keeper is a beautiful young woman and so Adrienne decides it can’t help to have a feed. . .

Adrienne deals with pushing paper in her office while working on a case before leaving for the day and some rest. A detour to pick up a book as part of the search leads to a small bookstore where the book awaits and the woman there awaits Adrienne’s pleasures too.

The work reads as a short vignette between two larger events in Adrienne’s week, a pause in-between all that has been happening. The most interesting thing about this work is the short little glimpse of Adrienne’s office, what she is involved in, and the people there. It brings a lot of colour to the series and I did like that.

Along with the view of Adrienne’s day, it’s becoming clear that things are wearing on her, to a very large extent, and with that comes a bit more about Adrienne herself that I liked to see. Once out of her office and into the core plot of this work, the building of Adrienne’s character takes an abrupt turn when she enters the bookstore and meets Evie. Upon their meeting, Adrienne’s succubus needs come to the fore and all sense of plot is pushed aside for a lovely erotic scene between the two of them. Like the previous works in the series, Adrienne is a joyfully passionate succubus, she isn’t stereotypical and in being so the scene is refreshing awkward at times that did make me smile.

But in spite of what I liked about this work, there was too much idling really. The purpose of this work seemed to be in connecting the prior work in the series and the next one to come. Beyond that, Adrienne’s mother remains still a mystery and being that in the prior work that was very much in Adrienne’s mind, I was disappointed in that particular plot point not going anywhere. I feel like it was an opportunity lost to know more about Adrienne and her past and I do wish this had happened in this work.

The writing is excellent as it has been throughout the series, the erotica is lovely, passionate and hot. But still it felt like this was a bridge and not a lot more. I wish it had been what I had hoped for.

Three out of five pitchforks.

A pause more than anything else though learning a bit more about Adrienne’s place of work was interesting. Nothing really much otherwise transpired and there’s still nothing said about Adrienne’s mother after being mentioned so much. Thursday is next in the series, and it seems to be that Adrienne will be on a stake out. I am curious to see how that unfolds, but more so, I’d like to see more about Adrienne herself than has been. There’s more to her than the succubus she is, that needs to balance out the erotica more than it has been.



Nov 19 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 409

An image today on the Tale that I think is wonderfully fun. I love Succubi that are wearing red, of course, and if that is latex-like, I adore it even more… Mix that with a character that’s fun, sexy, and most of all, assured of herself… That’s an image that I can’t resist…

She Devil by AL1ISBETTER

She Devil by AL1ISBETTER

This art is called She Devil and is by an artist on DeviantArt named AL1ISBETTER. You can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page on DeviantArt is here.

There’s so much i love in this art. The style alone is so eye-catching in her pose, the perspective is just different enough that it focuses attention on her, not from her head down, but her toes up and I think that’s better in a lot of ways.

The main one being that her outfit just looks amazing on her. Adding to that her hair, which just looks so right with her form, her look, the outfit… All of this just comes together perfectly. There’s a real personality behind her, one that I think leans towards a more Dommish one.

I also like that her wings are more angel like, if red, that her tail has that lovely swoop that I think all Succubi tails need, and that her lips have the more interesting expression. Enough that you don’t need to see her eyes to have an idea of what she is thinking…

One of my favourites of the year by far…



Nov 18 2015

This costume should be a sin by itself…

Seven Sins CostumeNot all costumes that I find are obviously Succubish, or for that matter, Devilish, in form. Many times what they are is, to a point, interesting, but then they turn a corner and things just so wrong in so many ways. What is it, exactly that takes a sort of good idea and drops it off a cliff?

I wonder… I really do.

This is called, and I know this costume only has this name because it is link bait, the Seven Deadly Sins Lust Sexy Red & Black Devil costume. That’s a complete and utterly silly name of course. Better might be “Almost a good idea but we didn’t know what to do exactly and we forgot the horns to make it Devilish” costume.

The costume comes with everything seen here, save for the wig and the shoes, and the stockings. It can be found for $30 US on many sites.

What I particularly found amusing was the description of this costume which included the following: “Lust is one of the seven deadly sins in christian moral tradition that refers to intense desires. This seductive adult women’s fancy dress costume represents sexual desire with the rich deep red and black colours.” But it is the last line in the description that made me shake my head: “thou shall not exhibit lust”.

I actually like this… sort of. I mean it isn’t the worst thing I have found by far, which has to be worth something I suppose. But there is a certain amount of trashy in this that just doesn’t do anything for me and so really the like I had gets tempered a lot.

However, it does give me a thought about a certain dress I have that might have to see my dressmaker for some alterations…

I’ll give this one and a half pitchforks out of five.

If nothing else, it gives me a rather… interesting idea…



Nov 17 2015

A Review of Taken by the Fiery Demon by Lucey Fur

Taken by the Fiery Demon by Lucey Fur

Taken by the Fiery Demon by Lucey Fur

A story this time on the Tale of a Cambion, an incubus, meeting a human that’s more than she seems to be… and a Succubus that just made me smile when she appeared out of thin air.

Stories that have a heart, feeling, some connection between the characters are some of the best stories by far. Balancing that connection with some heat to bring the story to a boil is wonderful to see… it’s just a shame when the story comes to a close when there is so much promise to it…

  • Title: Taken by the Fiery Demon
  • Author: Lucey Fur
  • Length: 21 Pages
  • ASIN: B00U7PT018
  • Publishing Date: March 2, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Evelyn was an amateur photographer of monsters, walking off some steam after a bad encounter with a grabby guy she met on the internet. She encounters Cam, a demon with a hot human form and even hotter, fiery abilities. When this incubus hybrid offers her the chance to join him in his stage show at the Monster Hunks club, how could she possibly refuse?

Evelyn walks into the arms of an incubus after a really bad date and he offers her something that appeals to her nature. She’s attracted to him, agrees to go with him, and then finds herself being part of his stage show at a very special club. When the show is over, then the real fun begins… and then the truth Evelyn never knew comes out.

Evelyn has a secret, one that attracts her to Cam and vice versa but for most of the story that secret is simply not referred to, or mentioned. It is only after the climax of the story when the consequences of that secret, what it means for Evelyn and Cam, comes out. It doesn’t quite seem out of place considering the hints that were given from the beginning of the story, but the way it is revealed was quite surprising and amusing at the same time…

Cam, short for Cambion, is an Incubus with some interesting fire and heat abilities. He isn’t quite all human physically, but not in a really over the top sort of way. Evelyn is attracted to him, enchanted really considering that he uses some of his powers to make her blood boil… among other things. There is a delicious interplay between the two of them that I enjoyed and it set up a hot little stage show scene which followed into a hotter piece of erotica that just fit the work and the characters really well.

Afterwards, when the moment has passed, a Succubus named Isadora appears, one that I have to admit made me laugh with her character, tone, and most of all, the wonderfully open nature that she showed in the short time she appeared in the work. She was wonderfully unique and added a lot to Cam’s background and more importantly, the kind of person he, and for that matter Cam’s family are.

There is love between these characters for a lot of reasons, and the emotional attachment I think worked really well for them all. As a whole, I really did like this work very much but there were a few small flaws. One being that the work needs an editing pass to remove six instances where a word is missing or a tense is misused. The other is that the work is rather short and as such it has the problem that all short works have.

Just at the point were some important things are learned, when the future that these characters will have is drawn and told, the work comes to a close with a promise made. We never see what happens next, leaving that to the imagination. I would have liked the story to continue, to tell more about Evelyn’s secret, about Cam’s past and as well Isadora’s reactions to all that is going to happen. So many hints and I wish they had been played with some.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Just a lovely cute and sexy piece of erotica that has a heart and quite a lot of heat. It’s a shame that this seems to be a one-off story as the characters are all very interesting I would like to see where the story goes from here.