Dec 09 2009

Black is not the color for a Succubus Costume…

Red is, I think the right color for a Succubus costume, generally speaking at least…

But occasionally a black one appears that, occasionally, does work…

This one doesn’t.

Fire Flirty Devil CostumeWhat you get with this is a pair of black horns tipped with red sparkles, the vinyl-like costume that laces up in the front and that’s it. The shoes and fishnets are not part of this outfit…

You can find it on sale all over the net for around $40 USD.

I hate the look of this more than just about any other costume I have found so far in my years of searching… And that is saying a lot I think…

The wing-like fringe kills this most of all, making it look more slutty-vampire like rather than succubus-like…

The only part of this that I sort of like is the horns, they might  work in another outfit, at least they would make things look a bit different with a red one…

Is there a way to improve this? In all honesty, I would just say to skip this and look elsewhere for something a lot better than this…

It gets a quarter pitchfork out of five…

And that’s the lowest rating I think I have ever given…


Dec 08 2009

Temptations XXXVIII – The Grotto – Part VI

The story moves forwards a little more, revealing that the threat is more than it seemed at first…


Temptations XXXVIII – The Grotto – Part VI

By TeraS and Thamior, Cyprusmage, and Darkwalker’s Shadow

Tera nodded at his request for the materials and said, “The log if one from this universe will do is easy enough. The Jar from the storeroom across the hall from here also is not a issue…”

Then she said, “But John… Understand this… If you cannot free her safely… I want you to stop your efforts… I do not wish to see her die… I know that this is agony enough, but breaking my heart to watch her pass into nothingness…”

She rubbed a hand along her arm and then said, “I’ve watched too many people die over the eons… I would rather not watch her die as well… Please?”

Then Tera walked into the jungles behind them. A few moments later she returned with the small log John had requested. She smiled a bit and said, “No magic used to find it John… And none from my touching it…. I was careful of that…” She offered him the log and smiled thinly before saying, “May you cast well and true John…”

“I can’t change her back,” said John, examining the log. It didn’t particularly matter if she had conjured it or not, but he could understand her concern; he often did the same thing just in case.
“Transmuting organic matter isn’t really my field,” he explained, “but what I can do is exorcise that parasite, leaving you free to try and bring her back without it exploding inside of her.”

He left, wordlessly, to fetch the glass jar. A minute later, he returned, and sat himself down a few feet from the statue. There, he opened his bag and removed some chalk, a tape measure, and what appeared to be several rather odd wood carvings; they seemed to be different sorts of geometry equipment.
He spent a good half-hour preparing the ritual; he had to be careful, balancing getting it done quickly with getting it done right. Every minute or so, he would check the book, using what information was there to point him in the right direction.

When finished, he had drawn several concentric circles, with the statue at the center. Between each circle were unusual writings, markings in some ancient language. The outer circle was broken in three places, the gap filled with smaller circles, also with added writing. All three smaller circles, which were arranged in the formation of an equilateral triangle, were joined to the statue by lines of writing, with John being careful not to scuff the chalk; he had plenty of experience. In one circle he placed the log, and in the other, the jar, which now appeared to have markings of its own. Once finished, he closed the book, set it aside, and stood in the third, empty circle.

“Here goes…” he muttered, and took out a small, wooden rod. The tip of the instrument had a small, roughly-cut gemstone set into it, which gave the faintest of glows. He waved the rod around slowly, muttering in a forgeign tongue; most likely the same language written on the ground. He hissed the last few syllables, and struck the ground before him with the rod; a spark of light travelled swiftly along the line joining his circle to the statue. The spark reached the statue, which glowed for a moment, then the spark seemed to split in two and travel down the other lines, to the jar and the log. When the spark reached the jar, a creature, small and repulsive, appeared inside, and screeched loudly. At the same time, the other spark reached the log, which suddenly burst into flames. John heaved a sigh of relief, and mopped his brow.

“There you go,” he said, “all done. Not a bad idea, splicing an extraction with an energy conversion ritual. Might have figured it out for myself, but it woulda taken me at least a week. She’s safe to change back.”

Tera considered for a moment and then walked over to Pamela. She stood in front of her silently for a moment gathering herself together for the attempt. Her body glowed a soft green and then she stood nude in front of the statue. Then she said to John, “Be prepared to break our connection just in case… It can’t be that easy…”

Then she raised her hands to Pamela’s breasts. As Tera spoke in a tongue that John and Darkness would understand, the glow flooded over Pamela’s form. Soon the glow became a fire and then a small green sun surrounded the two women.

From within the globe of energy, Tera could be seen chanting the spell and pressing her hands against Pamela’s nipples. Then she leaned forward and their lips touched… The ball of magic was sucked into Pamela’s form in an instant. Tera’s eyes were closed as the spell ran it’s course…

It began from the bottom of Pamela’s feet and slowly, so so slowly moved upwards turning stone to flesh again. As the magic passed over Pamela’s hips and warm flesh appeared there it all seemed to be going well…

But then as John watched, Tera’s tail began to turn white and then harden as he watched….

And Tera?

She just continued to kiss and touch Pamela…

John’s eyes opened in horror as he saw Tera appearing to turn to stone. He knew what was happening; the spell had gone wrong; instead of simply reversing the spell on her friend, Tera had somehow transferred the spell into herself, exchanging her freedom for Pamela’s.

He only had about a minute before Tera would be lost…and if she became petrified, no-one would be able to save her. No-one there, at any rate. Leaping to his feet, John considered his options; one idea presented itself. It was dangerous, and a great risk to his own life, but it was the only thing that sprung to mind. Dashing past Tera, he muttered a brief incantation and picked up the still-burning log, thankfully unharmed.

“Sorry to interrupt,” he said. John dropped the log at his feet, knelt down, and put one hand upon it. His other hand reached out and grasped Tera’s tail.

It was not something he had ever attempted before; as he said, transmuting flesh was not something he had any experience with. But in a pinch, if forced, he would attempt any spell. He began chanting, a quiet murmer that grew steadily louder in time with his desperation.  Closing his eyes tightly, he called upon his reserves of Quintessence, pumping as much as he could into the impromptu arcana.

The spell on Pamela continued to lift, as Tera was transferring the spell. Thanks to John, as Tera transferred the spell from Pamela, he was transferring the spell from Tera, and hopefully beyond. The spread of stone gradually stopped, and even began to slowly recede. John felt a horrible, chilling sensation as the petrification spell passed along one arm and down the other to the burning log, which slowly began to turn to stone, just as Tera had been.

Tera didn’t move as John moved around her and pulled the spell out of her body and pushed it into the log. Tera was perfectly willing to perish to have Pamela live, but she would never say that out loud. She felt the warm skin of Pamela under her fingers and then felt her body begin to move and her breathing begin. It all seemed to be going alright. The danger seemed past.

She felt her spell end and then she took a step back from Pamela.

Pamela opened her eyes…

And they were all silver…

She didn’t speak…

She didn’t move….

Tera swore in a most unlady like fashion before saying to John, “She has a body but her mind isn’t there… Damn it all to hell…”

Then she turned and walked from them to where Darkness waited with a worried look upon his face..

John fell to his knees, his head aching from the effort of exerting so much power at once. His energy reserves had dried up, and they were only half-successful in saving her…And he still had that spe-

John scrabbled along the dirt, got to his feet and dashed off down the hillside back towards the pool. There, he plunged his hands into the water, which bubbled and boiled as the built up heat energy of the flames was expelled into the water. John’s hands stung now, as if the water had been hot before he’d put his hands in, but it was better than having them suffer serious burns.

Breathing slowly to calm his heart, John stood and wandered back up the hill, regarding the still-inert Pamela with a critical eye.

“Tera…” he said, carefully, “Can you track her spirit? I could try to do it myself, but you know her better; you’d have an easier time finding her than I would…”

Failure is, after all, always an option isn’t it?

Dec 07 2009

Storm Clouds XXXI – An ongoing Succubi Story

This is the continuing story of the Succubi called Storm Clouds…

If you want to read previous chapters, please click the link in the Tale header at the top of the page marked Storm Clouds or click here...

Editing this week before Chapter Nine next week I hope to be writing…


Storm Clouds

Chapter 7

By TeraS

“Thomas, talk to me.”

Camilla stood there, looking quite concerned. Tom found himself looking at her, not with the panic he had at first, but, instead, with an odd curiosity.

He let out a snort, “I’m good. You wouldn’t understand.”

“That you lost someone close to you? That you where hurt? Still are? Always will be?”

Tom didn’t answer that. He could, but he felt like she was getting into something that she had no right to. So instead of answering, he turned away from her and looked at the landscape around him.

The rows and rows of grave markers made it clear that this was a place of rest for those who had passed on. For a moment, he wondered how someone like Camilla could be killed, and then shoved that thought away.

It wasn’t something that he needed to think about.

Camilla frowned, “You haven’t got a lock on pain, Thomas. No one does. Not ever.”

He thrust his hands into his pockets, “Alright, I’ll assume that you are telling me the truth and that you aren’t going to kill me.” He heard her coming closer. Passing him, she nodded as her tail moved from side to side behind her. “Why me?”

Her tail stopped, “That’s not for me to tell you. If you want to know, you’ll have to ask Tera about that.”

He managed a smile, “Passing the buck or thinking that I can’t handle it?”

A shrug, “Both.”

He walked up to her, looking at how she had changed. She was still the girl he had met not that long ago, just with some optional extras added to her. If he overlooked those, she was still a woman… No. That was wrong. She was what she was, but she didn’t lie to him … that one thing made her trustworthy.

“Alright. I’ll talk to her later. Camila, what … why are you?”

She rubbed her hands along the side of her dress, “We aren’t all evil, nor are we all good. We make choices just like you do. Sometimes they are good ones, sometimes they are bad ones, but we choose to do and be what we are.”

“Nice speech.”

She winked, “Thanks… Been working on that for centuries, actually.”

“Now how about the unvarnished truth?”

She nodded, “In short, I believe we are in limbo between light and dark, that both want us and both are afraid of us. You can think of us as wildcards, Thomas, but there is one thing, one promise that we have made that we can’t forget … people like you have to make your own choices, decisions, and actions …”

He put a hand up: “I didn’t choose to be here.”

“Oh yes you did. You chose to come. You chose to knock on the door. You chose to see what you could find out. All of that was your choice.” She waved a hand, “All of this followed because it had to; you would have never accepted a lie…”

He thought about that and came to the decision that she was right. He wouldn’t have let this lie, ignored it, moved on. That wouldn’t have happened because it was not his nature to do that.

“Besides giving me the breadcrumbs to find you, why did you pick me?”

Camilla shook her head, “Can’t say.”

A question came to him, “Tell me something. Are there angels and all that other stuff?”

“Yes. Angels, devils, dragons, faeries, and more are all real. It’s just that your world has forgotten about the wonders around it … most of the time.”

“So what are you, exactly.”

She looked almost embarrassed, “Beings like me are Succubi, Thomas. There are Incubi here as well.”

He arched an eyebrow, “I’ve heard of those.”

“No. You have heard of something like us, not us.”


“A Succubus or Incubus kills through sex. We don’t. We gave that up ages ago just to be able to be who what we are right now; independent beings that serve no one.”

Tom thought that over, “Okay, so you split away and you do what you want.”

A slight nod.

“That’s dangerous, Camilla. No rules means nothing to control you.”

A smile, “But there is: one very important thing, Thomas. We know the past. We won’t go back to it again.”

Tom wiped a hand over his eyes, “You know that this is all too much to take in.”

Her hand was soft and gentle on his shoulder, “You are, really, one of the few people that can handle this, Thomas. Most people would be screaming and running in circles at this point.”

“What makes you think I won’t?”

“Curiosity … You want to know the secrets. Your mind is wanting to know answers to questions you have had since the day you were born. Most of all, you won’t let yourself back down from a fight, Thomas.”

Tom thought that over for a while. It was true that he was wondering about a lot of things … more than he wanted to be. But three things came to the forefront. He had a mystery. He had a job to do … and he had a promise to keep.

He looked her straight in the eye, “I need a partner in this; someone who knows the lay of the land; someone who will watch my back.”

She nodded, “You always will in our world.”

He offered his hand, “I … I will trust you Camilla. I trust that you will watch out for me.”

She took his hand, “I promise. I want a promise from you, too: wherever this goes, whoever did it, whatever it takes, you won’t walk away.”

They shook on it and then Tom asked, “Where are we? Fill me in.”

“You are in what you would understand as our cemetery.” She pointed towards the mountain covered in fog at the edge of the markers, “It continues far up the mountain, almost to the very top. Everyone whom we can return home is here. Some never return and we are less for that. Otherwise, from the first of us to the last of us, our bodies rest here.”

Then she pointed into the distance to Tom’s right where three figures collected themselves around a marker, “Her family is up there.”

“Let’s go. I want to talk to them.”

It took them a good fifteen minutes of walking before Thomas got his first good look at Patricia’s family. Her husband was talking to their children, trying to explain to them, Thomas assumed, what had happened and why their Mother would not be returning to them.

The husband was a short blonde man, unassuming, someone you wouldn’t look twice at in the street. He wore a darker suit, in comparison to the children. Looking at the children, Tom was struck with the realization that neither of them had horns or tails.

“Why don’t the kids have horns and a tail like you — or their father, for that matter?”

“They haven’t decided if they want to be like us. So they are simply children with their own ideas and goals. If they decide to become like us, then they’ll have to go through the ceremony and be picked by a Tail.”

“Picked? By a Tail? How does that work?”

She shook her head, “I’ll explain later. Not in front of the children. We protect them from what we are so that they can make up their own minds…”

With that, Camilla’s horns and tail shimmered and vanished, but her clothing remained transformed. As they came within earshot of Patricia’s family she added, “I’d thank you not to talk about it please.”

Tom nodded, but resolved to ask Camilla more questions about their rules later. After all, rules were meant to be broken in the eyes of some people … Reaching the father, Tom offered his hand, “My sympathies upon your loss, sir.”

The other man stood and paused for a moment before taking the offered hand, “Thank you. Name’s ‘Brent.’” The grip was firm but not overwhelming, although Tom had the distinct feeling that he was being judged at that moment by this man.

A nod, “Tom. I’d like some of your time.”

Camilla went to the kids, soon hugging them and drawing their attention away from Tom and their father. She gave him a nod, and Tom took that as his chance to start his questioning, assuming that Brent agreed.

Brent spoke to the kids, “Okay you two, go with Auntie Camila; her friend wants to talk to me. Now be good, right?”

A chorus of, “Yes Father”, and then Camilla and the kids began to walk towards a path leading away from the grave markers.

Brent then rested a hand on the marker which Tom now saw had Patricia’s name on it, “I’ve been told that you are looking into my wife’s death. I’ve been told that Tera asked you to do this. That true?”

“She did, I was investigating before I knew about what you people are. She’s hard to say ‘no’ to…”

A chuckle: “She’s the Queen. Rarely pushes people, mostly suggests and guides when needed. But she has always let people choose to disappoint her or not.”

“Have you?”

“I’ve disappointed myself.”

Storm Clouds

Chapter 8

By TeraS

Tom was not exactly surprised by those words. Survivors usually blamed themselves for things that happened to their loved ones. Some couldn’t handle the pain and didn’t stay in the world, taking what they thought was the easy way out. Others became vigilantes, trying to take an ounce of flesh or more from the person, persons, or thing that took what they loved away. Tom’s concern was a being of power losing control and wrecking havoc.

A being like Brent.

Tom started where he needed to, “Why? What could you have done?”

Brent placed his right fist into the palm of his left hand, “I could have been with her. I could have stopped it.”

“So why weren’t you?”

For a moment, just a moment, a shadow fell over Brent’s face as he replied, “Because I was stupid enough to get trapped in a ward set by a mage.”

“Explain that.”

A pair of black horns shimmered into view at Brent’s temples and his black tail formed behind him, that tail almost lifeless, not moving as Tom had seen Camilla’s do almost constantly.

“Summonings are a bitch. Any idiot with the right book and a fragment of knowledge can summon us into their world. They can summon anything. The stupider ones go and summon beings that they can’t control and then in a panic they summon another being to try and save their worthless hides.”

“Which were you?”

A snort: “The latter. The ass summoned a Darkweaver: ugly horrid tentacle thing that likes to hide in shadows and kill the unwary that get too close. The ass summoned it thinking that he would use it to kill a rival. He didn’t expect that it would try to eat him instead.”

Brent rubbed his fist twice, “So in the middle of that happening, he grabbed his book and tossed out a summoning spell with no focus. I was unlucky enough to be nearby and got dragged into it.”

Tom held up a hand, “You haven’t said where you were.”

“You remember that house that burned to a crisp on the lower west side the same night that … that Patricia left me?”

A nod was Tom’s answer. That was in the papers. A two story, hundred year old house went up that night. One body was found in the mess, the morgue didn’t even bother trying to identify it; there was not a lot left.

“I was the closest supernatural being to him, so I went from being at home with the kids to standing in the middle of a bloodbath. The mage didn’t last five seconds after I got there. The Darkweaver then turned its attention to me and I had to kill it…. Otherwise it would get loose in the city. Couldn’t let that happen.”


He laughed, “Because the Queen forbids it. She says that we’ll never get recognition for what we do, but someday it will matter. So I cornered it in the basement, lit some hellfire in the floor to surround it and then burned the place to the ground.”


Brent didn’t flinch at that, “Burn it or let others die, me first, then whomever got in its way. Arson was the quickest way to stop it. So I did it. You can take me to jail for that if you want.”

Tom pushed on, “You have more important things to deal with. And two kids to look after.”

The tears that formed in Brent’s hurt eyes were something that Tom had seen before.

Brent wiped his eyes with the back of his hand, “I couldn’t leave until I was sure that thing was dead. I stayed in the flames watching the place turn to ash because I had to be sure it was gone. When the fire department had the flames under control and I couldn’t sense anything else there, I portaled out back to our home. When I came through I … I felt her die.”

This was confusing to Tom, “How could you do that?”

Brent started to play with a silver ring on his right hand, “She was more than my wife. She was … is… my Eternal as I am hers. When something happens, something really bad, we know…”

Tom took that at face value, “Why didn’t you go to her?”

Brent gave him a look, “I did, dammit! I portaled as close as I could and ran to her, but the mall cops were there trying to save her and I couldn’t reveal myself, not even to save her. Then your people arrived and it was far too late to do anything more …”

Tom could see the anger in Brent’s eyes, “If I had left, if I had just assumed the fire would have done its job, if I wasn’t so focused on that … thing … I might have felt her in trouble and gotten there sooner, taken her back here and our healers might have saved her …”

Tom felt like he was walking on eggshells, “You won’t believe me, but I know what you mean. Do yourself a favor … get yourself together and real quick. You have two kids that need their father right now. If you forget them I’ll slap you myself so that you remember.”

The dangerous look in Brent’s eyes vanished at the mention of his children, “They have no idea what’s really happened, or it hasn’t hit them yet … what the hell am I supposed to do now?”

“Be a father. Be their father. At least you have that to comfort you Brent. I wasn’t that lucky …”

Brent looked off in the distance where Camilla and the children had vanished behind a small rise moments before, “Luck? I’m all out of that. All that’s left is …”

“Is getting on your feet, making sure those kids of yours know that you are going to be there for them, and that their mother loves them. Not loved.”

A nod, “They know. They’ve always known that. It was the first thing we said when we found them.”

Tom’s reply held a question he had, “Adopted. Camilla told me but not why.”

“One of the things that marks us is that we can’t have kids. Legend has it that as part of the price for being free, the pound of flesh that was taken in return was that we would never have our own. But like any being that deals with contracts, a loophole was found. They never said that we couldn’t adopt them.”

Tom smirked, “Nice. Good deed in place of a bad one. So you got your freedom and then took it upon yourselves to … what? Take kids you wanted to fill a void in you?”

Brent’s tail, for the first time, rose into the air and then pointed itself at Tom, “No. We go through the same steps that you would to adopt them. We don’t cheat and we don’t pick. Every single one of them is loved by all of us. We’ll protect them, let them choose their own way no matter what.”

“And if they choose not to be like you?”

Brent’s tail drooped a bit, “Then they choose that. We stay with them in your world as long as we can. At least until they have their own lives to lead. Then we fade away from them.”

“That hurts doesn’t it?”

Brent sighed, “More than you know. We still watch over them, watch them grow old and then … then we mourn them… It’s a lousy life when you have to watch your kids pass on before you do.”

Tom asked the obvious question, “How old are you, really?”

“Going on three millennia.”

“Holy Crap!”

Brent chuckled, “Pretty much. Seen a lot, loved just one, and now I don’t know what the future brings to us.”

“You hoping that the kids follow you?”

Another nod, “Have to. But I won’t push them, not an inch. They’ll know when the time is right and then … then if they want it, its theirs freely.”

“And if not?”

Brent’s tail and horns shimmered and vanished again, “Then it will be like a dream to them and they’ll continue in their lives never knowing the truth. But I will, and I’ll still be their father.”

Tom considered that; knowing that even beings of power believed in free choice was a small comfort. He wanted to continue to a question about Patricia. But before he could, Brent started walking off in the direction of the kids.

“Sorry Tom, I know that they are safe, but I don’t want to be away from them.”

Tom caught up with him in a couple of strides, “Would you tell me what Patricia did for a living? That might give me a place to start.”



Brent nodded, “Nothing. She stayed home, looked after the kids and that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“And you?”

He reached into a pocket and then handed a card to Tom, “You won’t believe it.”

Tom looked at the card and didn’t believe it. There in black and white was proof that the universe had a wicked sense of humor. The card read, “Brent B. The Daily Times. Gossip.” It was so weird that he asked, “So tell me then, who’s the mayor seeing?”

Brent’s eyes actually had a spark of mischief in them, “If I told you, you’d fall over from shock.”

Putting the card away, Tom sighed, “Probably. I don’t believe the porn star rumor myself.”

Brent had a look like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, so Tom asked, “You make enemies over your job?”

That question brought Brent to a sudden stop and then he shook his head, “Nah, they wouldn’t do something like this over something so trivial.”

“Who’s they?”

As the two of them crested over the hill, the answer wasn’t what Tom expected…

“It would be easier to list the ones that aren’t …”

Dec 06 2009

It’s Succubus movie time again!

It’s time once again to pick a wanna-be movie from the rental rack at the movie store and see just how bad it could possibly be…

This one is.

So originally it was called The Crier, but was released as Demoness on DVD in the US and Canada… They shouldn’t have bothered with that idea…

The box cover so you know what to avoid…

Box cover of the movie The Crier, reissued as the movie DemonessSo, the story begins with a man mourning the loss of his wife and moving to Florida to get over her, well at least that’s what he is thinking. On the way he sees a witch and she gives him a vial of something called Tears. He brings her back with them, but of course she’s not quite the same person.

After that, he calls his friends to join them at an isolated house for a party and as that goes on, one by one the guests get separated from the group and then killed in a variety of blood filled ways…

What has happened is that an Aztec spirit known as the Crier, which is a malevolent female spirit bent on revenge against the living is actually there in place of the wife and so they are all doooooooomed….

While this could have been a decent movie, the overall look, feel, acting and script is dull and lifeless to be blunt. Although the movie is set in Florida, they filmed it i Santa Barbara, California which begs the question, if they are in Florida, where are the swamps that they mention in one of the scenes?

Interestingly, if you get the DVD with the commentary track on it, you can listen to the director and producer talking about all of the mistakes, flubs and errors that are all scattered throughout this movie.

There is no sex or even close-to-sex scenes in the movie, the couples don’t seem to be connected together in the slightest, even though most of them are supposed to be married for some time…

Blood and gore are the things that bring color to this work, but that doesn’t help a whit…

Getting to the Succubus-like character, The Crier is, to be blunt. single-dimensional in nature, her only concern being getting revenge on anyone she can as quickly as she can by whatever means necessary. Not really Succubus-like, but in a small insignificant way, she could be connected to the myth of Lilith and her desire for revenge on Adam and God…

Personally, I don’t see this spirit as being a Succubus, in spite of the movie cover which makes a mention of that point…

I’m going to rate this movie a half start out of five and that is being really generous…

Avoid this, but if you want to get a copy, Amazon has it on sale here.

But I wouldn’t…


Dec 05 2009

Wearing the Succubi Horns – Seduction-in-Disguise by Darkwalker

This wonderful story of Succubi horns was written by Darkwalker for this year’s Realm Halloween Writing Contest…

He has written more in the story, expanding it and the story of Kim and Darren in ways that I didn’t expect to see when the story started…

*huggles and hopes for Darkness*

Your Light



Kim looked nervously at the sparkling ‘Music and More’ clock over the register, watching the last hour of mall business slowly fade away. Her supervisor, Cole, had ‘volun-told’ her that she needed to work a little longer this evening to help deal with those ‘last-minute party needs’.
Knocking on the doorframe to his ‘office’, Kim called to Cole – “Hey, Cole, This is a mandatory staff party, right?”

Cole looked up and nodded, “Yeah, the owner put a lot of money into this shindig and he wants his write-off”

“Cole, I don’t even have a costume, yet – I was going to get one after I got paid, but since you had me cover Maddy’s shift, I don’t have anything and practically no time to get it.” Kim paused a second to catch her breath, “I really need to get out of here if you expect me to show up for this thing.”

Cole looked angry at first, being called on his mis-appropriation of personnel resources, then his features softened – ” No problem, Kim, just don’t forget to clock out”

She nodded, “Thanks, Cole, I’ll see you at the party.”, then closed her register before charging out into the nearly empty mall. The majority of the halloween shops were already closed or picked clean, leaving Kim with no prospects for any decent costume.

Kim didn’t have time to go searching all over town to find a costume – she was so upset towards Cole for his bullshit maneuver, that she was just short of crying. Then she felt a hand on her shoulder – loosing a small shriek, she turned around to see the owner of the local gamer-geek haven, Darren, behind her.

“What’s wrong, Kim? You appear somewhat distraught…” She couldn’t help the small smile that found it’s way to her lips. Darren may have been “the King of the Geeks” in his “Fortress of Geekitude”, but hearing his voice was just like having your cheek brushed with silk to her.

“Oh, hi, Dare, Cole kept me late so his girlfriend could turn herself in to Frankenhooker for the halloween party the boss is throwing, so now I only have about an hour before I’m supposed to be there, too, and I can’t find a costume in this godforsaken mall. It’s mandatory attendance, so I can’t just not go and…”, her voice started to crack as her emotions began to overflow.

She didn’t remember exactly when she grabbed Darren and started crying into his chest, but she knew that was what she needed right now. When she’d cried herself out, she pulled away, apologizing, “Sorry, Dare, I’m just so pissed right now, it seems like nothing’s going right tonight.

Darren tipped her chin up to look into her hazel eyes, “Well, then, let’s change that…”, he paused, ” I am going to let you in on a little secret. My store is not how I make my living – I am a makeup artist. I work in movies and earn some money in my off-time by doing costumes for cosplay. I can change you in ways you could never imagine. Put yourself in my hands, my dear, and no one will hold a candle to your beauty, when I’ve worked my ‘shadomagick’.”

Kim shuddered at his words and the promises they held, then nodded, softly replying, “I’m all yours”.

Darren smiled “I’ll remember that later, maybe after the party. Now, before the rest of the stores close, go buy a really sexy outfit, in blacks and reds, and some killer heels to go with them. Then come back to my shop so we can begin your transformation.”

Kim brightened, “I’ll be right back!” and ran to her favorite “party wear” store. In a flash, she was in front of Darren’s store, ‘Shado’s Realm’. He’d closed half the doors and was waiting for her. As she approached, a courier in the classic brown uniform ran up to Darren with a package, apologizing about illegible labels, blah, blah.. Darren just gave him a look, examined it briefly, signed for it, then, spotting Kim, smiled and gestured her to enter, locking the doors behind them.

This was the first time that Kim had actually set foot in his store – it wasn’t the deep, dark dungeon she thought it would be. Flat screen TV’s along the walls were hooked to different video games and DVD players. A few framed posters of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror movies separated glass-walled cases and a large, locked display case lined the back wall behind the register. Her surprise must have been obvious as Darren laughed, “Not what you expected, is it?”

“No..”, Kim gasped,” it’s so cool, I thought, -”

Darren said humorously,”it would be like some teenage recluse’s basement?”

“Yeah…”, Kim replied, embarrassed.

Darren laughed, “No, that’s my apartment…” Smiling, he opened the door leading to the back offices. “Come, enter the inner sanctum.”  Passing through the office, they entered a large workshop, walls lined with masks, prosthetics, and makeup. Kim’s eyes nearly left their sockets at the sight.

“This store is my tax deduction, and it gives me more workspace than my dining room.” Setting the small package on his worktable and opening it, he mumbled “Now, let’s see what we have here…”  As it’s contents became visible, his eyes lit up and he laughed, “It must be fate!”, then held up a set of smooth, red devil horns on a transparent headband. With smoldering eyes, he looked at Kim and intoned “You’ll make one sizzling hot little succubus!”

Kim shivered, she wasn’t sure if it was the look in his eyes or the way he said it, but she felt that arousal deep in her core. She quietly gasped, “Oh, yes – Please!”

Darren smiled wickedly, “That’s the spirit! First I need you to put on your new outfit to see if I’ll need to make any alterations.”

Kim went into the dressing room and put on the outfit she had purchased, a short, tight black silk skirt and a red silk demi-tank top. She wasn’t too large up top, so the thought of going braless for one evening wouldn’t be too bad. Stepping into her new shiny black leather 5-inch CFM heels, she exited the stall to seek Darren’s approval. From the look on his face, she had it.

“Wow!!! Who would have thought you were hiding such a sweet, sexy body under those polos and khakis.” Kim thrust out her chest a bit to make the most of her modest cleavage while Darren walked around appraising her form.
“Okay,” he said, “one small problem with the skirt, but nothing I can’t fix. Take those back off, put on one of the smocks in there, then come back and sit in the chair. Time to get to work.” Kim did as he said and then watched in fascination as he began the transformation.

Working quickly, Darren fit long, beautiful crimson nails onto her fingertips, then began working his magic on her cosmetic appearance while the glue set. Lastly, he affixed the horns to her scalp, styling her auburn curls around them. “Now, stand up and turn your back to me”, he instructed. When she had complied, he lifted the smock slightly and pulled her panties down an inch in back, revealing just the top of her buttocks. Kim then felt something cool and wet swab across the top of her hips and down along the bottom end of her spine, then something soft wrapped around her waist, growing warm and soothing.

Darren continued to smooth the area about Kim’s waist, illiciting a soft moan from Kim. “I wish he’d do that a little lower,” she thought to herself, smiling naughtily while nibbling on her lip. He stopped his caresses far too soon for her liking and she tried pressing back into his hands. He told her to stand still while the adhesive set. He then moved to a sewing machine in the corner to make some adjustments to the skirt.

Standing in the cool room in a thin smock with half her ass exposed was invoking some powerful feelings in Kim. Reaching under the smock, she found herself lightly caressing her deliciously firm breasts with her glossy crimson nails. Gooseflesh flowed from her breasts to cover her body and slowly pulsing warmth began to radiate from her core. She began softly tracing her folds within the soft fabric of her thin panties, her growing arousal become more evident as she indulged herself.

Darren had just finished altering the skirt to make room for the tail prosthesis he had attached when he heard Kim’s soft moans. Looking up, he was greeted by the amazing sight of Kim’s naked body, her smock lay discarded on the table and her saturated panties did absolutely nothing to conceal her aroused and engorged mound. The scent of her arousal filled the workshop, a mix of sweet summer berries, spring dew and raw animal lust, inciting a hunger that no food or drink could ever satisfy.

He’d seen this before, individuals becoming so lost in their alter-ego that it became a true transformation, but this was something else. His work was good, but he was pretty sure her hair wasn’t that long when he put the horns on her head. His thoughts were then disrupted by the impossible – her tail twitched, then moved to curl about her thigh, then teasing her folds as well with it’s heart-shaped tip.` Slowly, sensuously, Kim slid her crimson fingertips back up to her breasts, pinching her nipples, moaning as she licked her lips. She turned to Darren, smiling with her gently glowing emerald eyes. The flush of arousal tinted her entire body a subtle shade of red. Her hair cascaded down her back in raven waves, seemingly caressing her back. She looked at the silken fabric in his hands, “Is that ready for me?”, she purred.

Darren stared at her dumbly for a moment, then nodded, his voice lost to him at the moment, then rasped in a dry voice, “Yes! Yes, its ready. There’s a hole in the back for the,” he swallowed hard, “um, tail.” She glided over to him and kissed him softly, nibbling his lips a bit as she took it from him. “Thank you, Darren. You’ve done marvelous things for me tonight, and I won’t forget it.”

She stepped into the skirt and slid it up her silken thighs. Her tail set itself into the opening in the skirt Darren had made for it and Kim set the hooks. Then, picking up the tank top, she lifted it over her head and dropped it down to drape over her succulent breasts. She then turned back around and stood before Darren once more, her 5-inch heels putting her eye-to-eye with him now. She kissed him again, smiling, “I haven’t forgotten my promise, Darren, I’m all yours, but I have a party I simply must attend.”

Kim turned and started to walk out of the shop then looked over her shoulder at him, smiling, “Care to join me?”

Dec 04 2009

Locus – A Succubus Webcomic you really should follow…

I came upon a succubus based webcomic that, in truth, I should have linked to and written about well over a year ago… The creator of Locus, Adam Black, joined my forum here on and mentioned that he was working on a Succubus based online comic, but I didn’t see a link to it…

I’ve found one now…

And there is a link to Locus in the right sidebar with the Tale Links…Locus of the Online Comic series Locus

Adam summarized the series as being about:

A half-succubus, half-human girl with a cursed sword and a foul mouth. An invisible, inhuman killer she calls “Uncle Spook”. Werewolves. Vampires. Necromancers. Succubi. And more. So much more. Welcome to the world of Locus. Locus is an ongoing horror series broken up into three-issue stories full of Boobs, Blood and Bad Language ™. If you’re weary of all the tired old horror-movie cliches, then Locus is what you’ve been looking for. This series is for the hardcore horror fans who like a little back-story tucked into all the violence. Tweenies who prefer their vampires all sparkly and romantic will be disappointed, as will those people who like their horror stories full of annoying, hipster college kids with unlimited cell phone coverage. On the other hand, if you’re one of those people who believe a horror story should have a lot of naked breasts, snarling monsters and profanity…welcome home! Written and drawn by former Kiss 4K writer/artist Adam Black, Locus is a showcase for the kind of comics Adam likes to make when left to his own devices, uncensored and unbound.

This is a story about a half-human, half-succubus named Locus who is the only one that can wield a mystical sword called Unaph’to Xel’Duum. She’s a no-nonsense woman with a good idea of what she wants and what she needs to do. She is the daughter of the Succubus Eden and the niece of the Succubus Silk.The Succubus Eden - Mother of Locus

Succubi in this story don’t take well to baloney from others. Locus especially so, which makes her a really interesting character. She does have several quirks in her personality that I think will come to haunt her in the future, based on the story so far…

Adam has been working on the series for two years now, updating the series three times a week: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. He also has produced the series as a print comic which you can purchase at here. The print versions contain the individual chapters of the story as they are completed by him…

What needs to be said about this series is that it is somewhat adult in nature, meaning that there are some sexual situations and the occasional naked succubus running around which, if you understand succubi, isn’t that big of a surprise…

Still, the series should be noted as being Not Safe for Work… So do be aware of that fact when you check in with it…

The Succubus Silk - Aunt of Locus

I spent the last week going over the series from the beginning, and I suggest that you start at the beginning as well or you will have a problem following some parts of the story. The universe is very detailed, which I really like as it gives all of the characters the life they need to make this series a keeper in my eyes… I do really look forward to having some of the questions about the past of Eden and Silk explained as it’s possible to do so, the question of them being twins and the oddity of that is something that Adam has pointed out in several places…

Adam has also created a Forum, Blog and a great deal of background stories for the characters in his series which you can find by clicking on the link in the menubar that appears at the top of his pages… The character bios are teasingly interesting, I’d like a little more information on them and their desires, but you get the gist of that pretty quickly when you read the series…

((Innocently hopes for mebby seeing a raven-haired succubi in the series… And yes I am biased on that idea a bunch…))

I’m going to be working on a SuccuWiki entry of this work, but that I think will take some time as I have to balance giving a good outline of the succubi in this series and not spoil all of the deliciousness that is Locus…

Go have a look!


Dec 03 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 102

This week’s Succubi is a deliciously erotic image of a powerful Succubus I think…

Succubus by Unknown Artist

First of all, she has a wonderfully drawn tail that was the first thing that caught my eye… I can do or do without the wings, but they are a nice match with her outfit. Her horns are a bit on the long side, but taking the image as a whole, they fit exactly right I think…

Regrettably, as happens far too often, I have no idea of whom the artist is and I would really really like to know…

If only she was a red-head she would be a lovely vision of my Tailself I think…