Aug 14 2016

A Review of Sacred Lust: Maiden Training by C.P. Brickhouse

Sacred Lust: Maiden Training by C.P. Brickhouse

Sacred Lust: Maiden Training by C.P. Brickhouse

It’s important when telling a story that the characters remain true to who they are throughout. Losing who they are for the sake of some erotica doesn’t make for a well told story. Along with that comes the need to create a universe in the story which makes sense, allows for growth, and most of all, tells a story. If an author can manage to connect the dots in the right way, then what comes from that can be amazing.

The thing about being a Queen is that everyone’s problems come to you. Whether you like it, or not, you are the one in the end that makes the decision, sets a path, and deals with the consequences. However, it also means that you also have to be wise in both the ways of the mind, but also the heart and soul.

  • Title: Sacred Lust: Maiden Training
  • Author: C.P. Brickhouse
  • Length: 108 Pages
  • ASIN: B01AOJM5S6
  • Publishing Date: January 14, 2016
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Lilith Belili, the sister of the Demon Lord Asmodeus, rules in his stead while he is away. However, circumstances in the Realm of Lust have become routine, and she is bored. When a vassal requests her presence to combat a threat involving civil unrest (and a would-be lover), Lilith, along with her handmaiden Dumuzi, see the chance for some long-awaited excitement…as well as numerous opportunities to use their formidable seductive skills.

Lilith has a problem. She’s bored and that’s never a good thing for someone that is known as the Demon Queen. Still, a call for help might help her mood, along with some fun and games with her favourite toy of course along the way. It can be hard to be the Queen, but then again, it’s fun to be the Queen too.

From the first page of this work, it is very clear that the author has taken quite some time to create a universe, the characters, the meaning behind them, and tell a story about the characters themselves. While there are some erotic moments in the work, really this a story of fantasy, telling of Lilith and her dear Dumuzi dealing with the world they live in, the threat that comes towards them, and how that all plays out.

There isn’t a focus on erotica alone, nor is that forgotten along the way of telling the story. There is depth to each character, they have their own wants, thoughts and goals. Not one character is two-dimensional and that appealed to me in the most wonderful way.

Lilith is, as you would expect, the Queen Demon of the story and while she is a succubus in her world, she rules with seduction as her means of control. She isn’t evil as a whole by any means and being so that makes quite a lot of her actions turn towards thinking and finding answers rather than by brute force. Lilith is a force to be reckoned with, there’s no doubt, but it is in how she uses her abilities to control, tempt, and then bring what others desire to the fore.

It was a pleasant surprise to see Lilith be a seductress, one with a quick mind, a sharp wit, and the realization that it is better to seduce and have something given freely than to take it by force, or worse, cause pain. That is a rare thing to be seen in a story like this, and in doing so this work became much more than I expected it to be.

Dumuzi, a leser succubus, is Lilith’s favourite and how their relationship is told to me speaks of a love between the characters. Again, that’s something special and wonderful and it becomes core to the story over time.

There is a smart, well told adventure which mixes with Lilith using her powers of seduction to find answers and then making a plan to deal with them. Along the way there is quite a lot of erotica, but it makes sense, isn’t silly or makes the characters be other than they are. There is a point to the story, to the adventure, and as that is told the detail and care to tell that makes this work a wonderful read.

The one thing I would have liked would be more time spent “in” Lilith’s mind as things transpired. Often her thoughts are cloaked, hiding her plans from the reader and while that makes for some surprises along the way, that leaves something aside. Often Lilith thinks about Dumuzi and that relationship is assumed to be there most of the time. More story about that would have been nice.

Along with this, perhaps a little more of Lilith being a Queen as well. By that I mean she acts like a Queen, which I enjoyed, but she has so few moments where her being a seductress is allowed to play out. Most of the time when Lilith seduces there’s not much time before the other falls and I felt that limited showing who Lilith is. There is one passage where she proclaims her beliefs and what her realm is, which I enjoyed. But her realm isn’t seen as the story is off in another part of the universe. It would have been nice to see more of Lilith in her home and being the Queen.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

Just a well told story with interesting characters that doesn’t lose itself in the midst of the erotica. I adored Lilith, her way of thinking and how she tells one simple truth. For succubi, the best pleasure is the one that is freely given and wanted most of all.



Aug 13 2016

A YouTube of a Morrigan Aensland Game Sprite Skin

There are some video games that allow players to put a skin over a game sprite or avatar to change the appearance. There are, obviously, all kind of those to be found and I found one example recently of a Morrigan Aensland skin for a game.

I don’t know the game, no idea where to find the skin, but I thought it was cute nonetheless…


IF you can’t see the video here on the Tale, please try this link:

There really isn’t a good view of the game spite, but here is a screenshot of her…

Morrigan Aensland Game Skin

It seems, as a whole, to be a fairly good representation of Morrigan’s clothing, hair and wings. Of course, there isn’t a lot of detail, and there doesn’t seem to be any “typical” Morrigan game moves or actions to be seen.

I think the idea of Morrigan holding a trident, or pitchfork, is intriguing however…



Aug 12 2016

A Review of The Naughty Succubus Part 8 and 9: The End of Peace by Becca Lusk

The Naughty Succubus Part 8 and 9: The End of Peace by Becca Lusk

The Naughty Succubus Part 8 and 9: The End of Peace by Becca Lusk

Continuing my reviews of the works in the The Naughty Succubus series by Becca Lusk today on the Tale. You can find my first review heresecond, and third reviews are here. The fourth, fifth, and sixth review can be found here. The seventh was reviewed here on the Tale as well. This, the latest work, contains parts eight and nine in a single volume, which makes for an interesting mini saga on their own.

To each side there are reasons for what they do. Perhaps not always said, not always clear, but there is want and desire. Some take these to be dark things, some see them as bringing light. Whichever it is, the path towards crisis leaves nothing quite the same as it was before.

  • Title: The Naughty Succubus Part 8 and 9: The End of Peace
  • Author: Becca Lusk
  • Length: 51 Pages
  • Publishing Date: July 23, 2016
  • This work at

The story tells of:

Forces of Chaos consummate their alliance as forces of Freedom, fractured from eons of hard war, and centuries of bitter peace, still look at each other with distrust.

For the succubus Krys, and her lover, Gabriel, the multi-verse is poised on the brink of either salvation or destruction. Forces thought defeated long ago have arisen and begun their assaults on everything mankind holds dear.

The decisions made in the present will determine the course of a war that will leave the world either a burned shell or a paradise in the future.

But dark secrets remain hidden in this conflict, covering up eons of betrayal, envy, lust and greed. And many pieces are still left to be discovered, even as new questions come forth.

Seriously…if you ever thought all angels did was sing and pray, let this book disabuse of you of that notion. Watch as angels seduce succubi (that’s right!), succubi seduce mortals, and Goddesses seduce everyone. Filled with enough snark to make an epic tale a breezy read, Becca Lusk is proud to present Books 8 and 9 in a special thank-you bundle to fans of the series!

Krys and Gabriel have found each other. But will it be in a world worth loving in?

There’s only one way to find out…

The is a force in the universe with a plan. Their name is Chaos and there are things they enjoy above all else. Cloaked in lies, mistruths and temptation, some fall and are consumed. Some however turn away, knowing the truth. But in all things a price is paid, some more willing than others. But then, for two souls, the price to be paid is one they are willing to be responsible for.

The single focus through much of this work is in how Chaos comes to life, telling what is wanted, and tugging character into the ongoing strife which is all too apparently to come. Seeing how certain characters have fallen, what they want, or rather what Chaos offers, tells something of each of them. There’s a certain level of being lost within these characters, something that Chaos seems to feed upon.

While the plan for those who Krys and Gabriel face is not clear, there’s little bits and pieces of events in the past, present and future which offer some idea of what they will face next. Clearly there is loss, there is pain, there is terrible outcomes. But in spite of everything, both Krys and Gabriel remain the bright core of the story.

There are passages of erotica in the work which revolve around Chaos and her cherished toy, which makes me wonder. There’s a certain theme to it which brings me pause. A reflection of something else shall we say. It’s surprising. There is a point to each sexual encounter with Chaos, some meaning to it and a certain character falls along the way which, for me, makes some sense, but isn’t explained well as to why that happened. Another bit of story to be revealed along the way I expect.

Krys and Gabriel have their loving moments, some needed joy. Their story pops up and tells more of their first encounter in the past, their rediscovery in the present, but leaves a question in the future which bothers and concerns me. I love the dialogue, the connection between them. The character development works really well and I enjoyed it dearly.

Along the way, a certain Queen is hovering at the edges, being her mysterious self. Tera is there, she suggests, offers, reveals things to be, that were, and are. She doesn’t give everything on a silver platter to those around her, but then she never does. But I am waiting for someone to ask the single question that would, I think. bring her to tell more than what she has. Beyond that, the ending of this part of the series asks a question of her, one that many to be honest have asked of Tera. The answer? That’s one that speaks to who she is, what she believes, and what she knows.

The characters are developing, the story has turned towards the climax to come. The author’s writing has improved quite a lot, which I am so very pleased to see. Her editors need to work on their editing a bit more, there are some glaring mistakes which are theirs and need to be corrected. The story captivates me, makes me expect more and the author does so. It’s really the editing that is holding her back overall.

Four out of five pitchforks.

The story turns towards the battle to come, the falling of some and the rise of others. It’s complex and being so the questions left behind are ones that I rather enjoy pondering. A character asks: “What do you want?” The answer to that, in many ways, is: “That, would be telling.”

The telling is the best part after all.



Aug 12 2016

A Review of Fertile Mistresses by A. Vivian Vane

Fertile Mistresses by A. Vivian Vane

Fertile Mistresses by A. Vivian Vane

It can be very easy for a story to take a turn towards losing itself. There can be the best of intents given at the beginning and then they are just cast aside for the sake of driving towards an endless series of erotic moments. It can work, if the story can be held, remembered, played out through the erotica. The issue becomes one of avoiding the erotica turning into over the top porn.

The question of who you are doesn’t matter as much as what you do. Sometimes your past comes back to haunt you, if you are lucky. Sometimes you are not and then the past seeks out a pound of flesh however it can.

The work tells the story of:

When two demonic shemales meet, the only question is who will be the breeder…and who will be bred!

Worlds collide at the Cum-At-Yer-Own-Risk tavern — literally. Situated at the nexus of multiple mystic planes, the ramshackle inn has become a gathering place for horny lust-demons and the women that adore them.

Well-hung and curvaceous, Azzria rules her harem of pregnant breeder-bitches with a velvet fist. She loves them and they love her, whether they want to or not. But when a fellow demoness takes an interest in the fertile wombs of the “ol’ Cummer” tavern, will Azzria be forced to fight for her position? Or can she and this new rival come to a more…mutually beneficial…compromise?

Azzria owns a particular tavern where universes cross and she, being a meridi, has her pick of those who travel by and catch her attention. Along comes Mahina, and things start to become hard… in more than one way.

The concept of the main characters is interesting as Azzria and Mahina are meridi, hermaphrodites that have quite a lot of succubus-like appearance to them. As well, the two have the desire to create more of their kind and so the constant arrivals makes that quite possible. They aren’t quite succubi, though there is a hint of that within them. While the beginning of the story offers some background and an idea of what things are like, the story quickly devolves into a series of almost constant sexual encounters.

Those encounters are over the top, sometimes very much so, and there comes a point in the story where the repetitiveness just took away my interest in the story. There’s only so many times one can read about Azzria and Mahina having their way with everyone around them before it loses all interest.

That’s the largest problem in this work. The story is there in the beginning, there’s a lot that could be explored, but in the next instant the story turns towards hot flashes of erotica that really don’t have the heat they could have. Much of that simply comes to how Azzria and Mahina treat those around them. They are dominate, but beyond that they simply see those around them as something to poke into and then go onto the next encounter.

The writing can be crude at times, but that is a reflection of the characters, their attitude and how they see things. There’s really little development in Azzria and Mahina as so much time is spent with their sexual encounters. The heat in the story really doesn’t develop well and I think that comes from the push throughout to move on from moment to moment, leaving no time for reflection or narrative.

When the conclusion comes, that is a twist ending which makes some sense all things considered, but didn’t add anything to the story itself. From the characters’ perspective, to explain why things happened in the story, it gave the suggestion of an explanation. But how that was revealed, the speed at which the shoe was dropped and then the work came to a sudden stop didn’t appeal to me very much.

Being that this work is mainly the erotica, I think the author might have spent more time telling of the past, offering more about Azzria and Mahina than is told. That would help I think to give something to build on.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

I don’t feel like the twist ending was needed by far, it didn’t add much of anything to the events of the story which didn’t really use what the opening suggested. What came was not so much erotica as it was porn and over the top porn at that. Still, there is something here that was interesting, it’s just a shame that wasn’t followed through on.



Aug 11 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 447

It’s been a little while since both of the Aensland Sisters have been the subject of the Succubi of the Week… I found a lovely piece of art which has them both there and it has quite a lovely soft focus as well that I think adds something quite special too…

Morrigan and Lilith Aensland by GGG85

Morrigan and Lilith Aensland by GGG85

This art is simply titled Morrigan and Lilith Aensland and is by an artist on DeviantArt called GGG85. You can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page can be found here as well.

I really do like art that has both of the sisters together, which really doesn’t happen enough. But I also like art that gives Lilith a slightly older appearance as this art does. Lilith, to me, is every bit as a force as Morrigan is, and as such I think they should appear more equal than they usually do.

I think it’s interesting that the clouds around Lilith and Morrigan are echoes of their individual colours, how the overall setting and poses seem to suggest a kind of dreamscape which I think is rather unique as a whole as well…



Aug 10 2016

Frills do not help a Succubus costume honestly

Gothic Devil Costume

It’s so nice when a costume isn’t named well, has not a lot going for it, uses a terrible pitchfork and has a pair of horns that are one of the ones I dislike so very much. Add some frills and my sarcasm really gets going…

This is called the Gothic Devil Costume and it comes with the dressabd horns and the pitchfork the model is holding. Shoes are not included and it sells on various sites for $30 US.

Trashy is, I think, giving this a compliment, so if you like trashy then you might like this. As for me, I don’t like the entire look, the frills do nothing for me, the “sort-of” lace looks ugly, the pitchfork and horns do not endear themselves to me either.

There’s no possible way to save this mess, to make it something decent, or even partly that. There’s just an air of “thrown-together” about this costume and that never works for me.

Not even the slight shine in the dress helps any because that red frill along the bottom just makes me think of ballerina, which it shouldn’t. Or a Santa’s helper, which also isn’t a good idea.

Is it really that much effort to make a costume look, if not seductive, at least nice?

Sometimes I wonder about that… Actually more than sometimes for those that have been following my search through the lows of mass produced costumes. Perhaps I need to look to more custom creations… But that can be a problem at times as well.

I’ll give this one pitchfork out of five.

It is a costume, but otherwise there’s nothing much to say…



Aug 09 2016

A Review of A Made Man by Natalie Severine and Eric Severine

A Made Man by Natalie Severine and Eric Severine

A Made Man by Natalie Severine and Eric Severine

The tenth review of the ongoing series called Lily Quinn written by Natalie and Eric Severine today on the Tale. You can find my first review here, the second herethe third herethe fourth here, and the fifth review here. The sixth review be found here and the review of the seventh work can be found here. The review of the eighth work in the series can be found here and my prior review can be found here.

There comes a point in every series when the main character’s world gets tossed upside down. A moment when things are revealed that have been building for quite some time. There is loss, there is pain, and sometimes there comes a moment when knowing the truth means losing something which means more than you know. The question then needing to be asked is… why?

It tells the story of:

In nine years of monster hunting, I’ve never faced anything like this. The College calls him a golem, and we’re not talking about one of Sabra’s cute little homunculi. Someone has sliced up a human and stitched him together with parts of a demon, and what they’ve created frightens even me.

Now I’ve been forbidden to pursue the golem. But why would anyone make a creature like him? And why am I being told to leave it alone? Something weird is going on here and I’m going to find out what.

But before I can ask any questions, I have to get close to the golem. And trust me when I say that he isn’t the cuddling type. I like a challenge, but this one may be too big for me to handle.

One thing that Lily has never had to face is her own mortality. Being who she is, that’s never really been something to worry about. But a close brush with death leads to a closer brush with something very evil that wants her. There is a price to be paid and Lily will forever be crushed by the one that pays for her.

One of the things that Lily really has never had to face is her own death. She has been hurt many times but she’s always managed to save herself. In this work, for the first time, Lily’s luck is severely tested and in being so that shows once more who Max is and what he would do for her. It’s an important point in the series, one drenched in sex and need, but as well there’s a clear moment in Lily where she knows the truth and has to face that, if she can.

Beyond trying to solve the mystery of this story, which takes Lily to answers she never expected, nor really wanted, the truth comes out and that’s shocking in many respects. Lily suffers a great loss in this work, she discovers the truth about her father and a little about herself. There’s a good deal of pain which touches so many lives before this story is done.

There’s been a shadow haunting this series and in this work they are finally revealed to be… well, overall just about exactly what I expected them to be. What’s disappointing in that comes from the character themselves. They aren’t interesting, they are little more than raw power with nothing more to hold them together. I have to admit that when the climax of this work came, I was hoping for something more from Lily than what did happen.

Lily’s personality id one of self-assurance. Of being a force to be reckoned with. She’s a smart ass, a sexy one at that. It feels a bit odd in how she deals with the outcome of this work, one that rips into Lily at her core. There’s something missing there, something important looking back on everything that’s happened to her. Lily is more than her body, but that seems to have been forgotten in this work for the sake of the erotica to a point.

There are some very hot scenes with Max, a touching encounter which went in directions I didn’t expect to be honest. The former scene is everything I would have wanted, the latter a mixture of truth and loss that’s a bit hard to take all things considered.

While some massive changes come in this work, much of the overall series mystery is still unresolved. There are a lot of hints, some of which I have been pondering from the first work in the series. Lily herself is still as much a mystery as she was, save for one thing. Her humanity comes out in this work and it shines for one simple point. Lily can, and does, love. That’s a telling power in what is to come.

Four out of five pitchforks.

This is very much a turning point in the series, but even so there’s a feeling that the next work in the series will not go where it needs to. The big questions about Lily have started to be answered, there are some awful things that have happened and they will tear at her. If the series doesn’t take one book to get through all of the “why” before getting to the “answer” I will be disappointed.

There are three more stories in the series and in that time a lot of plot threads, a lot of Lily’s past and her future need to be dealt with. Overall, that is her life, her love and her past. I hope there is a really good answer to everything that’s come before. The series deserves that and I think it will happen.

Assuming of course that Lily gets her head on straight before it’s too late.