May 01 2016

A Review of Wake Up by Eugene Ahn

Wake Up by Eugene Ahn

Wake Up by Eugene Ahn

There are those works that I come across which have such a deep, overriding sense of loss, of despair, of utter darkness that they are very hard to read. Sometimes these works are described as being horror. They tend to suggest that, bring it out at some point, and in doing so the overall impact of the work tends to be lessened.

Telling the story of losing one’s love is tragic. Telling the story of losing one’s light is more. Telling the story of darkness with little else within is the most difficult thing of all.

  • Title: Wake Up
  • Author: Eugene Ahn
  • Length: 15 Pages
  • ASIN: B016FVDIV0
  • Publishing Date: October 26, 2015
  • This work at

The story tells of:

After a tragic car accident, a young man is paid a visit by the one person he wishes to see the most: his deceased wife.

A man tells of his life being lost after his wife is no more. He tells of the world that he isn’t, doesn’t want to be part of. Tells of the decisions made to bring his story, like hers, to a close. But also, he tells of her visiting him and what transpires from his wish and his curse.

Overall, this is a story that isn’t so much horror as it is just so extremely sad from the very first word to the last. There’s no hope, no passion, no meaning. The main character, who is never named, has suffered a tremendous loss, there is no question of that. The thoughts he shares, the things he misses, needs, wants just one more time, are clearly felt. There is such a thing as a heart of darkness and for him, there is nothing but that within him.

Most of the story revolves around what he experiences, feels, sees, as the world goes on and he finds that he cannot. He has lost his reason for living, obviously, and sees no need to try any longer. In being so, the story becomes very hard to read, the overwhelming sadness in his character smothers everything else.

Eventually, his lost wife, who is not named either, appears as if in a dream and over time the dreams when they come become nightmares, mainly driven by his own decisions and actions. The actual horror in the work appears at the very end and it is horror, there’s no question of that.

It is entirely possible that the vision of his wife is a succubus, the hints are there, the story focused on that possibly to an extent, but there’s no real definition or understanding of that possibility. As a whole, if she is a succubus, she is there for the horror aspects and very little else. There is a smattering of erotica at the end of the work, mixed with the horror, and as such there’s not much effect really to the story as a whole.

The work is well written, there is no question of that. But it is also so very tragically dark and distributing. Some will like that aspect, personally I found it hard to take, but there is no question that the story is very well told… even if there really isn’t that much of a Succubus to be seen.

Three out of five pitchforks.

A dark story well written. But even so, it isn’t really something that I enjoyed as a whole because of the darkness seen.



May 01 2016

A Review of World’s Shyest Succubus 4: Sisterhood by Taylor Knobb

World's Shyest Succubus 4: Sisterhood by Taylor Knobb

World’s Shyest Succubus 4: Sisterhood by Taylor Knobb

A review of the fourth work in the World’s Shyest Succubus series by Taylor Knobb. You can find my first review of the series here, the second review can be found here, and the third is here on the Tale.

Becoming a succubus isn’t the entire story, it’s just part of it. The larger story is the question of learning not what you can do, but whether or not you have the means to control yourself. Things can go wrong, they can go right as well. But most of all, the truth of the story is that of what you hold most in your soul.

The only way to learn about the truth is to experience it. The only way to grow is to try. Sometimes they are one in the same, sometimes they aren’t. But they always, no matter what, tell the story of who you really are when you lose control.

  • Title: World’s Shyest Succubus 4: Sisterhood
  • Author: Taylor Knobb
  • Length: 22 Pages
  • Publishing Date: April 25, 2016
  • This work at

It tells the story of:

Adina is starting to adjust to being a succubus, though the new wings and outrageous measurements are still difficult to deal with. Even worse is the succubus hunger that drives her into the arms of random lovers. For the first time, though, there’s a glimmer of hope: Adina isn’t the only succubus who lives in town! Adina’s new friend seems friendly enough, though there is the slightly worrying issue of the bat wings, the red skin, and the horns at her temples…surely a sister wouldn’t lead Adina astray?

Adina finds that her powers as a succubus have one singular purpose and she’s not sure that she likes that very much. Finding a measure of control she tries to figure out her life and in that moment Chastity appears. Having a succubus sister helps, especially when Adina’s hunger is growing again. A lesson taught, some things learned and then Adina discovers that being a succubus means there are moments of joy and wonder as well.

In this work, Adina comes to learn some of her powers and abilities, which I thought made a lot of sense, but more so, she begins to move from being afraid, lost, and unable to cope towards entering herself and learning. It’s an important change and really it needed to be so as Adina continually losing control and then hating herself was starting to become a thin plot point.

I love her wings, I think her transformation ability fits well, there’s a certain rightness in what seems to be her real form. I’m not so sure that Adina going from a D-cup to an H-cup really works as a whole. While this makes sense in the context of the story, being that Adina has some ability to transform herself, her clothing, her wings and so on, I dearly would have liked to see her be more than her cleavage. For much of this part of the series, there is a lot of focus, from Adina and others, on that point which takes away from everything else.

There are two scenes of erotica in the work, one with Adina in a shower, the other at the end of the work which means a lot more and actually answers a lot of questions about her. But before getting to the latter part of the story, and Adina’s first real moment of joy, she meets Chastity.

Chasity appears to be what one expects a succubus to be, but she’s far more an interesting character than that. There’s a wonderful emotional connection and care about her that Adina finds attractive and so did I. But that leads to the singular problem in this work.

There are many points in which things are skimmed over. There’s a lot of detail, for example, that could have been focused on when Adina was learning something about being a succubus from Chastity, but it just is glossed over with a single sentence and that didn’t sit right. There was an opportunity to tell more of a story, to enter the world of the succubi in this universe and this just doesn’t happen.

The time spent at the beginning with Adina’s roommate, the discovery of some of Adina’s powers, the leading up to Chastity’s appearance told a lot about what Adina is going through, but again it’s glossed over at some points. Considering how much else is described and told, I wish the author had put as much into telling the story more than it was.

The promise in this series to this point has been in Adina herself. How she has coped with what’s happened and trying to understand. But there’s been nothing to help her along, she’s at the mercy of her own needs and hungers. While she succeeds at some points, a bit of time spent with Chastity telling her what’s going on before Adina’s hunger gets the better of her needed to be, but it wasn’t.

The work ends on a hopeful note, one that melds really nicely into Adina’s personality, her needs and desires. More so, how she is described simply works with who she is most of all. The ending leaves things in a good place with some hope for Adina’s future and that will be interesting to see happen.

Possibly the best of the series so far, from Adina’s character developing to the revelation of Chastity and what succubi are, at least somewhat, in this universe. Perhaps Adina’s curves are well over the top, but then all things considered, that seems to be how things were meant to be. And that’s the thing about this series so far. Everything seems to make sense and everything matters. Adina remains true to herself, it’s just that she has started to accept herself. Something she’s not been able to before.

Four out of five pitchforks.

The series will, it appears, conclude with the next work and I’m of two minds about that. I don’t expect the author will complete the work as a whole, there’s just so many questions left and there won’t be enough time to close things I think. I hope I’m wrong, I want more for Adina and I hope that comes. A good ending would be nice and I hope it is. The next work is called Adjustment, and I hope that the story continues in the way it has so far.



Apr 30 2016

A Trailer for the short film Succubus

I came across a trailer, a very short one, for a short film titled Succubus. There’s really no information about this film to speak of, and that’s a bit of a shame really. It looks like it could be interesting, but there’s really nothing to say what the film is about as a whole.

I have to assume that the couple in the beginning summon the succubus that appears towards the end, but beyond that I really have no idea… and I would like to. Perhaps the film will appear somewhere sometime and I’ll be able to see it…

But for now, here’s the trailer:


If you cannot see the trailer here on the Tale, please try this link:

There is one fairly good image of the Succubus, but I do not know the actress’ name or anything about her…

Succubus Short Film

Hopefully I’ll find out more over time about this, certainly I would like to add the work to the SuccuWiki at some point…

But most of all, I would like to know what the story here is…



Apr 29 2016

Silhouette – Tera’s 2016 Birthday Manip

And so the world turns, and this day arrives as it is want to do every year… On this birthday the thing that comes to my thoughts is that of those that I love, the lives we have… And so…

Silhouette by TeraS

Silhouette by TeraS

I cannot take credit for the story, for the words are that of my heart, and here are those words for which I am grateful this year more than words can really say…


She came home late in the night,
a crick in her neck, rubbing her horns, stretching her tail,
every bit of her succubish self tired,
used up, ready for nothing.

She came home to a dark house,
everything shadows, everything dark, nothing lit up,
every object two-dimensional and blank,
the same, but then there is . . .

She came upon a package,
all black, flat, and square, but a red bow, and so she pulled,
and the package fell away, showed a new shape,
still dark, but with a scent . . .

She came as she heard the notes,
saw with her fingers, caressed her Song, flat . . . black . . . on fire . . .
burning with need to touch, to taste, to consume,
to sex for all she’s worth . . .

Her lust, mind, body echoed,
alive with her Song, melting with Song—succubi consumed . . .
The clock struck twelve. “Happy birthday,” Song growled
as her red-tailed love came alive . . .
as, in shadows, alive, her love came . . .


To all of my family, to all those that I hold, love, hope for and more in every day always…

Thank you for the gift… always…




Apr 28 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 432

Succubi, at least in my eyes, are more than simply beings of sexuality, passion, and seduction. When I find characters that are described as being Succubi, but then be something more than that, it brings up all sorts of thoughts about what they are like, what they see in themselves, and, most importantly, what made them decide to do something… more.

Succubus Mage by Darantha

Succubus Mage by Darantha

This art is called Succubus Mage and is by an artist on DeviantArt called Darantha. You can find the original page on DeviantArt where I found this art here and this artist’s site on DeviantArt can be found here.

The thing that I particularly like in this art is that she doesn’t look stereotypically evil in any way. That’s important to me and I think in being so that adds a lot to her character. She’s not flaunting what she is as well. She could have been wearing very little, looked more sexy and so on, but really that’s not what maters most to her.

What matters, at least as I see things, is that she is more. She is a mage, a magic user, and in that comes the realization that she need not be what others expect her to be.

That sounds, in so many ways, so very familiar…



Apr 27 2016

So where are the curves in this costume?

Curves Devil CostumeThere are some long dresses that do lend themselves into being really lovely gowns and so on. The thing is, they can have slits to show off some leg, a bit of cleavage, even being just tight enough to show off your curves. All of this can amount to something really wonderful. So why is it that some costumes have to add odd patterns and as well, offer them with really odd looking horns, never mind the wig…

This is called the Curves Devil Costume and it comes with the dress and the horns. I can’t really tell if the horns come with the wig or if that’s simply an attempt at making this look better. No pitchfork, no shoes of course and it sells for around $25 US.

I really don’t understand why they put that gold pattern on this dress. It really isn’t totally awful, but that little touch pushes this into the realm of trashy for me at least.

Really do not like the horns, and the wig is not a lot better either. While the wig doesn’t seem to be part of this, that begs the question as to why it was used here in the first place?

The dress needs a hemming, it doesn’t look right, really doesn’t fit the model well, and the sleeves don’t really work. They give this more of a vampire look in being there and I think I’d try to trim them into something more manageable at least.

The thing about mentioning curves is that the dress should show them a bit. I don’t really see this doing so without a lot of work.

I’ll give this two out of five pitchforks.

What money is saved you’ll more than pay in order to make it fit for one and look even a little better for the other…



Apr 26 2016

A Review of Black on Blue by Jeanna Pride

Black on Blue by Jeanna Pride

Black on Blue by Jeanna Pride

A review of the second work in the Incubus series by Jeanna Pride today on the Tale. In my review of the first work of the series, which you can find here on the Tale, I didn’t really find much that I enjoyed in the story for all of the pain and suffering. The second work in the series continues the rather dark and ominous story from the first and in doing so continues to leave so many questions unanswered and left to the side.

Darkness can exist in all of us, it is a question of what happens when you are confronted with it. Some fall, some will not. Some are caught in the crossfire.

  • Title: Black on Blue
  • Author: Jeanna Pride
  • Length: 26 Pages
  • ASIN: B01EBHR532
  • Publishing Date: April 14, 2016
  • This work at

The story tells of:

When Detective Sergeant Melanie Brooks and her hunky partner visit a party packed with political elite in search of a known pimp and escort runner, she can’t be aware that her quarry knows her darkest secrets, and is possessed of infernal powers. She soon finds herself facing the dark truth about herself, her desires and a wantonness she kept carefully hidden. Will she succumb to her true nature?

Melanie has always been the hunter, but she finds herself encountering one that is stronger than she. A battle of control leads to an admission of her own needs and within that, the needs of another. Some choices have consequences, some lives are changed, and in the end, only one can be the winner… if there is such a thing.

Much like the first work in this series, the tone is very dark, bordering on occasion of being close to hopeless. The singular theme of this work, again, revolves around domination and that being very dark, brutal, and heartless. As such, again I couldn’t find a means to enjoy the story, because of my own experiences of the past.

The beginning of the work has some moments, a few instances where the characters tell of themselves, of who they are, what they intend, and that was interesting. But moments after the incubus, who still remains without a name, appears and begins to draw the main character of this work into his world, the story changes.

The encounter starts out somewhat realistic, but it soon turns the corner into fantasy and there comes a point where what happens just took me out of the story completely. The change in Melanie, the gloating of the incubus, the destruction of another character takes the life out of the story and leaves, much like the first work, a lot of pain and suffering behind.

Like the first work, it’s unclear what happens to Melanie exactly in the aftermath, though there is more of a hint given as to her ultimate fate. It’s this part of the story that interests me, but doesn’t seem to be considered. As such, there is a missing part of the story that needs to be told. What the incubus does in the “real world” is one thing. but the larger question is what is the point, why is he collecting these souls and for what purpose?

The writing is still very good, the character development is there. if not too much so. The erotica still doesn’t have a lot of heat for me. Perhaps the author needs to move from the erotica into telling more of the story that the series is underpinned by. I think in that moment, the story will be something more than I have seen it to be so far.

Two out of five pitchforks.

The overall theme of the first work in the series continues and along with it a seeming lack of direction and meaning. The main character, the unnamed incubus, seemingly doesn’t develop, his story isn’t told and there’s just so many questions left by the end. Developing the character to be something more than “just an incubus” would be nice. More so, having a name, and more still, giving his purpose a moment to be told.