Jul 08 2010

Succubi Image of the Week 133

Some more pencil art for this week’s Succubi of the Week… Certainly one of the more interesting and detailed ones at that…

This is an unnamed piece of art as far and I can tell… The original source file was just a bunch of numbers and a name, so I’ll just call this Succubus image: Devil Girl by Fleming…

I’m not sure if this artist is named Fleming or not, I’m taking a wild stab at this because I haven’t seen this style of art before and since that name was attached to the file, I have to assume that the artist is named Fleming…

I hope so at least…

It’s a little disappointing that the work is so small, I’d love to show a larger one, but this is all that I can find regretfully…

Regardless of all that, I rely love several things… The first is her tail. Just the classic Succubi tail, point and all… Much like the one I have in my avatar and other works…

She has a lovely set of small horns in exactly the right place as well, but the really interesting part is how her hair, the necklace she wears, and her tail all combine to cover up the fact that she is quite naked in truth… That is something teasingly seductive and Succubus-like…

Oddly she seems really familiar to me, as if a model was used as the basis for this work, but I can’t quite put my finger on who it is… If I manage to figure that out, I’ll add to this entry in the Tale…

Yummy stuff, really so much the perfect image of a Succubus…


Jul 07 2010

Too much tacky for a Succubus…

Still poking around the web and seeing what costumes there are for Succubi on Halloween…

This one has a rather large helping of tacky in it really…

I’m going to call this one Devil Tacky, although on the site I found it they call it Sexy Woman’s Devil Costume…

I don’t quite know about that…

This costume’s dress is made of vinyl and comes with Va pair of horns, a neck piece, long sleeves and the garter. The pitchfork, shoes and thigh-highs are not part of the costume, you have to buy them separately…

It’s available for $44 US, but if you look around, you can find it for around $25 in some places…

I just don’t like this a lot. There is soooo much tacky that you have to cut it with a chainsaw to get rid of it all and even then I don’t think you will be able to work out that miracle… Regardless of all of that, and maybe in spite of it, is there a way to save it?

The basic costume I don’t think so. Honestly I don’t think a lot about vinyl costumes, the look of them for one thing, they just look cheap and that translates in my mind to tacky…

Another costume that gets half a pitchfork out of five…

There must be something better than this….


Jul 06 2010

Temptations 68

Why is it that some things found cannot be kept? And if they can be, they cost you more than you can ever imagine? The Queen of the Succubi never could understand why that was…


Temptations 67

By TeraS and Legion & Alei

I look on in horror and disappointment as I listen to Maria.

“She is right, she has much to learn, she does not have a true mother’s heart.  She is not willing to put the love of her children ahead of all else in her life and she is willing to sorely damange them for her own desires.  It would have been far better if she had never met then, then they could have found one that truly wanted them, truly was willing to sacrifice all and everything for them.  But now they will once again feel the pain and sorrow of losing a mother.”  I say in a low voice.

“Tera, that can not be permitted, nor can we send one such as her back to these children, whether under Legions spell or not.  A replacement for Maria must be sent, one who can slip into her mortal life without a pause.”

Tears begin to form in my eyes as I look at my beloved.  “If one can not be found … then I will go … I will need her form … her memories … just promise me my love … that you will not leave my life … I can bear a lot … but not that.  I will always … always be yours. I will see that this family never wants for love.  Oh Tera … I am cursed … to find you … and now … ”

I turn, not being able to bear to look at my beloved … my tear filled eyes falling Legion … anger brimming and swelling behind them.

Inwardly a sigh of weariness escaped him.  He had known his little endevore would be difficult but this was just silly. Nothing he did was seen in a positive light, only evil and dark, it didn’t take any great perception to see the Queen’s consort looking like she wanted to kill him.

He had been quite polite to this point but it was time to be firm.  Sighing at all the drama he shook his head, “My lady, there is no need to be so dramatic.  It will be of fair ease to find someone to slip into Maria’s role, if that is your desire.  Having children and a family is a heart’s desire I deal with often, and I will be sure the one that is choosen is ‘correct’ for them.”

He rose from his chair and walked over to the both of them, “Now, I must say that the quality of this visit has been very poor.  I came to you in peace, wished only to talk, I hid nothing nor did I lie about anything, including Maria.  You asked to see her, I complied, you still doubted and insisted that i bring her hear.  I told you that was unwise but you said you would not trust me otherwise.  So, simply to earn your trust I broke a pact, something I have never done.”

He shook his head, “Now you are all furious with me because Maria made a bad choice and did not think the consequenses through.  I gave her and the family she was with what they wanted.You in doubting my intentions are the ones that made me break that pact.  Would Maria and her family lived perfectly or would they have broken in time?  I do not know, any more than you do for none of us know the future.”

He looked over both women, “How utterly human of you to be furious at the wind because it blew the tree that fell on the power lines and caused a black out.  The family that Maria was with will have the best I can offer in a replacement, I give you my word.”

“I … am furious because of what this may cost me.  You have no idea.”  I say as a tear of sorrow mixed with rage flows down my cheek.

“You are neither good nor evil … you are like the genie in the bottle, granting wishes, not caring overly for the consequences as long as you gain from the transaction.  But you are right, you are not to blame for Maria’s heart.”

I stop and turn … looking at them all, and suddenly I do know the answer.

I turn and walk over to Maria and look at her standing there her own heart torn, so uncertain and confused.

I look at Tera.   “My love … if I might.”  I say moving forward. “If you will permit me, I think I can help.”

Tera still held the page between her fingers and said to Andrea, “Anything would be better than the final choice that I would have to make otherwise…”

She looked at Legion again, “It is not hate… It is the lack of understanding of what matters and why and how… There is but one thing in my realm that matters… That one thing is so obvious and necessary and yet it is the one thing that so few have been able to see…”

A sigh then, “Wars have been fought over it and lives changed because of it… Sacrifices made and promises kept in it’s name… The need to have it and hold it surpasses all else now and forever in my realm…”

Her tail swisched a bit, “We will not go to the old ways… We will not take the sacrifices made and make them dust upon the wind… There is no room for what the Dark needs and the Light expects… I will not have my kind serve in either world…”

She released the page and closed the book with a snap of her wrist, “We are the bridge between them both…”


Yes… The Queen isn’t happy at all is she?


Jul 05 2010

Storm Clouds 80 – An ongoing Succubi Story

This is the continuing story of the Succubi called Storm Clouds…

If you want to read previous chapters, please click the link in the Tale header at the top of the page marked Storm Clouds or click here...

Chapter 14 edits continued this week with thanks to James as always…. A bit of fleshing out the chapter as it seems as if Camilla and Tom aren’t quite right for some reason…


Storm Clouds 80

Storm Clouds

Chapter 14

By TeraS

After Camilla left, Tom spent the next thirty minutes grilling Bill over what he had done, what he was doing, and whether anyone in his company might have taken it upon themselves to attack Brent and his wife. He came to the decision that, while Bill wasn’t directly involved in what happened, he could not dismiss the possibility that someone who worked for Bill had done the deed . . . or that Bill was hiding something from him.

That bothered him.

It wasn’t that he didn’t believe what Bill had said; it was the sheer stupidity of Bill going off his rocker and going off on a tirade over the injustice that he perceived was done to him.

Tom didn’t enjoy pushing his old friend that way. Worse was trying to break all of his explanations and reasons why he wasn’t responsible for what had happened. Most of the reasons made sense, most of them, but one exchange just about pushed Bill over the edge, and that worried him.

Tom sighed and paced in front of the offices again.  He was sure that the workers inside were looking at him oddly, but he didn’t care: Bill was not quite cleared; that one piece of evidence would damn him in court if it came to that.

Tom hoped that it wouldn’t.

It wasn’t much evidence. But it was enough that fingers could be pointed, witnesses found, and in the end, would send Bill to jail for a long time. But when you are seen threatening someone with death, and promising to harm their family…. that was too much to be ignored.

Bill had explained that he was madder than hell. That something had snapped inside of him when Brent was nearby. “Something ’bout that guy rubs me the wrong way. Just so damn smug. Knows all of the secrets. Stuff that you don’t want out. I dunno how he does it, but he knows where to be and what to look for. Damn frustratin’. He’d be a great spy. Wonder if he is one.”

He continued to pace around for a while. He didn’t know where Camilla had gone, he assumed she would return to the office when she was done talking to Billy. He assumed that she would at least. She seemed like a responsible women, if a bit irritating. It hit him then, why Bill would be driven crazy by Brent.

Because that was part of their people’s nature.

Camilla came into view soon after, her heels clicking on the concrete floor of the warehouse. Tom noticed that Billy wasn’t there, and he wasn’t too pleased about that. He had been intending to grill Billy next, thanks to his father’s admission, but was now preparing to go hunt him down and corner him. Filing away the thoughts on his old friend, he called out to Camilla, “Where’s Billy? Have to talk to him.”

“No you don’t. He’s not to blame for this: he nor his father.”

Tom rubbed his chin a moment, then said, “You got a feeling or something?”

She looked around, then nodded and explained, “Let’s just say that my … feelings … are pretty accurate.”

Turning away, he replied, “You’ll have to explain that to me sometime. Soon would be great. You know, before I have to toss them both in jail.”

Camilla looked at him curiously, then followed behind. Tom seemed to be in a rush to get out of the warehouse, and she found herself running a bit to keep up with him. Then she asked, “Do you have something to charge them with?”

“Enough to charge him: making threats. He was foolish in front of a lot of people. That’s a big no-no in things like this.”

“Passions of the heart can make us all say silly things we don’t mean at the moment they are said.”

“Passions can and have killed in the past, you know.”

Camilla had finally caught up to him, and, as she walked beside, started to lecture Tom a bit, “Those are not passions. Those are misguided beliefs and desires that pull one from what is important inward, toward oneself. It is easy to fall to darker desires and temptations than it is to hold onto the more important things within.”

“You know, I don’t understand all of that stuff. I’m just a simple man. I haven’t got the time to deal with theories and wishes. I deal in facts. Give me some of those and I’ll be able to deal with ‘em.”

“All right then, fact: Bill said that he would never harm a lady. Fact: you agree that he would not either. Therefore, he cannot be the one to have done the deed nor order it done.”

“Okay, see that’s not a fact: that is conjecture.”

“Is it? I don’t think so. I have …”

“A feeling? You said that before. What does that mean?”

The pair exited the warehouse, but Camilla did not speak until she was quite sure that no one could hear her.

“I … We … know people by their souls, Thomas. When I touched your hand, I knew that you were a good man. I also knew that you have a troubled past and that you have lost someone close to you.”

Tom’s look was a mix of shock and concern, but, before he could say anything, she continued.

“I did not look deeply into you. I did not look into your memories; I could have, but because I respect you, and you did not give me permission, so I did not. All I knew was that you cared about what happened to Patricia, for whatever reason you had, and so …”

He stopped walking, “You used me. Again. For your own purposes.”

“No. I did not. I gave you the card. I gave you the chance to walk away.  You decided that you needed to find out more and you came into our world. Do not confuse the sight of an open door with walking through it. You had the choice. You made it.”

Tom wanted to rant at her, but her logic was sound. He did poke his nose in, and he was deep in it now. With a sigh, he asked, “How much do you know about Bill and his son?”

“Enough to know that Bill has not killed anyone, ever. I can say the same for Billy, as well.”

“Okay, explain that … in simple words so that my mind doesn’t break.”

Camilla laced her hands together and explained, “If you are dark, or have been touched by the dark, if you have killed or done something that serves the dark and makes it gain power, you are marked, in your soul, with that. If I touch someone like that, I’ll know. The same is true of someone who has been touched by the light, but it is different.”

“Weird. Sort of sounds like you are a divining rod.”

She giggled a bit: “Divine I am not.”

And with her right hand she pointed at her forehead.

“What most people are, generally, are shades of grey. That’s normal, and what we expect from most. But there are always exceptions to that rule. If either of them had killed, they would not be grey; they would be dark. I don’t sense that in either of them.”

“So, you give them a pass?”

“I give them more than a pass: there is nothing in them that screams they are involved. But …”

“But what?”

“I asked Billy for a favor.”

That stopped Tom in his tracks. Pinching the bridge of his nose he asked, “What kind of favour?”

“I can’t say.”

“Oh come on. He’s a suspect in spite of your feelings about him, You can’t just go and trust someone because…”

“I can and did. In the end I gave him some comfort and in response to that, he agreed to do something for me. He will. He’s as honourable as his father.”

“Did you tell him anything more than what Bill knows?”

“No. We did talk about his mother a while. He misses her. He does not want to lose his father as well.”

Tom stared off into space for a time before ending the conversation with, “We don’t have the evidence to clear him. Right now he’s the only suspect we’ve got/”

“Then we should find more.”

Tom actually smiled, “Right. Look Camilla, I know that you… work… differently then we do. I get that. But you have to see that we have rules and laws here and I have to enforce them. That means that without a piece of paper, a videotape, a confession… hell, anything at all that points me away from Bill, I’m going to arrest him real soon.”

“You will be wrong then.”

“I’ll have to live with that.”

“You will not be able to. I can see that.”

“I know. But that’s part of the job. Sometimes I think that I sold my soul for the job.”

With that confession, Tom whistled for a cab. It didn’t take long for one to pull up to the curb. He opened the door and let her go in first. As she did so, Camilla told him with a serious tone in her voice, “You cannot sell that which is held by another Thomas.”

As he climbed into the cab and they drove away, Tom’s memories came back to haunt him again…

Jul 04 2010

Possibly the first Lilith movie?

I was looking through the IMDb this morning. I tend to look at that site at least once a week to see if there is something new on offer or coming soon that might have something Succubi in it…

I haven’t searched under the term Lilith for a while and did so. To my surprise, there was a movie listing I had never heard of and the idea of the movie, and when it was made, was very interesting at least to me…

The movie is called Lilith and Ly. It was originally released in Austria as Lilith und Ly however. What’s interesting is that it was made in 1919, which means that it was a silent black and white movie. More interesting is that the the writer was the legendary Fritz Lang, who directed the classic movie Metropolis…

The sad part is that this movie seems to be one of the lost ones… That is to say that there seems to be no copies of this film in existence and very little seems to be known about it…

There is a short summary however which is as follows:

In this apparently lost film an inventor uses a strange jewel to bring to life a statue of Lilith, and falls in love with her. Soon, however, she begins to appear on a screen, also developed by the inventor, which reveals her to be a vampire who is slowly sucking his life essence from him, causing him to gradually fade away. He realizes the situation has become even more drastic when he notices his new love, Ly, is being possessed by Lilith and has also begun fading away.

It’s an interesting premise I think. The connection to Lilith I admit is somewhat tenuous however. I think this also might be the first instance of having the myth of Lilith confused with the myths of vampires, which is a shame really…

You can see a bit of the themes from Metropolis in it as well the short summary above and what I found on another site as well:

…the statue’s demon doppelganger image appears on a futuristic television screen, which steadily grows more powerful and almost drains the life from Landow and his new love Ly…

Metropolis of course had lots of television screens and other futuristic devices in it…

Just going by the limited information I have seen, it seems like the inventor is partly a magician and partly a technologist. That seems like an odd combination really, but none the less it does provide for some… interesting… stories ideas for me…

Perhaps I will put something together over this one…

If you want to see more about this film, you can see what’s available on the SuccuWiki later today, or you can see this movie’s entry in the IMDb here.

And if anyone does happen to find it somewhere… Please do let me know?

I think it would be interesting to watch it and compare it to Lang’s other works…


Jul 03 2010

Umbrage a movie that seems not for Succubi…

There is an indepenent movie in its final stages of production called Umbrage. Now, according to the trailer which you can see below, the have a character in it called Lilith…

But from what little I have been able to gather, she isn’t exactly like the traditional myths…

And in case the embedding doesn’t work:


The movie is described as being a stylish and gory vampire film. It follows s a family that has moved into a remote farm, and find themselves in the middle of a centuries-old feud between Lilith and a cowboy vampire hell-bent on revenge…

One summary described it as:

In the Old West, the assassination of an ageing cowboy is thwarted by a sultry vampiress, the would-be killer left for dead in the dust. A hundred years later an ancient obsidian mirror, long unearthed from the Mesopotamian desert, is liberated from an American collector’s vault and illegally transported to Europe. Jacob, an unscrupulous antiques dealer, moves to a remote farmhouse with his pregnant young wife, Lauren, and his difficult ward, Rachel.

His goals are clear: to pass this near-priceless mirror to the highest bidder, and to prevent these two women from ripping each other apart. Nearby, a beautiful ornithologist, in nocturnal pursuit of the Screech Owl, is disturbed in her hide by a couple of noisy hikers. Her efforts ruined, she joins them by their campfire, but when one of them is mysteriously mutilated in the woods, she and the other are forced to flee and seek refuge at Jacob’s farm.

Something has been unleashed into the dark of that night…. Shadows take on a life of their own, and the blood begins to flow. Maybe it’s all down to the ominous cowboy hiding in the barn who doesn’t seem to cast any reflection in the dark mirror. Maybe it’s because the shiny black artifact is the enchanted talisman and portal of Lilith, the willful first wife of Adam, exiled from Eden to spawn her demonic offspring. The family find themselves in the middle of a century old grudge between a vengeful undead cowboy and the re-awakened Lilith, mother to the Succubi, ruler of shadows, slaughterer of children, and consort to the devil himself. Sometimes the only weapon against evil is evil itself.

The official site for the film can be found here.

While the trailer above shows some hints of the movie, there is a more X-rated version of it that you can find on the net. One such place is here. Please note that it is not safe for work and you will have to pass an age check before seeing it.

Lilith herself is played by the Scottish actress Natalie Celino, and she is really quite beautiful, both in her appearance which is really nicely seductive, and her portrayal of the role, which reflects many facets of Lilith..

The only problem that I have is the usual ones…

Lilith does not seem to have any horns or tail, and, it appears that she is a vampiress, more accurately, the Queen of the Vampires, in this  film. It continues to bother me that the legend of Lilith, and for that matter, Succubi, continue to be mixed into the legends of vampires, which in truth they shouldn’t be….

I want to give this movie a chance to impress me. Really and truly I would love to be able to watch it and be able to say at the end that Lilith and Succubi were portrayed well here…

But all of the signs tell me not to expect too much, but I am hoping that I am wrong on that point…

It should be out soon…

I will be watching…


Jul 02 2010

Succubi Image of the Week 132

This week’s Succubi is something that I rather enjoy a lot in seeing…

After all, succubi cheerleaders would be something to see wouldn’t they?

Honestly I think this is just an inspired piece of artwork…

It is the work of an artist on Hentai Foundry that calls themselves Vamptod. They have posted quite a number of works there, but this is the only Succubus work that I could find there….

It is a commission work of a Succubus cheerleader, as you have probably figured out by now…

I love the details in their pencil art, the outfit, pom-poms and overall pose is just delicious, although as always there are a couple of things that I don’t like as much…

She does have hooves, never really have liked them on Succubi, and the other thing is that she has wings, something as well that I don’t really care for a lot…

But her expression, her horns and especially her tail are just wonderful and I think they are perfect for her…

You can find their page on Hentai Foundry here, and the original page with this art here.

They also have a DeviantArt page, which you can find here as well…

Yummy, sexy, succubi cheerleader…

What more can you ask for?