Mar 29 2017

The Delight in this costume is when you take it off…

Devil Delight CostumeWhy is it that so many costumes cannot manage to have an inkling of what sexy is, never mind seductive. It isn’t that difficult to create a dress that shapes well to one’s body. It isn’t that hard to make a set of horns that look reasonably good. So why is it that so many costumes get off the rails so often?

This is called the Devil Delight Costume and it comes with the dress and the sad looking horns this model is wearing. It normally sells for about $35 US, but there are a lot of sales for this costume at the moment and it can be found for as little as $15 US.

This is a rather plain looking dress as a whole, and for some reason the little black accent around the top makes this look, in a way, like one of the uniforms from the classic Star Trek series…

Which then makes me ponder a Succubi In Space story, but that’s another entry in the Tale for another time.

Getting back to this, the ad copy mentions: “…you can really turn up the heat with a pair of our red fishnet stockings and sleek, sexy shoes!”

And… no. No you can’t because the shoes and the stockings aren’t all that much better than this poor excuse for a costume in the first place.

In all honesty, I could see this as a “Star Trek” costume more than a devilish one, not that would be all that much better.

There’s really nothing I like about this dress, save the story idea I have gotten mind you. It’s bland, there’s no style to speak of. Bland is not sexy, no matter how short the outfit is and how much leg one shows.

Zero pitchforks out of five.



Mar 28 2017

A Review of Demoniality by Eris Omen

Demoniality by Eris Omen

Demoniality by Eris Omen

A few thoughts today about a work I discovered which looks at the mythos of succubi and incubi from the perspective of dark magiks. There are very few works which I have that take a more scholarly approach to the concepts of sex magic, succubi and incubi and so on. It’s interesting to read a treatise in which the focus isn’t on the fantasy, but rather the perceived realities.

However, being that this work has a certain viewpoint, audience and focus, it is rather a darker tone overall. Still, there are things to consider and reflect upon, but then that brings a question to be asked. Are all things as they seem, or are they something other? Is there some kind of understanding to be found? Is there some meaning or is it simply scattered thoughts without focus?

It tells of:

Demoniality: A Look at the Phenomena of Incubi and Succubi or Sexual Intercourse with Demons

A work examining the world of magic, its relationship with sex demons, succubi and incubi. A consideration of their forms, their actions, and the aspects of encountering them and the results of doing so.

As a whole this work reads very much like a paper one might find in a university library or similar source of knowledge. It’s quite short, really a series of short passages in which the author describes various aspects of succubi and incubi in their form, actions and more. It’s not deep in detail, reading as a summary of what is known, what is expected and what comes from such encounters.

To be clear, this isn’t written as fiction, it is a serious contemplation about succubi and incubi from the perspective of someone that is familiar with the world of dark magik, sex magik and those knows as dark magicians. Whether one subscribes to this point of view or not, there’s no question that the author has spent time considering things and putting the pieces together as they can.

While there is focus and some detail, the work is a summary with the occasional bit of detail added to expand certain sections of the work. For those looking for summonings, this isn’t that sort of work. It is, more than anything else, information to expand one’s horizons, if from a perspective that takes succubi and incubi and holds them to be what their myths expect them to be.

Now, I’ve said many times that I don’t agree with that, but that means little in my considerations of this work. My issue comes more from the summarization found. There’s just enough detail to be interesting, but it doesn’t expand upon that. In many ways this work reads like a collection of larger works was boiled down into this treatise, leaving the core not delved into. That is where my disappointment comes from. There’s enough to be interesting, but there’s not enough detail and expansion to lend life and depth.

Three out of five pitchforks.

Overall, it is interesting from a scholarly perspective. The detail, the examination that the author goes into is fascinating to me. Whether one subscribes to their thoughts or not, there are things to think about and it’s that which interested me. However, it is short, it lacks as much detail as I was expecting to find. I wasn’t looking for an ancient tomb of knowledge, but I was expecting something more than summarization.

As a reference, the work is useful, beyond that point, the rest is left up to each reader to decide upon.



Mar 28 2017

A Review of the Dark Rhythms series by Magi Silverwolf

Melody's Seduction: Acceso by Magi Silverwolf

Melody’s Seduction: Acceso by Magi Silverwolf

From time to time I post reviews of stories that appeared years ago. I do so mainly because in most cases the works were never reviewed in the first place. It’s a shame that there’s so little reviewers of erotica. Another shame is when a series starts, is terribly short, offers something interesting and then abruptly ends leaving nothing but questions behind.

Exploring erotica takes heat, of course, but it also takes the moments along the way to tell the stories of the characters, why they make the choices they do, and the world they live in. But trying to do all of that in a rush never works well.

A review then of a very short and rushed pair of works that offered something interesting, but never did anything with it beyond some flash and heat.

The first work is:

  • Title: Melody’s Seduction: Acceso
  • Author: Magi Silverwolf
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 14 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: May 7, 2014
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells the story of:

It was one night of undeniable passion between two strangers. He didn’t just seduce her–he consumed her.

The second work, which you can find here on Amazon, tells the story of:

The fire between them crackles with continued heat. What started as a one-night-stand has turned into a tag-of-war. He is a hunter and she makes delicious prey.

A story of the needs of two, the seduction of one, and the conflict when a third discovers what has happened. Melody isn’t sure why she’s enthralled by Mikhael, but the questions are drowned out by the heat that consumes her while Mikhael cannot resist the heat that burns him in return.

The series, two works in total, is a part of very short erotic hot flashes that seem to be in a rush to get to the heat and leave what’s otherwise a lot of complex plots and ideas dangling behind. It’s not completely clear if Mikhael is an incubus, though how the story reads, it’s highly likely. In the same way, Melody seems to be human, but there’s something else going that’s shaded in the background, but not explored.

That said, the heat in the erotic moments, the seduction that builds towards the encounter is really well done. There’s a lot of need, craving and more in both characters which pushes the story onwards at breakneck speeds and that’s the problem. As both works in the series are so short, there’s not enough time to tease, to entwine them both together as much as I’d liked them to be. It’s not a cold and meaningless encounter, both Mikhael and Melody have the connection, the desire to be together, but there’s no attempt to really get into the background and meaning of this.

Mikhael is a mystery throughout the story, there’s a bit of a smug attitude around him which at times didn’t do anything for me. Melody’s life is a lot more fleshed out, both her in character, her life, what she does away otherwise. But again, there’s something missing about her. It’s like there’s something more to be told, but the proof of that never develops and is only hinted at.

The works are much too short, there’s little time to develop the characters and when yet another is added to the mix, she’s there as a threat, clearly so, but then is gone in a flash. The work needs to be edited more to create more story than what’s given. There is a story here and if there’d ever been a series further developed, it would have been quite a read. But it wasn’t, we’re left with a pair of teases and little to hold onto.

Two out of five pitchforks.

The series didn’t go any further than these two short works and then nothing more came from it. That’s a shame because there something interesting about Melody, Mikhael and others, but there’s not a moment to really get anywhere with the characters beyond the seduction and the erotica.

The hints about Mikhael, that there’s something else going on with Melody, would have been fascinating to see told more of, but never will be it seems. That all said, there’s just not a lot here beyond a well told seduction, a flash of heat and then a mystery never brought further, which is a shame.



Mar 27 2017

Snowfall By TeraS

I find myself in something of a writer’s block, not able to get things the way I’d like them to be. There are some parts of the Realm that I have been meaning to explore, some tales I have been hoping to tell. Still, even a short story can have something to say, like how, sometimes, we just need to watch some …


By TeraS


Sometimes the winters are cold.

Sometimes the nights are so very long.

Sometimes, just sometimes, there’s nothing else but the snow.

Sometimes, the snow falls, the flakes of white going about their paths until they are grounded, becoming one with all of the snowflakes that had come before and those that would come to be.

Sometimes one Eternal knows there’s something that’s not right with one’s Eternal.

She stands by the doorway, looking within the room. She sees the pictures of the past, the moments shared, loved, known. The pain of the past winter still hurts, still leaves a mark within her soul that she can’t shake away … not that she really wants to.

He stands by the bay window of their home, looking out at the yard, covered in the snows of the winter that has been. If the prior seasons had been dark, the winter this year was especially so. Mortality is the most terrible of things to confront, more so when that mortality comes in the form of losing one’s mother. That pain remains, not ebbing away, not becoming less. It is a deep cut within, one that won’t ever fully heal … not that he really wants it to.

Outside, the winds blow, throwing about the flurry of white crystals that continued to fall.

She comes closer, knowing the pain that he still feels, the ache that cannot find its way free from within. She is his Eternal after all; there is no hiding away the pain. No wan smile, soft chuckle, or shrug can possibly overcome the truth she knows. He covers it up well, of course, for her sake if not for his own, his own cascade of frozen, luxurious white sheets to drift over the aches and pains, tears and sobs, to muffle away the self-recriminations, the feeling of not being good enough, of not doing enough. There are too many nots and too few dids from what he can see.

Around them both, the snows continued to fall.

He knows she is there, that she worries about him, worries that the pain has gone on too long, worries about the doubts he has pressing within. Like the snows that blanket the pathway to their home, he’d like to shovel them all to the side, pile them up, out of the way, and make a path. But it has been a long winter, the snow is so very deep and doing so seems impossible. So instead of starting, instead of dealing with what’s blocking the path, he just lets things pile on, more and more, just waiting.

All the while, the snow continues to fall.

They are the rulers of the Realm, some would say, not understanding fully. Others might call them a couple, again not seeing the truth. Fewer still would call them lovers, only seeing the barest hint of the love they have for each other. They could do most anything, save the one thing they both wanted, the one thing they wished more than anything could be, but never was.

From far above, the snows continued to fall.

The small, unremarkable home found itself awash in the white snow, the roof covered, the walls turned an off-white, but still blanketed in the powder that came calling. There was sadness within, a guest in the home now for longer than it needed to be. But in spite of the cold, the dark, the ache, and the loss, there was warmth. Nothing can bury the flames of two Eternals; no loss can truly take away the love of family given, held, and shared.

The room wasn’t a barrier between them. Her footfalls were muffled by the carpet beneath them both—a few short steps, in one sense. The crossing through the depths of all that had befallen them both, however, was a greater barrier. He continued to look out the window, thinking about what he’d say to her, how he’d try to comfort her and set his own pains aside. In the same way, she thought about how she’d put her own pain aside, support him, not be concerned about the drifts of loss that surrounded her. But that would mean the plowing away of a barrier between them once more.

There’d been enough of snowfall.

Spooning with him, she looked over his shoulder. For a time, they didn’t say a word. There wasn’t any need to. He knew her, she knew him. The past year had come heavy, the burdens more than either alone could manage, but, together, they did. He looked away from the snowfall when her arms wrapped about his waist, twining her fingers together. Her scent—cherries—wrapped around them both, a reminder of what lurked beneath the snows that hid so much life around them.

Gradually, they saw less and less snow fall.

He squeezed her hand lightly: “It’s going to be a good spring … isn’t it?”

Her tail twined with his own: “Yes, it will.”

Outside, the snows no longer fell.

He turned away from the snow, letting it lie were it was, knowing that, in time, the warmth of spring would come and take the cold away. There would be, he knew, many more moments to be. Yet the first ones were the hardest, and there were many more to come.

The fallen snow lay in wait.

The sun peeked through the clouds above, the light making the snow sparkle and shimmer. The two Eternals turned back to watch as a beam of light broke through the clouds. Their home was bathed in the light from above.

It was a reminder that love never leaves, it is for always.

It was a reminder that in the love of a mother, shared with her family, will be for always.

It was a reminder that there will not always be a snowfall.

Mar 26 2017

A Review of Fortuna by Julie Law

Fortuna by Julie Law

Fortuna by Julie Law

Relationships within stories matter, they help to drive the plot, give depth to the characters themselves. Not all relationships have love, some are very dark and troubled. In the same way, the past of a character can shape them, whether they know of that or not. It’s the telling of that past, how it links to the relationships that brings life to a story overall.

A review then of the first work in the Futa Academy series by Julie Law in which knowing one is a succubus isn’t the answer, it’s the question that leaves many paths open. Not the least of which is, in the end, not what am I, but rather who matters the most.

The work tells the story of:

Despite being one of the newest academies of magic, Fortuna commanded respect and its opulence made it a very attractive prospect for any promising student. Gretchen didn’t care about it, she wasn’t there by choice, but she found that escaping from the grasp of Fortuna’s staff was almost impossible.

It gave her a unique chance. She had been on the run since her parents were killed, living on the streets, fleeing from town to town, trying to avoid those her paranoia said were out to get her. Fortuna could be her home, her fellow students her friends and protectors, but there was something more to it all. Someone wanted her there, someone who knew what she was, and it made her afraid.

She was one of the last succubus on the planet, and unfortunately there would be many who would want her to disappear …

Gretchen knows she’s a succubus, but what she doesn’t know is why there’s so much interest in her from a place called Fortuna. Upon arriving in her new home she discovers three truths: She’s more than she realized, her life is in danger, but most of all, there’s someone that loves her. For a succubus, finding love is impossible, but then Gretchen isn’t just a succubus after all.

The work is the introduction to a new series which, at least from the title, suggests here will be a lot of futa themes in the series. Interestingly, there’s not that much actual futa erotica, save for one scene at the end of the work. That actually allows for the time to set up Gretchen as a character, introduce those around her, and start several plot and character arcs. The setting is a mix of steampunk and magic that has a flavor of its own, setting up a unique universe in doing so. There wasn’t as much detail in that as I’d like, but the little hints of things were delightful and I’ll hope for more world building in the future to come.

Gretchen, the main character of this work, is a succubus, but one with a human form. She’s thoughtful, but brash, eager and yet afraid. Her past hasn’t been the easiest of things, and there’s a lot about herself that she doesn’t know. It’s that mystery that comes into play in the latter part of the work and drives the climax onward. There’s also a moral code to her choices, she’s not evil and that makes her more attractive as a succubus, both in how she acts, but more importantly, the relationships that form as the story goes on. One particular one, with a certain blonde student, just make me smile from the first moment and every time they were together.

There is another succubus in the work, Selena, who has a pivotal role. She’s very much an experienced succubus, holding a lot of power in being so. She’s seductive, plays with emotions, wants and needs so very easily. But she’s a bit too evil for the sake of being so, bordering on the edge of being a stereotypical succubus. At first it seemed like she wasn’t going to be, but her actions to draw the story to its climax just disappointed me. It’s too “evil for being evil” and I don’t think it worked. That said, her appearance and forcing Gretchen to her climax felt rushed. At some moments I thought that parts were missing and that bothered me.

There’s really only one scene of erotica which shifts from a female dominant tone through conflict before there’s a resolution of sorts. As that happens, Gretchen’s truth is explained, if in a rush, and it answers some of the questions, but leaves so many more to be told. There’s more teasing and seduction for the most part until Gretchen is pushed into revealing her futa form, but that happens in a way that isn’t out of character or feels wrong with the story told. It makes sense, isn’t crass or over the top. It just simple feels right, considering who is with Gretchen when that happens.

The conclusion seems too fast, considering all that came before. I’d have liked more time for Gretchen to settle what she’s learned, but more importantly, reveled in what she’s found with another. That fills a void, but there are more to be settled and that’s going to be a very complicated thing to solve.

Captivating characters, a complex plot that holds a lot of promise, but the little nagging editing issues here and there need to be dealt with. That said, this work, and I expect the series going forwards will hold a place in my heart because of Gretchen and her new found love. It’s a story that makes me smile and reflect on a certain red tail and a certain blonde angel who’s story seems so very familiar here.

Four out of five pitchforks.

I adore Gretchen and I do look forward to seeing was comes next in this series. I’m going to hope that the focus will remain on her for the most part as there are a lot of questions to be explored about her. I’ll also hope that Selena doesn’t turn out to be as stereotypical as she has begun to be, for that would be a disappointment.

But most of all, the story of Gretchen and her lover is very dear to me. If nothing else, holding onto the palatable joy in their relationship and what it means I think will be the core of this work and bring about something wonderful.



Mar 26 2017

A Review of Incubus: A Jacoby Ash Creature Feature is by M. R. Stover

Incubus: A Jacoby Ash Creature Feature is by M. R. Stover

Incubus: A Jacoby Ash Creature Feature is by M. R. Stover

The one sort of story that I have the most issues with are those in which the summary offers something interesting and then the story doesn’t deliver on that. A work can be described in a way to make it very appealing, but then having the story be a handful of pages with scattered thoughts, no direction, no character development doesn’t work. More so when the story just reads as being close to an encounter in a role playing game that’s being summarized and put to paper.

A story that begins with a battle is one thing. A story that never really develops the characters, tells a cohesive tale is another. But then, what can one expect in a work of five pages in length?

  • Title: Incubus: A Jacoby Ash Creature Feature
  • Author: M. R. Stover
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 5 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B01MAX5B2S
  • Publishing Date: October 14, 2016
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells the story of:

The Incubus, Xaphan has defied the order of Hell by enslaving a human woman’s mind and body as his own personal sex doll. By doing so he violated the Balance of Nature that all things stand upon. Join Jacoby Ash, Hell’s own Hitman as he hunts Xaphan from Earth to Hell. Fighting Demons, Succubi and facing other dangers.

The book summary is rather misleading as a whole. It explains the background of what’s going on, but it doesn’t really tell what happens in the work itself. A better summary might be: A incubus and a demon battle, one loses, they go to hell and the fight continues.

There’s no appearance of succubi in this work, the incubus, Xaphan has one or two lines of dialogue that add up to nothing character-wise. There’s no character development, there’s no explanation about any of the characters that appear. The work only focuses on a short, violent and confusing battle which ends in a way that makes little sense before turning into another battle and moving onwards.

Really, that’s the core of this work. One demon against a number of others, using various weapons, making the occasion snarky comment and then fighting on. That’s not much of a story as a whole. It’s less than a scene, less than a moment. Really the fighting is told in summary, with some highlights of pain and grunting before the next punch is thrown or weapon used. As odd as it seems, there was more told about the weapons than the characters here, which says something I think.

The work is far too short, it has no purpose or direction. The characters are thin, not developed nor is anything explained. This isn’t so much a story as it is a piece of role-play and one that didn’t interest me at all. The author would be well to rewrite the entire work, expand on what’s going on, actually use their summary as an outline and write to that. That could make things interesting, but what’s given otherwise isn’t.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

The work is a pamphlet at best, the story is thin, there’s little direction. The story summary offers far more than what this work delivers and that’s a shame. But it’s more a shame that the reader is dumped into a story with no idea of who the main character is, what is going on or why. There’s just so little comprehension to be found. A summary is good to tell something about a story, but leaving that summary to carry what otherwise is a confusing tale isn’t going to work.



Mar 25 2017

An interesting Morrigan Aensland Tribute YouTube

Another of the many Morrigan Aensland tributes that I find on YouTube from time to time today. While the music isn’t what I think fits with Morrigan, it kind of sounds like something in a strip club and I can’t see Morrigan being in one, but that’s my opinion. Still, there is one image that I liked nonetheless.


If you can’t see this video on the Tale, please try this link:

And, as I normally do, here is the one image of Morrigan that I think was the best one in the video…

Morrigan Aensland YouTube Screenshot

This isn’t the best quality by far, but overall I like the muted tones, Morrigan’s pose, and how she isn’t overplaying her body’s curves so much. Just a really nice and focused piece of art and I liked that a lot.

The odd thing about this video is that not all of the images are of Morrigan, there are some other characters cosplaying as Morrigan, even a Disney princess is there as well which was… odd.

Perhaps that’s an idea for a video… Art of characters trying to be Morrigan?