Oct 02 2016

A Review of The Devil Lives Inside My Husband! by Rose Black

The Devil Lives Inside My Husband! by Rose Black

The Devil Lives Inside My Husband! by Rose Black

When writing a story, there are some things that do need, at some point, to be explained. Problems with relationships can be told, desires brought out and explored. But along the way when something happens to a character, and it isn’t explained, that leaves questions that take away from the story overall.

Putting a twist into a story isn’t unexpected, nor is it something that is rare. But a twist with no reason behind it, nothing to tell why it happens leaves a lot to be desired. More so when the ending leaves a singular question behind that cannot be answered and needs to be for the sake of the story most of all.

  • Title: The Devil Lives Inside My Husband!
  • Author: Rose Black
  • Length: 30 Pages
  • ASIN: B00GU723WK
  • Publishing Date: November 21, 2013
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

Ava’s unhappy. She married her bible study boyfriend right out of high school, and now she’s a bored housewife with nothing to do all day and a husband who can’t satisfy her needs at all. That all changes when her husband, Richard, returns from work one evening quite literally a changed man. Darkly sexy and wickedly horny… This devilish new Richard is ready to make all of her lusty dreams come true!

Will Ava return to a life of boredom, or give herself over to the devil who’s taken up residence inside her husband?

Ava has some issues, not the least of which is that her relationship with her husband is a rocky one. The sex isn’t what she needs and the frustration is growing. She needs a change, but when Richard comes home one night, he’s not the same husband she knew. Temptation calls and Ava is willing to heed the call.

Overall this work is a series of short hot flashes that tell that story of a marriage that has a sex life  in which Ava just gets nothing from it, straining her relationship, and putting things on the rocks. The first we see of the couple there’s strife in the midst of what should be passion, but isn’t. Even when Ava tries to find her own needs, there’s a moment when her husband dampens them. It’s one disappointment after the next, over and over again.

At least until he comes home and isn’t the same husband he was. Then follows an almost classic porn movie scene before the work ends on what is a major question that’s never delved into, and seems to be an afterthought more than anything else.

One would expect that this would might have a possession theme, perhaps something of an incubus character, something that would explain why Richard’s personality changes and what the signs that appear mean. The problem is that none of that is explored. There’s no time spent in what happened to him, what exactly is going on in the final scenes, and what it means.

The focus is on the sex, it isn’t really erotica, and there’s no time spent to tell the story that needs to be told. The why of the story doesn’t appear. The when isn’t explained. Most of all, there’s no presence given to this “new” husband in Ava’s life and what he wants. Question after question and the only answer given at the end of the work is what appears in his eyes. A single sentence in which Ava has to make a choice.

It’s that choice, how odd it is considering all else that happened in the story, who Ava is, that bothers me the most. There’s no thought about what’s happening and why, she just falling into this new situation and leaving the really hard questions to the reader to think about.

I couldn’t find my way into the story, the characters weren’t that interesting, and most of all, that question about Richard and what’s going on not being answered is the largest flaw of all. There should have been more story about that, perhaps some time spent in which Ava had to make a choice.

It is her husband possessed? An incubus in his form or something else? It makes a difference to how this story can be seen and understood. It’s a shame that the author didn’t take the time to explore that thread and draw out more story from this work than there is.

One out of five pitchforks.

The main problem here is that the story does’t get past the erotica and tell the story itself. Why things happened as they did is never explained, and the ending leaves such an open question that really matters, but never answers it. That question, what happened to Richard, why it is, and if he’s even there anymore, or if this Richard is another one and the original will return, really matters. The author missed out on a more interesting story in the rush to get to the sex scenes and it’s the larger shame here.



Oct 01 2016

An interesting speedpainting Succubus YouTube

I came across another of those YouTubes where an artist is painting an image they have been working on. I thought that this character was cute, has an interesting smile, and while the entire video isn’t about her creation, the end result is rather unique…

And if you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link:


Here’s the finished artwork, as always, in case YouTube makes the video vanish for whatever reason there may be…

Succubus by Jaciopara

Succubus by Jaciopara

She’s really quite fun as a whole, that smile of hers seems exactly right for her style, outfit and what seems to be her cute personality. It’s nice that her entire outfit matches her horns, tail and hair. Considering all of the other options the artist considered, I have to say that I like this the best of them all by far.

Sexy cute is one of the best kinds of Succubi I think, and she’s really quite that and more…



Sep 30 2016

A Review of That’s The Spirit by Belinda Burke

That's The Spirit by Belinda Burke

That’s The Spirit by Belinda Burke

There are some stories that are, in a way, eternal. Such as the story of Dr. Frankenstein, for one. Putting a new twist on things makes that story renew itself and the tales that can come from that have their own appeal.

A review then today of the second work in the series Dr. Frankenstein’s School for Monsters. A series with an interesting premise, lovely characters and a unique way to tell a story. However, even with the basis of a story, or series, there are some things that need to be done.

Such as telling a bit more about a character within the story rather than in the book summary for one. Another thing that’s good to do is to allow the characters to tell their story and in doing so make the erotica so much better still. The former is a shame, the latter is a must.

It is the story of:

The succubus Lin is both student and teacher at Dr. Frankenstein’s school for monsters. A Vietnamese demon with an interest in anatomy, she is also responsible for the school’s weekly atmospheric cleanup – getting rid of ghosts that haunt their asteroid’s orbit.

Maeve, lately of Ireland, is one of those ghosts…and one of Dr. Frankenstein’s experiments. Daughter of a line that once produced banshees, Maeve is looking to become more than merely mortal. Phase two of her experiment required her to become a spirit just as she caught sight of Lin. Now, she’s going to take advantage of her ghostliness by taking advantage of the succubus.

Like any demon, Lin is a lusty being, but even she might not be prepared for the spectral encounter waiting for her in the stratosphere.

The good Doctor Frankenstein has made a home for himself and the monsters of the world on an asteroid deep in space. In the future, monsters can hide easily among the stars and the humans that are travelling there. A place for monsters to learn sounds good, but the Doctor needs to experiment of course. A succubus and a ghost sounds interesting, and the Doctor is, if nothing else, quite curious to see what comes next… and who.

The series is set in a universe where Doctor Frankenstein has built, on an asteroid, what he has claimed to be a school to keep human eyes uninterested. In truth, it’s a home for various supernatural beings, one of which is a succubus named Lin. This particular story tells what happens when the Doctor tries an experiment and what happens when the result of the experiment “happens” to encounter Lin.

I liked the story as a whole, the telling is quite unique, I loved Lin and Maeve very much as they were interesting, had personality and when the two came together in the erotica, it was wonderfully hot and passionate. The setting has a lot of promise, and, honestly, the mental image I have of a succubus in a skin-tight spacesuit makes me smile.

But there are some things missing and one of the largest is telling about Lin herself. Really there’s not a lot of time spent in setting up her past, how she came to be where she is, how succubi exist in this universe. There’s a lot of handwaving to get past the questions and directly into the erotica as fast as possible. Lin is described as being Vietnamese in the book summary, but there’s no real focus on her appearance within the story. It’s hinted at, suggested barely, but her form is very shadowy and the missing clarity bothered me.

That said, once the story turned from an adventure to an erotic encounter, Lin’s physical form as Maeve teases and plays is wonderful and I adored the erotica for being something more than just a short moment as many such encounters are. There’s a point to things, meaning and desire for what comes. it’s not an encounter without a point, which is amazing really. There’s a feeling of there being more story to tell, that Lin’s life will change, and what that means to her. Even the Doctor himself cannot ignore this, regardless of his personality.

I found it hard to really like the Doctor himself, there’s an air of aloofness to him. Perhaps that’s because he cares more about his experiments, as a whole, than those around him. It would be something interesting to explore as well in the series. While this is the second work, I didn’t read the first and, as a whole, really this work can stand on its own. There’s enough underpinning that things made sense, but there are still a lot of questions to be wondered about.

A unique story idea, a universe that has a lot of promise. A succubus who is anything but stereotypical, erotica that feels rather than rushes. There’s a lot to like here, and I do very much. But honestly I dearly with there had been more told about Lin herself.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

I really wish some time had been spent in telling Lin’s story, describing her more than she was. It’s hard to grasp a character when she’s really only described as a succubus and what gives her form is the book summary. I wish the Doctor hadn’t been so eminently dislikable as well. The erotica was wonderful, the story captivating. It’s just the little things that were missing that got in the way for me.

Perhaps Lin will appear in a later work in the series, perhaps there will be more story told about her and Maeve. I really hope so, there’s so much story left untold here that needs to be.



Sep 30 2016

A Review of The Cult of E by Ivona Dikson

The Cult of E by Ivona Dikson

The Cult of E by Ivona Dikson

There are some works which just are missing something. Sometimes that is plot, sometimes that is heat. Many times the problem is a lack of direction, of purpose, of making the story speak. There can be a focus on odd erotica, of actions or words spoken that give me pause and wonder… why?

Character names do matter. They invoke mystery, passion or a need to know more. Leaving the mystery to one of what happened rather than why, doesn’t make for a good read. It makes for the start of confusion. Mixing a story that seems to have little purpose other than the sex makes things odder. Leaving the reader wondering what and why things happened is more disappointing still.

  • Title: The Cult of E
  • Author: Ivona Dikson
  • Length: 49 Pages
  • IBSN: 1505863066
  • Publishing Date: November 25, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

It is the story of:

E is a one of a kind Demon, part incubus, part succubus and part vampire. He has his own group that live with him in his home along with his acolyte Christopher. Within the group E can satisfy any and every desire a sex demon could have, until Emily arrives. Emily is different changing Emily has unforeseen consequences. Amber, the member of E’s group who found Emily has wanted E to make her an immortal acolyte for over a year, but E has refused. With the sudden changing of Emily, anything could happen as Amber’s jealousy starts to show the night of the ritual.

E needs Emily. S/he needs her in every possible way and more. Drawing her close the need grows and those around him/her fall to their desires. But nothing is perfect, least of all E.

The work needs quite a lot of editing overall. It reads oddly at times, there are points at which there’s very little comprehension of what is going on exactly. The characters are very thinly written, and almost seem to be within the story for the sake of having a series of sex scenes unfold that don’t really have a lot of heat within them.

E, the main character, is never explored fully in this work. S/he is a mix of a succubus, an incubus, and a vampire. That in itself needs a little explanation and that is what comes in the story. Very little explanation. They have the ability to shift forms, be male or female, but that isn’t told in detail either. The entire meaning behind the character is told in literally a paragraph or two and nothing more.

There’s a little bit of mind control, but that too is skimmed over in the rush to get to a series of sex scenes that read oddly, occasionally make no sense, and at times push the boundaries. Personally I didn’t care for the violent aspects that happened in every scene, and as such there was next to no heat in the work. There’s blood, there’s some anger and quite a lot of pain at times. That might be appealing to some, but I couldn’t see it myself.

Some of the events in the story, especially the beginning of the work, read like something of a mix of an action movie and a porn film with a little bit of the supernatural mixed in. There’s a certain lack of emotion from the characters overall, really only Emilie has some shown, but that’s smothered by E’s effect on her. The fire isn’t there, save for peeking out on occasion and not nearly enough.

That leads me to my single overall problem with this work. I couldn’t find my way into the story, mainly because when there was one, it wasn’t used as it could have been. There were moments when E could have told about their past more, that didn’t happen. There should have been more time spent about the relationships within the group, that didn’t happen. There should have been some time spent on what drove the characters to do what they did, it didn’t.

Just a lot of opportunities for story to be revealed and it wasn’t. What remains is the threads of what should have been something interesting but is left to stand on sex alone. It simply cannot. Erotica without a good story to support it and vice versa leads to disappointment.

One pitchfork out of five.

There’s no substitute for plot and story. No amount of sex, no matter what kind or how it is written, can overcome not having one of some kind. There is a story somewhere in this work, but it never really comes out as it should, nor did the ending really feel like it mattered when it came to a close. There’s a good idea here in who E is, but that is only toyed with. Much like my interest overall in this work.



Sep 29 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 454

One of the things that I like to see, and really don’t very often, is when the wings of Succubi are angelic in nature. I know the usual thing is bat-like wings, but, to me, I think that the combination of feathers, horns and tail has something about it that works quite well… as in the case of this week’s Succubi…

Succubi Angel by ks-claw

Succubi Angel by ks-claw

This work is called Succubi Angel and is by an artist on DevianrArt called ks-claw and you can find the original page on DeviantArt where I found this work here and this artist’s page can be found here.

I think she is adorably cute in a lot of ways. The contrast between her wings, hair, horns and clothing is quite nice. It’s also good to see a different skin tone as well. She has this sort of assured appearance, lounging as she is, and I think that makes her a stronger personality too.

Perhaps she was an angel once or a succubi once? Perhaps she’s been seen by the light and shown what she really is, what she can be… Which is more than anything she might have imagined?

It’s a nice thing to think about…



Sep 28 2016

Another so-called Red Hot Devil Costume

Red Hot Devil CostumeSometimes there are costumes that have the barest possibility of being sexy, but then, of course, there has to be something that takes all of that away…

This is called the Red Hot Devil Costume and it comes with the red lace-up mini dress with a tutu skirt, the neck tie and devil horns headband. The pitchfork, gloves, petticoat, shoes and pantyhose are not included. The costume alone sells for $83 US, but adding the accessories pushes this to about $160 US.

The one thing that just makes me cringe are the horns. They are simply atrocious. I don’t understand why such a lousy pair would be attached to what otherwise is a cute little costume. I will also add that I don’t care for the bow tie, the attached tail looks lousy. But, and this means nothing… I like the shoes.

Thinking about this, I would change the horns, remove the tail, I have better ones, and otherwise the look really isn’t all that bad.

It takes some effort to make things look better. It need not if the designers would, at the start, try to keep the idea of sexy and seductive in mind.

It’s not hard to see tacky in most costumes. It’s also not that hard to see something good, if is would only be brought to the fore…

Three out of five pitchforks.

Im being generous I know. But there’s something here that I like, even if only a little so…



Sep 27 2016

A Review of A Surprising Summons by Kaysee Renee Robichaud

A Surprising Summons by Kaysee Renee Robichaud

A Surprising Summons by Kaysee Renee Robichaud

The transformation of a character is, at its core, a very complex thing to explore. Some resist change, some explore it and some cannot quite understand why things have changed for them. Beyond that, then the question becomes if their own nature matters or if they have a semblance of mercy within them when there wasn’t one before.

Sometimes the unexpected comes. Sometimes an experience opens a thought where there wasn’t one before. But then, as well, sometimes the universe has its way regardless of what we want things to be.

The work tells the story of:

Loreline is immortal and can take whatever shape she wishes to fascinate her mortal victims. She is a succubus who has clawed her way into the mortal realms enough times to know what foolish mortals desire. When she encounters a sorcerer who is no fool, Loreline discovers that even she can still be surprised. How can an immortal demon who has never known real emotion cope with such strange desires?

Loreline is summoned to the mortal realm in what she thinks is the usual way. But the summoner isn’t what she expected and over time even an immortal and learn two lessons. One is of the heart and the other is the price of mercy in an unfeeling universe.

There are quite a number of threads that weave their way through this story. The question of time as seen from two perspectives. The concept of pleasure, from one that never has felt before. The longing of need and want tempered against one’s one self-preservation. The question of mortality, the human soul and what comes beyond. Mixed about all of this introspection there is lovely heat and passion from the main characters, reflective of each’s one understanding of what they, and the other, wishes.

Loreline herself isn’t seen in her true form, but her powers as a succubus, shape-changing, personality moulding, the ability to read minds and become what the other desires, work quite well. There’s a fair bit background about her, what she sees and experiences away from Konstantin, the one that has captured her thoughts.

Konstantin isn’t really explored as a character as much as I would have liked him to be. He’s present within the story, in Loreline’s thoughts, but the glimpses are snapshots and that’s a shame really. I’d like to have known what he was doing between, what he thought of her. Did he crave as much as she did? They are interesting things to think about, but never quite revealed save for the encounters as they come.

The ending is, all things considered, expected from the start of the work. But at the same time, there’s a moment, and it’s really telling about Loreline that shared her deeply. It’s a shame the story ended where it did, not being able to see what comes next, if there was something more than what Loreline explained, or offered.

The characters are interesting, the story is delightful in many ways. The heat is well done, Loreline isn’t quite the same by the end of the work, which I liked very much. But the ending took a lot of enjoyment out of the story for me.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The ending was a bit telegraphed through the story and when it came it was both expected and at the same time so deeply sad in many ways. It’s the ending, which cannot be overcome by either character, that broke the spell of the story for me. I admit, freely, I like happy endings. Perhaps this one hurt more than most for what I’ve seen this year. Melancholy is a difficult thing to live with and it seems that Loreline knows that well.