Jun 04 2016

A Bikini that is perfect for Morrigan Aensland

I was looking through Etsy again and I came across something that I thought was really well done. It isn’t just that the idea is a good one, or that how it is presented really works well. It’s mainly in how what has been drawn by many artists a cosplayer can bring to life.

Morrigan Aensland in a bikini…

Aensland Bikini by TejninsCosCreations

The model is Kassandra Leigh and the bikini is made by Tejnins CosCreations, who’s page on Etsy you can find here. This bikini creation can be found here on Etsy where it can be purchased for $70 US plus shipping charges.

I really like this design very much. It’s just such a lovely look and style. Side-tie bikinis are some of my favourite swimwear as well. I think this would look wonderful paired up with a wrap-around skirt in the same pattern… possibly with a nice pair of heels…

Something to think about really… Though I still would need to find a pair of Morrigan headwings to go with this and the wig as well…

It might be a little too thin for Halloween… or it might be quite hot… But that’s… another story…



Jun 03 2016

A Review of Chronicles of a Succubus: The Taking of Celeste by River Neilan

Chronicles of a Succubus: The Taking of Celeste by River Neilan

Chronicles of a Succubus: The Taking of Celeste by River Neilan

To write a work of erotica that has heat and passion is not a simple thing. There needs to be a connection to the characters, something that draws you into the story and promises something to come. Historical erotica is possibly one of the most difficult things to write because there is a certain tone, an expected way how the characters should act in order to hold the tapestry together.

If one can manage that, the story can be captivating in its own way. However if the ending doesn’t live up to all else before, then that is disappointing.

  • Title: Chronicles of a Succubus: The Taking of Celeste
  • Author: River Neilan
  • Length: 12 Pages
  • ASIN: B00V6UA9M2
  • Publishing Date: March 24, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

A proper lady is about to have a nighttime run-in with a very improper guest.

London, England y. 1870 — Lady Celeste Hallward, six months into an arranged marriage, finds herself lacking something only her husband should be able to provide. Her lack of satisfaction has brought her to the breaking point. But then, in the dark of night, a beautiful, mysterious woman appears in her bed chamber, willing and able to do what her husband cannot. Desperate and yearning, Celeste finds herself entranced. The key to her satisfaction has come in a form most unexpected.

However, what Celeste does not stop to consider is that desperation can entice predators, and some predators are exceptionally skilled in disguise.

Celeste is lost sexually in a world where her desires are not taken into account. It isn’t that she doesn’t lover her husband, it is more that she cannot find the way to express her desires and this leads to her frustration. Awaking to a woman that offers her bliss, Celeste accepts and is taken down the path of her desires… but to what end?

The work is a hot flash of erotica with quite a lot of story around it. Celeste is a well told character with her needs, wants and desires, and they are made clear as the story progresses. She fits well into the historical context this work is set in, her thoughts aren’t “modern” and being so that sets up a framework for the story that remains throughout.

The succubus, who is never named, is described in a way that isn’t stereotypical, and I liked that mainly for the seductive nature of her. She plays upon Celeste’s needs, drawing much from her, and the heat in those scenes is really well done. There’s an aspect of wanton desire in both characters, but it doesn’t go outside of the boundaries of the time. Being so, that adds some depth to the story and the erotica and I think that worked really well.

As the works is told from Celeste’s perspective, the descriptions of touch, of the heat within her, the needs that build through the encounter, are wonderfully told and wrap the work quite well in them. Nothing is over the top, outrageously impossible, or silly. The scene makes sense, and that was a lovely thing as it did so.

The work ends rather suddenly however and in a manner that is somewhat stereotypical in nature. That in itself makes sense in the setting and what happens. Where the problem comes is that the way this work was presented, it seemed as if there was to be another work in the series and that never appeared.

It’s a shame really as the succubus was interesting and different. Following her path from this point onwards I think would be have been quite the read. More so if she passes through time and events in the world and how that changes her, if at all.

Well written, lovely heat in the erotica and being so the story is deliciously told. It is short, sadly, the ending is too abrupt as well. Perhaps more than a single encounter, more being told about Celeste would have made this more than it was. Story matters, this work has that, but with all of the threads left to play with that left me wanting.

Three and a half pitchforks out of five.

A lovely and hot tale that is really well wrapped up in the sensations and needs of Celeste, but the ending doesn’t live up to everything else. The way this work was presented seemed to suggest that this was the beginning of a series, but that never transpired and as such the mystery of the succubus herself is left unanswered.



Jun 03 2016

A Review of Lillian Possessed: The Awakening by A.C. Lords

Lillian Possessed: The Awakening by A.C. Lords

Lillian Possessed: The Awakening by A.C. Lords

A review of what seems to be the first work in a series that has a succubus appearing. It’s not quite clear if there will be a book two, the work ends rather abruptly and as such it should continue. There are some amusing little touches in the work, one of which will be very memorable to some and which made me smile as it is a very well known trope.

Still, there is promise in the story, even if it the story really doesn’t get anywhere overall before the abrupt ending.

If one discovers a shop were one has never been before, one should be very careful about what items might interest you. Some of them could have a surprise waiting to be revealed.

  • Title: Lillian Possessed: The Awakening
  • Author: A.C. Lords
  • Length: 13 Pages
  • Publishing Date: June 1, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

When Lillian finds the strange old spell book in a shop downtown, she is unprepared for how much her life is about to change. Soon forces beyond her control have taken over, leaving her caught in a sexual storm of her own devising.

Lillian comes into possession of a spell book and discovers that she has summoned an incubus. But the book isn’t the only thing that is going to be possessed and Lillian might not be ready for all that means.

There really isn’t a succubus that appears in this first work. There is an incubus, which is the focal point of the work but still there is the hint of some sort of direction to the story which does take some cute little turns here and there before ending at a point where something interesting happens, but doesn’t get further than the tease of it.

One of the cute moments is a rather familiar store which appears in some mind control and TG/TF stories. In fact there’s a rather long series of stories which has this shop as a focal point. I’ve always found it interesting how the exact change needed to buy something from the store is what the main character has. Bit of a trope, but a fun one really and the author puts a neat little spin on things.

But the story mainly focuses on Lillian casting a spell, summoning an incubus and then what happens after that is a series of short pieces of erotica that finally climaxes with the pair in the throws of passion. The erotica has some heat to it, but there was some over the top moments that made me shake my head slightly.

The work is mainly then setting up what seems to be the beginning of a series, but that’s unclear by the time the cliffhanger ending happens. All signs are that there will be a part two, but the author just left the story hanging at the point where the succubus herself, known as Xenia, makes herself known.

It’s a little disappointing as the work is short, having spent so much time setting things up in a really good way which makes Lillian an interesting character. The erotica doesn’t take away from that character development, and there is a lot of that going on. It’s just the ending, more than anything else, that left me flat and wanting. It might have been nice to tell a bit more story before stopping. Even better to add a little “more to come” at the end to say there is another work to come.

Three out of five pitchforks.

No real appearance of a succubus as yet, though the ending certainly promises that. Perhaps the author needs to be more clear if there is another part to come or not however. Still, there seems to be something interesting brewing and I hope that comes out in whatever appears next.



Jun 02 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 437

There are those pieces of Succubi art that simply have something within them that’s unique. A look, an expression. Perhaps the pose, the style, something more. Sometimes you can’t quite say what it is exactly that made you notice that particular piece of art…

Rei by Grimoire-Noir

Rei by Grimoire-Noir

This art is called Rei and is by the artist Grimoire-Noir whom you can find on DeviantArt here and the original page where I found this art can be seen here.

I adore line art, and in this case there’s simply so much detail, so much character here by far. She is a lovely sensual Succubus, whom I simply adore for her expression, her look, and all in all there’s just a presence about her that just… works.

She has some softness to her expression, but as well there’s an underlying current of power, control, perhaps even a little bit of concealed dominance that is lurking behind her eyes…

A lovely Succubus image most of all…



Jun 01 2016

I think the Deva in this costume is missing the Devilish

Devilish Deva CostumeOf late I have noticed that some costumes are not trying very hard when it comes to trying to entice someone to purchase them. Sometimes that is the price, other times the look. I have rarely seen a costume where what is included in the costume is described as… costume. Short and to the point perhaps, but what does that say about the costume?

This is called the Devilish Deva Costume. It sells for about $50 US on the sites I have found it on… and really that’s about all that I can say about it. The description is amazingly short and to the point in that this is described as “costume” and nothing further.

Having seen those horns, which I don’t like, as a separate item, I have to assume that the costume is the dress itself. As a whole, there’s really nothing to it that says “devil” or anything else really other than “tacky.”

I don’t really like this look at all, the collar would drive me batty. Which might be the point of it, but one never knows do they? The dress seems to be very heavy, something that I don’t enjoy either. The length of the dress leaves all kinds of opportunities for tripping on one’s dress and looking foolish as well.

Even if the description was the epitome of vagueness, I wouldn’t consider this in the first place.

One pitchfork out of five.

Really nothing to see here, but I suppose if it was the last thing on the shelf and you could stand yourself when you looked in the mirror… maybe?



May 31 2016

A Review of Sex Fiends Book Two by Linc Jericho

Sex Fiends by Linc Jericho

Sex Fiends by Linc Jericho

A review of the second work in the sseries called the Writ of the Succubus which in the first book as I noted here, seemed to suggest there would be succubi and incubi appearing, but was being a little coy about that point.

The second work in the series opens the door to telling more of the story, offering a hint of what is to come and in doing so at least answered one question. There are, in fact, succubi and incubi appearing in this series. The question remains however… just what is going on exactly?

  • Title: Sex Fiends Book Two
  • Author: Linc Jericho
  • Length: 17 Pages
  • ASIN: B01G9NVUX2
  • Publishing Date: May 27, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

Episode 2: Maddic’s initiation into the The Hensing Study on Charisma, Attraction, and Sexuality. Maddic drives into the desert overlooking San Francisco, where Dr. Jonckers is waiting for him with a celebrity.

A story of being trapped by lust and desire, but as well the need to discover just who is in control and who is being controlled as well.

The series takes a turn from conversation into something more approaching a porn scene with a mix of dominance, mind control, and something more. Overall that shift is really well done, though Maddic’s confusion and uncertainty pull the story in some side directions before Dr. Jonckers, also known as Victoria, comes to take things in hand and turn attention where she desires it to be.

Much of this work is focused upon Maddic having his way with a celebrity of the time this work is set in. It is a bit odd in how that plays out, some of the language used, and what drives both of the characters onwards in their bound lust and desire. If the work was only this erotica, it would be disappointing, but there’s a saving grace and her name is Victoria.

Victoria is far more involved in what happens in this work than she was in the first. She’s controlling things, guiding, and pressing on towards her own needs. When that comes to pass and her revelation appears, it makes a good deal of sense, but doesn’t really answer the question as to who exactly Victoria is. She’s still a cypher, a mystery, but if nothing else, like Maddoc’s own understanding, it does clear up one point about this series. There are succubi and incubi to be found. Now the question to answer is: What is the point of the series?

Lavishly detailed, the scenes are wonderfully told, the characters voices and internal monologue are captivating. The work tends to wander a bit, still trying to find where exactly it wants to go, but there is a better focus. Questions remain, the erotica is a little over the top and distracts from the story overall, but there’s something about the series that interests me and leaves me wondering.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

As well written and mysterious as the first work, but allowing for the barest hints of answers to appear. I wonder who Victoria really is and what she really wants. Perhaps that’s the more interesting story than Maddic’s discovering what he is and what he really can do.



May 31 2016

A Review of White Wedding by Jeanna Pride

White Wedding by Jeanna Pride

White Wedding by Jeanna Pride

A review of the third work in the Incubus series by Jeanna Pride today on the Tale. In my review of the first work of the series, which you can find here on the Tale, I didn’t really find much that I enjoyed in the story for all of the pain and suffering. The second work in the series continued the rather dark and ominous story from the first and as I noted here, that didn’t really do much for me either.

The third work seems to really not change the formula so far leaving so many questions in its wake, but also leaving me just not really satisfied with the series still.

  • Title: White Wedding
  • Author: Jeanna Pride
  • Length: 42 Pages
  • ASIN: B01G7U2X9W
  • Publishing Date: May 25, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story tells of:

Leigh and Joe are the ultimate power couple, pledged to each other in holy matrimony. A wealthy lawyer and his beautiful socialite Asian bride to be, they are the perfect couple. But, all is not well in the dark souls of the betrothed. Each seeks something more, something darker. She seeks a partner that knows how to please, and harbors a need to dominate and control, and he needs to be controlled. Into this, Incubus worms his way, taking the form of a domineering black man that wants only to draw out their inner darkness.

Leigh and Joe find themselves pulled into a darker place in which what they truly need comes to the surface. But who is the one in control and who are the ones being controlled?

I found it very difficult to become involved in the story for several reasons. The domination theme that prevails in this work left me cold. Abuse and pain really does nothing for me, though it well may for others however. I wasn’t expecting a happy ending having read the prior works in the series, but I was hoping for more development of the main character in the series and that really didn’t happen.

The incubus remains the same slightly over the top dominant alpha male that bends all others to his will. But this isn’t done through a real desire on the part of those he is dominating so much as it is his pushing his will upon others until they submit. It just feels wrong in several ways, but as a fantasy for some I’m sure they will enjoy it. There was a book once that tried to create a window into the D/s world and it made a lot of money, but wasn’t telling the truth. In a lot of ways this series is playing out a fantasy with not really all that much basis in reality.

I didn’t find a lot of heat in the erotica for all of the pain and abuse that the characters have to endure. That said, the actual characters themselves, that of Leigh and Joe, are well created, have depth and there’s really an interesting story around them. They aren’t cardboard cutouts, there is some meaning to them and that bodes well. The incubus however doesn’t grow as each story is told and remains for the most part static. Perhaps the next work can reveal more about him than has been said, or offered, before.

Two out of five pitchforks.

The incubus still hasn’t a name, and really calling him “Incubus” just seems like a bit of a disappointment. He’s very much an alpha male, the stories pull that to the forefront, but there has to be something more going on than has appeared so far.