May 20 2009

Succubi thoughts once again…

I’ve been pondering a more classic version of a Succubus for a story I’m writing.. Yes… There are a lot of them I have partially written about a Succubus or Succubi… Some on Succubi, some on Succubus and then there are the ones that don’t fit into either of those categories…

Which is a problem really…

So, for your consideration is an idea I was mulling over last night…

I haven’t really written a dark Succubus story. Not really no. Mostly because it really doesn’t interest me…

However a scene popped into my head which is Succubus-like…


She stood at the foot of the bed. Her eyes glowing green in the darkness of the room. Her bat-like wings shifting behind her wafting the scent of her arousal towards the figure on the bed. A moan of lust escaped the woman there and the succubus smiled in response. It would not be long to wait. The needs of the body would overcome the mind quickly. Her prey would not resist.. Not think… Not do anything save to listen to the words seeping into her mind…

Words of lust… submission… release… transformation…

And then, once she was forever on the leash of the succubus…

Then she would give up all to have more…


I think that this will turn into a story about someone that foolishly didn’t believe that such things as a succubus existed and tried a summoning which worked, but she is entrapped in the power of the succubus. As she is corrupted into the service of it, her friends that were involved in the act are ensnared and… Things happen..


But we’ll see…



May 19 2009

Temptations X – Tobias

One of my dearest online friends is a good soul that I know as B… His online persona is listed in the SuccuWiki for those interested in him…

This RP did not go far regretfully…




To say that Tobias was a little lost and confused at the moment would be a tremendous understatement.

He wasn’t aware of the campus library having a section this old…it looked like something out of Harry Potterrather than the modern building he knew….but then, it did fit the information he wanted.

It was all for a girl, too – a real cutie named Kristina – that he ventured to ask the librarians about “books on the Occult.”  She wasn’t one of those extreme goth-types who hated the world, or some deluded individual who thought she was a vampire…she was sweet, pretty, and claimed she practiced spellcraft, among other hobbies Toby had no idea about.

That was all this venture was for – to understand where she was coming from.

And he wound up with an encyclopedia-thick book falling on his head.

Clutching his head and moaning, he did not notice the mists that spilled forth from the open pages.



The mists surrounded him for a moment and then disappeared leaving the library seeming the same as it was when he had entered. Then there was a sound in the distance.

Click… Click…. Click…

It was obviously the sound of high heels clicking across the wooden floors of this particular level of the library…

Then she came around the corner and looked at him on the floor. She was dressed very casually. A pair of low slung red heels, a pair of tight fitting faded blue jeans and a red fuzzy sweater that did nothing to hide her curves from his eyes…

She came closer and then offered him her hand. It was slim with medium length red nails. When he stood up he found himself looking into a pretty woman’s green eyes and rose red lips…

She looked him over and then said, “Are you alright? What happened to you?”




Tobias looked up at her, and for a moment he thought the bump on his head was causing him to hallucinate a little.  It seemed like something out of a teen movie, such a beautiful woman coming by at just the right moment.

“Oh!”  He caught himself with a shake of his head.  “Yeah, I’m…fine…”  He reached out to take her hand, lips parting a little as her nails tickled his wrist, and made it to his feet.

“One of the books must have fallen…I’ll be okay, I think…I’ve been told I’m hardheaded.”  He gave her a grin and tapped his head with a knuckle for emphasis, prompty swaying a little as his head swam.



She smiled and then said, “mmmm…. Well… Try not to get clocked over the head too many times or you might lose your way…”

She kneeled down and picked up the book that had fallen from the shelf. Looking at the spine of it she said, “Is there something in particular you are looking for? Perhaps I can help in some small way?”

She held the book to her chest and said with a smile, “I am Miss Ray, the head Librarian…”



“Head Librarian..?”

He sounded confused, and was.  Since when did the University hire full-time staff that were this young?  Or at least, young-seeming…

…and hot…

He blushed a little, both with the thoughts that ran through his aching head, and with the embarrassment for lack of direction.  “Well…in truth, I have very little clue what I’m looking for…I didn’t know this particular subject could be so….narrowed down.”



She chuckled a little and said, “Well…. Someone has to be in charge you know….” She turned and slid the book back onto a shelf, “These books don’t get collected and filed on their own you know…” 

She when onto her tippy toes for a moment and managed to push it back onto a shelf, then she used a single slim red nailed finger to push it the rest of the way into it’s place. She turned in place and then asked, “Well…. Without a clue of what you are looking for you will be wandering around here quite a bit you know…”

She smiled and then offered, “Perhaps you need a guide to help you search?”



His ears burned a little as he watched her return the book to its proper place…for some reason, it seemed to suggest something…well, proper adjectives failed him at the moment.

“I’d…like that.”  He managed to stammer out.  A guide would be nice, but then, he still wasn’t sure how to broach the subject of his occult research.  Especially to someone as pretty as her….



Miss Ray smiled and said, “A guide…. But then I need to have an idea what you are looking for then don’t I?” She led him towards a card catalog and then said as she leaned against the side of it, “Vegetable…. Animal…. Mineral… or….. Something else?”

The smile never left her lips, “After all…. This is a rather large place…. And I’m sure that you have not a lot of time to spend walking around mindlessly….”



“…’something else’ is an accurate summation, Miss Ray…”

He seemed awfully abashed at the moment, and rightly so.  For your average well-mannered boy, admitting the reasons for his search was at the same time romantic and uncomfortable.

“I’m looking…well, I don’t suppose you have a copy of ‘The Occult and Spirit World for Dummies’, or something like that?”

“Well, it’s not for me!  I…I mean, it is, but….”

“You see, there’s this girl, and she’s….um….yeah…”

He gave a nervous grin, forcefully clamping his jaw shut to stop his rambling.



Miss Ray smiled and said, “Probably so…. It’s amazing what has been filed away over the years here…”

When he admitted that it was for a girl, she smiled and said, “Tell me a little about her would you? Maybe I know her? It is possible… Most of the people that come in here looking for books on that subject find their way to see me…”

She leaned against the bookcase beside her, “You really shouldn’t be embarrassed you know…”



“Shouldn’t be, I know…”  He muttered.  It wasn’t his fault he blushed so readily.

“Let’s see…well, she’s blonde….kinda cute, in a mysterious sorta way…has a really nice laugh…”  Tobias smiled, remembering one of the few times he actually talked to her telling a joke that went over quite well.

“Really the only thing I know about her is that she’s into the occult…pagan spirits and spells, incense and tarot…”  He shrugged a little.  He didn’t feel like his own religious beliefs were threatened by her, which was a good sign.

“I’m just looking for…well…anything that might help me hold a conversation…”

He glanced down at the floor.

“Maybe attract her interest, too…”

Tobias felt a little surprised with how open he was being, especially with someone as attractive as Miss Ray herself.



Now at this point I am going to stop telling this tale because there was another friend that came into this story at this point…


That’s next week…




May 18 2009

Storm Clouds II

Storm Clouds II


Continuing the first chapter of this story as it’s too short still to close out, I think it’s long enough now to move to another scene, but we’ll see what happens with that…



Storm Clouds

By TeraS


Chapter 1


“How did she die?”


The question hung in the air over the people surrounding the cold steel table upon which a body laid covered in a white blanket. The medical examiner pushed his thick glasses up his nose with a latex-gloved finger before replying in a disinterested voice, “Looks like a mugging. Stabbed in the back eight times and then whatever she had on her was taken. She was found beside a car in the Summer Hill Mall parking lot.”


The man that had asked the question rubbed the day’s worth of stubble on his chin, “Eight times? Sounds like something more than a mugging Doc. No mugger than I know of would spend the time to stab his or her victim that many times. Too easy to be see or get caught.”


Doc looked back at him before shrugging, “You want facts Tom. That’s all we have here. Nothing else to say about her. Eight wounds with a knife or similar object. No sign of other harm to her. Before you ask, no signs that she was raped either.” He turned away from the table and stripped off his gloves, “Just the usual senseless crime in the big city.”


After Doc left the room, Tom stared at the body for a while. It didn’t make sense. Why her? She was nobody. Nothing special. She probably had a family and he would have to see them next. That was the part he hated most of all. Having to walk up the lawn or path or whatever. Knocking on the door. The person opening it for a moment with hope in their eyes that their loved one would be there waiting. But instead they would see a middle-aged brown haired and brown eyed man in a rumpled suit flash a badge, ask to come in and then a little while later leave the home with wrecked lives in his wake.


He sighed and grabbed the clipboard that held her ID…


And came to an abrupt halt in his thoughts.


There was nothing there. No name. No address. No other ID. Nothing.


He was mulling over in his mind the procedures for filing a Jane Doe report, when a woman’s voice broke into the room from behind him, “We’ll look after her from here, thank you.”


Turning to look over his shoulder from his right he answered, “She’s a Jane Doe. My file. You have…”


He found himself looking at a woman about his height. She had short blonde hair in a bob cut, blue eyes. Slim of build. Cute in her own way, he supposed. She was holding a folded piece of paper in her hand, “Paperwork. I’m here to claim my Sister.” She handed him the paper as two burly men in dark suits entered the room behind her.


Tom didn’t bother to open the paper. There really was no point. They would not have managed to get into the room without having the paperwork to do so, nor would they be able to leave with the body if they didn’t. He watched her go over to the table, lift the top of the sheet from the body, then with a nod say to the men, “It’s her.”


They wasted little time then, within moments they had moved around both himself and the blond before taking hold of the table and rolling it out the door.


As she turned to follow the men pushing the table from the room, Tom called after her, “I’m… sorry for your family’s loss.”


She hesitated in mid-step before replying without looking at him, “Are you really? Or are you just parroting the words that your regulations say you should say officer?”


Tom found himself unable to bring himself to say to her that it wasn’t just words. That he hated his job. That he hated not being able to find the ones that did these things and bring them to justice. Instead he said to her, “Not all words are lies Ma’am.”


Her answer gave him pause, “No. No they are not. But neither are they all truths either.”


He watched her open the small blue purse she held. For a moment, she seemed to be considering her next actions carefully, as if she was about to reveal something that she was not sure she had the right to. A small white card appeared in her hand a moment later. She looked at it before placing it on the countertop to her right, “If you want to attend her services, they’ll be at that address. Tomorrow. Nine in the morning.”


With that she pushed through the door leaving Tom in the room alone with his thoughts, the buzz of the lights, and the card on the table…


And the question in his mind of whether or not he would or wouldn’t…


Tom picked up the card and stuffed it into his inside pocket of his jacket without looking at it. That decision could wait for the moment. Pushing through the door that led out of the room, he turned down the hallway and entered Doc’s office.


Doc’s office was not what you would expect from a medical practitioner. Every other doctor you would ever meet had their diplomas on one of the walls. Books neatly placed on bookcases. Files waiting for them on their desk. All of the stereotypical things you would expect. Doc was not the norm. Doc’s office consisted of a wall of filing cabinets on one side, his mass purchased steel desk opposite to that, and on the wall to your right a single photograph in a frame. 


That photograph was of a young Doc with his arm around a cute red head with blue eyes. They looked happy together. Tom always wondered about that picture and what happened to make Doc the old crusty pain in the ass that he was today.


Doc was sitting behind the desk, a bottle of some cheap dime store beer to his right, his concentration on a file in front of him as he wrote something there in the chicken scratch that was common for doctors around the world to use.


Tom took the chair on the other side of the desk and then said, “It’s early for having a beer Doc.”


As he put his pen down and reached for the bottle the answer was, “Nightshift rules Tom. Whatever helps you make it through the shift.”


Tom frowned but didn’t push Doc on this. Doc was one of the few people that still tolerated him. Not quite a friend mind you, but at least Doc would listen. He said in return, “Our Jane Doe was claimed. She was rolled out of here a few minutes ago.”


Doc just about choked on his beer, “Claimed? I wasn’t told? Who released her?”


Tom blinked, “Err… I did. She had paperwork and…”


With a slam of the bottle on his desk Doc said, “Gimme the paperwork Tom.”


It took a moment to draw it from his suit before handing it over still folded up. Doc opened the paper and then shot him a look, “Did you look at this Tom?” 


A shake of his head was the answer…


Doc tossed the paper at him as he reached for the phone on the desk, “Nice paper. No work.”


Tom blanched as he looked to see that the paper was… Empty. Blank. Nothing.


Just like Jane Doe herself.


It took a short time, but it became clear that whoever had claimed the body, had gotten out of the building unopposed and unseen. What was more frustrating was that parts of the surveillance cameras in the building would randomly turn off and then back on again leaving gaps in their coverage.


Doc pointed a finger at Tom, “You have any ideas?”


Tom didn’t hesitate, “Nothing. Didn’t give me a name or anything. I figured that a woman and her muscle wouldn’t get down here without clearance, so I didn’t think to challenge her.”


With a grunt, Doc turned back to the phone dismissing Tom…


Which was fine with him.


He stood up and walked from the office heading towards the elevators. After pressing the button for the main floor, Tom fished out the card she had left on the counter. He almost expected it to be as blank as the sheet of paper she had given him. Why didn’t he look at it? He should have. At the least he should have asked for her name or Jane Doe’s name. Something.


Finally the card was in his fingers and he considered the address printed there in a cold formal font…


S. Realm Enterprises, 69 69th Street. We make dreams.


The bell sounded as the elevator doors opened.


Tom had an appointment to keep in a few short hours and some answers to get from that woman over this…

May 17 2009

The things that NPR talks about…

A comedian and a show about Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll…

There is a little bit about Succubi in this, which I found… Fumb…


SIMON: I must say parenthetically there are few funnier words than succubus.

Mr. DAVIS: I would agree with you there. It’s very pleasant to speak. it’s why I feel magnetically pulled towards that word. It’s physically pleasing to utter.

SIMON: And is it Succubuses or Succubi?

Mr. DAVIS: I believe it is Succubi. 


SIMON: Oh? Really? Okay.


Mr. DAVIS: And here we are conjugating



<rolls eyes>

But you can make up your own minds…

They also discuss an app for the iPhone called iExorist… Which exists by the way…


Apple refused my idea of having an app to summon Succubi and Incubi… Something about being a little too XXX-rated for the EULA…




May 16 2009


This is sort of a moment in time between two Sisters…

Transitions by TeraS

Transitions by TeraS

Not really my usual Succubi manip but I think it’s interesting…



May 15 2009

Esculentus Caries

An odd story idea…

Esculentus Caries

I have little doubt that those that know Latin will be able to translate that, but here’s where those words led me to….

Esculentus Caries was a rare flower that became extinct during the late 1800s. The flower was generally red in colour, had six petals, two of which at the top of the flower were black and the lowest pedal which points to the ground, also in black. The central stalk of the flower was green which ended at the hub of the flower, which was the same green in colour.

According to verbal history, the scent of the flower was similar to that of a woman in arousal, but this cannot be confirmed. The flower produced pollen in mass quantities, which would result in a field of these flowers in a short period of time. The flowers themselves did not live for longer than seven sunsets on average before dying out, also according to verbal history.

Myths of the flower indicate that the flower’s pollen and scent had an effect on women that came in contact with it. These myths range from uncontrollable sexual urges, to being extremely suggestable, to, and this is of course impossible, in rare instances, a complete physical and mental change to a mythical creature known as a Succubus.

Or is it?

May 14 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 73

This week’s image of a Succubi is a bit different…

Succubus Happy by Hakan Achegard

This is something I found oh, at least 6 years ago drawn by Hakan Achegard. There is a second image, which I have somewhere, but will have to locate that for another week…

This artist’s website can be found at: Which has a great deal of differing fantasy subjects shown there!