May 07 2016

So that’s a Summoner’s War Succubus

I have never played the game Summoner’s War, but I am aware that there is a Succubus in the game and what she looks like. As there really isn’t a lot of good images of her, I was interested when I came across a YouTube that someone made of her…


If you cannot see the video here on the Tale, please try this link:

And here is a screenshot of the Summoner’s War Succubus herself.

Summoner's War Succubus

There’s a bit of an echo of Morrigan Aensland in her obviously. Those wings are unmistakably Morrigan and the style of her clothing is slightly more revealing than Morrigan’s is.

I find myself pondering someone finding a costume like this for Halloween, putting it on and being transformed for Halloween night to look like this…

There could be a story in that…



May 06 2016

A Review of Recruited by the Sexy Witches by Sally Fornia

Recruited by the Sexy Witches by Sally Fornia

Recruited by the Sexy Witches by Sally Fornia

I will be reviewing the third work in the Cult of the Futa Goddess series today on the Tale. I will say up front that I didn’t read the preceding works in the series, but that isn’t necessary to get an idea of what is going on in this story and who the characters are.

It takes some effort to being characters into a story and in doing so, one of the things that needs to be done is to describe them, tell who they are, and, if possible, what makes things different about them. Leaving out some of that tends to take a lot away from the rest of the story.

  • Title: Recruited by the Sexy Witches
  • Author: Sally Fornia
  • Length: 17 Pages
  • ASIN: B017BTYUG2
  • Publishing Date: October 28, 2015

The story tells of:

Right after her hot, steamy initiation in the Order of the Futa goddess, who asserts her power through sexual pleasure, Hellen, the recently recruited witch, needs to become a recruiter herself. The candidate is Kaylee, the young new intern at the firm where she works, who is only nineteen years old!

Hellen and her witch friends, Lameia and Fand, who can switch their genders at will for maximum effectiveness, will approach Kaylee and introduce her to the coven –by way of introducing all kinds of things inside her!

But what they don’t know is that Kaylee is not what appears at first sight. Trying to get her join the coven is a dangerous thing, and they will realize that playing with sex as a force of darkness may have unexpected results!

Three witches got to a bar and find Kaylee there with her friends. A bit of magic, a statement of need, and then they draw Kaylee into their coven. But the thing is, when they find out that Kaylee is a Succubus, who will succumb first?

Being that this story falls after two previous works in the series, there are somethings that need to be explained, and are, which helped me to get into the story, understand why things were happening and what the point of the story was. However, while that part helped, the actual focus on story was somewhat pushed to the side for the sake of the erotica that comes otherwise.

Kaylee is the succubus of the work, but she isn’t really described in a lot of detail as to what she looks like as a succubus, save for her eyes and fingernails. Beyond that, nothing is said as to how, if any, she changed otherwise. Kaylee also mentions that she “doesn’t know how to control it”, meaning her succubus powers and that’s all well and good, but at the same point Kaylee seems to have more control over the situation than the witches do. If not some “action” with a broomstick things might have been more interesting than they turn out to be.

The dialog is a little strange at times, almost silly on occasion. Some of the transformations mentioned would have been nice to see as more than a sentence, they peeked my interest even though the story really didn’t tell much of them. The erotica is isn’t too hot really once Kaylee’s true self appears and when that happens, the story rushes towards a conclusion in a mad rush.

I think there is a lot of room in the work to add to the story, to layer on, perhaps, more “danger” from Kaylee, a longer “battle” and, if possible, to tell more about Kaylee herself, what she looks like as a Succubus and what she can really do. As things are now, it reads too thin, needing more and should be for all of the openings in the work to expand on the story and characters.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

Kaylee is a succubus, and that is what she is. But the story doesn’t really expand on that for the sake of getting to the erotica. A bit more time spent on telling Kaylee’s story among all else that happened I think would have helped things a lot.



May 06 2016

A Review of Incubus Seduction by Lyra Valentine

Incubus Seduction by Lyra Valentine

Incubus Seduction by Lyra Valentine

A review of the first work in a new series called Witches Boone by Lyra Valentine today which has a rather different sort of incubus appear as one of the main characters. The story itself is interesting, certainly a bit different, and as the opening into this series it works well. But there’s a little something missing among all of the erotica. Sometimes a twist in the telling leaves one wanting.

There are being in the universe that have but one thought, one reason for their existence. Sometimes that means they will do just about anything to have what they want, sometimes it means something less. Telling that story can have a lot of heat within, but a turn in the ending can take away so much of the heat and leave something quite cold behind.

  • Title: Incubus Seduction
  • Author: Lyra Valentine
  • Length: 24 Pages
  • Publishing Date: April 21, 2016
  • This work at

The story tells of:

Tabby Boone, owner and head witch of Abby Normal Witchery, needs to replace some stolen supplies before she can cast fortunes for her next customer. With her usual supplier out of town, she finds herself ransacking a grave in the middle of the night.

Only, she isn’t alone. She chances upon a new mausoleum and decides to double her bounty for the night. Instead of finding the skeleton she expects, she enters to see an opulent suite that rivals any in Vegas. And a tall, dark, and broodingly sexy incubus demon.

Incubi will turn their victims into mindless zombies, and Tabby can’t let the world suffer that fate. Offering her curves for the fight for humanity, can she top and tame the demon before he makes her his own?

Tabby goes looking for things she needs to work her spells. Finding what she needs, she feels like someone is watching her. Going one step too far means she has attracted the attention of an incubus, and now Tabby finds that she’s got a hard problem to deal with.

The work is, for the most part, a hot flash of erotica with a good deal of story leading up to it. There is a fair amount of time spent telling Tabby’s story, explaining her world, and why she’s in search of the things she is. A scattering of humour here and there was nice and overall the tone of the story was playfully fun.

The incubus, who is never named, is interesting in that while his tone, needs and focus are somewhat stereotypical, his actual form isn’t. He is something more than a sprit, something less than what one expects an incubus to be. His powers of shifting reality are unique and how Tabby is ensnared by him works really well I thought.

The erotica is a slow thing to develop, taking a lot of time for the incubus to seduce Tabby, draw her into his gasp and that worked well. When the actual battle for who overcomes who turns that corner from seduction into something close to the incubus dominating Tabby, the erotica becomes a little less. Tabby’s experiences, her reactions, her coming closer and closer to the edge is very hot, but the incubus slips away from being seductive to demanding and that took something away.

The ending is somewhat abrupt and part of that comes from the illusion created being torn away in an instant and revealing what actually was happening. At that moment the heat was taken away from the story. But then the work comes to a close in the next few lines and as such the impact is lessened, if slightly so.

The ending has a little bit of a promise in it for Tabby, one that would be interesting to see unfold. Perhaps the incubus will come to her again through another means and that might tell more about the incubus than he is simply a being that wants sex above all else.

Good heat, the characters have life, needs, and passion. I would have liked the incubus to be more than a sex fiend, perhaps the idea of him creating “sex zombies” could have been explored somehow. There’s a good story at the core of this work, I wish some of the open ended questions had been answered. Perhaps the next work in the series will allow for more character development and storytelling to match the erotica.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

A cute hot flash with just enough story to hold things together. It’s a shame that the author went a little too far in the last page and shattered the illusion they created, and not giving the incubus a name seems a shame as well. Tabby is interesting, the incubus as well and the series begins well. Hopefully the series can build upon this going forwards to develop the characters further rather than just be series of snapshot erotica.



May 05 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 434

One of the characters in the Planescape universe is a Succubus who calls herself Fall-From-Grace. She is a Lawfully Neutral Succubus who owns the Brothel for Slating Intellectual Lusts. For me, at least, she’s the most interesting kind of Succubus there can be, one that has come to realize that she can be more, will be more, and in doing so, has found her own path in the universe.

I found a lovely work of art that I think gives a glimpse into her character, her strength, and most of all, the truth that she holds within herself. “I am more.”

Fall-From-Grace by SirTiefling

Fall-From-Grace by SirTiefling

This work is by the artist SirTiefling on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this work here and this artist’s page can be found on DeviantArt here.

What strikes me most about this art is the haunting look in her eyes. It seems to me that the life that has lead her to this moment is reflected in them so very strongly. There is a force of will, of pushing against her own self, what she was expected to be and overcoming that in herself. But there also in her expression seems to be the constant reminder, ache, presence of her own nature that keeps tempted, pushing, trying to push her back towards what she was in the past.

In giving that look, her pose, the outstretched hands and wings, there’s a unspoken power there that just calmly says: “I shall not.” For me, that’s just an amazing reflection of her character, her story, and it is told well.



May 04 2016

It’s certainly striking as a costume, but what is it?

Fever Devil CostumeGenerally, at least I think so, when one is wearing a costume, succubi, devil or otherwise, it should be fairly clear what it is you are trying to project as to what you are. Sometimes that’s so obvious that you are being prodded in the rear by a pitchfork. Sometimes the pitchfork is the only clue you get…

This is called the Fever Devil Costume and it comes with the dress and horns. Also, the model is wearing a pair of gloves, which only go over her hands, that are not part of this costume, the pitchfork is not included as well and it sells for around $40 US on most sites.

The one thing that comes to mind is: that dress has to be stiflingly hot to wear. It is not backless, for one, and that material, no matter how shiny it is, must be absolutely hellish to wear.

Setting that thought aside, I think the real problem I have with this costume is the presentation. I really don’t like that wig the model is wearing, or her pose, or the look she has. It’s not exactly attractive and perhaps if it was I would be more inclined towards liking this costume.

I don’t care for the horns, sadly, and I think that the poofy shoulders just make this a bit too garish in appearance. Going the extra mile with the gloves is going a little too far as well. The last thing that bothers me is that flame pattern on the hem. I don’t like that much, and I think the dress without that would look better if nothing else.

But here’s the real problem. It’s hard to tell what the model is trying to be at a glance here. The horns and pitchfork almost vanish into the wig and dress for one thing. The other is that if she wasn’t holding the pitchfork, I’m not sure that one would know she was being a devil for the lack of clues here.

I wouldn’t consider this, mainly for the possibly of heatstroke by the end of the night, but perhaps it would work if the party was in a cooler place and you needed to keep warm?

I’ll give this two out of five pitchforks.

Interesting, but confusing really…



May 03 2016

A Review of Dark Reflections by Alana Church

Dark Reflections by Alana Church

Dark Reflections by Alana Church

A review today of the third work in The Succubus series by Alana Church, a series that I have found myself captivated with as it has progressed. I reviewed the first work in the series here and the second work here on the Tale recently and how that second work closed left a rather interesting cliffhanger to unfold in this, the third work.

Sometimes one receives answers to questions they didn’t know they had. That can be from one’s own needs, or that of others. It can be from a place of pleasure, a means for satisfying themselves. Other times it is a shoulder to cry on, a lover to hold, a passion to unfold. In every case, the one recurring theme is that of discovery. But it can also be one of acceptance, whether you want to or not.

The work tells the story of:

After days of a strange sexual reawakening, Rachel Wainwright finally meets the reason for the wonderful change in her life. Althea Carpenter is a succubus who has been forced to take up residence in her mind. As she explains her history, and that of the succubi, Rachel is filled with sympathy for her plight, and agrees to help her regain her previous form.

Meanwhile, the spell of the succubus is having an effect on other members of Rachel’s household. Goaded by urges he finds shameful and perverse, Alex finds love and acceptance in Maria’s arms. And Sarah is being drawn to a new man in her life. Will they find happiness together? Or will their forbidden love doom them all? One thing is certain. When you look into the eyes of a succubus, you may see some…Dark Reflections.

Rachel finally meets Althea and learns that everything that has been happening of late is because Althea took needed refuge within Rachel to survive. The reality they are both in comes into focus and Rachel learns just what it means to be a succubus. There are trials for both, needs of many, and along the way some discoveries are made. People change, some more than others, but when it is one’s own desires unleashed and true, is that really a bad thing?

The most interesting part of this work is, by far, the interaction between Althea and Rachel that finally comes into full bloom. There isn’t a clash of personalities so much as it is a merging, a reflection, a meeting of two souls that each have their own needs and desires, but also their own points of view and mindsets. Some of the funniest moments are when Althea makes offhanded remarks to Rachel here and there, sometimes in the midst of passion and they are simply hilariously funny.

Beyond that, there is a good deal of time spent explaining just what it means to be a succubus, about some of Althea’s past and what has happened to Rachel. The author has a particular view of the succubi that I cherish and the simple statement of their purpose, of where they come from and why there are on Earth is perfect. The author spent a good deal of time in consideration of just how things work, why they do, and more importantly, takes succubi in a direction within this series that is bright and promising.

Really that isn’t a surprise, all things considered about what we have seen Althea think and consider overall and finding that this is simply how all succubi are is perfect. The discussion leaves many questions answered, but as well, so many questions made anew. The series going forwards has something really interesting to play off of and that is what makes things so promising overall. There’s thought in what’s coming, it isn’t all just the erotica and that makes for the better tale to tell.

Rachel having a focus makes her that much more interesting because she isn’t acting now for her needs, she’s acting, playing, loving, for something more now. She understands what she’s been given, what it means, and even if she now has a little voice that she can hear in her mind now, it’s more of a sister, a friend, than anything else. The story isn’t about conflict between Althea and Rachel, though there are some moments of uncertainty. It’s about Rachel seeing the possibilities and accepting them, whatever they are.

In the same way, the rest of Rachel’s family undergoes a similar transformation. Josh comes to terms with his desires and in doing so rediscovers the woman he loved and she him. There’s a moment when there might be some conflict, but it’s handled well and when the focus turns to Sarah, the story pushed her character development a long way. She makes the most inspired comment to her brother at one point, and it was in its own way really funny, but sad as well. Sarah’s frustration is palatable, and here’s where a conflict comes in the closing moments of the story.

Next to Rachel’s enlightenment, the other focal point of this work is that of Alex, his hidden sexual desires and linked to them that of Maria. This is a lovely well told erotic scene that had a wonderful mix of a D/s relationship, the need for love and hope, and as well a focus upon sexual discovery. It is a love scene, in the best possible way, and it respects both sides of the D/s relationship. There’s no abuse, no foulness. There’s acceptance, understanding and, most of all, the connection which few can find, accept, and be worthy of.

The erotica melds well, as it has in the prior works in the series, into the story, not reading like something that is pasted in for the sake of being there. It pushes things onwards, there is both a reason for it to happen, and some kind of aftermath, or purpose when the moment passes and life for the characters continues onwards.

The core plot moves a little further onwards, there is a needed answer for Althea, but questions for Rachel, desires for Alex and Sarah they need to understand. The entire family is discovering things about themselves hidden away from themselves and that brings growth to them all. That is what makes this work sing. It’s that the characters are becoming more.

There is some conflict revolving around Sarah and where that goes does make me wonder, especially from the ending. She’s held in a situation where Rachel knows, her father knows, and it’s unsure of what she will do now that another has entered the picture. At the same time, what happens to Althea and Rachel now that what was lost has been found makes for a problem to solve and it doesn’t seem to be one that’s simple. Complexity is a wonderful thing and all of their lives are going to be very much that from now on.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

The series continues to build deliciously, the characters transform a little more each page. Answers are coming, as are they, and within that is a tale that I find I cannot wait for the next work  in the series to appear. I continue to highly recommend the series and I await Rachel’s first real encounter with Althea.

Not all answers are found in one’s mind, so many of them come from without as well. The next work in the series Bright Shadows is next and with the knowledge of the succubi comes the question of who else is out there.

We shall see.



May 03 2016

A Review of How I Became a Succubus Were-Woman by Abbey Lynn

How I Became a Succubus Were-Woman by Abbey Lynn

How I Became a Succubus Were-Woman by Abbey Lynn

In the midst of telling a story, there are a series of things that need to be present in order for it to be more than “just” erotica. There needs to be a well explained world, a reason for things being as they are. There needs to be characters that you care about enough to see what comes next and the reasons why.

There is one other thing that, for me, is important and it is particularly so when it comes to stories that have a gender transformation theme. At some point the character’s name needs to change in order to reflect who they have become. Leaving that out tends to be jarring.

  • Title: How I Became a Succubus Were-Woman
  • Author: Abbey Lynn
  • Length: 70 Pages
  • Publishing Date: October 15, 2015
  • This work at

The story tells of:

A chance encounter at a Halloween costume party changes Henry’s life forever. That’s where he met Sabrina — an intoxicating, irresistible, incredibly beautiful woman. Little did he know that she was a predator and he was her latest prey. As a were-woman succubus, she needs fresh masculine energy to feed on. But she’s just a little too hungry — and drains him just a little too much. Suddenly Henry finds himself transforming into a girl every full moon, experiencing that same insatiable lust and need to feed. And strangely, he enjoys it. Actually looks forward to it. And soon discovers that only being a girl once a month simply isn’t enough for him. So he seeks out a way to make it permanent — and become an immortal, intoxicating, beautiful full-time female succubus too.

Henry goes to a Halloween party and meets Sabrina. She is amazingly sexy, hypnotic, and the answer to many of his life’s questions. A mistake made means that Henry isn’t the man he was before. He’s a were-succubus. And that brings up a question that he has struggled with all of his life. Who is he? Or she?

I found this work to be really quite enjoyable, having a strong story, good characters, and a setting that saw to it that things made sense within the story itself. There’s a good balance between the erotica, which is well written, has some lovely heat, and the need to tell a larger story as well. The work isn’t simply erotic, there is some thinking needed as well and I liked that part of the work.

Henry’s passage through the story is well done, from the moment he meets Sabrina, the time they spend together, the aftermath, Henry’s transformation, and then Sabrina guiding Henry through his first night being transformed and then, the choices Henry makes. Each step along the way has it’s own piece of erotica, but as well, there’s a story to go along with it that helps to push Henry’s story along.

Sabrina is a succubus in a way. Not in the way of taking someone’s soul but rather in her sexual needs, her powers, some of which are nicely hot mind control, and in her overall look and appearance. She doesn’t have horns or a tail, but it is very clear she is a succubus in this work, as also Henry becomes after his transformation.

The part of this work that I enjoyed the most was Sabrina taking Henry to her “world”, teaching Henry how to control herself, testing her. Sometimes needing to slap her a little to get Henry’s attention, but that again works well. There’s much more world building than I expected in truth, and because of that alone, this work was amazing in what was created around the characters.

As I mentioned, the erotica has a lot of heat, the scenes aren’t impossible, silly, or over the top and in being so that added an air of “reality” to the work that I liked. The transformation passages, some of which are very long and detailed, were well done also. There are moments where the work stumbles a little however, that mainly being in the dialog.

When the characters are talking, it feels odd. That is to say there’s kind of a monotone in how they speak to each other for most of the work, thankfully which at the climax and conclusion, doesn’t appear. Some more emotion at some points outside of the erotica I think would have been nice, but still, the work is very well written and I enjoyed it as a whole.

But there is one thing missing which, for me, is the single problem. After Henry transforms, experiences her new life… her name doesn’t change. She is still “Henry” to the very last page and that bothered me. I would have liked, if only in the last line of the book, to know her name… and it isn’t Henry I am fairly sure.

Four pitchforks out of five.

The dialog needs a little work, it reads too “stiff” and needs more emotion. As well, it would have been really nice for Henry to reveal her new name at the end of the story. That bothers me, for the sake of a complete story and it would have even a nice point to end things on.