Jun 16 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 439

A simply amazing piece of art for this week’s Succubi… She’s an amazing character, the art is wonderful and, most of all, she has a certain style about her that is captivating…

Lilith by Shallua

Lilith by Shallua

This work is by an artist on Pixiv called Shallua, and you can find the original page on Pixiv with this art here.

What attracted me to this art was just the overall style. This isn’t something that is over the top sexual in nature, and I think that makes this something more. She’s gorgeous, her poise, expression and how the background merges so nicely with her look is so impressive to me.

It’s quite obvious that the artist took a lot of time in putting in a lot of little details, touches and more that makes Lilith exceptionally captivating here.

One of my favourite works of Succubi art for the year…



Jun 15 2016

At least someone was trying to make this Succubus costume sexy

Hell Raising Hottie CostumeSometimes I am amazed at costume designers and how they come up with costume ideas. They can create something that has some sexy in it, some seduction too. They can find the perfect model to show off the costume. She’ll have the right look, mostly the right accessories, and everything just seems like it should work. So why is it that they have to go and give the costume a hem that just makes a mess of things?

This is called the Hell Raising Hottie Costume and it comes with the red stretch metallic dress, an attached tail and the sequin devil horn headband. The finger loop gloves, earrings, shoes and trident that the model is holding are not included.

The costume sells for $50 US, but adding the accessories pushes the cost of the costume to a total of $123 US.

I do not like the pitchfork, and I’m glad it doesn’t come with the costume. I love the heels, I think they work well, but they don’t come with the costume. I love the earrings, but they don’t come with the costume. I don’t like the gloves and I’m glad that they don’t come with the costume. I can sort of deal with the horns, they don’t look out of place and they come with the costume.

Here’s the thing, the costume itself… Needs some work. The main problem I have is that hem. Why do that? What is the point? Why not make a decent straight hem and slit the dress on one side? Beyond that, why not sparkle the entire dress? It looks a bit odd as it is here and I think a shiny overall look would have been a lot nicer a look.

However, it does give me pause to think about my own version of this… Which will be more to my style…

I’ll give this three out of five pitchforks.

It’s… okay. Could have been a lot more…



Jun 14 2016

A Review of Tangled Limbs by Natalie Severine and Eric Severine

Tangled Limbs by Natalie Severine and Eric Severine

Tangled Limbs by Natalie Severine and Eric Severine

The eighth review of the ongoing series called Lily Quinn written by Natalie and Eric Severine this time on the Tale. You can find my first review here, the second herethe third herethe fourth here, and the fifth review ere. The review of the sixth story be found here on the Tale and the review of the prior work in the series can be found here.

Lily’s story is one in which she is very self assured, confident and, for the most part, her actions have never really caused her to have to face their consequences. That leaves a rather large hole in her personality that needs to be filled. Sometimes that takes seeing someone important to her slipping away. Sometimes that takes the realization that events are spiralling out of control. Either way there is a cost that will have to be paid.

It tells the story of:

My name is Lily Quinn and my life is a strange one, I’ll admit, but it’s mine. I hunt monsters for gold and even when my plans to get them in bed go awry, I’ve still got my sex-fueled supernatural strength, speed and senses to take them down. I always get the job done.

Right now, I have two jobs: take down a particularly bloodthirsty vampire, and make sure that Max’s new girlfriend is good enough for him. Two tasks of equal importance, if you ask me. Both of them seemed to be going just great, but then Max asked me to take a look at something, damage that reminds us both of a werewolf.

No one’s said anything about a werewolf in the city, but there’s something out there. Something dangerous. Well, that’s what they pay me the big bucks to hunt down and deal with. Now I need to figure out what I’m up against and how to find it.

I’ve got some long nights ahead of me.

When Lily is invited to dinner, anything can happen. When that involves Max, her best friend, and his new girlfriend, things get more interesting than just playing Truth or Dare. A new job catches Lily’s attention and in trying to figure out the answer to the riddle, she finds that every action has a consequence… and Lily is responsible for this one.

The thing that I liked the most about this work was the moving forward of Max’s life, telling of what’s been happening with him. Seeing that his life is getting somewhere and that Lily’s happy for him, supportive of that, and wants the best for Max leads into a wonderful story in itself. To see Lily being challenged by someone that cares about Max as much as she does matters here. While that does turn into some very hot erotica, the author took time to develop all three characters. The sex is secondary to telling something about Lily, about Max and introducing Taya into the mix.

What this all goes, and what might be the result, I have to admit worries me. There’s a sense of foreboding. Something will happen, it might not be the best of things, and if what I think will happen does, that could shatter both Lily and Max’s lives. But before such things might, or might not happen, there are moments of joy, pleasure, fun and desire.

Beyond the main characters themselves, the secondary plot of Lily trying to solve a mystery seems a bit lost at times. It does allow for some more of Lily’s world to be revealed to her, and to us, but it’s a little scattered and uneven. There are some cute moments of revisiting some of Lily’s past adventures, which have some really funny moments though.

The erotica is quite well done when it comes to Max, Lily and Taya. There is another encounter a bit later for Lily that I wish could have been used to press on with the main plot, but didn’t. The climax of the work, when the mystery is revealed, has a bit of a Hentai edge to it, but I thought it worked well.

At one point Lily comes to the realization about what’s happening and in that moment comes something we haven’t seen from Lily before very much. Her sense of self, of worth, of being something more is assaulted by events out of her control. The guilt is palatable, there is no question. But also comes a certainty within Lily. She needs to make things right.

That then is what matters most here. It isn’t the erotica, it’s seeing Lily do the right thing, even if that means making the most terrible of choices. In the prior work Lily had to use her mind. In this one a part of her soul is harmed. Perhaps this is how Lily’s real story, of who she is, can begin to be told.

Written well as always, the erotica has lovely heat. But I wish there was more time spent in telling about the world being revealed to Lily. I’d like to have seen more of Taya and Max. But this series is mainly told from Lily’s perspective and she keeps on running. At some point she’s going to have to turn and face her own demons.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

I really wanted more character development, more time spent in the core of the series, but that wasn’t to be. Still, Lily had to face something she hadn’t before, making up for a mistake and living with the consequences. Lily is more than the sex she has, and it’s when that comes to the fore that the series is at its best. Still, there is so much not revealed about Lily that needs to be. Hopefully the next work in the series will manage that.



Jun 14 2016

A Review of The Devil in the Detail by Jewel Jones

The Devil in the Detail by Jewel Jones

The Devil in the Detail by Jewel Jones

There are some stories that offer a Succubus, or Succubus-ish, character that seems to be interesting. Perhaps that is in their attitude, their appearance, something that seems to suggest they are meaningful to the work in question.

Sometimes what is offered doesn’t quite work out for several reasons. Much of the time that comes to using the Succubus as a means to get to the erotica, the transformation of another character and then they simply vanish never to be heard of again. That’s a shame when there is so much detail in them and it doesn’t go anywhere. Even if there are hooves involved.

  • Title: The Devil in the Detail
  • Author: Jewel Jones
  • Length: 20 Pages
  • ASIN: B018WIU3EY
  • Publishing Date: December 2, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Summoning demons isn’t too difficult if you know what you’re doing, but when a she-devil shows up in Andy’s pentagram, he’s in for a surprise. The only thing he ever wanted was a chance to get laid, but the demon won’t help him unless she can turn him into a girl. It doesn’t seem like a bad deal, but his new body comes with a few kinks, and Andy is about to get tricked.

With the looks of a supermodel and the mind of bimbo, Andy has no choice but to give in to the cravings of his new body. And his big, black roommate is more than happy to help. It wasn’t meant to go like this, but the devil is in the detail, and there’s no way to resist temptation in this erotic, gender swapping short story.

Andy has made deals with a certain devil before, however this time the summoning reveals that the old deals he had made aren’t much good anymore because there’s a new girl in town and her name is Surazin. The seductive succubus offers a deal with a catch and Andy signs on the bottom line, but one should always be aware of the fine print and the meaning of the words they agree to.

The work is a gender transformation hot flash which, in the beginning, offers the appearance of Surazin, who seems to be, at least partly, a Succubus through her mannerisms, attitude and looks. She’s seductive, crafty, and uses all of her abilities to draw Andy into signing a deal which, of course, is twisted in a way that works to her advantage. I liked her description quite a lot, being sort of a business woman slash librarian and as such she’s so very tempting in a lot of ways… save that she has hooves which, for me, completely wrecks everything else that her sexuality and seductiveness offered.

Once past the deal itself, which does have a few words in it that catch Andy and cause things to turn very wrong for him, the buildup in the first third of the work is tossed aside for Andy’s mental transformation into a bimbo, which takes less than a page, some self-exploration and then, of course, he, now a she, finds herself in a sexual situation with her roommate. The erotica is what you might expect, really special or unique as a whole.

The problem is that Surazin could have been so much more than she was, but she’s really only there to facilitate the transformation and then she is completely out of the rest of the story, save for a passing thought from Andy at the end of the work. It’s a shame because there could have been a lot done with what was, at least to me, the most interesting of all of the characters.

There are hints about her, how she came to be, and doing, what she is, but that’s only mentioned fleetingly. There could have been some more teasing, perhaps more time spent in Surazin’s transformation of Andy, something to make her be more present in the story. I would have been just as interested to have her there with Andy and her roommate when the erotica started to “push” things along in some way.

The writing is very good in the beginning, Surazin’s appearance, and through the rather short mental and physical transformation scenes. The erotic scenes however tend to fall into tropes for the most part, and there’s not as much heat as there might have been all things considered.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

Not enough detail and far too much focus on Andy being a bimbo and not a lot more. That’s a shame because the beginning offered an interesting Succubus and didn’t use her all that well. In this case the details were less being a devil than they were being left behind in the wake of the erotica.



Jun 13 2016

With You By TeraS

Yesterday we held a memorial for my Eternal’s mother. It was everything she wanted the moment to be, at least we both hope so. One of the hopes she had was that those that attended were souls that knew her, thought well of her. She wanted to be remembered as the vibrant woman she was. There is no question of that. Those there told stories about Mom, remembered all the things she did. There were moments coming and going as sympathies were shared, hugs given. Perhaps the one thing that was said, more than anything else, was the promise that she was …


With You
By TeraS


The passage of time, it is said, heals all wounds. Given time, the most terrible of losses, and the pain that comes with such things, will ebb away until it cannot do so much harm. Time has a way of building up walls around the pain, boxing it in.

But not all of the pain becomes trapped by time. There are, without doubt, moments in which pain flares back into being, to assault the soul, to drive the hurt, the loss, and, yes, the guilt, back to the fore. Pain, in whatever form it takes, does take a small measure before it leaves.

On this day, time hadn’t managed to start building that box or containing that pain. At this moment, the pain was there, clearly seen, and could not be ignored. It pushed at the souls nearby, taking the measure of them all.

But there was a means to push back.

The dawn in the Realm came with a break in the rains that had been falling for so long. The clouds were still there, the skies were not completely blue. The calls had been made, as they needed to be. With small messages, little notes, and the occasional hand-delivered notice, the news had traveled quickly. Really there wasn’t a need to explain, but they had nonetheless.

The card read: “The King of the Realm, along with her Majesty, the Queen, request a moment of reflection for the loss of His Majesty’s most beloved mother. A small memorial service will be held.

Keith looked at the notice once more, held in his hand. Two short sentences that couldn’t manage to express what he was feeling at that moment. The thin white card didn’t have to say anything more, the words stated what had happened, what they intended to do.

She would have liked things that way. He recalled how she never wanted anything elaborate done, how she was more concerned about others, about not causing them all complications in their lives. She didn’t care for the idea of being put on a pedestal, even if he, as her son, did so regardless. He slipped deeper into his memory.

When she had passed, the Realm’s etiquette director had come to him, offering her services. She brought in vast plans of how to honour her: talk of dragons soaring overhead, a vast processional of dignitaries, officials—and, of course, eventually, well-wishers. Descriptions of urns of gold, silver, or other immensely valuable materials were being bandied about. Then came the talk of statues, or some sort of memorial being built for her, to be placed somewhere in the Realm. On and on it went, the discussions becoming more and more elaborate as they did so.

At one point, Keith asked a simple question: “Is this what she would have wanted?” He was told that her wants would be respected, of course, but that, as well, there needed to be a certain level of accommodation for those that would need to pay their respects. After all—so it was explained—this wasn’t so much about her as it was about their Majesties.

Moments later Keith had left the discussion, adding a comment as he did: “No. It is about her.”

Tera found him standing by a window in the Palace, looking out at the light drizzle. She approached him, taking his hand in hers and twining their tails together.

“You know they mean well, don’t you?”

“Oh, I do.”

“Tell me what you are thinking.”

Keith was silent for a time, Tera not letting go and waiting. Then Keith explained: “I’m thinking that mom would be telling me off right now. That I know what she wants, not anyone else.”

Tera smiled: “Even me?”

Keith chuckled, something that Tera hadn’t heard in some time: “No, not you, little Miss Exception To The Rule.”

She kissed his cheek: “Just checking.”

He continued his thoughts: “Mom would have wanted a simple urn–red, of course. Flowers carved in white I think, all things considered, would be a nice pattern.”

Tera placed her head against his shoulder: “Yes, absolutely. That’s Mom. What else?”

“She’d want a simple memorial service: family, a few friends. I’d want your heart to be there. He’s family, he knows us, knows Mom.”

“Of course.”

Lacing his fingers with hers, he pondered: “I think we’d hold it by the flower garden, over where the carnations and roses meet. She’d like that, she did love her flowers.”

“That she did. Many of those flowers are from her garden, after all.”

He made a non-committal sound, gathering his thoughts.

Tera mused: “I’d like to say … something.”

“We both would.”

“What would you want to talk about?”

“Mom’s love for us, more than anything. Oh, there would be more, without doubt. I don’t want to read from a piece of paper, though. I know what I want to say, sort of. I think I can manage to do so without losing myself.”

Touching his cheek, Tera guided her Eternal to look into her so-green eyes: “You will be fine.”

He nodded: “Hope so.”

“Know so. Anything else?”

“Just some time afterwards to talk about her. Knowing you, that will be over tea and cookies and …” Noting a bit of movement out of the corner of his eye, Keith caught sight of the etiquette director making notes in a vestibule nearby. A small smile tugged at his lips: “Your idea?”

Tera kissed that smile, then explained: “Sometimes you listen too much, my Eternal. Sometimes you have to say what’s on your mind to get things done …”

The memory faded away. Keith was once more looking at the card in his hand with the announcement.

The time had come.

There wasn’t a procession through the Realm, or a parade, or anything else. There was only Keith and Tera walking together from the Palace to the Gardens. Life in the Realm continued around them, but there was no question that everyone knew what was happening. Some nodded, others smiled. There were the occasional tears; sometimes a hand or tail would reach out to touch, then draw away. The souls around them offered their support, help, whatever needed to be was offered without a word.

Upon entering the Gardens, they found Her Majesty’s heart waiting for them, standing vigil. He smiled, stepped back slightly, and waited.

Resting in the midst of the roses and carnations was a small red urn trimmed in gold, white flowers carved into the red. The gold was not overpowering, more of an accent to the red and white. The light played over the surface, a shimmer of light tracing its way over the curves, along the carvings, and about its form. For a time, the two Eternals held hands and spoke quietly. They told stories, some with tears, some with joy. They spoke of the love shared, the promises made, the joy of having had the time they had been given with her.

When the words were all said, when the last story was told, a tear wiped away, a love told in all of the fullness that was given, they offered their hands to Tera’s heart.

He took their hands and spoke of the truths that he knew: of how she lived within them both; of how she would dwell with Goddess; of the promise that they would always hold her and that, someday, they would all be reunited.

A prayer was spoken, a hope expressed. Then the moment came to a close …

… but not the remembrance.

From all around, from near and far, they came: family; the lives that she had touched coming to join in this moment with them. Some carried picnic baskets, others carried tablecloths … all with a single purpose, a purpose that had been expressed in the note: to remember her.

The tears were replaced with laughter, stories being told of love and hope. The tea she loved was shared, those particular cookies she loved, as well. Life came to surround her, to bring to the fore all of the good she had done, the miracles she had made real.

When night fell, as it was want to do, the family embraced one another, made a promise, and then began to drift away, their own lives calling them once more. Tera and Keith moved to thank her heart for his kindness, but, rather than accepting the thanks, he guided them back to where her urn was.

Emphasis on … “was.” A glowing nimbus of light was in its place, a warm familiar glow of love they both knew well. Rising into the air, this light representing her spirit paused, shimmered, then arced away, vanishing into the starry skies above that peeked out from between the clouds.

The promise was kept. For always.

Keith had the last word this time: “Love you, Mom. See you soon.”

Jun 12 2016

A Review of Loving and Loathing Vegas by Lex Chase

Loving and Loathing Vegas by Lex Chase

Loving and Loathing Vegas by Lex Chase

The creation of sexual tension in a story is not the simplest of things to do. There’s every chance to go a little too far, to complicate things more than they need to be. Managing to have that tension and mix humour into the moment is a bit of a art form. To be able to do so, even when the story might be slightly tropeish in nature is quite an accomplishment.

If the characters have that connection, and it isn’t beaten over the readers head constantly, then the story itself will take care of the rest. Getting to a point where the characters themselves see, are able to realize that there’s something that’s been in front of them for ages and accept it matters.

  • Title: Loving and Loathing Vegas
  • Author: Lex Chase
  • Length: 40 Pages
  • ASIN: B018RSHA1S
  • IBSN: 9781634769440
  • Publishing Date: November 30, 2015

The work is about:

Jackson has loved Vegas since God created Man—literally. As demonic incubi hailing from the Seventh Circle of Hell, Jackson and Vegas have never been anything more than roommates. Now living among humans, they run Eaven, a TripAdvisor-recommended detour-worthy diner famous for its devilishly decadent pies. Business is dead on the holidays, and Jackson will gleefully stab himself with a spatula if he has to clean spotless pots and pans one more time.

For fun—or torture—Vegas makes him a bet that should Jackson win, they take a much-needed vacation. Should he lose, he’s doomed to clean out grease traps for all eternity. When the challenge is to fall in love with other people by Christmas, it proves Vegas isn’t the least bit interested. But when they find an abandoned baby in the trash, she could be the Christmas miracle to warm Jackson’s cynical heart.

Being an incubus brings along quite a few problems for Jackson, not the least of which is Vegas, whom he has been connected with forever. Together on Earth, running a little out of the way diner, the two find themselves with a small problem. A baby abandoned, but also relationships strained. The truth will come out, but will it be in time?

Jackson and Vegas are two quite interesting Incubi, with a story that I thought was well told, set up a lot of their background in a short time at the beginning and built on that throughout the story as it unfolded. While they are Incubi, they aren’t stereotypically so and it was good to see that. Both have their personalities, their own wants and secrets and watching all of that unfold I think made for a more interesting story.

There are quite a number of minor characters as well, not the least of these being a baby girl left with the two Incubi. She’s quite the scene stealer as things go on and when her story is revealed at the end of the work, it made a good deal of sense, even if that felt very rushed in comparison to the rest of the work.

While there is a short hot flash towards the end of the story, it doesn’t interfere with all that came before, or after. It doesn’t feel out of place, it makes sense to both Jackson and Vegas and it brings a lot of the threads in the work to closure. Overall, the work has a lot of humour in it, reminiscent of a “two men and a baby” theme in a lot of ways and it works well at times. I’m not so sure that the adding of two minor characters made all that much of a difference however. Being that the baby herself was driving a lot of the story, the two minor characters that keep popping up don’t add much to the story.

The single thing that gave me the largest pause wasn’t the story itself, but the cover. The cover bothers, I’m not sure that the black hands and long black nails really work considering the characters themselves and who they are. There could have been a better choice which doesn’t give the impression that the incubi are stereotypical, which they are certainly not.

Well written, though at times the story is a bit confused, a little scattered in focus. Much of that is the situation that Jackson and Vegas find themselves in, but when that goes a little too far over the top then it takes away from what otherwise is a well told and fun story.

Four out of five pitchforks.

A cute, fun story about two souls figuring themselves out when it really matters to them. A bit scattered at times, but otherwise a solid story, well told.



Jun 12 2016

A Review of Reamin’ Demons by Alana Melos

Reamin' Demons by Alana Melos

Reamin’ Demons by Alana Melos

A review of the latest work in the Janus Key Chronicles series by Alana Melos. The series follows a brother and sister on a rather interesting quest through time, space and mythology which means, of course, that at some point one of them has to visit Hell. That means, of course, that someone becomes a succubus and discovers what that’s like.

Generally, that sort of story turns very stereotypical, very quickly. However, in this case, while there is the erotica you would expect, there’s something more. The succubi are, and this is what captured me, theologians and librarians at heart. But, of course, they are the most sexy of them… glasses and all.

  • Title: Reamin’ Demons
  • Author: Alana Melos
  • Length: 52 Pages
  • ASIN: B01GSR5ID2
  • Publishing Date: June 7, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tell the story of:

Trapped in a sexually savage world…

Having escaped from Valhalla, Debbie now finds herself in hell… for real! She’s in the body of a sexy succubus, filled with lusty thoughts. Our heroine decides to take matters into her own hands, seeking out partners to power the Key of Janus to get her out of there… but Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, might have other ideas!

Debbie has a problem. She’s in Hell. Actually that’s just the start of things. She’s been turned into a succubus, there are a lot of demons out there that look good enough to eat and she’s hungry. A little nibble can’t possibly hurt, she’s had to do that before. This time however, her new needs might get her into all kinds of trouble.

Debbie’s transformation into a succubus isn’t shown, but all of her prior transformations never have been in the series. While that is a little disappointing, the effects of her new form do give some really interesting moments. There is a little bit of mind control, mostly in a personalty change driven by her succubus needs, that I really liked. It doesn’t turn Debbie into a submissive little sextoy, it gives her some power in the world she finds herself in. That new personality brings a lot of heat to the story and to the erotica.

Eventually Debbie meets other succubi and while the story to that point, Debbie being a little “succubish” I thought worked well, the revelation about the succubi I just adored beyond words. They are succubi, there’s no question from their sex drive, their sexuality and seductiveness, but they are more than that. Seeing them learning, studying, talking about theology, realities was for me a special thing. More than that, the hints of their powers being so strong that the rest of their world trembles at what they are capable of made me smile. The succubi might not rule, but they seem to have a hand in things.

The erotica is a little over the top at some points, but overall I liked how Debbie acted as a succubus, how the other succubi dealt with their sexuality. There is a scene where Debbie dominates some demons sexually, and that I thought was very hot and deliciously told.

While there was so much I liked about this work, the thing that was missing for me was delving into succubi society more than happened. Really the story skimmed over this point, offering it as a tease more than anything else, before moving on to Debbie’s encounter and climax of the story. It felt like a bit of a cheat, considering how much storytelling could have happened, but didn’t. However, after skimming over some of the other works in the series, this tends to happen quite a lot and if I had been following the series I would have been prepared for that.

The writing is very good, it has to be considering that the author is ten works into the series at this point. The characters have depth, soul, personality and more. There’s a good deal of time taken to develop Debbie’s character and tell more of a story by doing so. Well done and I liked all of that very much, but I still wish there was more time spent with the succubi themselves here.

Four out of five pitchforks.

I wish there had been more time spent exploring the world of the succubi more than anything else. The little teases about the power they have, what their aspects are, the succubi themselves I just adored. It’s a shame that the series will likely never revisit them, tell all, show what the reality is. But I will keep the thought of a collective of succubi who have the time to learn, discover and discuss theology as easily as they breathe and look sexy doing so.

For that says they are more.