Apr 26 2016

A Review of Black on Blue by Jeanna Pride

Black on Blue by Jeanna Pride

Black on Blue by Jeanna Pride

A review of the second work in the Incubus series by Jeanna Pride today on the Tale. In my review of the first work of the series, which you can find here on the Tale, I didn’t really find much that I enjoyed in the story for all of the pain and suffering. The second work in the series continues the rather dark and ominous story from the first and in doing so continues to leave so many questions unanswered and left to the side.

Darkness can exist in all of us, it is a question of what happens when you are confronted with it. Some fall, some will not. Some are caught in the crossfire.

  • Title: Black on Blue
  • Author: Jeanna Pride
  • Length: 26 Pages
  • ASIN: B01EBHR532
  • Publishing Date: April 14, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story tells of:

When Detective Sergeant Melanie Brooks and her hunky partner visit a party packed with political elite in search of a known pimp and escort runner, she can’t be aware that her quarry knows her darkest secrets, and is possessed of infernal powers. She soon finds herself facing the dark truth about herself, her desires and a wantonness she kept carefully hidden. Will she succumb to her true nature?

Melanie has always been the hunter, but she finds herself encountering one that is stronger than she. A battle of control leads to an admission of her own needs and within that, the needs of another. Some choices have consequences, some lives are changed, and in the end, only one can be the winner… if there is such a thing.

Much like the first work in this series, the tone is very dark, bordering on occasion of being close to hopeless. The singular theme of this work, again, revolves around domination and that being very dark, brutal, and heartless. As such, again I couldn’t find a means to enjoy the story, because of my own experiences of the past.

The beginning of the work has some moments, a few instances where the characters tell of themselves, of who they are, what they intend, and that was interesting. But moments after the incubus, who still remains without a name, appears and begins to draw the main character of this work into his world, the story changes.

The encounter starts out somewhat realistic, but it soon turns the corner into fantasy and there comes a point where what happens just took me out of the story completely. The change in Melanie, the gloating of the incubus, the destruction of another character takes the life out of the story and leaves, much like the first work, a lot of pain and suffering behind.

Like the first work, it’s unclear what happens to Melanie exactly in the aftermath, though there is more of a hint given as to her ultimate fate. It’s this part of the story that interests me, but doesn’t seem to be considered. As such, there is a missing part of the story that needs to be told. What the incubus does in the “real world” is one thing. but the larger question is what is the point, why is he collecting these souls and for what purpose?

The writing is still very good, the character development is there. if not too much so. The erotica still doesn’t have a lot of heat for me. Perhaps the author needs to move from the erotica into telling more of the story that the series is underpinned by. I think in that moment, the story will be something more than I have seen it to be so far.

Two out of five pitchforks.

The overall theme of the first work in the series continues and along with it a seeming lack of direction and meaning. The main character, the unnamed incubus, seemingly doesn’t develop, his story isn’t told and there’s just so many questions left by the end. Developing the character to be something more than “just an incubus” would be nice. More so, having a name, and more still, giving his purpose a moment to be told.



Apr 26 2016

A Review of The Warlock & His Succubus by Nicarea Stone

The Warlock & His Succubus by Nicarea Stone

The Warlock & His Succubus by Nicarea Stone

I happen to like stories that have little quirks in them. I also like stories where the Succubus characters are not what most write them to be, that being evil. It’s more interesting to me when they have… a soul.

There are very few stories where the Succubus is innocent. Fewer still with a story that has meaning, that is captivating and is simply quite a lot of fun from beginning to end.

Sometimes the sexiest thing to be, is whom one is.

The work tells the story of:

Cory is a real loser for a Warlock. But things finally start to look up when he finally cast his first successful spell and summons a sexy succubus to his bedroom.

Cory has no luck being a Warlock, not even being able to cast the simplest of spells. A final effort brings Fiona into his life and she isn’t what he expected. He expected an Imp at best and found himself with a Succubus. But Fiona isn’t the typical Succubus. Neither is Cory the typical Warlock either.

This is really a wonderfully fun, caring, and yes, a little bit awkward, story about two lost souls finding one another. It isn’t erotica so much as it is a coming of age story for both Cory and Fiona and in that unfolds possibly one of the most wonderful, heartwarming stories I have read in some time.

The world building is well done, Cory is a well written character with emotion, thought, and he isn’t stereotypical. By that I mean he acts honourably, he cares about Fiona and that comes out clearly in his character. It is clear from the first moment that Cory isn’t going to be any old run of the mill Warlock, he’s going to be something special. That takes Fiona’s appearance to come to the fore.

Fiona is innocent, adorable, loving, passionate and she isn’t what Succubi are supposed to be, at least from what Cory has read. There’s no real feeling of this being an act on Fiona’s part and when the reason for why things happened as they did, it isn’t a stupid or impossible reason all things considered.

While there is some passion in the work, the love between the two characters that comes out really makes the need for erotica nonexistent. The point of the story isn’t the sex, really there’s only one little whisper of that to be seen. It is about the two characters feeling their way through a relationship and where that takes them.

There is a moment where things change for them both, but it also opens a fascinating turn in the story and one that I think closes things off in the best possible way. Beyond that, reading of Cory’s actions in protecting Fiona, what he is will to do for her, how Fiona feels about him, sets up that turn, but also the resolution that works perfectly.

The work closes in a rather quick fashion once the crisis is past and I was a little disappointed in that. How things were playing out I was expecting a part two, or three, or more. But the crisis makes Cory take a chance, and once that is done there’s simply no turning back from it. The ending is, if short, satisfying in it brings Cory full circle and in doing so, tells his own truth well.

Well written, the work stands on its story, its characters and the need to tell that tale is there. It is short, which is a little sad as I was hoping for more. I also was hoping for this to become a series, but the work ends in a way that makes this a stand alone. Really one of my personal favourites of the year. I just wish that the author had taken the chance to take things from the beginning to what comes next rather than skip to the ending as they did.

Four out of five pitchforks.

A simply adored this story, really one of the most lovely, warm, passionate and caring works I have read this year. The ending was rushed yes, I wish there this was a series absolutely. it’s so nice to find a story about Succubi that give them a chance to be more than they are supposed to be.



Apr 25 2016

Something More By TeraS

A short piece today on the Tale, for there was much happening this past while. Still, there are stories to tell, questions to be answered, and amidst all of this so much comes …


Something More
By TeraS


It was the middle of the night in the Realm of the Succubi, a time when the stars above played hide and seek with the clouds of the sky, with the waters of the Lake, and, sometimes, with those who found themselves out in the Realm having their own games with their own special rewards.

It was the middle of the night somewhere on a place called Earth, in the Human Realm, a time when the moon above played hide and seek with the clouds, with the sands of the desert that scattered into the air, to swirl about making patterns in the sky, and, sometimes, with those that braved the chill of the night to gather about campfires to share stories with their own special rewards.

In the midst of both of these realms, these universes, this existence, sometimes two parallel moments connect, merge, and, for but an instant, the lines are blurred and the reality becomes one.

The fire flickered in its pit, the stones awash in the light being cast upon them. Before there were many souls telling stories, laughing and more. But the night had grown long, the call of rest drew them away, one by one, until one there was but one figure left to watch the fires slowly dim, the embers cool, and the fire draw to a close. She was alone now, in the depths of the night. Her features were hidden by the darkness, though it could not completely shroud her; she was alone with her thoughts, the moments passing as they were want to do.

Until however, a seductive purr came from the other side of the fire: “You look like you could use some company.”

She tried to see who it was, but the fire was still enough to overcome her sight and make the woman that asked the question all but invisible to her. “I was just going to bed. Thanks.”

The voice had some amusement now, which only made her wonder: “No, you weren’t. You’ve been sitting here for a while, and you aren’t going anywhere.”

She smirked: “Cute.”

“If you’d like, I could … toy … with you.”

The word “toy” seemed to have a growl all its own. For an instant, her mind drifted back to a fantasy … the silk bonds holding her wrists and ankles … the glorious feeling of being helpless … whimpering in need as …

… A shiver passed up her spine: “Um … No.”

The purr was a little deeper, a little more suggestive: “Oh … yesss …”

Those words … the touch along her thighs … the nip of teeth … the sucking of lips against her skin …

… Licking her lips, she managed: “Have … a good night.”

“We will … I’m sure.”

When she stood to leave, she looked over the fire and could make out a bit of red, but nothing really distinct. As she turned away, there was one more comment whispered: “Pleasant … dreams.”

She turned back to wish the same, but her breath caught as a pair of amazingly green eyes that flickered in the darkness, illuminated by the fire, pierced her soul. It was a good thing, she decided as she walked away, that she had brought along extra panties.

The winds blew a little stronger, the light of the moon was eclipsed by the clouds, and the night turned dark and deep. A swirl of sand surrounded her, masking the world, but she continued onwards. It was, after all, only a short walk. Not long after that, she approached where her tent was … but it wasn’t. Confused, she looked around, trying to get her bearings as the wind let go of the sands and the air around her cleared. But the moon wasn’t in the sky, and the stars seemed odd, somehow—though she wasn’t sure why, exactly.  But things didn’t stop there: she realized that the landscape itself had changed. Rolling green lands were all around her. So was a forest, something that wasn’t there a moment ago.

She laughed lightly, nervously. It had to be a dream … a really vivid one, but still, just a …

… Her thoughts were interrupted by the lick of a tongue against her earlobe: “… just a dream … I know.”

It was a dream, of course. The voice was the one that made her weak, that caused her skin to tingle. It did in every dream. She wanted to answer, her lips parting to say … something. But the long nails, red, she knew from all of the dreams before, were raking lightly against her hips. Then came the press of soft, warm curves, a hot breath against her neck. This was how the dream always was. She felt owned, possessed, the centre of attention. Unlike the waking world, she craved this attention, the feeling of … her. She needed, so much so that her sex dripped in anticipation.

Her eyes fluttered, became half-lidded as fingers that played her body, knew all of the places to make her pant, moan, and whimper, cupped her mound lightly. A finger played over her folds and her legs parted a little wider, her body slumped backwards, falling into the desires within and without. Not to be left out, more fingers treated her to the pleasures of every little ache and want as they explored her navel and her curves, danced over her bosom, nipped with nails against her now-aching nipples that wanted, needed, begged for the touch of lips and tongue.

Then came the moment she both feared and craved. The fingers left her, the warmth of the one pressed against her still there. Then a long red ribbon was dangled, almost carelessly, in front of her eyes. No words were said, they were unneeded. She took the ribbon, placing the warm silk over her eyes, her nose catching the scent—Goddess, the scent! She felt the ribbon being tied, making her blind, not able to see the one that held her, wanted her, needed … something more from her.

For a long moment she was left alone, anticipating the next moment, the one that she craved to be real and not a dream: fingers dipping, folds parting, a long, slick, wet tongue lapping at her sex, her cream leaking, her moans thrilling her; she wanted, so much, to take off the ribbon and see. Her hands moved to do so, but no. The binding around her wrists … how they were tied … was something she never remembered happening, but it was a dream, after all. Hands kneaded her rear. Her knees wobbled. A firm pinch of one cheek: she understood the command. She would not fall, not falter. She would be … something more.

The moment stretched on, her hips bucking, her lungs gasping for air, her voice mewling in submission, need, and wanting to fly over the edge, a hot white light filling her mind as she came, her submission dripping from her sex, being devoured by the one that owned her, mind, body, and soul. Keening in need, her thoughts stilled, her sex ached as she felt the emptiness within her, but, as well, the fulfillment of being what she was … something more.

The blindfold fluttered away, but she did not see. Her mind waited, needing only to see the green eyes, needing only to obey. Still dripping, still aching, the commands to kneel and to serve were a joy that only made her moan in the pleasure her submission gave. Her hands caressed, her lips touched, her tongue tasted. The mirror of what she was given was returned for the bliss she had in the dream. The twining of fingers in her hair thrilled her. The knowledge that she was pleasure, obeying, serving … left little but a singular certainty: the dream was … something more.

The realization, as it always did, flooded her mind, crashing through her soul, and, as the dream turned to shades of red and black, it was consumed by the white.

She awoke to find herself entangled in her sleeping bag, pinned within, unable to move easily. It took her some time to free herself. Her thoughts while she pulled on a sweater were of how vivid the dream was, how much she wanted … no, that wasn’t true, she craved the dream, the woman within the dream, once more. Hearing the others moving about outside, she gathered her thoughts, tried to dampen down the simmering heat that teased her. Pulling open the tent, she crawled out on her hands and knees …

… and came to a stop when the leather thigh-high boots came into view.

Her sex melted into a hot mess at the purr: “I seem to have lost something.” Looking up, she found herself crawling before a woman with ebon hair, hair never seen in the dream … a smile never seen in the dream … soft, plush, kissable lips, never seen, but just like she felt in the dream …

… and the eyes … the green eyes … the dream could never compare to the reality.

She swallowed: “It … wasn’t a dream.”

The next words caressed her mind: “No, my sweet … it wasn’t a dream. It was … something more.”

Kneeling now, she gazed into the endless green depths of her owner, lover, mistress: “Am I …?”

“Are you … ?”

The words were a whisper: “Am I yours?”

The reply made her shiver in anticipation: “Yes … but something more.”

She liked the sound of that.

In the midst of both of these realms, these universes, this existence, sometimes two parallel moments connect, merge, and, for but an instant, the lines are blurred and the reality becomes one … and those involved become something … more.

Apr 24 2016

A Review of My Student Summoned an Incubus! by Thorn and Nin

My Student Summoned an Incubus! by Thorn and Nin

My Student Summoned an Incubus! by Thorn and Nin

A review of a follow on work in the Horny Mage Academy series today on the Tale from a work that I reviewed previously.  I haven’t read the rest of the series as there are no other appearances of succubi or incubi in the series save for these two works, but overall I did like both of these works. You can find my review of the prior work to this one in the series here on the Tale. At the time I suggested that more character development, more story, more meaning would have made there story something more than it was. In this follow on work that does seem to have happened.

There comes a moment when what you are capable of runs headlong into something that you never expected to face. In that moment you can run, hide, give up, or you can keep on fighting. It is the last choice that is the hardest to make, but it also can define who you are better than anything else.

  • Title: My Student Summoned an Incubus!
  • Author: Thorn and Nin
  • Length: 65 Pages
  • ASIN: B01E30E9PE
  • Publishing Date: April 9, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

When a disturbance is reported in the Mage Academy waterways, Miya and her professor Aldwin are called to investigate. It’s dark in the tunnels beneath the school, but Miya knows her beloved professor Aldwin will make sure she’s safe. That is until a chance encounter with the enemy leaves Maya isolated and lost.

She’s not alone though.

There are secrets hiding deep below the earth. Secrets that threaten to lead Miya into the clutches of the forces of darkness.

Trapped in the sprawling maze of waterways, Miya has no choice but to trust her professor’s Incubus. Incubi are demons of lust however, and they prey on innocent women, feasting on their energy. Miya isn’t even sure she can control him alone.

Will she escape with her life or be captured forever by the darkness?

Miya finds herself on a mission with her professor to solve a mystery underneath their school. In doing so, she finds there are some things that do not react well to being found. Losing her professor, Miya has little choice but to use his incubus and try to help. Eventually that search takes her to three things. One, that an incubus is a very hard thing. Two, being alone isn’t as frightening as not believing in yourself. But most importantly, sometimes you need to do the impossible no matter the cost.

The singular thing about this work more than anything else is the development of Miya’s character. The time spent in learning about her hopes, fears and more, really solidifies her and makes her by far a well fleshed out character. Really she is the single character that seems to have a soul in the series, the balance being somewhat far behind Miya in their story development and otherwise.

The erotica in this work revolves around Miya and the incubus from the prior work, though Miya’s own succubus does appear, if fleetingly and not in any sort of erotic context. Unlike the prior work, Miya is less overcooked by the incubus, there is a real struggle for her, a reason to resist and that seemed to what was missing in the prior work. In this story, Miya needs to survive, to win her own battles and then somehow succeed. It’s the telling of that story, even when it is mixed up with the erotica, which actually makes the erotica more powerful.

The incubus however never speaks a single word and I honestly wish that he did. It’s one thing in that he wants to do all of the nasty things Miya wants, but there are moments otherwise when Miya could have used a word of encouragement or something. It felt like something was missing. Expressions aside, and some of those were telling, something is going on between them beyond their sexual encounters and that’s a story that needs to be explored.

This work is more than twice the length of the prior one and it really makes a difference overall. There’s time spent in telling the story, the characters interacting, the moments of grief, choice, and, sometimes, sheer determination. There’s a real emotional connection to Miya and what happens around her which I felt mattered. Miya grew in this work, forced or otherwise, she’s not really the same person from the start of the story to the end and it really is encouraging.

Some new characters appear in this work, and they add a flair to things that Miya’s professor simply could not. He’s somewhat of a “cold fish” in a lot of ways, and having another character about Miya’s age helps a lot as does a familiar that can talk. There’s more story told as a result and it makes for a better read.

The work tells of an adventure, a coming of age, an encounter that leads to a choice. In all of that along the way, Miya becomes so much more than she was in the first work she appeared in. Where she goes from here is an interesting question by itself. Personally I would love to see a story in which Miya summons her own incubus and succubus and while that would lead, as the series does, to the erotica, perhaps it would also lead to Miya maturing, becoming all she seems to be capable of.

Well written, the character development was unexpected and made this work so much more than I was expected from the first. The incubus erotica had a good deal of heat mixed with some lovely aspects of mind control. The promise this work gives about Miya has made the difference to me and I am looking forwards to seeing what comes next.

Four out of five pitchforks.

A much better story than the prior one in many ways. While the erotica is as hot as the prior work, it doesn’t take up much of the story and that, overall, makes for a far better read. There’s more character development, more telling of why things are as they are. There’s time spent in making the characters grow and become more than simply the focus of some sexual encounters. This, more than anything else, was what I hoped for in the first work and this one delivered on that.

Miya has found herself, here’s hoping that the other characters can do the same.



Apr 24 2016

A Review of Spring Break Ecstasy by Maxwell Avoi

Spring Break Ecstasy by Maxwell Avoi

Spring Break Ecstasy by Maxwell Avoi

I’ve reviewed many of the stories written by Maxwell Avoi here on the Tale as from time to time succubi appear as minor characters, or are the theme of their works, or the main character is transformed into, or by, a succubus.

Their works focus upon gender swapping and transformation as a whole and the author writes well in this genre. The work I will be reviewing this time has a minor succubus-like character appearing in the work, whom acts more as a means of information than anything else. But in her short appearances, I thought she was interesting in her own way.

It is the story of:

Larry woke up as Lacey, for no reason that he (now she) could see. What is this compulsion to head to the beach in her briefest bikini, and how is it connected to both Spring Break…and the staff of local strip club Absolute Ecstasy? And why, when her mind is still male, does she feel such an attraction…such a HEAT…for a guy she’s never met before?

Larry wakes up to find that he is now a she, and the universe seems to believe that Lacey has always been who she is. A mystery awaits, questions need to be answered, but the biggest one is why she remembers her past and no one else does. Compelled by magic is only the beginning for Lacey as she encounters her new reality and what it means for her.

The work tells the story of Lacey as she tries to deal with her new reality, to understand why things have happened to her and why it is that she cannot help herself from her desires. But it’s a little bit more than that in how, when she meets someone, that changes things and a cute little romance starts to unfold.

There are some ups and downs, a rough point in which magic takes a hand in things, but there’s a lovely connection that forms between Lacey and her lover that I warmed to as the story unfolded. It is in the magic where the succubus of the story, Stacy appears. While it isn’t exactly clear that Stacy is a succubus, she has all of the aspects of one in her true physical form. Otherwise, she is the embodiment of sexuality and that comes out a lot over the course of the work.

Stacy isn’t stereotypical, thankfully, and being so there’s a kind of “wish fulfillment” aspect to her character that I liked. I also enjoyed the descriptions of her effects on others, and the secrets that were revealed as well. There’s a strong hint as to why she’s part of this work from the moment she appears, but the reveal manages to keep buried in the plot through the erotica.

While the characters were quite good, the reveal as to why things happened, why Lacey came to be, is, at least for me, a little bit thin. When the time comes for explanations, the answers are given so quickly and off handedly, that they seemed a bit rote, a bit rehearsed and not quite believable. It seemed rushed, needing to be dealt with as soon as can be in order to make room for the ending.

The ending would be fine for the most part, except that the reason for how the work ends, what the cause is, and what it means is, I felt, tacked onto the end. I was hoping for something more substantial, but it isn’t. Again, as the explanation for the main plot was, it seemed very off handed, quickly dealt with, and it didn’t quite work for me.

Setting all that aside, the writing is very good, the characters have depth, and I liked the story as a whole. But it’s difficult to reconcile the story with the ending and the reasons why.

Three and a half out out of five pitchforks.

A cute little mystery, characters that hold their own, but in the end, the reasons for why things happened weren’t quite up to the author’s usual standards. Nor was the ending, which seemed a bit of a cop out in the end.



Apr 23 2016

Just an interesting Succubus commercial

Once upon a time there was a cartoon series called Ugly Americans. For those that are not aware, it had to do with the day to day lives of various supernatural beings in America. For the last season of the series, a series of web commercials were created, and one of them happened to feature a Succubus…


And if you cannot see the video here on the Tale, please try this link:


The Succubus was played by the burlesque star Edie Nightcrawler, and here is an image of her all Succubused up…

Edie Nightcrawler as the Succubus

Edie Nightcrawler as the Succubus

When looking at this spot, it should be noted that they were on a very tight budget, and didn’t really have a lot of time to make things work.

I think, for me, the interesting thing isn’t so much how the succubus looks here, but rather what she talks about and so on. I think it’s a rather unique outlook on being a succubus in this particular situation.

I have to give full marks for the scenes in the streets and more so that Edie was able to do what she did here.

While I didn’t care for the series much, the humour just didn’t connect with me, I found this fascinating to watch unfold… Even if that took a good deal of trying to ignore the look of the succubus here.



Apr 22 2016

A Review of World’s Shyest Succubus 3: Party Girl by Taylor Knobb

World's Shyest Succubus 3: Party Girl by Taylor Knobb

World’s Shyest Succubus 3: Party Girl by Taylor Knobb

A review of the third work in the World’s Shyest Succubus series by Taylor Knobb. You can find my first review of the series here and my second review can be found here as well on the Tale.

The thing about transformations is that while the body changes, the soul within cannot simply be allowed to be thrown away. The emotional connection with a character matters and not being true to the character in the face of whatever need, craving, or sexual act does a disservice to not just the character, but the reader that invests themselves in the story.

Being transformed into a succubus does not mean losing your conscious, yourself and your soul. The thing is, a succubus with so soul is empty and no amount of sex or wanton desire can replace the losing of one’s own soul. In the midst of ecstasy, doing the right thing matters. Always.

  • Title: World’s Shyest Succubus 3: Party Girl
  • Author: Taylor Knobb
  • Length: 19 Pages
  • Publishing Date: April 17, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

It tells the story of:

Adina now knows that she’s somehow been changed, turned into a succubus, and that there’s nothing that anyone can do about it for at least a few days. While she waits, though, the new hunger grows within her, and she needs to figure out what to do about that; she doesn’t want a repeat of her first day, when she was unable to stop herself from diving into bed with her roommate, Kelly. Fortunately, there’s a party on campus. Now that she has some clothing that fits her altered, outrageously curvy body, maybe she can find a willing partner at a party like that…

Adina finds that being a succubus is a complicated thing. If it isn’t her body changing, than it’s the looks she gets that make her feel more and more uncomfortable. If that isn’t enough then the need, the hunger that has been on her mind pushes her to do something she’s never done before. She’s going to a party on campus. That’s going to be something she’ll never forget and along the way, it will be something that won’t ever be forgotten either by anyone else. If they survive that is.

The single most important thing I wanted to see was Adina being herself in spite of the needs of being a succubus and thankfully the author manages to keep much of Adina’s core personality in control of things, or at least as an overriding force as the need within her to feed upon others pushes her to take and take to no end. There’s a moment when her inherent good side just says ‘stop’. It’s not done easily, and her hunger has shifted her overall thoughts about sex, about being “the good girl” but not to the point where she has lost her soul.

Adina’s body continues to transform, there being two main parts to that. One is at the end of the work when she seems to have angel-like wings, the description of which I loved and thankfully seems to be pushing Adina away from being a stereotypical succubus in her form. There’s also a bit of breast transformation as well. For much of that it doesn’t seem to be silly or over the top, but when in the midst of feeding, things just went into the realm of silly, huge, and it really didn’t do anything for me. Other transformations would have been fine really, and they are suggested, but giving her huge boobs just didn’t appeal to me.

Overall this week mainly focuses upon Adina having her first large feed and how that plays out. Some of the mind control and use of her succubus powers I enjoyed, some weren’t quite so well done. There’s one scene in the aftermath when Adina uses her powers to shift herself from the party back to her dorm room and in that moment her powers seemed… odd. During her feeding, Adina lost her clothing, which was fine. When she returned home… they were neatly folded on her bed. I can’t quite figure out how that works and it was the single moment in which the story came to a crashing halt for me. That said, otherwise all else Adina did made sense and had one lovely heat.

There are two main erotic scenes, both really are hot flashes, both in which Adina uses her powers to have her way with, in one case, a monster girl, possibly some kind of snake girl, and a rather overwhelmed male student. Both have lovely heart from the aspect of a succubus seduction and pleasuring, but I wish both had been longer and more involved. They both seemed to go far too quickly and Adina’s internal monologue I wanted more of.

I’m still unsure about the main theme of the series. While the work focuses on Adina, there seems to be more and more ‘monster girls’ appearing. I’m not really seeing a need for them honestly, they are fleetingly in the telling of the story, and don’t seem to have much of a point in being there. Hopefully that part of the series will come into focus as for the moment it seems lost.

Adina is wonderful, I love her as a succubus, how she is dealing with things. But as this work arrives at the conclusion, there seems to be a shift within herself, as if the succubus within it taking over bit by bit. I’m hoping that Adina doesn’t turn evil and stereotypical because that isn’t a story I would be interested in.

I’m interested in the girl with a conscious that has to deal with sorting out her life, herself, and what it means to her. Losing her soul for the sake of the pleasures she’s felt seems too thin and weak a storyline. I’m expecting more than this, the author has been very focused on Adina’s moral compass. Watching that spin in circles will take the series on a track that I hope will result in what I think it will.

Three out of five pitchforks.

The series remains a good read, Adina I love more and more with each work in the series. But things seem to be stalled, losing their way to a point. We’ve have Adina’s first real wild feeding, but the world is changing and there’s no explanation. There needs to be some movement about why things are as they are, but also, there needs to be something else.

The series is about Adina, or at least the title says it is. Is it really necessary to bring in more “monster girls” for the sake of a sex scene? This time it worked. I’m going to hope the author doesn’t fall into a meme that will take away the promise I see in Adina herself.