May 29 2009

Not the best and not the worst Succubus Costume…

One of the companies that I have purchased quite a few succubus costumes from is called Leg Avenue…

Now, I admit that their costumes are designed for Halloween, for one night when the Succubi come out to play…


This one was one that was… Not my best choice…

Glitter Devil Leg Avenue Costume

Firstly, I have to be very clear that what you get for roughly $50 USD is the dress and the horns…

The long gloves, pitchfork and fishnets cost another $40 USD and then of course the heels would be on top of that…

The dress laces up from the front as you can tell, the material itself has a lot of glitter on it and a good amount of sequins as well…

My issues with this outfit… The collar I think is so far over the top that it’s really not needed here. While the dress is very short, the material is rather heavy and after some use it tended to slip out of position a lot needing adjusting from time to time…

I paired it, when I was trying it on, with one of my long black glove sets and dark hose instead of the fishnets the model is showing here. I also paired it with black heels as well. I didn’t buy the pitchfork as that was just silly and the horns didn’t make it either. I used my small red pair with the clear headband instead…

I have to say that not including a tail was a good idea as there is no way you could wear a tail with this unless you strapped it around your waist, leaving the band on the outside of the dress that attaches to the tail…

For those interested you can buy this outfit here at the company’s website.

The Succubi Queen’s rating: 2 of 5 pitchforks.


May 28 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 75

This week’s Succubi is… Well… A bit of a question mark…

Blonde Demoness by Unknown Artist

Now, I have seen this image all over the web. Some in black and white, some coloured like this one, but not one of the images has her name or anything about her. Nor is there artist information for that matter.

And that brings me to my question mark…

I know that she’s a well known character in some comic book series, but for the life of me, I can’t put my finger on the title of it…




May 27 2009

Blessed Be

Today is the birthday of one of my dearest friends here, on the net, and more importantly in my life…

I have an honour from him that I cherish with my heart, for I know that it means so much to him…

That honour is to have from him the endearment of being called Mistress…

We have seen much, talked about more, and shared over the years we have know each other, more than I can explain in a few short words…

But two of them, they mean something special to us…



Blessed Be

By Tera for Derek


The clock on the bedside table clicked over to midnight and then past it as he lay sleeping soundly in his dreams. The room quite silent, just as it was at this hour of the night.


But then things changed.


A shadow crept along the wall across from the door leading to his bedroom. The shape of it quite obviously a woman. It traced its way over the furnishings there. Touching against a chair, the mirror, the dresser against the wall over there…


It paused at the head of the bed, the shadow becoming more defined as it did so. She was tall, slim of build, it appeared as if she wore a long jacket too…


Then it slipped down the wall to disappear from sight…


And she appeared at the side of his bed, standing there quietly as to not wake him…


If he did awaken, he would know her immediately, though they had never met in their lives before…


But her smile, the sparkle in her green eyes, that would be the first clue…


Her clothing, exactly as she always was dressed in their fantasies, the long red jacket, the black heels, the sinfully tight corset would be the next…


But the most obvious, the things that were hers and hers alone were the red horns in her hair and the long red tail that almost seemed to be giggling as she looked upon him….


He stirred for a moment, but did not waken. 


In his dreams of that night, she made sure that he had all the time he wanted with her. That and more…


As they shared that which was theirs alone, her fingers brushed the hair from his forehead. She leaned down and placed a soft kiss there before moving to kiss his lips as well…


For a moment, both in his dreams and in the world of reality, the same moment occurred…


“You have to go.”

“I do Love.”

“Will I see you again?”



She pulled back as the first light of the morning began to dawn outside of the window…


She reached into a pocket of her jacket and placed a small card upon his night-stand before vanishing into the shadows once more…


The rays of the sun warmed him as he awoke, the dreams of the night still strong in his mind of her being there…


Was it real?


The note said it all for him to discover in the fullness of time…


Blessed be to know you

Blessed be to hold you

Blessed be that you came to me

Blessed be that you could see

Blessed am I for knowing you

Blessed am I for holding you

Blessed am I for the moments we share

Blessed am I to know that you care

Blessed is this day, for it is yours

Blessed is it for you today were born

Blessed is the family of which you are

Blessed is the love forever yours Love


Blessed be Love

Happy Birthday

Your Mistress Tera

May 26 2009

Temptations XI – Tobias and Rose

This is the continuation of last week’s story from the Temptations Succubi baed RP on the MC Garden. The linky to the site is in my Blog Links to the right of the page…

The story of Tobias continues as he meets someone from Tera’s life whom we will see how she came to be in a later episode of this series…



She stood in the shadows of the level where a shadow self was talking to a young man about direction. Tera slipped an arm around Rose’s waist, her lips kissing at her neck and cheek as she explained, “Rose my Love…. We have someone that is looking for something, but doesn’t seem to know what that is….”

Tera’s tail wrapped itself around Rose’s thighs and gave her a little squeeze as she explained, “I think that maybe he needs some direction…. He knows a girl…. He’s doing this to understand her…. Would you mind terribly much becoming that girl for a little while?”

She gave Rose a loving kiss on the cheek, “Just for a little bit…. I want to push something within him and see if he answers to it or not….. And then…. Then we will see…..”



Rose feels the familiar grab and the kiss.  She smiles and soft breathes.  The whisper came musically to her ear.

“MMmmm   For shame, can’t have that.” 

Rose smiles wider and gives a little moan as she feels Tera wrap her tail around her, holding her.  Her ache pulsing and wanting to be so much more than that.  She moans again and nods.

“I can do that…for him and you my love.”

Images of this stranger she needed to be pops in her mind.  Her body begins to shape and shift around the one image that seems most appropriate.  She smiles and turns to Tera.

“Will this do?”



Tera looked Rose’s new form over with a critical eye. A rather cute college student was standing there now…

Medium length blonde hair. Blue eyes. Not plain looking certainly. The casual white shirt and blue jeans she wore went so very well with the white running shoes that completed the outfit. She was just this side of cute with an undertone of mystery around her. Tera approved completely at the mirage that Rose had created…. With luck… And a little word here and there….. You just never knew….

Tera smiled and handed Rose a copy of A Beginners Guide To Magic and Mystery. Then she said to Rose, “He needs a nudge to try to dare…. Let’s see if we can nudge him in the direction he wants to go in….”



Rose smiled and ran her hands over her new form.  Though not s attractive ash er real self, it had its own charms.  

“All for love….i am sure we can nudge him in the right direction.”  Rose says as she takes the book in hand and presses it to her chest.

She closed her eyes for a moment, trying to see inside the desire and passion these two people hold for one another.



Tera very carefully forged a link between Rose and the man Tera was talking to that was turning red with embarrassment. It would only take a short time and Rose would be able to mimic her to the nth degree….



A smile played on her lips as her eyes opened and she gave a wink to Tera and then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Somewhere close but not visible, a woman stood within earshot of them talking.  She stifled a giggle as she heard the young man talk.  Love was a great motivator.

She waited for the right moment to come out and bump into him.



“Shouldn’t be, I know…”  He muttered.  It wasn’t his fault he blushed so readily.

“Let’s see…well, she’s blonde….kinda cute, in a mysterious sorta way…has a really nice laugh…”  Tobias smiled, remembering one of the few times he actually talked to her telling a joke that went over quite well.

“Really the only thing I know about her is that she’s into the occult…pagan spirits and spells, incense and tarot…”  He shrugged a little.  He didn’t feel like his own religious beliefs were threatened by her, which was a good sign.

“I’m just looking for…well…anything that might help me hold a conversation…”

He glanced down at the floor.

“Maybe attract her interest, too…”

Tobias felt a little surprised with how open he was being, especially with someone as attractive as Miss Ray herself.



Miss Ray looked at him kindly and then asked, “What makes you think that you can’t keep up a conversation? You’re doing well with me at the moment… And really my dear…. If you can talk to someone and keep your wits around you…. I think you are doing so very well indeed…”

As he spoke of the girl he was interested in, she reached into his mind and drew the complete image from him and sent it to Rose… She would in a moment look, talk, act like the girl Tobias was interested in… That in itself would be an interesting moment soon enough for him..

She listened to his words about the spirit world and asked in reply, “Well… There is a book but I believe that someone borrowed it earlier tonight…. I’m sure they will return it shortly… It’s a in library copy so it can’t leave…”

She looked at Tobias with a warm smile and said, “Maybe you can share the book with them?”



His eyes brightened as she mentioned a book, then seemed to dull with the news that it was already taken.  “Oh….well, all right…”

Tobias tucked his hands into his pockets, glancing around at the shelves surrounding them.  He never quite noticed it before but the aisles between the shelves were rather….private, and…intimate.  “I, uh…I think I’ll look around until they bring it back….maybe I’ll find something else that’ll help.”

He gave Miss Ray a smile.  “Thanks for your help…”  And ambled off down the row of shelves, back to scanning the titles on the spines of those books easily at eye-level.



The woman smiled as she heard the exchange between Toby and Miss ray.  She felt giddy inside (not to mention hot with her own passion).  Her eyes trailed Toby’s steps.  She moved from the shadows down the other ilse still unseen for the moment.  She heard him mutter in disappointment to himself as he looked at the books.  

It was heart breaking for Rose to see.  He loved her so and yet she had spurned him on many occassions.  Tonight however, Rose would make sure it would not happen.  Silently she moved towards him, around the bookshelf and walked right into him as he reached for a book.

“Oh I am so sorry…. Toby?  What are you doing here?”  She held the book to her chest, smiling at him.    

The book glimmered in the dimness of the stacks.  It highlighted her face.  She backed away enough so he could get himself straighten up.



“Gah!” he exclaimed.  Taken by surprise, the simple impact was enough for him to overbalance and fall, at least to his knees.  Dimly, he wondered if a whole cart of books had hit him, before recognizing the softness of another person.  Scowling, he turned to give him or her a piece of his mind…

His eyes widened a little upon sight of her.  “K…..Kristina?”  He found himself staring for a moment, mouth agape.  Her being here, now…with that particular book cradled in her arms.  Reality came back to him with a shake of his head.  “Oh, um…just…browsing…”  He flushed a little, slowly getting back up to his feet.  “It’s nice to see you, here.”  He added, with a small smile.  She looked even more radiant than usual, for some reason.



She giggles and smiles.  “Like what you see?”  

She moved rocking the book in her arms.  She tilted her head sweetly at him and gave him a wink.

“I did not know you wee interested in the magic arts Toby.”  She bated her eyes slightly at him as she said it.

“Were you looking for something in particular?”  She leaned over revealing a bit of her cleavage as she manipulated the book she held.  “Maybe, I can help you find what you are looking for.”  



“Very much…”  He said quickly, grinning a little.  Something was different about her, it was true….well, aside from the fact that she seemed to be so interested in him all of a sudden.

“Well, um…I don’t know about many specifics…I guess, a general overview would be what I’m looking for….”

He licked his lips, hesitating a glance at the book in her arms, and likewise to the cleavage she displayed.  “You wouldn’t happen to have such a book with you now, would you?”



She noticed him looking at her which made her smile even more.  Her eyes sparkled.  She moved again to show off the book and her body.

“Depends on what you need it for.  I might have jsut what you are looking for.” 

She smiled and moved slightly closer to him, letting the book come more into his view as well as her chest.



Toby felt his face begin to turn a rather intense shade of red, his heart beating noticably faster now.  What was it that was so different about her?  He thought, still unable to really put his finger on it.  His brown eyes seemed a little distracted as he brought them up to meet hers.  “I’d…gladly accept…whatever help you’d offer…”



“I guess, just….whatever you’re into…I’d like to know more.”

The words suddenly popped into his mind, and he felt foolish after for saying them:  “Will you bring me into your world?



She smiled at his words.  A small light laughter came from her thraot as she listened to his plea.

“I will bring you anywhere yu wish to go Toby.”  Her voice was senual and full.  She eased up on the book she held and reached for him.

“Come with me Toby and i will show you my world.”



Dimly he wondered if she was using some of her supposed magic on him now.  Something strange tickled the back of his mind as her soft voice tickled the pit of his stomach.  With a light blush spreading over his cheeks, he reached out and took hold of her hand, not quite knowing what to expect next….



“I’ve been watching you Toby.  I know you think i never notice you, but thats where you are wrong.” She smiling and took a firm grasp of his hand, pulling him closer and taking him into the magical section, deeper, further away from prying misguided eyes.

“You ae so cute, no need tobe nerveous Toby.  I can protect you from all that is unseen and mystical.  You just have to trust me.”  She pushed him against a table. “you do trust me,  don’t you Toby?”



He tried, but couldn’t fight the ever-growing blush over his nose and cheeks.  Just being in this close proximity with her, hearing that she noticed him, that she liked him – that caused his eyes to widen in disbelief, in truth – was having an effect.  He found himself up against that table, staring into her eyes as he managed a small smile.

“I…I do trust you…”  He murmured, his heart beginning to beat louder.



She chuckled seeing him blush.  It was light and airy, not demeaning or cruel.  she  thought he was so cute when he blushed.  She leaned in as if to kiss him, only to reach past him and grab a book.  

She then opened it and started to recite from the pages.  Lights flickered on and off for a moment and then a charge was felt between them and arond them.  

“I just did an ancient circle for us, Toby. for protection.  magic of any kind is nothing to mess with.  safety first as they say.”  She giggled again and watched him for reactions.  



He let out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding….she was so close, and the way her face filled his vision like that, he couldn’t…

That tingle still lingered on his flesh, and he fought the urge to rub his arms.  Tangibility made this thing a lot more….well, REAL to him.

“Good….safety…”  He nodded.  “That’s always a plus…”  His euphoria seemed to be quashed under a new anxiety…the magic was real…



She smiled and nodded.  She could sense his fear and his excitement.

“Remember as long as you stay by me and do nto go out of the circle you are safe from whatever happens.  I shall protect you.  Don’t give into your fears Toby.” 

She gave him another smile.  Like a magican she started to wave her hands and recite another incantation.  this time, to do somethign simple but not showy.  to prove to him he was not dreaming.

“Magic is apart of all of us Toby. Even yo



“Even…me?”  he whispered, frowning a little as she passed her hands over him.  Not knowing what to expect, he closed his eyes, as a young child might when faced with something they didn’t want to admit.

Toby gasped…as her hands waved by, he could feel a stirring inside of him.  A soft warmth, pulsing and insistent, like something wanted to get out, and be free.

“I…”  he murmured.  “I feel it…”  His eyes opened again, warm and brown, and he gasped again.  Around her, it looked like….a pulsing nimbus of energy…she looked literally radiant.  “…and…I see it, too!”



I smile at him.  

“Toby.  that is magic, and that is what is in you.”

She offered a smile again and nods to him.

“this is but a beginning.  We are but fragments within a larger sceme.”

SHe moved closer to him and her own personal magic starts to intertwine with his.



He gasped again…when her aura touched his it felt like….like his very soul was being embraced!

With a slow sigh, Toby let his eyes slide closed, holding out his arms a little as he basked in the feelings of her aura.



Without hesitation, She moved in more, lettign him really feel her.  She sent a mental image of them,  kissing and being more than friendly.  He coudl feel it on his skin, her lips close to his, so soft and warm.  The kiss itself was electric.

If he looked he can see she has not moved much but he feels her everywhee, even inside of him.


And so this tale of Temptations came to an abrupt ending…



May 25 2009

Storm Clouds III

Storm Clouds III

Onto Chapter 2 this week…
The plot thickens some and we get our first hint of Succubi in this world…


Storm Clouds
By TeraS
Chapter 1

“How did she die?”

The question hung in the air over the people surrounding the cold steel table upon which a body laid covered in a white blanket. The medical examiner pushed his thick glasses up his nose with a latex-gloved finger before replying in a disinterested voice, “Looks like a mugging. Stabbed in the back eight times and then whatever she had on her was taken. She was found beside a car in the Summer Hill Mall parking lot.”

The man that had asked the question rubbed the day’s worth of stubble on his chin, “Eight times? Sounds like something more than a mugging Doc. No mugger than I know of would spend the time to stab his or her victim that many times. Too easy to be see or get caught.”

Doc looked back at him before shrugging, “You want facts Tom. That’s all we have here. Nothing else to say about her. Eight wounds with a knife or similar object. No sign of other harm to her. Before you ask, no signs that she was raped either.” He turned away from the table and stripped off his gloves, “Just the usual senseless crime in the big city.”

After Doc left the room, Tom stared at the body for a while. It didn’t make sense. Why her? She was nobody. Nothing special. She probably had a family and he would have to see them next. That was the part he hated most of all. Having to walk up the lawn or path or whatever. Knocking on the door. The person opening it for a moment with hope in their eyes that their loved one would be there waiting. But instead they would see a middle-aged brown haired and brown eyed man in a rumpled suit flash a badge, ask to come in and then a little while later leave the home with wrecked lives in his wake.

He sighed and grabbed the clipboard that held her ID…

And came to an abrupt halt in his thoughts.

There was nothing there. No name. No address. No other ID. Nothing.

He was mulling over in his mind the procedures for filing a Jane Doe report, when a woman’s voice broke into the room from behind him, “We’ll look after her from here, thank you.”

Turning to look over his shoulder from his right he answered, “She’s a Jane Doe. My file. You have…”

He found himself looking at a woman about his height. She had short blonde hair in a bob cut, blue eyes. Slim of build. Cute in her own way, he supposed. She was holding a folded piece of paper in her hand, “Paperwork. I’m here to claim my Sister.” She handed him the paper as two burly men in dark suits entered the room behind her.

Tom didn’t bother to open the paper. There really was no point. They would not have managed to get into the room without having the paperwork to do so, nor would they be able to leave with the body if they didn’t. He watched her go over to the table, lift the top of the sheet from the body, then with a nod say to the men, “It’s her.”

They wasted little time then, within moments they had moved around both himself and the blond before taking hold of the table and rolling it out the door.

As she turned to follow the men pushing the table from the room, Tom called after her, “I’m… sorry for your family’s loss.”

She hesitated in mid-step before replying without looking at him, “Are you really? Or are you just parroting the words that your regulations say you should say officer?”

Tom found himself unable to bring himself to say to her that it wasn’t just words. That he hated his job. That he hated not being able to find the ones that did these things and bring them to justice. Instead he said to her, “Not all words are lies Ma’am.”

Her answer gave him pause, “No. No they are not. But neither are they all truths either.”

He watched her open the small blue purse she held. For a moment, she seemed to be considering her next actions carefully, as if she was about to reveal something that she was not sure she had the right to. A small white card appeared in her hand a moment later. She looked at it before placing it on the countertop to her right, “If you want to attend her services, they’ll be at that address. Tomorrow. Nine in the morning.”

With that she pushed through the door leaving Tom in the room alone with his thoughts, the buzz of the lights, and the card on the table…

And the question in his mind of whether or not he would or wouldn’t…

Tom picked up the card and stuffed it into his inside pocket of his jacket without looking at it. That decision could wait for the moment. Pushing through the door that led out of the room, he turned down the hallway and entered Doc’s office.

Doc’s office was not what you would expect from a medical practitioner. Every other doctor you would ever meet had their diplomas on one of the walls. Books neatly placed on bookcases. Files waiting for them on their desk. All of the stereotypical things you would expect. Doc was not the norm. Doc’s office consisted of a wall of filing cabinets on one side, his mass purchased steel desk opposite to that, and on the wall to your right a single photograph in a frame.

That photograph was of a young Doc with his arm around a cute red head with blue eyes. They looked happy together. Tom always wondered about that picture and what happened to make Doc the old crusty pain in the ass that he was today.

Doc was sitting behind the desk, a bottle of some cheap dime store beer to his right, his concentration on a file in front of him as he wrote something there in the chicken scratch that was common for doctors around the world to use.

Tom took the chair on the other side of the desk and then said, “It’s early for having a beer Doc.”

As he put his pen down and reached for the bottle the answer was, “Nightshift rules Tom. Whatever helps you make it through the shift.”

Tom frowned but didn’t push Doc on this. Doc was one of the few people that still tolerated him. Not quite a friend mind you, but at least Doc would listen. He said in return, “Our Jane Doe was claimed. She was rolled out of here a few minutes ago.”

Doc just about choked on his beer, “Claimed? I wasn’t told? Who released her?”

Tom blinked, “Err… I did. She had paperwork and…”

With a slam of the bottle on his desk Doc said, “Gimme the paperwork Tom.”

It took a moment to draw it from his suit before handing it over still folded up. Doc opened the paper and then shot him a look, “Did you look at this Tom?”

A shake of his head was the answer…

Doc tossed the paper at him as he reached for the phone on the desk, “Nice paper. No work.”

Tom blanched as he looked to see that the paper was… Empty. Blank. Nothing.

Just like Jane Doe herself.

It took a short time, but it became clear that whoever had claimed the body, had gotten out of the building unopposed and unseen. What was more frustrating was that parts of the surveillance cameras in the building would randomly turn off and then back on again leaving gaps in their coverage.

Doc pointed a finger at Tom, “You have any ideas?”

Tom didn’t hesitate, “Nothing. Didn’t give me a name or anything. I figured that a woman and her muscle wouldn’t get down here without clearance, so I didn’t think to challenge her.”

With a grunt, Doc turned back to the phone dismissing Tom…

Which was fine with him.

He stood up and walked from the office heading towards the elevators. After pressing the button for the main floor, Tom fished out the card she had left on the counter. He almost expected it to be as blank as the sheet of paper she had given him. Why didn’t he look at it? He should have. At the least he should have asked for her name or Jane Doe’s name. Something.

Finally the card was in his fingers and he considered the address printed there in a cold formal font…

S. Realm Enterprises, 69 69th Street. We make dreams.

The bell sounded as the elevator doors opened.

Tom had an appointment to keep in a few short hours and some answers to get from that woman over this…

Storm Clouds
By TeraS
Chapter 2

69 69th Street was… odd.

This was one of the more fashionable, modern parts of town. Gleaming steel and glass building with their corporate logos plastered all across them. The typical chain stores with their signs screaming at people to buy something within their doors…

But not 69 69th Street… No this place was, well, calm. Quiet. Unassuming. Among all of the rushing around, this building was a throwback to earlier times in the city. A brownstone four story building that sat back from the curb a short way. The windows gleaming in the sunlight making whatever was within invisible for the moment.

Tom paid the cabby for the fare and then started towards the wrought iron fence that marked the edge of the property. As he walked along the cobblestone path towards the front doors, the odd thought came to him that it was like following the yellow brick road. Amusingly he wondered if that woman that he met in the morgue was named Dorothy or not. He noted to either side of the path he walked were a series of park benches and trees for shade in the small space that had been carved out for them…

He then registered the fact that there were no people sitting on them or milling around. If there was a funeral to be held here or at least a remembrance of someone shouldn’t there be people here waiting to enter or at least trying to comfort each other?

Taking the four steps to the front door, he noted the bronze nameplate of the company by the door and the little buzzer and speaker to call for assistance.

Which he pushed.

The speaker crackled and a somewhat distorted female voice asked, “Yes? Can we help you?”

Tom was going to start with the usual lines that all police gave, but then remembered the conversation he had with that woman and said, “I would… if it is possible, pay my respects to a sister that passed away…”

There was a short pause and then the voice replied, “One moment please and someone will let you in…”

It was a short wait of perhaps five minutes before the thick wood door was opened and, to his surprise, that blonde that gave him that blank note in the morgue stood there. She didn’t seem at all surprised to see him, although, for a moment, she brushed her hands to smooth out the black silk dress she wore before greeting him with, “Good morning. Please do come inside. I’m sure you have all sorts of questions…”

Tom shot her a look, but accepted the invitation and stepped over the landing…

And just about lost his breakfast as he did. For a moment he thought that he was going to leave a wet chunky spot on the carpet, but then the feeling passed and he found himself looking at the blonde as she shut the door and locked it again.  Turning to him she said, “I’m sorry for misleading you, but there was little time and I didn’t have a choice in the matter.”

Tom very calmly replied, “Lady. You have no idea just how much trouble you have created. Where’s your sister? I’m going to have to take her back to the morgue. She was attacked and there is an investigation going on. You can’t…”

The blonde shook her head and then with a nod of her head offered, “Please. Just come over here into the waiting room with me? We can discuss this there and I’ll try to answer your questions…”

She led Tom towards a white trimmed opening in the wall that opened into a good-sized room. It was not your typical business waiting room with year old magazines and hard cold plastic chairs. No, this place was class. Cherry wood furniture, bookcases filled with what looked to be expensive writings, a large ornate rug in the middle of the room and a small fireplace in the wall that was unlit for the moment.

Taking a seat in what looked to be a Victorian high-chaired chair, she waited a moment before asking, “Would you like a seat?”

Tom shook his head, “No thanks. Lady, you are in all sorts of trouble.”
She smiled a bit, “My name is Camilla Addison. I’m sorry that I didn’t introduce myself when we first met, but I wasn’t prepared for you to be there. Might I know your name as well?”

Tom offered in return, “Thomas Selleck.”

Camilla placed a hand over her lips and attempted to not giggle as she managed to get out, I’m sorry. It’s just that…”

Tom nodded and allowed a small grin, “Yeah, I know. My mother was in love with the television show, but my dad wouldn’t let her name me Magnum… It’s a ice breaker at parties, however, when I have a fake moustache on…”

She placed her elbow on the arm of the chair and then put her head against it, “I’m sure it would be Thomas.”

He turned serious again, “Miss Addison, you understand that you have broken several laws in reference to what you have done and I will have to arrest you for them.”

She just smiled, “I don’t think there will be a problem.”

Tom was getting frustrated and it began to show, “A missing body, a theft, and you think there won’t be a problem? Why would that be Ma’am?”

A new voice came into the room behind him, “Just because.”

Tom spun around and just about fell over from shock…

Standing there in a red dress was Jane Doe…

May 24 2009

A new Succubus Figurine – Succubus Sylvia

I received an email from a reader of the Tale this morning about a new Succubus figurine that is being released in Japan shortly…

She is named Succubus Sylvia and is made by Orchid Seed…

Succubus Sylvia by Orchid Seed

There are all sorts of references to this kit, and it is a kit, not a completed model that is available, so I won’t post all sorts of images of her…

You can fine the kit on sale here.

I have to admit that I am surprised that, for once, a model kit from Japan of a Succubus has her with horns and a tail. I just don’t find that combination all that often when I look at model kits and figurines from Japan…

This kit is available for an average of $90 US at most hobby sites that are carrying it…

Would I buy one?




May 23 2009

Not the best Succubus Costume by far…

So, once again I have been looking for Succubi costumes… I was hoping to discover something decent this time, but of course that isn’t going to happen…

Devilious Costume

This is available at this site.

So, you get the following with this outfit…

The dress, the horns and the tail.,, No shoes, though I give the model points for the ones she chose for the picture they took.

The dress itself is one of those flimsy materials designed to last about one wearing and then start to fray and come apart. The tail is very short and glitter covered, and the horns are oversized, as is the headband they are on.

This outfit sells for $25 US at most places it is avaiable… I’ll be honest and say that those heels she is wearing in the photo are worth a lot more than the dress is..

So, anything actually good about it?

And yes, this arrived yesterday in my mail and I have worn it…

I’m going to remove the long sleeves, get one of my pairs of long latex gloves to wear instead. I’ll probably also straighten out the hem of the dress, the uneven edge is not nice looking, and add some either fishnet hose or deep black hose with the red CFM heels I have that have a two inch base and six inch heel…

Well it can’t hurt the look really…