Dec 28 2015

Answering By TeraS

And so, the end of 2015 approaches. With it comes a lot of stories unfinished, a lot of things not done. Still, the stories come, as they do. Some of them are unexpected, some are what they are. Among all of them, sometimes a story appears that is the result of a question that is posed to me, here on the Tale or elsewhere. Some of those questions are requests, some are thoughtful wonderings, and, sometimes, the question brings about a story that might not be the answer I thought it was going to be.


By TeraS


There are questions that the Queen’s Office in the Realm receives on a regular basis. They come from all the points of the compass that one could imagine and parts of the universe that one might not. Many times, the questions themselves are meant for someone else in the Realm to reply to; other times, the questions aren’t.

On this particular day, the sun was shining upon a Realm covered in a few feet of snow. Tera was looking out her window in the Palace, smiling as she watched a group of succubi and incubi having a snowball fight … or, perhaps more accurately, a snowball orgy … It was kind of hard to tell from where she was standing at that moment.

But that didn’t stop her from smiling while taking a sip of her hot chocolate. As she did so, her office door opened, and Tera heard the clicking of the Receptionist’s heels as she came into the room. “So, why aren’t you out there? I’m sure there’s a tail or two that would be happy to see you?”

The Receptionist replied in a mock-stern tone: “And you aren’t there why, young lady?”

Turning from the window, Tera smiled warmly: “It’s too darn cold for my tail, and I don’t want to ruin one of Lil’s tail cozies out in the snow.”

A small stack of envelopes was placed on the corner of Tera’s desk as she was told: “That reminds me. I do need to visit her and see if she has anything planned for New Year’s.”

Placing her mug on the desk, Tera’s tone was amused: “Oh … I think Lil will be fine. She always seems to find the company she needs … though I cannot imagine why or how.”

Taking a chair nearby, the Receptionist produced her notepad and pen, settling in there and regarding her Queen: “Whenever you’re ready.”

Picking up the small stack, Tera wandered back over to the window, placing the letters on a table nearby and then selecting the first one from the pile. For a moment, she reconsidered whether she wouldn’t rather be out in the snow, but then she set to her work. The sound of her fingernail running through the flap and opening it echoed, softly, but crisply, through the room, followed by a rustling of papers and then a long pause as she read the contents of the first one.

When she was finished, the royal red-tail refolded the note and then tapped the edge of the letter against her lips … “It isn’t enough to want or ask. To ask the question is only the beginning. Such a choice isn’t one to be taken lightly or offered without due consideration. To offer, as you have, is a serious thing. Be careful that you are willing to accept what it means, what will be, before you take the next step. Look into yourself, into your soul, and see what is before you ask what might be.”

She placed the note back in its envelope, before laying it to the side, and repeating the process with the next … and the next … and the next …“I take the word ‘Mistress’ seriously. You need to take the word ‘Pet’ seriously, as well. Neither are names to be offered without due consideration and thought. You cannot demand that one be a Mistress, just as another cannot demand you be a Pet. Want isn’t enough. Desire isn’t enough. When you realize what is, then you will have the truth.” …

… “When you look into the mirror, and can see yourself there for who you are, then you have taken the first step. When the mirror looks back at you, then you see what you could be, and what you have to accept is part of yourself.” …

… “From our desires comes that which we wish to be true. In our dreams comes the reality we desire to be true. To wish our dreams to be our desires can only open the way to see. We are the ones that have to make our reality become real.” …

… “… a touch, a caress, a light breath upon one’s skin, the shiver of goosebumps as one gives up oneself to another, the bliss of being held, loved, and cherished …” …

… “… to be more than we are, to become that which none expect us to be, to be the way found for those that seek …” …

… “Because. No better answer can there be.” …

This continued for some time, occasionally interrupted by a snowball striking the window Tera stood at. She replied by sticking out her tongue and waving before returning to her answering…

The last letter was opened, the question read, and the final answer given …“Love, passion, joy … for always.”

As Tera spoke that final answer, she looked out the window to see those she loved dearly still playing in the snow, loving in their own ways, sharing their passions. She smiled, in joy, for that being here, always—love, passion, joy … for always.

The Receptionist gathered the letters and then strode from the room, calling out over her shoulder: “Now, go on and have some fun, will you?”

Her Majesty watched her leave, the door closing behind her. There were always questions, but it was in the answering that Tera found some of her own personal delights. But that didn’t mean that one couldn’t have her fun, as well.

The efficient administrator had just finished typing up the last reply when Tera’s door opened. It was a surprise when a red jacket and gloves were dropped on the assistant’s desk, the Savereign standing there in her own winter clothing: “Come on. You need to get out there as much as I do.”

She smiled, putting the jacket on: “Probably. But I still can put some snow down your back and watch you squirm, Missy.”

Tera smirked: “You wouldn’t dare.”

The answer, moments later as they both walked into the winter wonderland, was a handful of snow pushed down Tera’s collar before the ultra-efficient succubi ran off towards the waiting playmates in the snow, Tera in hot pursuit.

And there was one final answer, as their laughter and giggling was answered by all those around them.

Dec 27 2015

A Review of Love Bites by James Newman and Donn Gash

Love Bites by James Newman and Donn Gash

Love Bites by James Newman and Donn Gash

The myth of Succubi and Incubi can, of course, be told in many different ways. There are some ways that are more thoughtful, some more sexual, and some that sort of are missing the point here and there.

Then there are the stories that tell you, right from the cover, that what awaits is something that’s more focused on horror than it is on erotica. In those cases you hope that the characters are interesting and the succubus and/or incubus has something to hold your interest. Sadly, this work didn’t have that for me.

It is the story of:

Meet Les & Wanda Sue, aka “HOTCOUPLE30”. MWC, very open-minded. ISO same for erotic escapades. Love weekend camping trips, watersports, anything “outdoors-y”. She’s 5’9″, 130lbs, bi & beautiful. He’s 6′, 170lbs, straight w/rugged good looks. Both 30-something, fit, well-endowed in all the right places. Nonsmokers, social drinkers. Age/race unimportant. Into swapping, 4-sums, whatever feels right.

Interested? Give us a call. There’s nothing to be afraid of.

. . . we promise we don’t BITE.

Jerry’s home life has gotten stale and he’s looking for a way to change things. Joining a website he comes into contact with a couple that like him and he likes them. After meeting them, Jerry convinces his wife to come along and meet his new found friends, for the first and last time.

The work is, first and foremost, a slow build towards the climax which is a horror story. There’s a lot of questions one asks themselves about Les and Wanda, but just as many about Jerry and why he does things. There’s a certain disconnect, a kind of dysfunctional personality in Jerry fro the first page. His life, what he thinks of it and how he is looking to change it, reads very much like a couple that just can’t communicate.

As such, it’s hard to care about Jerry, his wife, or really anything about them. In a way the same things can be said about Les and Wanda in that they have really few redeeming qualities. There is the slightest hint that Wanda is better than she seems to be, but really it’s not enough by itself to do much for me.

When it is revealed what Les and Wanda are capable of, there’s a very slight hint that they are, in a small way, possessing the succubus and incubus ability of attracting their prey through sex, but it’s fleeting before the horror aspects come out fully and all is revealed. In that moment, when I should have cared about Jerry and his wife… I couldn’t. That is the problem here for me at least. I need to care about the characters and I just didn’t.

It’s a shame because the work is written well, tells a good, strong horror story, but at the most important point, the characters, they just aren’t interesting. For those looking for a suspense leading towards horror, the work does that well. But I just didn’t care I’m sorry to say and I really wanted to.

One out of five pitchforks.

I didn’t care for the characters, the story, nor the outcome. There wasn’t anything that really hooked me in the story and the connection with succubi or incubi is so vague that it might well be a mirage. For those that like horror stories, it’s a well told one overall. For myself, and my tastes, it just really isn’t.



Dec 27 2015

A Review of Incubus by Aiden Darke

Incubus by Aiden Darke

Incubus by Aiden Darke

There are some works that have characters that are interesting, have a past, and of course, their own secrets. It’s interesting to read and discover what they are, why they are, and, in the end, what drives them as characters in the story. But in doing so, the story cannot rush from moment to moment, event to event, and not allow some kind of resolution to develop.

Taking care to tell a story, no matter how wonderful the erotica is, matters. It comes in the words, the characters, and, in the end, the editing. If that cannot all come together, then the work isn’t all is should have been. Which is why I cannot understand a book with flaws in it can have a five star rating when it has enough issues to not make that really true.

  • Title: Incubus
  • Author: Aiden Darke
  • Length: 39 Pages
  • ASIN: B019M469KE
  • Publishing Date: December 19, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells about:

Carrie leaves her career in academia when she falls under the spell of the mysterious Marcus. Soon she discovers he is an Incubus, a sex demon. But Marcus has his own problems when a Succubus, a female of his kind, moves into his territory. Marcus must draw on all Carrie’s energy and sexuality to save himself and the entire city.

Carrie encounters Marcus who enthrals her and draws her into his word. There are passions, needs, wants and desires to fulfill. But there are also questions, dangers and a voice from the past that brings terror. The discovery of what Carrie wasn’t aware of before leads to a choice, not only for her, but all around her as well.

Marcus is the Incubus of the work, and the story mainly revolves around him, his world, and how he draws Carrie into it. While that part of the story works well, there is some lovely heat in the story telling, there is some well done mind control aspects that I think worked, the story moved at breakneck speed for the most part, leaving really little or no time to understand what was happening to Carrie, or what Marcus wanted from her exactly. He isn’t a stereotypical incubus, thankfully, but at the same time there was, as a whole, a disconnection between himself and the events around him. At least until Kara came into the story.

Kara, the Succubus of the work is, sadly, extremely stereotypical in her actions, attitude, and personality. There really wan’t must to like about her, save for some of the moments when her powers were used. There was actually more heat in those scenes at times than there was with Marcus, if for only the reason that while she didn’t really care about humanity, she at least had more of a physical and emotional connection at times. Even if that turned into something cold and harsh in the end.

Eventually there is a conflict between Kara and Marcus which offered a lot of hints and questions, but didn’t follow through on them. Besides their connection, which I was surprised at, there came a comment about the last time they met and what happened then. Knowing that, the two still confronted each other and in doing so the story became confused in where they were, what was happening. I didn’t see the point of the shift, nor why it would matter at all, all things considered. Again, the scene was rushed and while that did fit the situation, as events unfolded, more and more questions came that didn’t have a resolution.

The work does have a good balance between the erotica and the story, but the speed at which some of the scenes came and went didn’t leave a lot of time for characters to develop or tell their stories and that’s a shame because so many other characters appear with stories to tell and they are limited to a few short comments, or actions, before the story moved onwards.

The work needs another editing pass to slow the story somewhat. Allow the characters to tell, think, express what is happening, then continue on. Allowing the story to catch its breath before rushing to the next climax would have, I think, made for a better read. Beyond this, the author has a few points where a choice of word was incorrect. There is also one point where Marcus is called Maximus, which seems to be an error. But the most frustrating mistake comes in the last pages of the work when Marcus tells a character to leave, a female character, and she is described as a he. It took away what otherwise had tension and meaning, leaving me confused for a moment and I shouldn’t have been.

The way the work ends suggests that there is to be another work to come and if there is, then I hope the author will take some time to tell Marcus’ story, but Kara’s as well. There’s something important there needing to be told. Passing over that for the sake of the current moment I think would not do justice to the characters, their past, or who they are.

I felt like the story was too rushed at times and being so there came some moments of confusion which brought me out of the story on occasion. There were also some moments when statements and actions didn’t connect well. Kara being so sadly stereotypical in her nature was a disappointment, Marcus being a cypher throughout the work and not really telling his story was a shame as well. So many questions unanswered and when the ending arrived, it was far too short, confused, and left me wanting.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The heat is very good, the hints of mind control through Marcus and Kara are really well done. But there’s a lot of confusion in the story, some scenes don’t make a lot of sense. Most of all, the work needs another editing pass, to slow down the events a bit, and to correct the mistakes. Given all that, if there is a part two, I will read it and see if the questions are explained as they need to be.



Dec 26 2015

A cute Morrigan Aensland Art WIP YouTube

A lovely YouTube of an artist creating some Morrigan Aensland art today on the Tale… I so do love cute Morrigan… and she’s so very cute here…

And if you cannot see the video here on the Tale, please try this link.

As always, in case YouTube makes the video vanish, here’s a screenshot of the art as well…

Morrigan Aensland by AshleyZombie

Morrigan Aensland by AshleyZombie

This art was created by AshleyZombie, and you can find the completed artwork on their Tumblr page here.

The most wonderful thing about this art is Morrigan’s eyes. They are something that a lot of artist’s don’t put a lot into or seem to overlook that the eyes are the window to the soul. Here I think they stand out amazingly well, add so much to Morrigan’s expression and really are the focus of the work for me overall.

The detail in Morrigan’s hair, her clothing and skin tone and her wings are just amazing. As the last image of Morrigan for the year, I think this is a wonderful note to end upon…



Dec 25 2015

Tera’s 2015 Christmas Manip – Randi The Red Tailed Succubi

The thing about taking a song and turning it… Succubish… Is that sometimes it is very easy and sometimes it appeared to be at first, but then the complexities get amazingly difficult to overcome. I though that using Rudi’s song for Randi wouldn’t be too difficult…

With the help of my heart… It is more than I expected things to be…

Randi The Red Tailed Succubi by TeraS and JHB

Randi The Red Tailed Succubi by TeraS and JHB


The song, which I think is cute and fun is…

Randi the Red Tailed Succubi

Randi the randy red-tail
wore a very shiny top,
and she was quite voracious;
never knew quite when to stop.

All of hot Randi’s playmates
knew she didn’t seem quite right.
Still, they enjoyed how Randi
made them moan straight through the night.

Then one snowy Christmas Eve,
underneath her tree,
Randi heard a royal voice growl,
“Think you can keep up with me?”

They played twelve days and evenings,
cumming through it all, and yet
Randi was still quite randy.
Would you like to be her pet?

A Happy Christmas to all… Whether Naughty or Nice… I hope your wishes come true…


Dec 24 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 414

A fun and cute image of a Succubus for this week’s image of the week… Cute and fun Succubi are some of my favourite kind and this particular one, in a lot of ways, makes me smile…

Succubus by Gigaaa

Succubus by Gigaaa

This work is by an artist on DeviantArt called Gigaaa and you can find the original page on DeviantArt with this work here and this artist’s page can be found here as well.

According to the artist’s notes, this Succubus can be found in the Summoner’s War game, and within the game, she looks like this:

Summoners War Succubus

Summoners War Succubus

Between the game version and the creation of this artist, I have to say that I like the artist’s version better in a lot of ways. She looks a bit more… real… I suppose is the best way to put it. As well, the artist made her look a bit more mature and I do prefer that look more.

Her outfit is quite interesting, really rather unique, very happy that she has a tail, and as much as I am usually not thrilled with head wings, or any wings for that matter, I think as a whole the look suites her well. Lovely hair style and colour, amazing eyes as well, they really draw your attention to them and just a wonderful shade of green.

A beautiful piece of Succubi art…



Dec 23 2015

Devil Costumes don’t get much worse than this…

Devil Woman Carnival CostumeTacky is the nemesis of all Devil costumes. It can take the worst costume and push it into the realm of disastrous. Which brings up a question. Why is it that costume designers find it is necessary to label, in big shiny letters, what the costume is suppose to be “saying”?

Probably I think it’s because they know the costume cannot say it… No matter how hard one looks.

This… thing… is called the Devil Woman Carnival Costume and it comes with the top, pants, gloves and horns. The pitchfork, shoes and stockings are not included, not that they make any difference at all. The amazing thing is that this awful mess sells for the amazing price of $125 US.

No, I am not joking. This entire thing, model’s expression included, is so far into trashy that it might create a black hole. That might not be a bad thing actually considering, but before it vanishes, we have to deal with looking at a costume upon which, written over one’s bust, is the word… hot.

It wasn’t enough to make a costume that looks trashy. It wasn’t enough to add fringe to it that makes that worse. It wasn’t enough to add armlets with fringes to bump the trashiness to new heights…

No, now we have to add the word “hot” to a costume that is anything but “hot” and in doing so make the woman that wears it, and I feel sorry for any that have, do, or are considering, be anything but hot.

A complete miss which gets worse for the addition of a single word in shiny letters…

Zero pitchforks out of five.

I cannot believe that someone thought this was a good idea…