Jul 30 2016

Another cute Succubus speedpainting YouTube

Just a cute bit of Succubus art being coloured in a YouTube speedpaint video today on the Tale. I think she’s just cute and cute is always a good thing really…


If you can’t see the video here on the Tale, please try this link:


And, as always, an image of the finished artwork as well in case YouTube deletes the original video…

Succubus by Michele Van Frey

More than anything, really the thing about this art that I like is just how she isn’t overtly sexual in nature, but rather she’s kind of a mixture of innocent and mysterious.

It seems to me that Succubi should be as mysterious as possible because that makes them all that must more seductive as well…



Jul 29 2016

A Review of Unholy Passion: Summoning gone wrong – who’s Master now? by Bronson Shover

Unholy Passion: Summoning gone wrong - who's Master now? by Bronson Shover

Unholy Passion: Summoning gone wrong – who’s Master now? by Bronson Shover

Sometimes I look at the title of a book and one thing comes to mind. What exactly was the author thinking when they came up with a title that’s about as long as the first chapter in the story?

I’ll admit that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but honestly the work I will be reviewing today has a title that made me shake my head. It’s awkward, silly, and really the subtitle/extended title doesn’t work for me. That’s the real shame her because I adored this work. Dearly so.

It’s never a good thing to be bored as a succubus. It’s never a good thing to make assumptions as a succubus either. Getting caught in a trap is worse still. But sometimes the trap works two ways and in being so, no one will be bored for long.

  • Title: Unholy Passion: Summoning gone wrong – who’s Master now?
  • Author: Bronson Shover
  • Length: 31 Pages
  • ASIN: B01I0L8LZG
  • Publishing Date: July 4, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

Jet-setting billionaire playboy warlock Greyson Spanner has changed his ways – he’s summoning demons to help rebuild storm-ravaged Goose River. Sure, it’s hard to find a philanthropist chick kinky enough to play the kind of games he enjoys, but he was done being useless.

Meanwhile, sexy succubus Danica is bored to tears with using her body to feed on humans’ sexual energy and bilk them out of their fortunes – it’s really just keeping score now. She’d never admit it, but she wanted one man ready, willing, and able to satisfy all her dark, depraved desires.

Add in one bitter and interfering imp and a contract neither Greyson nor Danica could come up with – and better than either one could ever imagine – is struck. They’re stuck with each other – so who’s the Master now?

Greyson has a plan, it’s a good one really. Summon a demon to help people in need. The problem comes when he doesn’t pay attention to the runes in his summoning, which someone has changed. Now the problem is a succubus named Danica. Or is it that Danica’s problem is Greyson? Either way, there’s a problem. Or is it really?

The description of this work is deliciously naughty, offering a really interesting story about control, need, want and desire. Both Danica and Greyson have their seductive natures, but they also have their own wants and needs. As the story progresses, the control is swapped between the two of them, and how that is done works really well. It makes sense, at least in the context of the story, and I really liked there was a reason for everything that happened.

Danica is a wonderful succubus character. I adored her attitude, her sexuality and most of all, I enjoyed that she has a soul, a reason for not being “typical”. The life she has been leading, her history, really leaves a lot of questions unanswered, some of which I think would be delicious and erotic tales to be told. There’s a softness to her, a need for, if not love, then someone that can scratch that itch she’s been feeling for so long.

The same can be said about Greyson as well. He has a need, a desire, and it hasn’t been fulfilled. The situation he finds himself in ticks all of the checkmarks and there’s a wonderful transformation of his character. Really, that’s the single thing about this work. The characters aren’t exactly who they were at the beginning. Each makes a choice, tells a truth and in that comes their story. It’s just simply wonderful.

The erotica has lovely heat, the characters meld to each other perfectly. Really some of the scenes just made me smile, which is a wonderful thing most of all. The characters are complex, they grow and the story, when it comes to the conclusion, just made me ache for more of their story to be told.

The writing is amazing, there’s really nothing that took me out of the story. Except for that title. I really wish the author had picked something else, or shortened this one. It’s too long and unwieldy by far. It doesn’t reflect just how amazing the story, the erotica, and the passions are.

There is a plot point, which actually is a rather important one, that doesn’t get resolved by the end of this work. It has to do with Danica and her connection, or lack of, with Hell and how Greyson connects into that. I’m not sure that really needed to be in the story as it wasn’t resolved, wasn’t of much use either. It’s a forceful means to make something happen, a bit clumsily. It’s the only part of this work that I really had problems with. It didn’t need to be there. Not for how good everything else is.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

I loved this work. Danica is delightfully naughty and fun, Greyson is adorably cute and naughty. The two make for a wonderful couple, amazing heat, and a delicious story. But there’s a plot point left dangling, a story brought to a close a little too soon, and a title that just doesn’t work as it should.

Recommended for the hot sexy succubus fun, but aching for so much more that could have been.



Jul 29 2016

A Review of Nocturne by Megan J. Parker

Nocturne by Megan J. Parker

Nocturne by Megan J. Parker

There is such a thing as history in characters. There’s meaning to who they are now, who they were, and, with some luck, who they would be eventually. Telling the history of a character is important because without understanding that, what happens to them can be, at time, confusing.

Hinting at the past in a vague way in the midst of rushing through pivotal moments in the story is a bit hard to follow at times. It’s slightly more concerning when the character’s actions, when the past is revealed, offer a suggestion and then turn that into something else. Along the way it’s sometimes good to clear up ambiguities and get to the heart of the matter. Even if, it seems, there is no where for the story to go next when the book summary suggests there is more than what is told.

  • Title: Nocturne
  • Author: Megan J. Parker
  • Length: 23 Pages
  • ASIN: B01AO6LSG4
  • Publishing Date: January 14, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

Isabelle AKA “Angel” wants nothing to do with her aunt’s business. However, with no money to her name and no where else to go, she accepts the job as an escort/stripper at her aunt’s seedy nightclub. Her first assignment changes everything and awakens something dark inside Isabelle.

Vincent knows what he wants and when he wants it. When he sees the new girl, Angel, at The Toxic Shade Club he knows he has to have her. However, after their mind-blowing encounter, she up and ditches him. Knowing there’s something special about her, he’s thrown into a battle to not only save Isabelle, but save his city.

When the past and present collide, Isabelle and Vincent will have to give their everything to create a future for both of them and their city.

Vincent visits his favourite place in the city and finds himself attracted to Isabelle for a reason he cannot put his finger on, but he can with her. A moment’s passion reveals who Isabelle is and things start to go out of control. Vincent now has to set things right for his own sake and as for Isabelle, she remembers… everything.

There’s a very strong supernatural vibe in this work with many different beings, such as vampires, s succubus, what could be an incubus, some werewolves and so on. At first that is a bit unclear, but as the story progresses the number of beings grows in the work and things start to get complicated. That wouldn’t be a problem save that the reader is dropped into the midst of this world with really very little time to absorb what’s going on before Vincent has Isabelle cornered and has his way with her.

The transformation from Isabelle being “ordinary” to her succubus form I rather enjoyed. I think it was told well, mixed in with the erotic scene well, and told at least something of what Isabelle was going through. However, there’s an oddity, which at the end of the work bothers me, but I’ll get back to that. The transformation of Isabelle’s personality was rather surprising as well, and the story didn’t quite explain that well save in passing when it was brought up later.

The shift from erotica to what amounts to a battle between supernatural beings is abrupt, didn’t seem to have much of a point, and really only served to remove some characters that weren’t core to the plot. Following this, Isabelle’s explanation to Vincent seemed… wrong. There was something missing there, something to allow for some character development, some kind of resolution, but it didn’t come.

What does appear at the end of this work is an abrupt ending with some vague suggestions about what the future holds for the characters. As such it isn’t satisfying as an ending. There are a lot of loose ends, what everything means for Isabelle and Vincent isn’t explored. The story closes with a musing, and nothing more.

Overall the characters are interesting, Isabelle especially. There’s history in them, there is character and personality, but that isn’t really explored as much as I wish it had been. Once Isabelle becomes herself again, there’s only a passing mention of why things happened as they did. Only a little tease of meaning about what the events of the evening have come to mean.

I feel like this should have been a lot longer a work. Time could have been spent in telling more about Isabelle’s past, her past lover and what they did together and why. There are strong hints of mind control involved in this work, but they aren’t explained or explored. They just… are. I would have liked to know more about Isabelle’s family, who they are, especially her aunt. There’s just a lot of story left aside for the rush to the erotica in the beginning, the action scenes in the middle and the rapid closure of the past.

And that’s the single problem with this work as a whole. There’s a rush to get through the story that takes a lot of the enjoyment away. There’s no pause for consideration, no moment to rest and try to figure out what is happening. It reads very much like an action movie rushing towards the climax… and there are a lot of climaxes here.

The work needs at least another six or seven pages of character development and time to tell the story. There are too many questions at the end left unanswered and they need not be. However, if this is the beginning of a series, then that would make some sense. But that’s unclear by the ending.

Three out of five pitchforks.

Far too rushed a work with a lot of things happening that don’t quite ring true. Some kind of explanation of why would be good. Some time spent telling that would be better still.



Jul 28 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 445

One of the things that I tend to associate with Succubi is that we are, as a whole, very good listeners… Really, if you think about it, they need to be in order to be able to make someone’s fantasies and dreams real. I found a piece of Succubi art that I think really puts things into focus for me…

Tell me your Secret by OneWingedAngel75

Tell me your Secret by OneWingedAngel75

This art is called Tell me your Secret and is by an artist on DeviantArt called OneWingedAngel75. You can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page on DeviantArt can be found here.

What catches my thoughts most of all is her expression and her hand upon her chin. It gives me a sort of Succubi Phycologist vibe in a way. That will, I expect, become a story sometime for me to ponder, but that’s another story after all.

Lovely hair, her tail and horns look right for her as well. Her combination of barely-there clothing and heels just makes me smile and I think, really points things towards what she expects the secret desires of others that find her are. A neat come-hither pose as she reclines in her chair is the icing on the cake here too…

Lovely art, really quite inspiring for me as well…




Jul 27 2016

Yet another so-called Red Hot Devil Costume that isn’t

Red Hot Devil CostumeAnother shiny devil costume that simply doesn’t live up to its name I think. That’s not to say that it isn’t trying or the model isn’t doing her best in trying to make it look attractive… It’s simply that it just has too much tacky to manage that by far.

This is called the Red Hot Devil Costume and it comes with the red dress which has an attached tail, the horns and that’s all. The stockings, shoes and pitchfork are not included and it sells for $50 US online.

I know the image is really blurry, but even that cannot hide the overall look which is just that side of tacky and not in a good way.

The horns and tail really do look like an afterthought, which makes me wonder if the dress was part of some other creation. Setting that aside, it looks a bit too cheap, a bit too tacky and in being so it really does nothing for me, regardless of the smile the model has here.

The stockings are a nice touch, as are the shoes and they help this a bit, but that pitchfork throws the entire thing back into the depths of tacky once again.

Really not much to like here, i don’t see a way to make it better as well which is the larger problem…

One pitchfork out of five.




Jul 26 2016

A Review of the Incubus series by Lynn Carter

Scent of a Conquest by Lynn Carter

Scent of a Conquest by Lynn Carter

A review of a two book series about an encounter, or rather series of encounters, with a creature that can best be described as an incubus. The work is written well, the characters have depth and are powerful. The story takes the time to grow, to tell what the author seems to have wanted. But there’s a problem.

The problem is one that happens often. Whether in a movie, book or short story, there seems to be a need to throw a curve into the story at the end. A twist for the sake of doing so. Sometimes that can work, but most of the time it just deflates what otherwise was something special.

The first work in the series is:

  • Title: Scent of a Conquest
  • Author: Lynn Carter
  • Length: 24 Pages
  • Publishing Date: July 12, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

The chill, dark hour of the night is the time of the hunt. An ancient, powerful, evil force emerges from the shadows to prey upon young, beautiful women in the moonlit hours and drinks the shimmering essence of their life force. Creatures of dark myth and half-forgotten legend. Winged creatures of the night who feed upon the vibrant feminine life force, who feed to survive, to sustain their immortality. Nightmare creatures who touch their victims with an ancient, evil power and, in return, bestow the most intensely erotic pleasures a human body can endure. So much pleasure that their victims lose themselves completely in the addictive throes of the wildest ecstasy, victims who writhe and gasp in their torment of sexual abandon before their bodies are emptied of every last vestige of life.

In the twenty-first century, when the old legends have been recast as harmless fairy tales, a young girl falls prey to the hunger of the night. The unholy incubus emerges on ebony wings from the darkness to sip her life force and drives her to the point of insanity with primal lust, threatening madness with the addictive seduction of the deepest and wildest of physical pleasures.

A story of two women being haunted, and hunted, by an incubus. Their nights are long, deep and dark, their lusts played upon and something taken. But what is that cost and who can possibly help them? The larger question is if anyone can help themselves.

Scent of a Battle by Lynn Carter

Scent of a Battle by Lynn Carter

It’s difficult to comment on the series as two separate works because the two books are so tightly intertwined in the storytelling. Really the author should have combined the two works into a single volume all things considered. To try and review them as stand alone works would not do proper justice to them. Therefore, I will list the second work before reviewing the series as a whole.

The second work in the series is:

  • Title: Scent of a Battle
  • Author: Lynn Carter
  • Length: 64 Pages
  • Publishing Date: July 12, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

In the twenty-first century, when the old legends have been recast as harmless fairy tales, a young girl falls prey to the hunger of the night. The unholy incubus emerges on ebony wings from the darkness to sip her life force and drives her to the point of insanity with primal lust, threatening madness with the addictive seduction of the deepest and wildest of physical pleasures. beautiful doctor intervenes to save her young patient and becomes the new focus of the creature’s hunger.

Can the doctor survive the torments of the night where countless others have perished? What can she do to save herself when science is not even equipped to admit the existence of such horrors? But the ancient terror of the night has an adversary. Mortals are not entirely powerless in the face of the demons of darkness. The darkness has an adversary, an unlikely hero who emerges from his secret background in the form of Oswald Albright, an elderly gentleman with his own dark history.

As ancient enemies draw up the battle lines over the life and body of a beautiful, talented woman, a new era witnesses a timeless contest where life or death are the only prizes. And so the battle begins.

Seeking rest, a soul returns to her family for solace. But along with the soul comes the incubus hunting her and battle lines are drawn. The fight begins but there is always a cost in every battle. The question, as always, is who pays and who loses in the end?

It’s impossible to divide this series into the individual works for review because the two are so tighten interwoven. The story continues from one to the other and honestly the author needs to release this series as a single work at some point, which I expect them to do. There’s a deep connection in the first, where the story is grounded, forms and starts to develop, and the second where the effects are seen, the choices made, and the battle fought.

That all said, the work is very well written, the plot is solid, the characters have strong voices, history and backgrounds. Everything in the story matters, and in the telling of that story the characters are forced to develop and change. There’s no rush in telling the story, the words speak as they need to and doing so means there’s so much detail and thought to make this work amazing.

The incubus of this series, Thu’ban, in the first work hovers about the edges of the story, pushing things forwards, but really there’s nothing that really says what they are life. The second work brings them out fully and when they appear it’s a mixture of emotions about them. The teasing glimpses of this character seem to indicate they are something different, something unique. The second work peels that back and the character is… if not quite stereotypically evil, they are extremely close to being so. It’s a bit disappointing at the climax, the confrontation, how the character loses themselves and it just didn’t fit in well with the rest of the story.

Settling Thu’ban aside, the other characters, Oswald, Agnes and Borena, are compelling ones. Their histories, the connection amongst them are wonderful. Oswald is a fascinating character, one that takes the story completely when he appears. Before that, Agnes is a force of nature in her own right and Borena herself, confused and under attack, is nonetheless a telling force as well. Really it is the characters that drive this story, all of them, and there’s no doubt they are some of the strongest characters I have read in some time.

The plot and storytelling is excellent, the author’s writing is amazing. The building up of tension is well done and it turns the work into a page turning need to see what comes next. The climax is telling, there is meaning in the moment and when it passes, the moments that follow are still powerful and well done. Except for one thing. The last page, the very end of the series which brings with it something I can’t quite understand. A twist ending.

The twist ending really wasn’t necessary. It just feels very tacked onto the series, an afterthought as if to tease the reader that there will be more in the series to come. That twist reads very much like a typical 80s slasher film ending and that disappointed me the most.

With how well the series was written, with how strong the characters are, the ending just falls flat on its face. It just doesn’t work, doesn’t need to be there. The preceding few pages made a clear suggestion about what happened and the author could have stopped there. Instead they went a little bit too far and shattered what was amazing in what came before.

Four out of five pitchforks.

If the ending hadn’t been as it is, I would have given this series four and a half pitchforks. But that ending just didn’t need to be there. Now, if it does lead to another work in the series, which might be a possibility, then it makes some sense. But if the series ends here, then it is an ending for shock value which wasn’t needed.

The series was perfectly capable of standing on its own and doing so well. It’s a shame the author felt they needed to put the twist in.



Jul 26 2016

A Review of Into Their Dream by Nikki Heart

Into Their Dream by Nikki Heart

Into Their Dream by Nikki Heart

Many stories about succubi and incubi tend to leave a lot unsaid, unexplained, or, sadly, simply avoid the idea of a reason why things happen for the sake of the erotica. The reasons why something happens are important to underpin a story, to give it depth, to allow for the characters to have something more than saying “because” as a reason for the events that unfold.

To tell the story of the main character’s life matters, but it also matters to explain why they are the focus of things in some way. As well, if nothing else, a clear explanation of why the story matters is good to see as well. Sometimes that doesn’t come even if the characters do.

  • Title: Into Their Dream
  • Author: Nikki Heart
  • Length: 12 Pages
  • ASIN: B01A05JXIO
  • Publishing Date: December 29, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

It is the story of:

Lena’s world is turned upside down when two other worldly men keep haunting her dreams. She tries to avoid them for as long as possible, but after realizing that she will have to sleep eventually she decides to succumb to sleep to face both of them.

Lana’s sleep is a mess because of her dreams. She’s called out to by two beings that she fears but is attracted to as well. When there is no choice other than sleep, the question becomes… What comes after?

The work is an erotic hot flash, but as a whole there is little heat in the erotica. There is a lot of time spent with Lana, seeing the effects of her lack of sleep, trying to stay awake and so on. A lot of minutia about her life is explored, but it seems like it is padding to fill up the pages before the erotic scenes come to pass. It’s a shame that the author didn’t take as much time to flesh out the erotica as they did in the prior pages overall.

As such, the work reads very much like the opening chapter of a larger work up until Lana succumbs to sleep and encounters Damien and Alexi when it turns away from storytelling and buries itself into a rushed erotic scene that, while telling some of the reasons, dances around most of that for the sake of Damien and Alexi having their way with Lana.

Damien and Alexi appear to be incubi, at least it seems like they are, but there is a strong undercurrent of another creature in them which is reflected in their fangs and a certain taste for Lana’s blood. There are some moments of story, at least the attempt to tell something of who Damien and Alexi are, but it is very fleeting and almost reads as if it was tacked into the work.

The ending is unclear in that what happens to Lana in the aftermath is open to interpretation. It might be good or bad, but that is not really explained. It reads as if the author finished with the erotica and then gave up, wrote a quick close and ended things.

That same rushed feeling comes in the cover, which is of rather poor quality. The preview image shown is one thing, but the actual cover seen on my Kindle is blurry, pixelated, and that didn’t add a lot to my expectation of what the story was going to be.

The writing is of two levels, the first part being I think better written than the latter third where the erotica unfolded. I think the author could have made this better by writing the erotica with the same care and attention to detail that they did in telling about Lana’s live otherwise. There’s more to erotica than just the sex after all.

Two and a half pitchforks out of five.

The ending leaves too much unknown and uncertain. The cover needs to be redone, it simply looks poor. As much as Lana’s story is told, that of Damien and Alexi isn’t which means there are too many holes left when the story comes to a close. It need not be.