Feb 28 2016

A Review of Unforgettable by Nanea Knott

Unforgettable by Nanea Knott

Unforgettable by Nanea Knott

The next in a series of reviews of the Sex Demon series by Nanea Knott here on the Tale. You can find my review of the prequel work here and my review of the first book in the series can be found here.

So far in the series I have been wondering about several things that have been mentioned, referred to, but not really delved into deeply.

The question of how people forget things after they are with a succubus, how that plays out exactly. What happens with others involved in that event? Another aspect is what exactly is the difference between humanity and the succubi and incubi?

Then comes the question of the mysterious group that wishes them to be no more. A lot of questions to be wondering about, but perhaps the largest one of all is, why is it so hard for succubi, and incubi for that matter, to accept when they find their mate?

The question of being true to oneself takes many forms. One can be true to their calling, to make that be their lives. One can be true to a belief, no matter the cost. One can be true to one’s own desires. Perhaps the single thing that matters the most is to see the truth and accept it when it comes calling.

  • Title: Unforgettable
  • Author: Nanea Knott
  • Length: 162 Pages
  • Publishing Date: September 20, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

It tells the story of:

A glance across the room of a golf course clubhouse had two strangers longing to meet. A phone call would interrupt their plans. Later that day Dr. Kevin Nettle scrambled to the hospital to save a hit and run victim. He’s capable, dedicated and lost. Medicine was his whole life until he followed his colleague into the emergency room.

Succubus Shelly Graham is content to live her life as it’s always been despite the growing emptiness inside her. She doesn’t remember much about the crash, only that she’s in pain and bleeding. Her only hope of healing is to feed. The young doctor treats a beautiful patient astonished by her ability to heal. He wonders why and starts looking for answers. When he finds it, he also finds trouble. There are factions at war and he and Shelly must find a way to save one another before the secret battle kills them both.

Shelly is a succubus having a really bad day. First she’s in a car accident that almost kills her. Then she finds out her doctor is her mate, then things turn even worse when she discovers that some of her friends are in trouble… and it is coming for her. For a succubus like Shelly, who is fine on her own, learning to deal with a mate is something she was never prepared for. Relationships are never easy, and when you are a succubus, they really can suck sometimes.

The most interesting part of this work was how Shelly reacted to discovering that Kevin was her mate. As strong as she is on the outside, there’s a very strong sense of insecurity for her relationship wise. But the reason for that is more of a defence mechanism to her particular succubus ability. While most of her kind have time to enjoy being with the ones they feed on, Shelly doesn’t have that luxury. It’s that difference that, for the most part, defines her character, how she sees the idea of romance, or lack of it.

Being that she thinks in this way, how things unfold between her and Kevin is a very rocky path and there are quite a few moments when I couldn’t help but sigh at the mistakes, stumbles, and how poorly she reads Kevin’s body language and actions. Even when Shelly finally accepts things for what they are, she still has a need to somehow turn away, over and over again. It’s a little sad at times, there are some very tearful moments that come too.

Kevin’s reaction to things is very real from his perspective. There is confusion, misunderstanding and what makes it worse for him is the mysterious group who are looking to remove all of the succubi and incubi appear in his life. Trying to put the pieces together, then being confronted by them, takes his character to some moments that are humorous, frightening and sometimes ill advised. Nonetheless, he is single minded, especially when it comes to Shelly and I thought how his character and Shelly’s contrast, but also are the same in a lot of ways was a lovely piece of writing.

The core of the story is what happens to Shelly and Kevin, but as this unfolds there is quite a lot of information revealed about the main plot, and side plots without giving too much away. The connections with the prequel and first book in the series are a little subtle, not taking away from the main characters. There is an appearance of a new character that draws Kevin, and the reader, into the world of those that oppose the succubi and incubi and while he appears somewhat fleetingly, he leaves a telling impression on the series.

The erotica is every bit as hot as the preceding works in the series, but I must honestly say that the single most amazingly hot erotic scene is the last one in the work. I now know how I will get my Eternal to sign something for me if I need him to. The erotica is more romantic, more passionate, more holding to the truths of the characters than in the prior works. There is more time spent on the passion in the moment than the climax and in being so it was very hot for me.

As the work plays out, there are a few points at which there is a lot of information to be processed and we see that from Kevin’s perspective. Again, as in the prior works, it isn’t told as an info dump. How that is told works both from a story perspective and a plot one as well. Kevin asks questions that, as a reader, I have had from the beginning and understand the answers added a lot to things. The detail matters here, it might be a lot to digest, but it isn’t wasted space in the story. The explanations have to be there and they work.

There is still a lot of mystery to tell, the question of what makes the succubi and incubi different isn’t revealed. The mystery group is scratched on a bit, mainly making it clear they are not people to be taken lightly with all that happens. As for the succubi and incubi, and especially Marissa, there is a lot still unrevealed by far.

One of the things that bothers me somewhat is how arrogant some of the characters are in the series. Why they are isn’t explained, but it’s a present force when they do. I still cannot wrap my mind around how it works that when a succubus or incubus is feeding they don’t show up on recording devices. I will say that in this work, for the first time, there is a scene which graphically tells of how their powers work on humans, how it effects their memories, and it allows for some cute moments, but also a very serious one to think about, all things considered.

I only noticed one editing mistake in the work, quite a minor one really and it didn’t cause me to stumble in my reading. The characters have growth, the plot is solid and tells a very good romantic story that pulled on my heartstrings. The best moments are when Shelly tells Kevin of her past, what like is like for her and in doing so she reveals her inner self-doubt. It is a very strong piece of writing and in that moment Shelly really came alive as a character for me.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

An excellent read, well enjoyed. The work adds some layers to the series to take onwards, introduces how many of the main characters fit together, and gives purpose to why things are as they are. I would have liked a bit more told of Shelly’s past, her parents. I wonder about quite a lot of the characters that appeared in this work and who will be the next to appear.

I do know of two who I have the oddest feeling are going to wind up with each other for some reason, even if they don’t like each other very much. The questions are still here, the answers are coming, along with many of the characters, and that made me smile.



Feb 28 2016

A Review of the Succubus Incorporated Series by Vanessa Von Vine

Succubus Incorporated by Vanessa Von Vine

Succubus Incorporated by Vanessa Von Vine

There are some series that have an idea, a concept, a hook as it were, that catches my attention. The story of that, how it unfolds, why things happen as they do, interests me.

I hope to see the story, to have characters that learn something, be something more. That doesn’t always happen. When the story gets sidetracked for the sake of a series of hot flashes and loses it’s way… That becomes a problem. More so when the story abruptly comes to a stop when things were just getting to the point of closing the circle and getting somewhere.

The series tells the story of:

Succubus Incorporated is a paranormal Romance. It is about the training of a new Succubus, a young eighteen year old girl named Sarah Donavan, who saves the world by having sex with mythical creatures – the only way to keep a demonic force from exiting its cage, a strange wooden idol. She has many problems, but the biggest is that she is in love with her former French teacher Mr. Morlock, who just happens to be her “Watcher”, and the husband of the retired former sex witch and succubus Mrs Morlock, hates her and will do anything to make sure to keep her husband away from Sarah’s growing magical sex powers . . .

The series summary is slightly misleading as the story tends to centre around Sarah and Mrs. Morlock butting heads, threats being thrown at each other and, as a whole, that becomes all that the series seemed to focus on. That and a series of short hot flashes as Sarah learns about her powers and the new existence that she finds herself in.

The plot that keeps returning over and over again of Sarah wanting Mr. Morlock, then having to deal with Mrs. Morlock just becomes too repetitive. It turns into a game of ‘ticking each other off to see who breaks’, along with the typical taunts and curses being thrown. This takes away from really learning about how things work for Sarah, what she can do, how the Morlocks got into the situation they are in, why things happen as they are.

While both Sarah and Mrs. Morlock are called succubi, it’s not really clear if they actually are. There are hints of some mind control being used, a little magic ability, some shapeshifting and so on. Being they are acting in a succubus-like way, and there is some references to that, it makes some sense in that context. But to find that, one has to wade through all of the internal monologue from Sarah about pining for Mr. Morlock, her hate for Mrs. Morlock, and so on. In the moments when Sarah uses her powers, or when Mrs. Morlock does, that was interesting, had some heat and worked overall.

The erotica runs hot to warm, depending on the events of the moment. There is some vanilla scenes, a couple of supernatural ones as well. There is some complexities as well in the erotica which reflects Sarah’s internal needs and struggles which I didn’t expect and added something to her character.

But as for some growth in the characters, that really doesn’t happen. Sarah’s thoughts do not change from start to end, Mr. Morlock is as conflicted as he was in the beginning, and Mrs. Morlock is every bit as ugly in personality as she was at the start. There’s so little change in any of the characters and that need not have happened.

One thing that kept nagging at me was how the Morlocks were never referred to by first name. It always was “Mr.” and “Mrs.” which I could understand from Sarah being somewhat overwhelmed by events. But it also put up a wall to those characters where there wasn’t a connection to them. Sarah being focused on only having Mr. Morlock as well didn’t make a connection for me either, and her constant cursing and ranting internally over what Mrs. Morlock does, again, just left me not caring to any great extent.

There is a story, background and a universe here, but that’s fleeting in how much is told about it. There’s a info dump at times which helps, but, again, the infighting among the characters gets in the way of the storytelling. I understand there needs to be conflict, that it makes for a better story, but repeating the same curses, having the same arguments, doesn’t really make things work.

As a whole, the characters are a little thin, needing to be rounded out more, tell more about themselves, and not be so sealed up with who they are. To have the characters be, in their own ways, stereotypes of the horny teen, the submissive husband, and the overbearing wife, leaves a lot to be desired.

At the end of the series the work ends on a cliffhanger of sorts, a threat in a way. There seems to be a direction for the series to take which I think would be interesting, but that never came to pass. But as well, on the last page, it’s clear that none of the characters has learned anything and the series ends where it begins.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

Characters that are hard to like, a plot that doesn’t really go anywhere, and then a series that ends on a cliffhanger and goes no further. It’s a shame because the core idea is a good one, but losing that to the infighting just takes away so much.



Feb 27 2016

Possibly the funniest Succubus Dance YouTube I’ve seen

Over the time that the Tale has been here, I’ve come across some videos that I can’t help but laugh over. Sometimes for the content, sometimes for the expressions and sometimes because the wobbly bits are really… wobbly.


If you cannot see this video on the Tale, please try this link:


And in the event that YouTube has made this vanish, as seems to be an ongoing problem with things I share here on the Tale, here’s an image of the Succubus in question…

Stripper Succubus

As a whole, to be honest about things, I do like the shiny she’s wearing. I really don’t have a problem with her as a whole looking somewhat Succubus-like. The problem I have is, and you have to see the video to see it, how wobbly she is in the chest area. I’m being rather circumspect about this, but really the only thing to do is watch the video to see what I mean.

I would suggest turning down the volume however, the music is J-pop hyperactive of course, which sort of explains her bouncing around madly. While I liked her looks at the beginning of the video, I have to admit the first time she starts swinging around her tassels I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

However, and I suppose this is the important thing, her outfit does put a story into my thoughts that I should try to finish. Stripper Succubus anyone?

There might be something to that…



Feb 26 2016

A Review of Demon Menage by Jacqueline D Cirque

Demon Menage by Jacqueline D Cirque

Demon Menage by Jacqueline D Cirque

There are some stories that start out with some conflict, some sort of danger or, at the most, an event that changes lives. This usually leads to another event that leads to the point of the story and things develop from there. But what happens when the explanation for why things happen doesn’t right true with the events of the story? Is that a mistake, omission, or meant to be?

When that happens, I find it hard to continue onwards and get immersed in the story to be. More so when the story doesn’t really continue for getting out of the way of the oncoming rush of rather lukewarm heat.

The work tells of:

The Dark One demands a debt be paid.

Village girl Elsa is not a stranger to sin. For months she has happily spread her legs for countless men, but now her sins have caught up with her. Stabbed, killed and cast down into the dark depths of hell, Elsa almost falls foul of the wraith’s poison before she is rescued by a trio of exiled demons.

The demons know the only way to bring her back is through the Ceremony—a brutal coupling that few humans have survived before. Every hole must be filled—hard, fast and without mercy. Can Elsa survive, or will she be forced to live out a darker life, forever stuck in a perpetual cycle of unfathomable horror?

Elsa is hunted by another who has learned what she has been up to. A fight comes, Elsa then finds herself in hell, at the mercy of a creature she does not understand. Then she is “saved” from a cruel fate by three incubi that have their way with her. But then, what happens next is more the question.

The story is a bit confused, but a lot of that is from Elsa’s perspective I think. While the beginning is quite clear about what happens to her, what she does, and what transpires, it only tells a bit of the story before that ends and the story shifts to another place altogether. There is a story there, but it isn’t really dwelled on long, save to point out what Elsa has been up to and little more.

Once the core of the story starts, again, there is a bit of story in the start, but then that gets taken aside when Elsa is attacked, used, and then “rescued” by what seems to be a trio of incubi. It isn’t clear if they are incubi, though it seems the most likely explanation, and as they “help” Elsa she might be transformed, or beginning to be, into a succubus, but again that’s not really clear either.

What is clear is that the story vanishes and a hot flash begins to start, tries to find its way, but I don’t think it does. The erotica isn’t… interesting. Elsa really does nothing, or next to that, while the incubi do all they want with her. Elsa is more sex doll than anything else through most of this and when she finally comes out of the spell she is under… The scenes are stereotypically over the top in tone which didn’t do anything for me as well.

The erotica doesn’t have all that much heat, the characters are paper-thin, the story isn’t present and all of that just made me lose my interest far too quickly. There’s no character development, there’s nothing in the way of a plot, other that the sex scenes, and it just didn’t work overall. The work is supposed to be “horror” but really is isn’t. It is brutal in the beginning, make no mistake, but otherwise it isn’t so much horror as it is slasher themed in the beginning followed by some erotica that tries to be “evil” but really only turns out to be “sleepy” or “frozen” as Elsa has to suffer through those perils before the work climaxes and Elsa’s personality changes somewhat.

There is a point at which I was brought up short by a comment made about Elsa in which she is said to be a murder, which has to do with how she passed away and came to be where she is. I don’t see how defending oneself in the midst of being murdered by another makes her a murderer as well. That didn’t sit right with me and, as such, the balance of the story just went out of focus for me. I found myself trying to understand that comment around all else that was happening and I just couldn’t make it fit.

Two out of five pitchforks.

A sad beginning which leads to some strange erotic encounters and a story which seemed to be only there for Elsa being used by the three incubi. It’s a hot flash, barely, with not a lot of story that makes sense to take it further. There is a story, but it doesn’t get taken far and should have for all of the hints in the work that appeared.



Feb 26 2016

A Review of Remember Me by Nanea Knott

Remember Me by Nanea Knott (Original Issue Book Cover)

Remember Me by Nanea Knott (Original Issue Book Cover)

The next review of the Sex Demon series by Nanea Knott here on the Tale. I started with the prequel work, which I enjoyed very much and you can find that review here earlier this week. The prequel was released after the series had started, but still makes it’s presence and connection to the series known in this, the first actual novel of the series in some interesting ways.

The hardest thing about trying to find one’s soulmate is that you never expect to find them. Actually that’s not true when one’s soulmate is a succubus and the proof of the connection between you both is a simple question. What do you remember in the morning?

If you are the succubus, the larger question is whether you can believe it yourself when you are confronted by it, or if the stories of never finding the right soul are the real truth. Self doubt can be the most terrible of things when you so desperately want to believe and things aren’t the fairy tale they should be.

  • Title: Remember Me
  • Author: Nanea Knott
  • Length: 207 Pages
  • ASIN: B00TU6762U
  • Publishing Date: February 19, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

It tells the story of:

Willow Harris is a succubus who has to have sex with humans to survive. She’s been sleeping with a co-worker, Chase for weeks, but he doesn’t remember any of it. No one ever does. There’s only one true love for a succubus, and Willow hasn’t found hers yet.

Detective Greg Stewart arrives at an accident scene and everything seems routine. While investigating her friend’s suspicious car crash, he meets the young, breathtaking Willow, and now he can’t get her out of his mind. He takes a special interest in the case and the woman he is inexplicably drawn to.

Willow finds out her friend isn’t the only one being targeted and things get more complicated when she discovers there’s an entire organization devoted to destroying all sex demons. To make matters worse, Chase begins stalking her. Falling in love with Greg should be the last thing on her mind, but the magnetism is undeniable.

Greg has received unbelievable information about his investigation and goes straight to Willow for answers. She confides in him, though it’s useless because he’ll just forget in the morning. She didn’t expect him to pull an all-nighter, and he hasn’t forgotten a word she’s said.

Willow is kidnapped, lives are threatened, and Greg willingly puts his life on the line. Has Greg taken on a force too big? Can Willow escape with not only her life, but her heart, intact?

Willow is a succubus with a dream. A single wish that one day she will find someone that remembers her in the morning. Greg is a man that has only found the wrong woman and decides to give up on finding Miss Right. The events of an accident draw them together, and Greg finds himself attracted to Willow, and she to him. A night together brings answers for Greg, but for Willow she holds no hope that he is the one. Against the odds, Greg remembers, but is it because he is her mate or is it because he doesn’t want to forget her? Along the way, Willow learns that some accidents are not accidents, and her kind are being threatened as a whole and Willow in particular.

The first novel in the series sets up quite a number of plots with most, if not all of them being connected to a mysterious group of which very little is revealed. But through that connection the work brings together a collection of characters with one thing in common. They are the succubi and incubi of this universe, and the story of what their lives and search for the one love, are like.

This particular theme I enjoyed the most, for various reasons of my own. The single point in that theme, the proof, I thought was inspired, and that reflects in the series titles. While the method is unique, there comes, in a way, a certain level of disbelief from the main character of the work when she is confronted by the possibility of having her dream be true. There’s a point at while, and it is a very human response, when she thinks she might have her wish, finds out what the other is willing to do to remember her, and then brushes him off for doing so. It’s a heartbreaking moment, and through it there comes further moments of confusion, strife and, towards the conclusion, an amazingly hilarious telling of “what really happened” that was perfect and I couldn’t stop laughing over.

Willow, the main character of this work, is one of many succubi who’s story are told, While Willow’s, being the main character. it delved into the most, as each of the succubi appear throughout the work, there’s a good deal of personality, history, and plot that curls around them really nicely. For the incubi however, there’s only one character who receives the same treatment, and in truth I want to know how that story turns out because the little pieces of his life, and his problem, were very strongly felt against Willow’s own.

Willow’s character is complex, having her own issues, fears, needs and wants, and being so ties the various plot threads together really well. There are a few points where she’s a bit whiny, lost, unsure, and makes a few judgement calls that are questionable, but there’s a reason for them. His name is Greg.

While most of the work is told from Willow’s perspective, when Greg’s comes into play there were a lot of moments, much like I felt with Willow, where I wanted to hug him tightly. There are good souls in this series and Greg’s is really one of the most wonderful. While his past is a mess, encountering Willow, how she effects him, and his internal monolog tells a lot about him. It’s interesting to listen to his thoughts as he tries to piece everything together, but there comes the moment when he is with Willow for the first time and even as he and Willow fall into each other’s orbits, Greg still manages to ask questions of her which really nicely tells a lot of things about the succubi and incubi without making it feel like an information dump.

The succubi and incubi in this work are, for the most part human save for a single difference that I think works really well. While there are no horns or tails involved, their abilities to seduce are wonderfully told, I liked that they survive by being pleasured by and pleasuring humans, but how it works, exactly that no one remembers them is a bit of a mystery. As is how things work that they cannot be “seen” on video, or otherwise, in the midst of their feeding. It brings up an interning question that I have been pondering, and I wonder if it would appear in this work. It did, in a way, but fleetingly, leaving another mystery to be told.

There is a lovely undercurrent of humour which works really well, a bit of snark here and there which wasn’t over done. The plots are complex and mesh with the scattering of erotica quite well. The erotica is best when Greg or Willow is thinking about each other in a fantasy world before they actually meet and when they come to touch for the first time, that scene is delicious in that the heat, the passion and the need are every bit as strong and powerful as their fantasy.

Overall the writing is very good, the dialogue is real and there’s a certain pleasure in listening to each character tell there part of the story in their own way. The only point that brought me up short for a moment was when something like: “Marissa is a succubus” then described her in the past tense, then continued with the story in the same tense that had been used. It sounded very odd in that moment, but this is a minor quibble really.

The heat is perfect, the telling of Willow’s succubus powers is delicious and enthralling. I wish there was more background on some points raised however. Just how does the power of the succubi and incubi work exactly in making them not appear on recording devices when they are feeding? That’s a talent I’d love to understand, even if that comes to a little handwaving.

There is a mystery still unsolved and unanswered and that seems to be the core of the series going forwards. At the same time not all of the characters have told their stories, had their secrets revealed and that is the greater tale to be told here.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

A lovely story with delicious heat, two wonderful characters, and a storyline that holds up throughout. There’s still a lot of things not explained, large parts of Willow’s kind not explained but mentioned in passing. Well written, an excellent start to the series as a whole and it promises so very much in being so. The threads will be knitted together at some point and I do look forward to that happening.



Feb 25 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 423

A cute animeish Succubus for this week’s Succubi and as a whole, I really like her a lot. It’s always interesting to me how the idea of Succubi are tweaked to fit into some games and ideas. It’s nicer when those tweaks come out in the best possible way…

Succubus by Lilaccu

Succubus by Lilaccu

This artwork is by an artist on DeviantArt called Lilaccu, and you can find the original page on DeviantArt with this work here and this artist’s page is here on DeviantArt as well.

According to the artist, this work is something they created for a Japanese card game and I think it’s very apt for that sort of use really. It isn’t overly sexual in nature, but she is clearly a Succubus, wings, tail, horns and all.

She has the most amazing smile and her expression is very much a sort of “come-hither” look which works really well. Wonderful outfit she has and while her horns don’t match her wings and tail that really isn’t all that odd looking here.

It is a shame that her tail is somewhat in the shadows, or blends into the colour of her tail as that makes it almost invisible and easily overlooked. The setting is a bit odd, though I suppose that one might summon a Succubus into a bedroom wouldn’t one?

And then really anything can happen…



Feb 24 2016

I’d rather have the dress and a pair of horns by far…

Devil Cape Mask CostumePossibly the most disappointing so-called costume that I have seen so far this year. It’s really quite sad because, as a whole, I would rather have the dress, which isn’t part of what’s offered, and add a nice set of horns.

Because the rest of this is simply ugly.

This really has quite the descriptive title of Devil Cape Mask Costume and it comes with the cape, hood, attached devil horns and mask. The dress is not included, nor are shoes and it sells for $20 US on several online sites.

This really is just the most ugly, trashy, unsexy piece of fabric that has ever claimed to be a devil costume I think by quite some distance. How anyone would even consider wearing something like this in public I cannot understand.

The more telling part is that you have to figure out a dress and other accessories to wear on top of this mess and there’s no possible way to make this look sexy at all.

Which brings me to the dress that the model is wearing here. I’d honestly rather buy the dress, which by the way is $35 US, add a nice pair of horns and some sexy heels. Just by doing that alone I’d have a costume that was… oh… at least ten fold better than what this costume is supposed to be.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

A waste because it’s only fit for the trash bin. Buy the dress, it’s a better deal by far.