Sep 18 2016

A Review of Succubus by Kat Lizati

Succubus by Kat Lizati

Succubus by Kat Lizati

The stories about succubi that I truly enjoy are the ones that make me think about the characters, ponder ideas, thoughts and concepts, and in doing so offer something unexpected. There has to be something different, something that takes the stereotypical and ignores it completely. When a work can do that, go past what succubi are expected to be and make them something far more, that’s when I find amazement.

Becoming a succubus isn’t the hardest thing. The problem comes in dealing with being human, being a succubus, and all that pulls upon you every moment. The discovery of what you can do, not what you are, can be the most freeing thing of all. What gets in the way is what you know to be true and what you need to believe in. You start with believing in yourself.

  • Title: Succubus
  • Author: Kat Lizati
  • Length: 361 Pages
  • Publishing Date: December 21, 2014
  • This work at

The story tells of:

Two years after her divorce, Diane Sizemore has finally decided to date again. Unfortunately, the devil is in the details, or in Diane’s case, on the internet. On her first date since high school, she discovers that the man she met on a dating site is actually no man at all. Coming face to face with Lucifer was a shock, but it was nothing compared to what came next. Announcing that her eldest son is destined for an eternity in Hell, the vile but handsome creature offers her an alternative: Work for him for a month and he will wipe her son’s soul clean.

Diane takes the deal. What else could she do with her son’s eternal soul on the line? Now the newest succubus working for the Prince of Darkness, she must seduce twenty men who may or may not be evil. Lucifer claims that she cannot turn a man evil… a succubus can only expose the evil that is already there.

When the Archangel Uriel confirms the devil’s claims, Diane goes ahead with the deal, but it soon becomes clear that Lucifer has another agenda that could affect all of humanity. Trying to balance being a mother, an accountant, and a seductress in the service of the Lord of the Flies, she must try to focus on the task at hand and believe that, in the end, God will secure Humanity’s future.

What Diane didn’t count on was the addictive nature of being a succubus. She spent her adult life in a largely sexless marriage, and the new and almost constant arousal caused by her new occupation begins to break down her inhibitions and her rather prudish upbringing. Still determined to end her term of service and get back to her own life, she must constantly fight to maintain her hold on her soul and her sanity as her assignments become more and more depraved and exciting.

Diane’s had the most odd date. She met Lucifer who put to her a simple proposition: Do something for me and I’ll make sure your son has a chance to stay out of Hell. Now Diane has to deal with being a succubus, her sex drive going through the roof, and her life changing more than she knows. Events spiral away until one assignment forces her to confront her demons… and angels. Diane’s been told she’s special, and she will have to be.

What i enjoyed the most about this work is the mixture of theology that comes out as the story progresses. There are some points which, for me, strike close to home and I find to be very close to my own. There’s a point at which a simple statement is made by Diane: “I work for Him.” I think that’s a lovely expression of how I happen to see succubi and in saying that, Diane became that much more appealing to me.

Diane never is seen with horns or a tail, or anything like that. However, her changes, to her true form, I loved dearly. I especially thought the “clothing choice” of the succubi was perfect, colour, look and all. There’s some well written transformation scenes when Diane’s form is changed before she encounters someone, but there’s more than that. The author took a bit of a risk in telling of Diane being blind at one point and that telling, the feeling and textures of that encounter without the use of sight was one of the most captivating moments in the work.

Beyond this, how Diane slips into her new form is well told, there’s just this wonderful confusing, exploration and then capturing of her new form which flows with no stumbling or oddities. That then brings me to the erotica in the work. It is far too easy for stories about succubi to go over the top, and impossibly so. That didn’t happen here. The scenes feel real, there’s nothing stupid or odd about them. They have heat, there is emotion, and even when the erotica is Diane within herself and not with others, that heat and emotional connection is strikingly good.

Lil, a secondary character, is just as wonderful as Diane herself in many ways. She’s a bit more physically a “demoness” but there’s a sense of wonder and joy in her. The relationship that comes through the story I wish had been developed more, and dearly so. Her wit, expressions, and sheer enjoyment of the moment was delightful.

The majority of the work tells of Diane accepting her role, how things unfold and then comes an event that turns the story towards being quite serious in tone. There’s a bit of heavy-handedness at two points that I cringed over. Making a point, pushing a particular view of the world is fine and I understand why that happened, but it took some of the wind out of the sails of the work and it didn’t recover well beyond that.

That said, when the truth comes out and Diane goes in search of answers and how to make things right, the beings she meets are so amazing, so different, so special it’s a shame that the story didn’t spend more time with them than it did. At several points Diane is told she is “special” and I wish that had been explored or explained better. It’s a point that the work doesn’t delve into far enough and I wish it had.

The ending is, compared with the rest of the work, a bit sad and disappointing. There’s a suggestion of what it to come, but it is fleeting and not developed. Diane’s path going forward is set out, there’s an idea what comes next, but in the last lines of the work something was lost, something that was in the story, in Diane and one specific character, but it wasn’t taken to a real conclusion, which left me wanting.

Well written, amazing characters, a story that held me from beginning to end. A smattering of minor editing mistakes but nothing terribly so. An ending that needed to be a little more than it was if only for the sake of something resembling closure would have made this so much better.

Four out of five pitchforks.

The ending was disappointing considering all the story had to that point. Richly told, amazing characters and the erotica wasn’t silly or told poorly. All in all an amazing read that I recommend highly in spite of the ending and, at times, when the story became a little bit over the top in how some ideas where presented to the reader.

I’d like to see what comes next. While the beginning of Diane’s story is wonderful, I would like to see what her life becomes beyond this. The hints are telling, but telling the tale of what comes next is what’s missing more than anything else.



Sep 17 2016

A Short Greek Horror Film called Succubus

Some time ago there was a contest by RØDE microphones in which creators of short films were given a chance to compete for various prizes. One of the films that was entered was called Succubus. The film is a Greek language short horror film written, directed and produced by Alexander Orfanopoulos. The film followed a student investigating the cries of a woman while in a university library, then finding himself being attacked by a Succubus. The film was shot, accoring to the creator on the club centre of the Kapodistrian University of Athens.

The film itself is more of a horror film by far, there’s really not much in the way of anything seductive as it unfolds. So, keep that in mind when you watch the film…


If the film can’t be seen here on the Tale, please try this link:

I also took a screenshot of the title card of the film, which shows an image of the succubus of the film…

Succubus AO Short Film

There is, at least to me, a very Hitchcockian feel to the movie, how it is filmed and how the story develops. Being that it is a horror film, there is quite a lot of blood and gore and so on that appears in the film. As well, the succubus is more monster than anything else, again considering it is a horror film, that has to be expected. There is a bit of shock value, some suspense, and as a horror film that seems to work well overall.

I don’t however feel that this is a film about a succubus so much as a being something of a slasher film. There’s really nothing all that seductive in it, the film begins, from the first moment, as a chilling horror and builds up that tension.

As a horror film, that works well. As a succubus film… not so much.

I’ll give this film two and a half out of five pitchforks.

I’m impressed by the film as a whole, what has been created… I just don’t care for all of the blood…



Sep 16 2016

A Review of the The Succubus Trilogy by Emma Jaye

The Succubus Trilogy by Emma Jaye

The Succubus Trilogy by Emma Jaye

There are many stories about succubi that tend to be dark in their themes, plot, or character actions. Sometimes that darkness comes from the characters themselves, how they are, what they have done. It can be a somewhat nebulous darkness in many ways.

There are also stories that tend to be dark in how the characters are treated. They suffer pain, anguish, a life that consists of nothing but pain. Stories like that don’t really appeal to me and I try to find within the darkness a shred of light to hold my attention. Sometimes that turns out to be a very thin thing indeed.

  • Title: The Succubus Trilogy
  • Author: Emma Jaye
  • Length: 532 Pages
  • Publishing Date: August 13, 2014
  • This work at

The series is told in three parts:

The Succubus Trilogy is a dark paranormal tale of lust, deceit, love and indomitable will.

  • Seeking The Succubus: For latent vampire Gwendolyn Jones, her role is clear. Keep the males of her clan satisfied, prevent them seeking partners amongst the fragile humans, and exposing their diminishing species. Its an essential function, but contempt from the fertile females and many of her ‘clients’ makes her yearn for a life where she’s considered more than a sex toy. A part-time job in a souvenir shop seems like an ideal compromise until the overwhelmingly sexy chef next door turns out not only to be a rogue latent, but one with a deluded fantasy that Gwen isn’t a vampire at all, but a kidnapped succubus he’s been seeking across the globe for years.
  • Before The Succubus: Grades are all that seem to be important to Lucas’ parents, that and securing their own future through his hoped for, lucrative career. The double standards of the older generation, especially their ‘do what we say, not what we do’ philosophy, makes life difficult for the most sought after virgin in school, especially as his parents indulge themselves as often as possible. Sneaking out to go to a party proves just how unimportant grades are, and how little his parents told him about the supernatural world. It seems like sex demons like himself are in high demand by vampire clans. But if the bloodsuckers expect him to roll over and play the submissive, they have another thing coming. As anyone who knows him would say, he’s a stubborn git. But it seems as if that may be exactly what they want.
  • Winning The Succubus: Lucas thought all his troubles were over when he fulfilled his ambition to find the succubus Josie Dubois and return her to her loving parents and their varied supernatural friends on a tropical island paradise. Giving her time to come to terms with her new life, including the unfamiliar freedoms and choices it comes with, including whether to make a lifelong bond with him, was the only option, but time was not on their side. Her freedom had been negotiated, but his had been stolen at the cost of vampire lives, and they want their toy back.

Rather than reviewing each part of the series individually, my review will encompass the series as a singular work.

Gwendolyn believes in certain things. She is not quite human and not quite a vampire either. She knows her purpose is to serve at the pleasure of her clan and tend to their sexual needs. Her beliefs are shattered when she encounters Lucas and the truth is revealed. Her name isn’t her own, the past she was told isn’t real. When the truth comes, her world changes and choices are made. The question then becomes who is Gwendolyn anymore?

The singular thing about this work that I couldn’t quite accept was how in almost every chapter, every moment, Gwendolyn was being harmed in some way, shape or form. Whether physically by a vampire, mentally through the seeming lack of communication with her family when they appear, or emotionally when Lucas, the main incubus of the story, cannot manage to fine a means to actually talk to her. It makes for a tragic reading overall and what’s more bothersome is the final work of the series when Gwendolyn fades away and we are left with Josie, the daughter her family knows her to be.

It’s hard to accept that she loses all she was, her thoughts, her personality, her drive, her existence, so quickly and, sadly, at times in such an emotional void. Gwendolyn, at least when she was with the vampires, had at least two people that openly cared about her. With her family of “sex demons” as they call themselves, there’s just no connection with any of them for the longest time. It makes for so many moments when Gwendolyn beats herself up, loses hope, and comes to see only bad things about herself.

There is an overarching plot which holds the series together, but that falls so often into one character or another needing revenge for one reason or another. There’s no real point to much of the moments of terror that Gwendolyn goes through overall because many of the events happen as a result of others making what seem to be obviously bad choices. Characters lash out at the drop of a hat when she is with vampires and when she is with her family, she’s simply lost.

As for the work with Lucas at the core, there comes some understanding of what he went through, those that care about him and the demons he faces within himself. But like with the first work in the series, there’s so much suffering and pain that it’s hard to get to the actual story. There come a point when the suffering seems to be happening for no reason at all, character drives and personality notwithstanding.

There are quite a few moments of erotica in this work, some of them being not that hot, others, when Gwendolyn is herself, is forceful in what she wants, that are delicious, but they are few and far between. The problem comes back to the darkness of the work which the erotica, no matter how hot at times, just cannot get fully away from.

Again, while I understand that this series is “dark” and meant to be so, the pain invoked, over and over again, just gets to the point of being simply there in the story and even when things turn better, Gwendolyn just can’t escape the darkness that comes after her and Lucas.

The writing is very good, the characters, at least Gwendolyn and Lucas, are well defined. Many other characters are not, as a whole, and their drive, their reasons for what they do aren’t delved into very deeply. There are many moments when some characters make a choice and there’s really no good reason for them doing so. Explaining why would have helped a lot I think.

If there wasn’t so much suffering, I would have enjoyed this series much more than I did. It’s just impossible to forget the pain Gwendolyn, Lucas and others go through. That is, of course, part and parcel of their characters, but at some point there needs to be a release from that pain.

The work ends, thankfully, on a positive note with some promise. I wish the story had continued a little further, telling of what comes next. I would have liked more time spent with Gwendolyn, nee Josie, coming to terms with having a family. I wish there would have been less pain for the sake of pain itself.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

Too dark, too much pain, too much suffering for my taste. While I understand that comes with the characters, their universe, and what happens, there are too many points where the violence seemed to be there for the sake of it. Characters that act without explanation, characters that don’t listen to others, and a seeming lack of communication overall make for a story that drives events towards seemingly only dark purposes and even with an ending that gave much needed light to the series it couldn’t overcome how difficult a read this was for me.



Sep 16 2016

A Review of Sinfully Delicious by Kelly Wilcox

Sinfully Delicious by Kelly Wilcox

Sinfully Delicious by Kelly Wilcox

The theme of some works tends to try in mixing a bit of erotica with a bit of horror and, as an aside, throw in some references to various hentai themes. When all of this happens, the focus moves from the seductive and sexy into the more darker tones of erotica before moving rapidly into the realm of horror. It can take a story which, at the beginning, seems to have meaning into not having a lot by the time the story comes to a close.

Fantasy and reality are intertwined sometimes. The difficulty isn’t in separating the two but rather in overcoming one’s own perceptions in time to stop one from overcoming one’s self.

The story is about:

Angel Amy offered him an experience he’d never forget, and this digital devil is about to turn his world upside down.

ito has demons that haunt him and make his life terrible. Amy appears and offers solace for a price and then his life, his world, and his dreams are taken in a direction that run hot, cold and then out of control.

Overall this is a hentai-themed story, the characters, the events, the conclusion all focus on themes  and moments that one usually finds in hentai graphic novels. The erotica isn’t really so much erotica as it is over the top hentai erotica which means the characters do impossible things, the sex turns horrific, and being so those moments didn’t do anything for me.

There was a hint of a story with the main characters, telling their lives, but that soon turned towards Ito encountering Amy and then the reality turned strange, odd and weird. Amy can be described as a succubus, certainly she has the aspects of one, though I think she’s more of a yuki onna. Many of the signs are there in the story, but it’s hard to say exactly what she is because the story really doesn’t tell much about her.

What does come through is what happens to Ito in the aftermath, the far over the top changes in him, the sexual encounters that are a mix of porn and, at times, horror. Again, this didn’t interest me as the story seem to lose its focus, the cohesion needed to make things come together well.

There’s a mystery, overall. The story loses its way when the erotica comes and when that passes the story wanders about aimlessly, much as Ito and others do. As the story progresses towards the conclusion, the hentai takes over, there isn’t really any erotica, it is mainly horror and over the top horror at that which reads as being bizarre.

Personally, I found the story hard to become immersed in, I didn’t have a connection with the characters, the story rambled, Amy wasn’t much of a succubus in a seductive way. This is a hentai, there’s no question considering the characters themselves and that sort of becomes expected from the beginning.

The work has some minor spelling mistakes, but the larger issue is a need for another editing pass to make the narrative more fluid and less stiff. By that I mean at times the writing feels like the author was translating some thoughts from Japanese into English and in doing so there’s something missing in the telling. The ending didn’t really satisfy, it’s a tragic, sad thing but then much of the story has that tone as well.

Perhaps that’s the main issue I have with this work. It’s so desperately sad, without hope, and so much loss for the characters. While that seems to be the point, and what Amy seems to feed upon, I just didn’t find it enjoyable, erotic or seductive.

One and a half out of five pitchforks.

The erotica wasn’t, the story turned rapidly into a hentai-horror tale which didn’t interest me very much at all. Amy could have been seductive and evil, which would have been interesting, but that hentai theme of the story took that away leaving a lot of blood in its wake. Some will enjoy this work for what it is, but I just couldn’t.



Sep 15 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 452

A cute and, perhaps, a little bit silly image of Morrigan Aensland for this week’s Succubi Image… It’s nice to have art appear of Morrigan when she’s being a little silly, fun, and perhaps disarming in her own way, which I think this art is…

Morrigan Aensland by おやまん

Morrigan Aensland by おやまん

You can find the original page with this art here on Pixiv. This might be, as a whole, something of a quick and simple work of art, but there’s a little bit more.

I like the fun here, the expression of Morrigan being a little bit silly, showing her fun side. I can see her sticking out her tongue, giving a wink and then giggling as she goes on her way. I like that idea because it is very much how Morrigan is. She knows herself, who she is, and what she wishes to be.

There’s a lesson in that I think too…



Sep 14 2016

The start of a costume perhaps? It might be…

Night Shades CostumeWith all of the lousy costumes of late, I decided to take a look at something I found in my searches and ponder what I might be able to make of it. While it is, as a whole, more of a vampire look, there might be something here to use to create a medical Succubi costume if I really work at things…

This is called the Night Shades Costume and the only thing that comes with the costume is the dress. Shoes are not included and it sells for $50 US.

I actually like this dress for the look, which isn’t silly, and it has a certain look which, for me, seems to say regal with a bit of seductiveness as well.

I can see matching this with a nice set of horns, red or black shoes, and one of my tails.

I probably would remove the collar, I think the dress would look better without it and it wouldn’t quite have the ‘vampire’ vibe this has as a whole.

So an idea, it might be a good one given some effort and thought which might add up to something…

I’ll give this three and a half out of five pitchforks,

Pondering and we will see…



Sep 13 2016

A Review of Death Throes by Michael Stuer

Death Throes by Michael Stuer

Death Throes by Michael Stuer

The thing about some stories is that they use a framework, an idea, which can be very familiar. Certain words and phrases remind the reader of such things as Dungeons and Dragons for example. That’s not a bad thing, actually it helps to speed up the understanding of what’s going on, the characters and the setting.

In the same way, a certain theme, or kind of character, usually suggests, or paints a mental picture, for the reader to enjoy. But even the best of these needs a story that’s a bit more than just a succubus and her thrall pleasuring her. That twist is what makes a story something more.

The story is about:

A succubus entreats one of her thralls to witness an event that she has been waiting many years too see happen . . . while enjoying some sexual titilation at the same time.

Gorflkk tells of his pleasuring of his Mistress, L’tirashin, her demands upon him and something that fascinates her. Her demand, to provide her pleasure exactly is a challenge for a creature such as he. The larger question, one that he doesn’t understand, is what has captured L’tirashin’s attention and what it all means.

The work focuses, for the most part, on Gorflkk, his thoughts and actions to pleasure his Mistress L’tirashin who is the succubus of the work. As such, the story mainly tells that story, how he pleases here, her reactions to him. There’s a clear D/s relationship, L’tirashin being in control and it’s interesting because the story seems to say they have been together for some time.

L’tirashin’s story is told in passing, rather fleetingly, as her attention is focused upon a major event in the universe that she needs to see unfold. Connected to that is her command that she is brought to orgasm at the exact moment the event occurs. Outside that point, L’tirashin is, for the most part, a mystery as her thoughts are mainly of what she sees. For her thrall, he tries to understand what’s going on, but at the same time, L’tirashin’s commands drive him onwards as not following her command would be a very bad thing.

Once the point of the story comes out, it’s really quite different and unexpected. I would have liked more told about L’tirashin, her past, but that wasn’t the point of the work. It was the interplay between the characters and the events as it unfolds that was. The story tended to lean on the erotic aspects more than the event itself, and that was a little disappointing.

Still, when the story came to a close, the concluding pages told more about L’tirashin and her thrall than the entire work before. More so, the ending offered a tantalizing glimpse of L’tirashin’s personality, her commanding presence. The story ends with her having a purpose, a drive, but we don’t get to see what that involves, only a little hint of that.

I would have liked the story to continue into the hunt for L’tirashin, what happens, who she encounters. That to me would be a very interesting story because even with the hints of a Dungeons and Dragons theme for the world, setting and characters, there’s something more. There’s a purpose to L’tirashin and that didn’t quite get the attention I think it deserved.

The erotica was a little bit silly at times, Gorflkk’s dialogue was odd, but that was a reflection of what he is, and how his find speaks, so it works in that way. L’tirashin needed to be more in the story than she was. Not that her presence was thin, but rather her need to orgasm seemed to overcome all else. I think there’s more to her character than that, the ending seems to suggest it. Having her be more devious and “evil” might be what’s missing here.

Three out of five pitchforks.

The work ends just at the point where the story moves from just being about the erotica with a smattering of story into a story about a succubus on the hunt. The latter interested me more because that would have, I think, told more about L’tirashin than what her thrall tells of her. L’tirashin is supposed to be very powerful, a warrior-queen of succubi in a way. That would be interesting to see be told.