Oct 26 2009

Storm Clouds XXV – An ongoing Succubi Story

This is the continuing story of the Succubi called Storm Clouds…

If you want to read previous chapters, please click the link in the Tale header at the top of the page marked Storm Clouds or click here…


Storm Clouds

Chapter 7

By TeraS

“Tom. Talk to me.”

Camilla was standing there looking quite concerned at him. He let out a snort, “I’m good. You wouldn’t understand.”

“That you lost someone close to you? That you where hurt? Still are? Always will be?”

She frowned, “You haven’t a lock on pain, Thomas. No one does. Not ever.”

He thrust his hands into his pockets, “Alright, I’ll assume that you are telling me the truth and that you aren’t going to kill me.”

She nodded as her tail moved from side to side behind her.

“Why me?”

Her tail stopped, “That’s not for me to tell you. If you want to know, you’ll have to ask Tera about that.”

He managed a smile, “Passing the buck or thinking that I can’t handle it?”

A shrug, “Both.”

He walked up to her, looking at how she had changed. It was still the girl he had met not that long ago. Just had some optional extras added to her. If he overlooked that, she was still a woman…. No. That was wrong. She was what she was, but she didn’t lie to him…

…that one thing alone made her trustworthy.

“Alright. I’ll talk to her later. Camila, what… why are you?”

She rubbed her hands along the side of her dress, “We are grey. We aren’t all evil or all good either. We make choices just like you do. Sometimes they are good ones, sometimes they are bad ones, but we choose to do and be what we are.”

“Nice speech.”

She winked, “Thanks… Been working on that for centuries actually.”

“Now how about the unvarnished truth?”

She nodded, “In short, we are in limbo beeen light and dark. Both want us and both are afraid of us. You can think of us as wildcards Thomas, but there is one thing, one promise that we have that we can’t forget… people like you have to make your own choices, decisions, and actions…”

He put a hand up, “I didn’t choose to be here.”

:Oh yes you did. You chose to come. You chose to knock on the door. You chose to see what you could find out. All of that was your choice.” She waved a hand, “All of this followed because it had to otherwise you would have never accepted a lie..”

He thought about that and can to the decision that she was right. He wouldn’t have let this lie, ignored it, moved on. That wouldn’t have happened because it was not his nature to do that.

“Besides giving me the breadcrumbs to find you, why did you pick me?”

Camilla shook her head, “Can’t say.”

A question came to him, “Yell me something. Are there angels and all that other stuff?”

“Yes. Angels, devils, dragons, faeries and more are all real. It’s just that your world has forgotten about the wonders around it… mostly.”

Tom wiped a hand over his eyes, “You know that this is all too much to take in.”

Her hand was soft and gentle on his shoulder, “You are, really, one of the few people that can handle this stuff Thomas. Most people would be screaming and running in circles at this point.”

:What makes you think I won’t?”

“Curiosity… You want to know the secrets. Your mind is wanting to know answers you have had since the day you were born. Most of all, you won’t let yourself back down from a fight Thomas.”

Tom thought that over for a while. It was true that he was wondering about a lot of things…. more than he wanted to be. But three things came to the forefront. He had a mystery. He had a job to do…

…and a promise to keep.

He looked her straight in the eye, “I need a partner in this. Someone that knows the lay of the land. Someone that will watch my back.”

She nodded, “You will in our world.”

He offered his hand, “I… I will trust you Camilla. I trust that you will watch my back.”

She took his hand, “I promise. I want a promise from you too. Wherever this goes. Whoever did it. Whatever it takes, you won’t walk away.”

They shook on it and then Tom asked, “Where are we? Fill me in.”

Oct 25 2009

Succubi/Devil Girl Pinup Art…

I was looking around on the eCrater site for Succubish things and came across just a wonderful piece of Succubus or Devil Girl art depending on which you prefer…

Devil Girl by Karla Ruiz

This is the work of the artist Karla Ruiz, she named this piece Devil Girl and completed it in 2004…

It’s available here as a small art print…

It’s wonderful the amount of detail she has placed into this work, I especially love the lovely use of red on her outfit, wings, tail and horns…

I’m hoping that the copy we ordered arrives soon!!


Oct 24 2009

Wearing The Succubi Horns – Horny by S.B.

Last week I posted my story for the 2009 Realm of the Succubi Halloween Story Contest here in the Tale…

Today, I want to share with you all this wonderful work by the writer S.B. that he added to the contest… He was, in fact, the very first person to post in the thread on it in the Realm of the Succubi…

And I thank him for that always…




Horny by S.B.
Ashley unwrapped the mystery box that had just been delivered at her annual Halloween costume party, puzzled as to why she was the recipient of something she clearly hadn’t ordered. Her best friend Sylvia peeked above her shoulder from atop her cowgirl boots, equally curious. She spoke first:

“Boy, the delivery guy sure disappeared in a heartbeat! It’s a shame, though, as he was kind of cute… So, what is that?”

“I honestly haven’t got a clue. I never even heard of this store before…” Ashley responded as her fingernails caressed the smooth inside and unveiled… “Oh…”

“Cool, a pair of horns!” Sylvia exclaimed with glee. “You know what; I think those will look super with the rest of your outfit!”

A laugh couldn’t be helped as she held the pair of dark red horns that were incredibly arousing to the touch…

“What? I’m dressed as Red Riding Hood, silly! And she was sweet… and innocent… and… this thing is sure made of a strange material. Here, touch it and tell me what you’re feeling…”

Sylvia rubbed one of her hands in them, absorbing a mystical energy into her skin. As a simple mortal, she wasn’t supposed to understand it but could certainly enjoy its flow and emphatically declare: “Wow… they give off a tingling warmth that’s quite intoxicating!”

“I know… I’m feeling it too! What do you think causes this?”

“Frankly, who cares? Sweetie, you should definitely try them on… I would do it myself but there’s not a single ounce of red in my costume at all… So what if Red Riding Hood was a spotless soul in the fairy-tale? This is Halloween and the fun lies in twisting traditions… Go on; let me see how they look on you…”

“Okay, I’ll give them a try…” Ashley agreed as she brought the hood to her back, the mesh of silky, black curls shining in its entire splendor… “They don’t seem to have anything to make them stick so I wonder if…”

Instantly, they merged with the wavy hair, their tips extending forward like they were real horns and not just a pretty decoration.

It was at this precise moment that, from the ruckus of the actual party taking place past the main corridor where both women stood, along came an impersonation of Tarzan (or was it George of the Jungle?), swinging his arms and spilling eggnog all over the floor. Brad was his name, a neighbor who always drank too much and liked to spoil everyone’s fun even when he wasn’t invited to be present. It was impossible to determine the precise amount of alcohol running through his blood-stream but it was more than enough to make him a nuisance with his foolish remarks…

“Now, that’s something to rise a man’s pole way up in the air! If Red Riding Hood is horny, then here I am, baby!” he spurted, a thread of white spit accumulating in the upper-corner of his lips.

Ashley looked at him slightly enraged as the unnatural energy emanating from the horns increased in intensity. Something was changing in her ways of thought; power grew from the inside and outside of her outfit and suddenly, that very repulsive creature that believed to be a man was seen through half-angelic, half-demonic eyes.

Sylvia couldn’t help but notice the gradual modification in posture and the bewitching cadence of her friend’s fingers as tiny sparks of emerald green ran through them. She also saw that the Red Riding Hood outfit was now becoming tighter, assuming the same darkish, seductive colour and tactile feeling of the pair of horns. She whispered in her ear: “Ashley, what’s happening?”

“I’m being elevated…” the brunette retorted, her voice chilly and hot, mellifluous and irresistible. “Now, watch as I teach him a lesson he should have learned a long time ago…”

The new Ashley glided across the corridor stopping right in the front of the drunk guest and purring: “Do you honestly think you’re man enough for me?”

“Think?!” Brad was amused. “Ashley, I’m the real king of the jungle and what I got beneath my thong can keep you pleased for eternity and a day!”

Her eyes glowed green for a fraction of a second.

“Then why can’t I see a thing? It would be nice if you really had hard balls and a throbbing dick but you don’t…” she smirked. “At least, not any more… ”

“Huh… what’s going on in your sick…?” Brad looked down, at the completely smooth skin in its crotch area. A perfect cleary in geographic terms. No protuberances. No sex traits. Nothing. “What?!! What did you… how did you… my dick and balls! You removed my dick and balls!”

“Yes I did and this is where you go down at my feet very obediently, say “Thank you so much!” and then… Get the hell out of my house and party!”

“In your dreams, you…” but as the words of malice were spoken out loud, his body and mind crumbled under the weight of her order and he helplessly knelt. Blank, he droned: “Thank you so much…” before getting up and going away into the dead of night, a Halloween slave.

Sylvia was dumbfounded, terrorized even. Strings of rationalizations were lost to what she had just witnessed. Ashley was no longer human. In her shadow, a heart-shaped tail slithered around her waist…

“There was only one thing that jerk was right about…” the domineering woman confessed whilst looking into the perplexed eyes of the one who had been her best friend. “I really am feeling horny now and there are many inside this house whom I wish to have servicing my needs… You’re the first in a long list, Sylvia and I’m sure you’ll do a wonderful job at it, my little slutty cow-girl!” a finger pointed to the floor. “Your turn to kneel.”

She obeyed and then crawled behind her owner as she moved swiftly to resume her place as Queen of the party…

The End



Thank you again for your wonderful words dearest S.B….


Oct 23 2009

The Art of Drawing a Succubus…

I discovered a YouTube today of the drawing of a Succubus by an artist named jtampvseries.

The work that he has displayed on YouTube and on Deviantart is that of a Succubus character he has created whom is named Sonia.


And in case the embedding doesn’t work”


And the completed artwork on his Deviantart site can be found here:


Now I would love to post the completed work here as well, but I haven’t heard back from him if I can or not, so you will have to visit the link above to see the completed artwork he created…

But I would really love to…

I also would like to point you at the site that he is in the process of building for the comic he is working on:


Wishing him lots of success!!!


Oct 22 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 96

For this week’s Succubi, I did a little looking around in the Daz Art Zone for something cute and sexy as an image…

I think that this piece of Daz artwork more than qualifies…

Sweet Surrender by kachinadoll

This art is the work of a Daz artist named kachinadoll, the art is titled Sweet Surrender, and you can find the original source of this work here.

Wish that she had a tail as I usually do, but she’s really beautifully done… Especially love her hair a bunch!


Oct 21 2009

A close, but not quite, Succubi Costume…

The thing about a Succubi costume, at least to me, is that it should be elegant and sexy… It has to be otherwise what’s the point in wearing it? Looking lousy isn’t sexy and that is something that I have always thought about when picking them…

This one, I picked about three years ago…

Seductress Costume

Now the thing is that you don’t get the horns or the pitchfork with this outfit. That actually was fine with me as i have a beautiful silver pitchfork that was a nice match for it. For the horns I used a pair of small plush red ones that matched the dress as close as possible.

But the fringe-like shawl over the shoulders I removed from the dress and instead I went with a pair of long red latex shoulder-length gloves.

But no tail. Mostly because there was no way you could add one to this without destroying the material.

You can find this all over the web for usually around $45…

Lovely and sexy and it’s still one of my favorites…

4 out of 5 pitchforks… But that is only because of the alterations…


Oct 20 2009

Temptations XXXI – The Grotto – Part I

The next couple of months I expect will deal with a large group roleplay that I attempted to run in Temptations with several different RPers…

The Queen of the Succubi is of course me and I will intro each of the players as they arrive in this RP as that happens…

The first person we meet is a mage whom is played by Thamior.


Temptations XXXI – The Grotto – Part I

By TeraS and Thamior

The weather wasn’t kind to him this night. Rain cascaded down from the heavens, dark clouds indiscernable from the velvet sky above it. Sheltered within a shop doorway, a young man glanced across the street towards the library. His eyes saw the cracked paving stones surrounding the old stonework; a nondescript building. But hisVision saw a complicated pattern of matter, energy and spacial dimensions. No, multiple patterns. If he squinted enough, he could make out the details of one of them, but never all at once. It was too much for his mind to comprehend. But after a few minutes of viewing each pattern, he realised that while more than half a dozen people had gone into the library, none of them had met each other. As he saw each of them in a different pattern, he concluded that some massive occult force had placed each of them in a seperate dimension within the library.

It was easy enough in a library, of course. Words had their own sort of power; it was why magic was so easy to put into books. Putting a large number of occult books within the same building made the reality of the area that little bit less…rigid. With the right words and enough willpower, one could do what he saw in that library. But the identity of whoever was responsible escaped him. Whoever they were, they were adept at hiding their presence. It was all he could do to see the patterns alone, never mind the underlying meta-pattern which bound them all together, allowing them to co-exist.

Taking a deep breath, he stepped out from the doorway and through the rain to the front door of the library. Despite it being after-hours, the door was not locked. Step into my parlour, he thought to himself. He knew he was walking into a trap, but if someone was toying with spacial dimensions with this much expertise then they were either a valuable ally or a dangerous enemy…or an easy target at risk of attack. One of the most important lessons about magic; don’t draw attention to yourself.

So it was with no small amount of apprehension that he closed the door behind him. Now inside the structure, he noticed that the multiple overlapping patterns were invisible to him. From the inside, they didn’t truly exist. It was the sort of metaphysical paradox that made his head hurt.

Trying to focus his Vision on the pattern he currently occupied; he was impressed. As well as overlapping multiple versions of the same spacial dimensions, those dimensions were warped, twisted like an Escher piece. To mortal eyes nothing seemed amiss, but to his Vision the pattern was confusing to say the least. Whoever was responsible didn’t like being spied on.

Taking a breath, he spoke out to the darkness around him. He knew they’d be able to hear him.
“OK,” he said, “You’ve got my attention. Mind telling me what you’re doing here?”

The library was silent for a moment and then a soft woman’s voice drifted out of the darkness around him, “My… Forward aren’t we? That is a refreshing surprise…”

Somewhere in the library he heard the clicking of heels as she continued to speak, “What do I want… So many things really… The passions of one… The needs of another… The wishes of some… The desires of more… All of these interest me….”

She sound of the heels slowly grew louder as she continued to speak, “It is my nature to test them and see if they are worthy of the gifts that I give to them… Some will be… Some will not… That is the price of the gift….”

Far off at the back of the room a shadowy figure appeared from a doorway and regarded him, but did not approach further at that moment.

She asked, “So you are here. Are you prepared as well?”

Again, his Vision failed him. He assumed she wanted to reveal herself on her own terms.

“I couldn’t help but notice the level of complexity here,” he said, speaking as one academic to another, “I count at least…six, maybe seven different pocket dimensions? More, even? And I’m willing to bet you’re manipulating them, too. Operating in half a dozen different spacial realms simultaneously…What you’re doing must be very important to you for you to invest so much effort.”

He could not feel any alien presence reading his pattern, which bothered him. He knew she was, he just couldn’t feel it. This spoke volumes about the level of power she possessed. This entity…they can do all of this…but why?

“Why are you doing this?” he asked, “Are you aware of the risk you’re putting yourself in? I saw what you did easily. There are other people with my knack for the occult, and they won’t be as friendly.”
Not to mention the risk to the local area if these pocket realms collapse…

The laugh that echoed through the library wasn’t cruel. But it was amused.

Then with a hint of laughter in her voice she said, “I have no fear of that happening. My library exists in all times and all spaces. You are just fortunate that I have allowed your reality to encompass you in this moment. But then you have noticed the dimensions around you.”

The woman began to walk closer to him as she continued to speak, “This place is powered in a manner that you have no idea of. That power will never fail as long as it exists. It always will. For no being can exist without it. So the library continues and then worlds spin on and here we are.”

She stepped through a space illuminated by a skylight above, the moonlight flooding through it. He saw her then. Long raven black hair in a halo around her. A slim shapely body dressed in a flame red dress. And the other things. Her long tail swishing behind her. The moonlight glinting off her horns.

She continued, “Those of the light know that I am not to be trifled with. Those of the dark know that I am not to be played with. Those of the grey know that I am the question and answer to what they seek. Those that come to try to reshape me are dooming themselves in the end.”

And still she came closer.

Finally she stood in front of him. She nodded slightly and said, “I am Tera. Queen of the Succubi. This is my realm and my will is supreme. What is it that you seek?”

He considered himself skeptical by nature. Even while aware of the supernatural, he was often inclined to look for fakery before accepting what he saw. There was no need to do that here. There was no denying that this was Tera, Queen of the Succubi. The Lady in Red.

He also considered himself stubborn; he would normally stand his ground and fight for what he believed in. But even he knew when to draw the line. Tera was not the sort of entity you could cross and live to talk about it.

So, he counted off his remaining options; leave or stay. Well, he certainly couldn’t leave. It just wasn’t his style. And she had let him enter. The only way you got in was if she wanted you in.

“A more important question would be, ‘why did you let me come here?’,” he said, giving her a curious look, “You don’t just waltz into the personal realm of the Lady in Red without her permission. A lot of mages have gone missing trying to do that.”

Tera chuckled softly, “They aren’t lost… I know exactly where they are even if they aren’t sure themselves… And thank you for the recognition. Sometimes I have to drop a mage into hell for a few hours before they believe…”

She tilted her head and said, “Why allow you in? Because you interest me my dear… I see promise within you and that allows you to see me as I am at this moment…”

Her tail twisted around for a moment and then she said, “By the same token… If you didn’t want entry for some reason within you… You wouldn’t have entered this place…”

“My scrying ball split in half when it passed over this library,” he said dryly, “That doesn’t normally happen unless there’s some serious occult potential in the area. I came here to figure out what was going on and see if…” he paused. The words that readied themselves to be spoken were not the best.
“…if the situation was dangerous. I thought the place posed a potential risk. However, since this is your place, there’s not a whole lot I can do.”

But he didn’t turn to leave. He didn’t leave because he was faced with what could be interpreted as a golden opportunity. Tera was known for being very…generous…at times. Pleasure came easily to her, and if so inclined she would share it. Also, there was the opportunity to learn. The sheer number of tomes in the building…not to mention the stuff Tera herself knew…even the tiniest fraction of that knowledge would be invaluable.

But he knew there was always a catch. If you played Tera’s game (so the legends went), she was the only winner. She gave you what you wanted, but the cost was high. If you sought pleasure, she made you her slave. If you sought knowledge or power, it would ultimately destroy you…Or she’d enslave you as some sort of test. The second rule of magic; there are no short-cuts to power.

Tera wasn’t evil. She was…tricky. She never actually harmed anyone. Sure, she turned people into her slaves, but they’d spent the rest of their lives in rapturous bliss as a result. But still, to involve oneself with Tera is to invite disaster, and he was not prepared to take any risks with her.

“…Sorry to have disturbed you…your Majesty,” he said, believing ‘ma’am’ wasn’t quite appropriate, “I wasn’t aware this was your realm.”

Tera chuckled at his use of the word, “Majesty. How quaint. I’m not that enthralled with my position that I will curse someone for not using the correct manner of address.” She considered and then said, “You may call me Tera if you wish mage.”

Her tail moved from side to side behind her for a moment and then she said, “I will make you an offer my dear. Consider it carefully…” She waved a hand vaguely around the library and said, “There are creatures here that you have never met or might never meet without begin here. Are you willing to learn by doing as well as reading or will you just bury yourself in a book like some and believe that you know it all?”

She brushed a slim hand through her hair, “The choice is yours…”

There was one thing about her; she seemed to make your options very clear. And by the way she worded her challenge the right choice seemed obvious. Not that he would have chosen otherwise anyway. She was speaking his language.

“I’ve always said that field experience tops book smarts any day,” he said, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth, “Whatcha got in mind?”

A spark of dread fizzled in the back of his mind, warning him that this was a very bad idea. But he payed it no heed. It was moments like this, where he faced the unknown, the potentially hazardous, that he felt more alive. It was that thrill, that adrenaline rush when he was inches from death that made his day. He didn’t expect Tera to subject him to any form of violence, but a tiny part of him hoped she would. As much as he hated to admit it, he lived for moments like this.


Such an interesting question…

Whatcha got in mind?