Jul 28 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 445

One of the things that I tend to associate with Succubi is that we are, as a whole, very good listeners… Really, if you think about it, they need to be in order to be able to make someone’s fantasies and dreams real. I found a piece of Succubi art that I think really puts things into focus for me…

Tell me your Secret by OneWingedAngel75

Tell me your Secret by OneWingedAngel75

This art is called Tell me your Secret and is by an artist on DeviantArt called OneWingedAngel75. You can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page on DeviantArt can be found here.

What catches my thoughts most of all is her expression and her hand upon her chin. It gives me a sort of Succubi Phycologist vibe in a way. That will, I expect, become a story sometime for me to ponder, but that’s another story after all.

Lovely hair, her tail and horns look right for her as well. Her combination of barely-there clothing and heels just makes me smile and I think, really points things towards what she expects the secret desires of others that find her are. A neat come-hither pose as she reclines in her chair is the icing on the cake here too…

Lovely art, really quite inspiring for me as well…




Jul 27 2016

Yet another so-called Red Hot Devil Costume that isn’t

Red Hot Devil CostumeAnother shiny devil costume that simply doesn’t live up to its name I think. That’s not to say that it isn’t trying or the model isn’t doing her best in trying to make it look attractive… It’s simply that it just has too much tacky to manage that by far.

This is called the Red Hot Devil Costume and it comes with the red dress which has an attached tail, the horns and that’s all. The stockings, shoes and pitchfork are not included and it sells for $50 US online.

I know the image is really blurry, but even that cannot hide the overall look which is just that side of tacky and not in a good way.

The horns and tail really do look like an afterthought, which makes me wonder if the dress was part of some other creation. Setting that aside, it looks a bit too cheap, a bit too tacky and in being so it really does nothing for me, regardless of the smile the model has here.

The stockings are a nice touch, as are the shoes and they help this a bit, but that pitchfork throws the entire thing back into the depths of tacky once again.

Really not much to like here, i don’t see a way to make it better as well which is the larger problem…

One pitchfork out of five.




Jul 26 2016

A Review of the Incubus series by Lynn Carter

Scent of a Conquest by Lynn Carter

Scent of a Conquest by Lynn Carter

A review of a two book series about an encounter, or rather series of encounters, with a creature that can best be described as an incubus. The work is written well, the characters have depth and are powerful. The story takes the time to grow, to tell what the author seems to have wanted. But there’s a problem.

The problem is one that happens often. Whether in a movie, book or short story, there seems to be a need to throw a curve into the story at the end. A twist for the sake of doing so. Sometimes that can work, but most of the time it just deflates what otherwise was something special.

The first work in the series is:

  • Title: Scent of a Conquest
  • Author: Lynn Carter
  • Length: 24 Pages
  • Publishing Date: July 12, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

The chill, dark hour of the night is the time of the hunt. An ancient, powerful, evil force emerges from the shadows to prey upon young, beautiful women in the moonlit hours and drinks the shimmering essence of their life force. Creatures of dark myth and half-forgotten legend. Winged creatures of the night who feed upon the vibrant feminine life force, who feed to survive, to sustain their immortality. Nightmare creatures who touch their victims with an ancient, evil power and, in return, bestow the most intensely erotic pleasures a human body can endure. So much pleasure that their victims lose themselves completely in the addictive throes of the wildest ecstasy, victims who writhe and gasp in their torment of sexual abandon before their bodies are emptied of every last vestige of life.

In the twenty-first century, when the old legends have been recast as harmless fairy tales, a young girl falls prey to the hunger of the night. The unholy incubus emerges on ebony wings from the darkness to sip her life force and drives her to the point of insanity with primal lust, threatening madness with the addictive seduction of the deepest and wildest of physical pleasures.

A story of two women being haunted, and hunted, by an incubus. Their nights are long, deep and dark, their lusts played upon and something taken. But what is that cost and who can possibly help them? The larger question is if anyone can help themselves.

Scent of a Battle by Lynn Carter

Scent of a Battle by Lynn Carter

It’s difficult to comment on the series as two separate works because the two books are so tightly intertwined in the storytelling. Really the author should have combined the two works into a single volume all things considered. To try and review them as stand alone works would not do proper justice to them. Therefore, I will list the second work before reviewing the series as a whole.

The second work in the series is:

  • Title: Scent of a Battle
  • Author: Lynn Carter
  • Length: 64 Pages
  • Publishing Date: July 12, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

In the twenty-first century, when the old legends have been recast as harmless fairy tales, a young girl falls prey to the hunger of the night. The unholy incubus emerges on ebony wings from the darkness to sip her life force and drives her to the point of insanity with primal lust, threatening madness with the addictive seduction of the deepest and wildest of physical pleasures. beautiful doctor intervenes to save her young patient and becomes the new focus of the creature’s hunger.

Can the doctor survive the torments of the night where countless others have perished? What can she do to save herself when science is not even equipped to admit the existence of such horrors? But the ancient terror of the night has an adversary. Mortals are not entirely powerless in the face of the demons of darkness. The darkness has an adversary, an unlikely hero who emerges from his secret background in the form of Oswald Albright, an elderly gentleman with his own dark history.

As ancient enemies draw up the battle lines over the life and body of a beautiful, talented woman, a new era witnesses a timeless contest where life or death are the only prizes. And so the battle begins.

Seeking rest, a soul returns to her family for solace. But along with the soul comes the incubus hunting her and battle lines are drawn. The fight begins but there is always a cost in every battle. The question, as always, is who pays and who loses in the end?

It’s impossible to divide this series into the individual works for review because the two are so tighten interwoven. The story continues from one to the other and honestly the author needs to release this series as a single work at some point, which I expect them to do. There’s a deep connection in the first, where the story is grounded, forms and starts to develop, and the second where the effects are seen, the choices made, and the battle fought.

That all said, the work is very well written, the plot is solid, the characters have strong voices, history and backgrounds. Everything in the story matters, and in the telling of that story the characters are forced to develop and change. There’s no rush in telling the story, the words speak as they need to and doing so means there’s so much detail and thought to make this work amazing.

The incubus of this series, Thu’ban, in the first work hovers about the edges of the story, pushing things forwards, but really there’s nothing that really says what they are life. The second work brings them out fully and when they appear it’s a mixture of emotions about them. The teasing glimpses of this character seem to indicate they are something different, something unique. The second work peels that back and the character is… if not quite stereotypically evil, they are extremely close to being so. It’s a bit disappointing at the climax, the confrontation, how the character loses themselves and it just didn’t fit in well with the rest of the story.

Settling Thu’ban aside, the other characters, Oswald, Agnes and Borena, are compelling ones. Their histories, the connection amongst them are wonderful. Oswald is a fascinating character, one that takes the story completely when he appears. Before that, Agnes is a force of nature in her own right and Borena herself, confused and under attack, is nonetheless a telling force as well. Really it is the characters that drive this story, all of them, and there’s no doubt they are some of the strongest characters I have read in some time.

The plot and storytelling is excellent, the author’s writing is amazing. The building up of tension is well done and it turns the work into a page turning need to see what comes next. The climax is telling, there is meaning in the moment and when it passes, the moments that follow are still powerful and well done. Except for one thing. The last page, the very end of the series which brings with it something I can’t quite understand. A twist ending.

The twist ending really wasn’t necessary. It just feels very tacked onto the series, an afterthought as if to tease the reader that there will be more in the series to come. That twist reads very much like a typical 80s slasher film ending and that disappointed me the most.

With how well the series was written, with how strong the characters are, the ending just falls flat on its face. It just doesn’t work, doesn’t need to be there. The preceding few pages made a clear suggestion about what happened and the author could have stopped there. Instead they went a little bit too far and shattered what was amazing in what came before.

Four out of five pitchforks.

If the ending hadn’t been as it is, I would have given this series four and a half pitchforks. But that ending just didn’t need to be there. Now, if it does lead to another work in the series, which might be a possibility, then it makes some sense. But if the series ends here, then it is an ending for shock value which wasn’t needed.

The series was perfectly capable of standing on its own and doing so well. It’s a shame the author felt they needed to put the twist in.



Jul 26 2016

A Review of Into Their Dream by Nikki Heart

Into Their Dream by Nikki Heart

Into Their Dream by Nikki Heart

Many stories about succubi and incubi tend to leave a lot unsaid, unexplained, or, sadly, simply avoid the idea of a reason why things happen for the sake of the erotica. The reasons why something happens are important to underpin a story, to give it depth, to allow for the characters to have something more than saying “because” as a reason for the events that unfold.

To tell the story of the main character’s life matters, but it also matters to explain why they are the focus of things in some way. As well, if nothing else, a clear explanation of why the story matters is good to see as well. Sometimes that doesn’t come even if the characters do.

  • Title: Into Their Dream
  • Author: Nikki Heart
  • Length: 12 Pages
  • ASIN: B01A05JXIO
  • Publishing Date: December 29, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

It is the story of:

Lena’s world is turned upside down when two other worldly men keep haunting her dreams. She tries to avoid them for as long as possible, but after realizing that she will have to sleep eventually she decides to succumb to sleep to face both of them.

Lana’s sleep is a mess because of her dreams. She’s called out to by two beings that she fears but is attracted to as well. When there is no choice other than sleep, the question becomes… What comes after?

The work is an erotic hot flash, but as a whole there is little heat in the erotica. There is a lot of time spent with Lana, seeing the effects of her lack of sleep, trying to stay awake and so on. A lot of minutia about her life is explored, but it seems like it is padding to fill up the pages before the erotic scenes come to pass. It’s a shame that the author didn’t take as much time to flesh out the erotica as they did in the prior pages overall.

As such, the work reads very much like the opening chapter of a larger work up until Lana succumbs to sleep and encounters Damien and Alexi when it turns away from storytelling and buries itself into a rushed erotic scene that, while telling some of the reasons, dances around most of that for the sake of Damien and Alexi having their way with Lana.

Damien and Alexi appear to be incubi, at least it seems like they are, but there is a strong undercurrent of another creature in them which is reflected in their fangs and a certain taste for Lana’s blood. There are some moments of story, at least the attempt to tell something of who Damien and Alexi are, but it is very fleeting and almost reads as if it was tacked into the work.

The ending is unclear in that what happens to Lana in the aftermath is open to interpretation. It might be good or bad, but that is not really explained. It reads as if the author finished with the erotica and then gave up, wrote a quick close and ended things.

That same rushed feeling comes in the cover, which is of rather poor quality. The preview image shown is one thing, but the actual cover seen on my Kindle is blurry, pixelated, and that didn’t add a lot to my expectation of what the story was going to be.

The writing is of two levels, the first part being I think better written than the latter third where the erotica unfolded. I think the author could have made this better by writing the erotica with the same care and attention to detail that they did in telling about Lana’s live otherwise. There’s more to erotica than just the sex after all.

Two and a half pitchforks out of five.

The ending leaves too much unknown and uncertain. The cover needs to be redone, it simply looks poor. As much as Lana’s story is told, that of Damien and Alexi isn’t which means there are too many holes left when the story comes to a close. It need not be.



Jul 25 2016

Lesson Plans – Part Four By TeraS

And so we come to the last part of “Lesson Plans” this time on the Tale. Perhaps it is a rambling story, sometimes with a little bit of truth, but there is, always, with one singular truth: one can teach and others can learn. But then the one that learns can also be the teacher. As such, there will always come the need for more …


Lesson Plans
Part Four
By TeraS
For Adelle


With all that Tera offers, with all of the moments she gives of herself, there are some things even she cannot do. Every soul has a right to choose what they will do: to make the decision to turn left or right; to pick Jello or RediWhip, latex or leather, tea or cocoa. Some of the choices don’t seem all that important at the moment they happen, but some are clearly very much so. The choice to accept Tera’s love is one. To understand that she will be there always is another. To know that she will support your choices is yet another.

The fourth is somewhat more circumstantial. It is the choice itself.

Adelle was looking into her mug, trying to read the tea leaves. That in itself was a problem as she wasn’t drinking tea. In truth, she was stalling for time, hoping that Tera might have to go somewhere, be with someone else.

Tera wasn’t leaving.

She remained there, waiting patiently for Adelle. She didn’t look at the time, didn’t at any point divert her attention to someone else in the Realm passing by. That’s not to say Tera wasn’t polite, as she was, when someone called out her name in passing.

Adelle listened to Tera, a bit perplexed at how she could be so open, so giving, so able to do so.


Tera’s soft voice shook Adelle from her thoughts and she looked into Tera’s so-green eyes.

“Is that the problem, Adelle?”

Adelle shrugged, knowing that Tera had heard her thoughts: “I … just don’t get it.”

Tera cupped a hand over Adelle’s own as it held onto the mug: “You aren’t me, and I’m not you.”

The words pulled at another memory, one from not so long ago.

The book that Tera had gifted her with was amazing. Adelle understood that, being one of the succubi, she could do quite a lot of magic, though much of it was based on sexual need, fantasies, desires, and so on. Learning that magic wasn’t too bad, even if she needed a lot of extra tutoring. Tera gave her lots and lots of that. Still, the thing that Adelle wanted was to do more, to be more. Having learned that there wasn’t a sorceress in the Realm, certainly not one that was one of the succubi, drove her. That drive meant, on several occasions, the Realm Fire Department were called out to put out various fires and other things which shall remain nameless but are the things of gossip and legend in some of the more naughty parts of the Realm.

Adelle was painting over the wall which had been scorched in her last magic attempt, her hair a mess, her clothes, jeans, and a white tank top covered in blue paint.

Painting was not her strong suit.

She was in the midst of wiping her cheek with the back of her hand, leaving a smear of blue there, when there was a knock at her door. Putting the brush down, she opened the door, assuming it was either a hunky firefighter or a cute sexy one coming to ‘check on her,’ as they were want to do. “Everything’s fine! I …”

She instead found Tera standing there, a warm smile playing on her lips: “… was attacked by a can of blue paint?”

Adelle sighed: “Hi, Tera … Come on in.”

Tera looked around as she did so, noting the organized mess that things were at the moment: “Been busy, I see.”

Adelle nodded, walking back into the room where she had been painting. She didn’t mind that Tera was visiting, she cared more that the place was a mess. Her Queen didn’t like messes.

The red-tail asked: “How are you doing with your magic?”

Adelle blushed, looking away: “I’m … making progress.”


She put her hands together and then opened them revealing that she held a black rubber ball. Holding it in her hands, she shrugged: “Getting somewhere.”

Tera smiled as she displayed her right hand and a red rubber ball appeared there.

The questioning look from the black-tail was met with Her Majesty’s reply: “You aren’t me, and I’m not you.”

Adelle didn’t know what to say, so Tera continued: “Magic is very specific to each of us. It lives within us in its own ways. Yours is black. Mind is red. I can do things you can’t and you can do things I cannot.”

The bluenette snorted at that: “Sure.”

Her mentor tilted her head to the left: “Have I ever not told you the truth?”

Tossing the black ball to Tera, Adelle walked around the room. As she did so, she noted the various things there, some magical, some sexual, some both and neither. She also noted the occasional white mark here and there in the room where things hadn’t quite gone so well. The memory of one particular spell that was clearly out of her league came when she looked at the wall she had been painting before Tera arrived, it needing to be patched up in the wake of the explosion that happened. “No. But you have been upset with me.”

Tera closed the gap between them: “What makes you think that?”

Adelle didn’t exactly look at her idol: “Oh, the look you have sometimes, the expression of frustration. It’s hard to miss, Tera.”

“I have that look because you have one real problem. You have so little confidence in what you can do that you are sabotaging yourself.”

“I’m not.”

Tera then started ticking off points on her fingers: “Picking spells you aren’t prepared for. Biggest problem you have. There’s a reason why the book starts with easy things and moves to harder ones.” Adelle’s expression was neutral, but she still wasn’t looking at Tera as she continued: “You didn’t start out teleporting from here to Earth or creating those amazing corsets of yours out of thin air. You started out by learning about being one of us, then who you are, then what you could do, one thing at a time.”

“I’m …”

“… in a rush. Yes, I know.”

Adelle looked straight at Tera now: “No, Tera, I’m not in a rush. I …”

And then the truth came to Adelle … the one single truth that she needed to admit: “I … just want to make you proud of me.”

The teacher reached out and tucked some of her student’s blue hair back into place: “I’m always proud of you. You’ve never disappointed me.”

Adelle wondered why Tera was so fixated on her hair being perfect when Tera’s own was always so messy and wild.

The Queen had that bemused smile of hers: “You aren’t me, and I’m not you.”

“You keep saying that.”

“It’s something you need to understand. It took me a long time to figure that out myself, for my own reasons.”

The red-tail placed the two rubber balls into the black-tail’s hands: “Be yourself, sweetheart. That’s the only thing that I’ve ever wanted. You can make as many messes as you want to. That’s the point.”

Adelle looked at the balls: “You aren’t me, and I’m not you.”

Tera smiled: “Exactly.”

“Okay, I’ll try.”

Teacher kissed student’s cheek: “All I can ask for.”

Student burst out laughing when she saw that teacher’s lips had been turned blue by the paint.

Touching her lips and seeing the paint on her fingers, Tera giggled: “At least it’s not my tail.”

Adelle wondered about that: “Oh? What happens?”

Tera’s answer was nebulous: “Try and see. But remember: you aren’t me, and I’m not you.”

Later that day, Adelle had found some rouge body paint and a brush. Her screams of self-pleasure could be heard from one side of the Realm to the other. Succubi tails are, after all, quite sensitive things.

The red seeped into her mind, her thoughts changing, shifting. In a moment of clarity, she understood why Tera’s tail was the fiery red it was. It was the red of love—fiery, passionate love; love without concern or hesitation; a complete and total giving of herself.

That realization was shattering to Adelle. It haunted her, deeply so.

Her thoughts returned to the present as she admitted something to Tera: “I … painted my tail.”

Tera arched an eyebrow: “Oh? Any particular colour?”

“Um … Red.”

Her Majesty had a knowing smile now: “Learn anything?”

The novice succubi smiled: “You aren’t me, and I’m not you.”

“That’s true. But I’ll let you in one a secret.”

Adelle perked up, looking at Tera intently: “Yes?”

“Red and Black are one in the same.”

Adelle nodded as she placed a rubber ball on the table: “Yes. They are.”

The ball was both black and red.

Lesson Four: The path to enlightenment is specific to every soul. No two paths are the same.
The path you take is the one you choose.

Tera can offer you love, hope, and understanding, but she cannot lead you there. The choice is, always, your own.

For Adelle, the path led to magic. Tera and the Realm opened the door, but this fiery, passionate, black-tailed succubi would be the one to make it her own.

Jul 24 2016

A Review of Lilith by Kelly Shamblee

Lilith by Kelly Shamblee

Lilith by Kelly Shamblee

A review today of a work that was to be the first in what was to be called the Demon Chronicles series. I note this because the work appeared in 2012 and no further works in the series have ever appeared.

That’s a shame because the series showed a lot of promise through the main character, those around her, and the book blurb which I think set up what should have been an amazingly good series in spite of a series of flaws that took away some, but not all, of what I enjoyed about it.

There comes a moment when a choice must be made. Sometimes that is forced upon you, with no change to choose another path. Sometimes that goes wrong. Sometimes it leads towards something unexpected. A dream unimaginable.

  • Title: Lilith
  • Author: Kelly Shamblee
  • Length: 61 Pages
  • ASIN: B009R9XTMG
  • Publishing Date: October 14, 2012
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

Lilith is not your ordinary sophomore in college. Although she has everything going for her, an amazing boyfriend, she lives with her best friend in an awesome house, and she currently has her dream job, shes also a demon and her father is in fact Satan. Lilith has been enjoying her life not harvesting souls for her father for the past two years, but now he wants her to continue or else their will be dire consequences that she dare not entertain in her head.

All goes terribly wrong when she kills a man and draws a great warrior angel to her location and then accidentally shattered the angels halo and sends the angels soul to hell. Now she must travel through time and find the pieces of the shattered halo and forge them back together while she tries to juggle her currently life and the lives that she must live in the future and try to avoid being killed by her fellow brother and sisters in the process or else she and the angels soul are literally doomed for all eternity.

Lilith seems like an ordinary, average girl at college. She’s not stunningly beautiful, although her rich roommate tries her best to make her be so. She’s pining for a boy, which might be her soulmate, but can’t have him. She wants to be on her own, away from her father’s influence, but that’s everywhere. The life of a succubus who just wants to be herself and free gets more complicated when she does the right thing for the right reasons and is made to pay for that. No good deed goes unpunished, even when your father is the Devil himself.

Lilith, the succubus, or demoness of the work, is funny, cute, intelligent, and more than anything else is the focus of things as she should be. She’s miffed at her roommate a lot, she’s desperately attracted to a boy she meets. The trials of college live, of finding a job, and dealing with it, just bring so much to her character that the fun in her becomes the best part of the work. It’s clear that Lilith wants to be herself, needs to be, and tries to be.

But, of course, her father appears, demands she “does her job” and after a deal is made, things slowly start to go wrong. How that happens is told in a way that’s not telegraphing the entire story and that works well. There are some lovely hints about “claimed souls” which I think I know the answer to. There is a moment when Lilith does the right thing, being that she was attacked, quite brutally, and the one that did so deserved what happened. Among moments of joy, the first stirrings of love for Lilith, there are moments when her true, hidden self comes out. I’ll say that when she dresses up in a devil costume, then tosses away a pair of sparkly horns before making her own appear, in that moment, Lilith was perfect as far as I was concerned.

Still, her good deed brings an unwanted fight with an angel that doesn’t care about anything save removing Lilith from Earth. A battle comes, and then the ending arrives. The ending is abrupt and unclear. The event unfolds in a meaningful way, there is story being told and then it all comes to a literal crashing halt. The ending doesn’t even feel so much like and ending so much as it does seem like the author left off at least a page, possibly more. Being that there hasn’t been another work in the series, that’s a real shame and one has to look back at the book blurb to get an idea of where the author was going to take things. I really wish they had.

There’s no real erotica in this work, really it is a story of growth and how that unfolds for Lilith. Core to that is one single truth. Lilith has never had sex with anyone. But the one soul she encounters, that draws her. Even when she realizes that he is “spoken for” that doesn’t stop the attraction. It seems fairly obvious where that plot thread is going, I wish for that to be, but as this was the only work to appear… we’ll never know.

We’ll never know who the characters are, I feel like there are a few that her devils and angels around her. We’ll never know how the story unfolds, what happens to Lilith in her future, what she faces to make things right. It is the loss of that, the promise of what was to comes that it the saddest thing of all. But there is a major flaw in this work as well.

The single major problem with this work is the really poor editing. Even in the book blurb, there are a number of mistakes which take away from things. There are spelling mistakes, tense errors, words missing, or used wrong. Almost every page has a little stumble which gave me pause and shouldn’t have. The story itself is strong, the characters are too, but the lack of editing care just makes this work not shine as it really should have.

Three out of five pitchforks.

I wish I could give this the four it really should be, but there are so many spelling, grammar, and word mistakes that I just cannot do so. That doesn’t mean that the story idea, the characters and how things unfold isn’t well done, for it is.

The larger shame here is that the series never continued, never told the latter part of the book blurb and didn’t allow for the story to move from an unfinished thought to a complete tale. It might never be, but the little moments that made me smile about Lilith herself I will remember…



Jul 24 2016

A Review of Marked By The Succubus by Vivienne Black

Marked By The Succubus by Vivienne Black

Marked By The Succubus by Vivienne Black

There are many short stories appearing which have succubi as characters. The single most common problem with stories that are so short, is that there’s no time spent in actually telling a complete story. There is the suggestion of one, the offer of something more than happens.

Many times such works seem to be an opening chapter in a novel. Many times the story is brushed aside for a hot flash that tries to make up for the story’s length. But story matters, the characters matter and seemingly giving up on the story just as things get interesting is a real shame all things considered.

  • Title: Marked By The Succubus
  • Author: Vivienne Black
  • Length: 6 Pages
  • ASIN: B01HZX84S4
  • Publishing Date: July 4, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

It is the story of:

Klaire Reed is a creative, love-starved loner who has a fascination with all things dark and dastardly. She owns a magical ring that she’s kept on her finger for years. When this ring releases a much more powerful force, what will Klaire do when she finally meets the creature of her wettest dreams and most jolting nightmares?

Klaire tells of a ring she owns and the mystery surrounding it. A dream, or is it a dream, comes to her in the middle of the night and she cannot resist her. It is reality or her own fevered imagination. Either way, something has come and something has happened.

The work is a stream of thought from Klaire, telling of her needs, mainly sexual, her fantasies and how a ring, a rather unique one, fits into everything. The writing is a bit dry, Klaire’s emotional connection with her words really only coming to the fore through her erotic moments. Otherwise she drifts through her thoughts, scattered as they are.

As the story progresses, and her thoughts turn towards a certain ring she possessed, her thoughts become more focused, more directed and then her fantasies wrap into the ring. When that happens, a being appears, which could be a succubus, but really isn’t said to be one, only suggested. Assuming she is a succubus, she is dominant, powerful, and knows all of the secrets that Klaire holds and how to use them.

The succubus is never named, never really described. She is a fleeting piece of thought and imagination that doesn’t quite develop into something more than a means for Klaire find relief. Being that this work is so short, that’s not surprising. But as well, being so short, the building up of the story means there’s little time to develop the succubus as a character outside of her being seductive and playing with Klaire.

While Klaire is interesting, and the succubus, again, if she really is one, is as well, the limit of the story means there’s no character development, no plot, no expanding story to unfold. The work becomes a hot flash that just simmers in what it offers, but doesn’t bring things to a boil.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

This reads very much like the opening chapter to a novel. There’s a good hook, a character that seems to be complex, and a mystery to be delved into. But that doesn’t happen here, the story being pushed aside for a bit of heat which doesn’t go anywhere.

The author needs to develop this further, to take this work and make from it what seems to be here. Doing so I think would be interesting, and really should happen. There’s more here than my rating suggests. But like the story, it can’t come out to play as it wants to.