Jul 29 2010

Succubi Image of the Week 136

I have several favourite artists that draw Succubi… Some of those I have, or my Eternal has asked to draw the Succubi me…

Dominic Marco is, and always will be, one of my favourite artists… Not just for the fact that he kindly drew the Succubi me in the past, and you can see that drawing elsewhere on the Tale if you search under his name, but for the talent he brings to each image, the devotion to his work and more so, the joy that is in every one of his pieces of art..

He did a Devil Girl or Succubus work recently and here it is…

This work is called Lil Devil and it’s just full of Succubi goodness, or evilness depending on your point of view…

I love the latex gloves and stockings she wears, the bikini bottoms are cute, but the expression, pose and smile is the icing on the cake… I’d love her more if she had a tail and dark hair, but she’s still a lovely Succubi…

You can find this image on Dominic’s Deviantart site here, and his site is always listing in my site links, but here is another link to his site as well…

Please do visit Dominic’s site and enjoy all of the wonder that he creates!


Jul 28 2010

Where is the desire in this costume?

It’s interesting to me how some costumes use a word or two trying to make them appear to be more than they really are…

This week’s costume is definitely one of those…

I mean… Where is the desire in this one? It doesn’t do a thing for me and, really, who would like this?

Anyway.. This costume comes with the long red dress with the front slit in it. The wings attach to the dress by the shoulder straps and there is a small pair of horns on a red headband. A pair of black glovettes finish this costume.

The pitchfork isn’t included nor are the shoes…

The costume itself sells for $20 US, but there is a package deal where you get the pitchfork and a pair of black six inch stripper heels for $70 US in total. Yes the shoes are worth more than the costume itself.

It’s just so drab and just not what I see or look for someone playing as a Succubus… You do need a certain amount of sexy to be desirable as a Succubus don’t you think?

This costume is going to receive a quarter pitchfork out of five.. That’s being generous I know, but there is so very little to like in it…

It’s hard to describe this as being trashy, silly, or just a waste of fabric..

Or all of the above.

But there are other, more promising costumes to be founds… Next week will be one of those I promise…


Jul 27 2010

Temptations 71

When you come to a choice. One that means that you touch more than your own live, what do you do?


Temptations 71

By TeraS and Legion & Alei

Ahhhh, progress at last. he thought absently.  That the Queen’s consort was, sort of, backing him was definitely a step in the right direction.  Though a victory was measure in inches not in miles.

He bowed his head in a sign of thanks, “Thank you for, at least, believing I mean no harm to any of you.  For it is the truth.”

The Queen however still looked slightly shadowed, which meant that the continued work would still be coming.  Idily he wondered what the Queen would say if she knew exactly why he had come and exactly why he was here.  A very small part of him was tempted just to blurt it out and see the reaction.  But alas that was a unwise option.

Tera had left them all behind her and had walked from the room and into another of the hallways that made up her home….

She smiled a bit at all really…

Here they were in her domain… A world where the most important thing was love and still to this day there was always someone that preferred the old ways of the Succubi or tried to make her something that she wasn’t….

Was it so difficult for people to understand?

She didn’t give a damn about what the rest of the universe wanted her to be….

She wanted to be what she had to be…

Needed to be…

And was…

Leaving the hallway, Tera exited into her kitchen on this part of her home…. Stopping at the counters there, she picked up a bottle of red wine and spent a short time working on opening it and pouring herself a half glass…

As she did, Tera considered what she should do next. Legion was pushing the envelope in so many ways with her at that moment. Maria? Maria was just another example of people not understanding and seeing what was plainly in front of them…

She almost found herself regretting that she didn’t strip Maria from the book and let her live out her years as a mortal and then cease to be…


Picking up the glass, Tera strode from the kitchen and back through the hallway towards the group in the sitting room, but then a few steps away from returning to the room, she turned down another passage and moved in another direction…

Soon she exited the hallway into the balcony that overlooked the central park of the capital of her Realm…

Revealing her home around her…

She stood on the top level of a four story building that covered an area of a single city block. It was not a building from the outside that consisted of hard angles and edges, but smooth curves and arches that moulded into the surrounding trees and natural landscape around it. The trees pushed through and between the structure becoming part of it and adding to the organic feeling of it…

Tera looked out into the night and smiled a bit at the scene that greeted her there…

In the air around Tera’s home, hundreds of AngelKitties were fluttering through the air playing with each other and with their Succubi owners…

She had forgotten the tonight was the time of rebirth for the Kitties and felt ashamed that she was not celebrating that moment with them all…

Her thoughts returned to that day when she and her sister Angel had snuck away to see the other worlds from their mother…

The memories were as clear as they had always been…

A small, child Tera was there. Her horns and tail, though small, were already apparent. While she was wearing jeans, shoes, and a comfy sweater, indicating cold weather, she seemed to be bouncing up and down in a park littered with colored leaves they were in. A childish Angel was there, dressed in similar apparel, but nowhere near matching the energy and enthusiasm. Seemingly startled by something, Tera ran off as Angel shouted “Wait! We can’t go too far due to our horns!”

Tera came to a stop, and she felt ill at what she saw. What was a small, calico kitty, was now a pile of blood, mess, and bones. Angel began to cry, and Tera shushed her. “She’s still alive… look.”

Sure enough, the cat was alive, the mess moving a bit towards Tera, and it mewed, a sound that made Tera’s heart feel as if to break. It was sad, confused, and hopeful, all in the same mew. Angel and Tera clutched their hearts, seemingly having the same reaction as Angel cried out, desperately, “For the love of the Queen, Tera! Let’s go! This is too sad!”
Tera found the head of the cat, stroking it softly. She remained silent for a few moments, and then said, in a voice more determined than most children. “We can help her, you know.”

Angel seemed even madder by this idea, “Tera! We’re not supposed to be in this time period, but Mama said that she didn’t want us to catch the plague! And even in this dimension of the humanzeses.” She seemed to have issue pronouncing humans. “We can’t use our powers here! Mama said that she might make us one of them if we did! Or we could lose our powers!”

Tera seemed a bit mad, before calming down. “And what would Mama want for this kitty? Let her die? No…” Tera took a deep breath, stroking the kitty softly, before standing up and looking Angel straight in the eye. “Being Mama’s… Being the Queen’s Daughters, even being the Queen, is more than rules, more than even Mama’s expectations… It’s about Love, you know this.” Angel was stunned by this, and then squatted over the poor kitty. Tera, seemingly encouraged by this, squatted down as well, and they murmured something, before energy discharged from the kid-Succubi to the kitty.

The kitty was no longer a mess of any sort. In fact, the kitty was now a very, very cute calico, mewing and purring. The children giggled and, in twin unison, exclaimed “Kitty!”

Tera smiled and remembered what her Mother had said and done when they had returned to the Realm with the little kitten with them. To this day, Tera still could never quite figure out why her Mother had made the decision she did…

But then it wasn’t that important…

She had saved a life with Angel’s help and made something better from it for them all..

She sensed Kitty’s thoughts from the Kitties around her home a moment later…

Tera? Are you alright? You haven’t appeared and we have been worried… Are you all well? Do you need me?

Tera sighed a little and then sent back to her, “I’m fine… Just an unexpected guest… We’re alright I promise Kitty… Give everyone my love tonight and we’ll be there when we can…”

Tera could easily hear the mew of worry in Kitty’s thoughts before she gently broke the link between them…

Tera smiled and wondered what Legion would make of Kitty in multiple forms… Probably wouldn’t quite understand why it was all as it was…

But she did…

Tera left the half glass of wine that she had not touched on the balcony railing as as Andrea’s thoughts came to her…


Coming soon to the resolution of this story…

Heartfelt as it is…


Jul 26 2010

Storm Clouds 83 – An ongoing Succubi Story

This is the continuing story of the Succubi called Storm Clouds…

If you want to read previous chapters, please click the link in the Tale header at the top of the page marked Storm Clouds or click here...

Chapter 14 needed more expansion in a few places, so that happened this week… Just seemed to me that there were things unsaid and mebby a different point of view on one part would make it better…


Storm Clouds 83

Chapter 14

By TeraS

After Camilla left, Tom spent the next thirty minutes grilling Bill over what he had done, what he was doing, and whether anyone in his company might have taken it upon themselves to attack Brent and his wife. He came to the decision that, while Bill wasn’t directly involved in what happened, Tom could not dismiss the possibility that someone who worked for Bill had done the deed … or that Bill was hiding something from him.

That bothered him.

It wasn’t that he didn’t believe what Bill had said; it was the sheer stupidity of Bill blowing up and going off on a tirade over the injustice that he perceived was done to him.

Tom didn’t enjoy pushing his old friend that way. Worse was trying to break all of his explanations and reasons why he wasn’t responsible for what had happened. Most of the reasons made sense—most of them—but one exchange just about pushed Bill over the edge, and that worried him.

Tom sighed and paced in front of the offices again.  He was sure that the workers inside were looking at him oddly, but he didn’t care: Bill was not quite cleared; that one piece of evidence would damn him in court if it came to that.

Tom hoped that it wouldn’t.

It wasn’t much evidence. But it was enough that fingers could be pointed, witnesses found, and, in the end, Bill could be sent to jail for a long time. But when you are seen threatening someone with death, and promising to harm his family … that is too much to ignore.

Bill had explained that he was madder than hell. That something had snapped inside of him when Brent was nearby. “Something ’bout that guy rubs me the wrong way. He’s just so damn smug, knows all of the secrets, stuff that you don’t want out. I dunno how he does it, but he knows where to be and what to look for. Damn frustratin’. He’d be a great spy. Wonder if he is one.”

Tom continued to pace around for a while. He didn’t know where Camilla had gone; he assumed she would return to the office when she was done talking to Billy. He assumed that she would, at least. She seemed like a responsible woman, if a bit irritating. It hit him, then, why Bill would be driven crazy by Brent.

Tom wondered if that was part of those people’s nature.

He watched Bill’s people run their errands in and out of the office, most of them ignoring his pacing as he waited for Camilla to return. In his mind he was putting together the questions that needed to be put to him next. He was, after all by his own admission, someone needing to be grilled for information.

Coming to the end of one of his walks down the corridor, he turned without looking and walked head on into someone. A short blonde Asian someone. She was standing there in front of him, a pile of files and papers surrounding her scattered on the floor. For a moment her dark brown eyes regarded him and then, a flush of embarrassment passed over her and she knelt to the floor beginning to gather what she had dropped moments before.

Tom moved to help her, “I’m sorry, please, let me help you.”

She didn’t reply to him, save for a slight nod, her focus on the mess around her for the moment rather than towards Tom beside her.

After a few minutes, Tom handed her the last file and as she finally looked at him again said, “I’m Thomas”

The blush was still there as she replied, “Tenshi. Please forgive my clumsiness.”

“It was my fault. Should have been paying attention instead of being a hazard to women.”

That made her smile just slightly, “I… thank you for the help.”

“Welcome. Have you been with Bill long?”

Clutching the files to her chest as she stood she managed, “A year now. Please excuse me. I must attend to my duties…”

She then rushed off again on whatever errand she was on, leaving Tom standing there alone again pondering what she had said to him. More importantly, why she was so shook up over what had happened.

Camilla came into view soon after, her heels clicking on the concrete floor of the warehouse. Tom noticed that Billy wasn’t there, and wasn’t too pleased about that. He had been intending to grill Billy next, thanks to his father’s admission, but would now have to hunt him down and corner him. Filing away the thoughts on his old friend, he called out to Camilla, “Where’s Billy? Have to talk to him.”

“No, you don’t. He’s not to blame for this: he nor his father.”

Tom rubbed his chin a moment, then said, “You got a feeling or something?”

She looked around, then nodded and explained, “Let’s just say that my … ‘feelings’ … are pretty accurate.”

Turning away, he replied, “You’ll have to explain that to me sometime. Soon would be great. You know, before I have to toss them both in jail.”

Camilla looked at him curiously, then followed behind. Tom seemed to be in a rush to get out of the warehouse, and she found herself running a bit to keep up with him. Then she asked, “Do you have something to charge them with?”

“Enough to charge Bill: making threats. He was foolish in front of a lot of people. That’s a big no-no in things like this.”

“Passions of the heart can make us all say silly things we don’t mean at the moment they are said.”

“Passions can and have killed in the past, you know.”

Camilla had finally caught up to him, and, as she walked beside, started to lecture Tom a bit, “Those are not passions. Those are misguided beliefs and desires that pull one away from what is important, pull one inward, toward oneself. It is easy to fall to darker desires and temptations than it is to hold onto the more important things within.”

“You know, I don’t understand all of that stuff. I’m just a simple man. I haven’t got the time to deal with theories and wishes. I deal with facts. Give me some of those and I’ll be able to deal with ‘em.”

“All right, then.  Fact: Bill said that he would never harm a lady. Fact: you agree that he would not either. Therefore, he cannot be the one to have done the deed nor order it done.”

“Okay; see, that’s not a fact.  That is conjecture.”

“Is it? I don’t think so. I have …”

“A feeling? You said that before. What does that mean?”

The pair exited the warehouse, but Camilla did not speak until she was quite sure that no one else would hear them talk.

“I … We … know people by their souls, Thomas. When I touched your hand, I knew that you were a good man. I also knew that you have a troubled past and that you have lost someone close to you.”

Tom’s look was a mix of shock and concern, but, before he could say anything, she continued:  “I did not look deeply into you. I did not look into your memories; I could have, but, because I respect you, and you did not give me permission, I did not. All I knew was that you cared about what happened to Patricia, for whatever reason you had, and so …”

“And so that was your lure to get me involved in this …”

“You did not have to.”

He stopped walking: “You know, I feel like I was pushed into this. That you and Tera conspired to get me involved and make me stay in it.”

“No. I did not. I gave you the card. I gave you the chance to walk away.  You decided that you needed to find out more and you came into our world. Do not confuse the sight of an open door with walking through it. You had the choice. You made it.”

Tom wanted to rant at her, but her logic was sound. He did poke his nose in, and he was deep in it now. With a sigh, he asked, “How much do you know about Bill and his son?”

“Enough to know that Bill has not killed anyone, ever. I can say the same for Billy, as well.”

“Okay, explain that … in simple words so that my mind doesn’t break.”

Camilla laced her hands together and explained, “If you are dark, or have been touched by the dark, if you have killed or done something that serves the dark and makes it gain power, you are marked, in your soul, with that. If I touch someone like that, I’ll know. The same is true of someone who has been touched by the light, but it is different.”

“Weird. Sort of sounds like you are a divining rod.”

She giggled a bit: “Divine I am not. Or at least I do not appear to be.”

Tom couldn’t help the smile, “Right. I forgot about that.’

“What most people, generally, are shades of grey. That’s normal, and what we expect. But there are always exceptions to that rule. If either of them had killed, they would not be grey; they would be dark. I don’t sense that in either of them.”

“So, you give them a pass?”

“I give them more than a pass: there is nothing in them that even hints they are involved. But …”

“But what?”

“I asked Billy for a favor.”

That stopped Tom in his tracks. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he asked, “What kind of favor?”

“I can’t say.”

“Oh come on. He’s a suspect in spite of your feelings about him.  You can’t just go and trust someone because …”

“I can and I did. In the end I gave him some comfort and, in response to that, he agreed to do something for me. He will. He’s as honourable as his father.”

“Did you tell him anything more than what Bill knows?”

“No. We did talk about his mother a while. He misses her. He does not want to lose his father as well.”

Tom stared off into space for a time before ending the conversation with, “We don’t have the evidence to clear Bill. Right now, he’s the only suspect we’ve got.”

“Then we should find more.”

Tom smiled again, “Right. Look Camilla, I know that you … work … differently then we do. I get that. But you have to see that we have rules and laws here and I have to enforce them. That means that without a piece of paper, a videotape, a confession … hell, anything at all that points me away from Bill, I’m going to arrest him real soon.”

“You will be wrong then.”

“I’ll have to live with that.”

“You will not be able to. I can see that.”

“I know. But that’s part of the job. Sometimes, I think that I sold my soul for the job.”

With that confession, Tom whistled for a cab. It didn’t take long for one to pull up to the curb. He opened the door and let her go in first. As she did so, Camilla told him, with a serious tone in her voice, “You cannot sell that which is held by another Thomas.”

He climbed into the cab, gave their destination and, as they drove away, Tom’s memories came back to haunt him again … as they always did.

As they drove away, Billy watched from one of the windows in the upper floor of the warehouse. He liked Camilla, liked her a lot. After they had left, he stood there by the window watching the traffic pass by and thought about what Camilla had asked him to do. He didn’t know why exactly he had agreed to it, maybe it was just wanting to do something when, so far, there was nothing he could do for his father.

With a sigh he rummaged in his pockets until he found his phone, opened it, and made a call.

“It’s me. Yah. No, no they didn’t arrest Dad. I… trust them. Have to trust someone don’t I? Anyway, I need somethin’ done. Today.”

Billy turned away from the window and walked off into the gloom around him, doing what he hoped would help his father in the end…

Jul 25 2010

Pitchfork Tights for a Succubi….

While looking around for Succubus costumes I came across something of an accessory really, but it made me smile and think of all sorts of evil things when I saw them…

It might be a little bit hard to see, but the seams of these tights have a pitchfork in them…

Now, maybe they aren’t something that I would wear to the office…

Okay with the right dress I’d be tempted to, but nonetheless, this really is a neat idea and I give points to the person that came up with this idea…

They are reasonably priced as well at $4 US per pair…

You can find them here if you are interested in them.

With the right costume, possibly the one from earlier this week, and the right accessories, they could work really well…

They would certainly give a new definition to following the red line wouldn’t they?

I’ll have to think about these for the costume from this past week on the Tale… It could be a good fit with those red Mary Janes…

Nonetheless, I’ll put them in my “to be pondered for evil use” file and see if I can work out a way to fit them into the right sort of costume…


Jul 24 2010

Speedpainting Succubus Temptation…

I love art that shows Succubi and Angels together in various scenes and this week I came across a speedpainting video of one of them, it’s called Devil’s Temptation…

And in case the embedding doesn’t work:


This is the creation of an artist named Ljmasquerade who also has a Deviantart site you can see here.

She says that the Angel’s name is Resuri and the Succubus, or Devil, is named X. That has soooo many naughty thoughts behind it don’t you think?

I know that it’s a little frantic at times, but the end result of this is a really cute and sexy work of a Succubus tempting an Angel with an apple…

Really a delicious work and you can see the final image in all of it’s yumminess here!


Jul 23 2010

Bruce Colero’s Naked ((Succubi)) Desire…

Today I am sharing the last of four posts I have made about Bruce Colero and the upcoming release of his new book of art called Naked Desires here on the Tale… And just over there to the right is Bruce himself from a promotional sheet from his new book that he sent me…

I’ve been looking, I have really, for signs of horns or a tail in that photo… I’m pretty sure they are there somewhere, but if not, that’s okay… I’ll put in a good word for him with the Succubi that I know just in case… I mean after all, you just never know what sort of inspiration would be helpful now do you?


Seriously though, Bruce is a wonderful person in so many ways… Not just artistically, which is amazing in itself, but as a person that cares a great deal about all of the things he is involved in… Especially his art…

I’m once again showing the cover to Bruce’s newest book here to the left, but on the right is the lovely art of an Angel which appears on the back cover of the book.

She’s just a gorgeous sexy Angel isn’t she? I like her wings very much but more so I like her expression. It’s a look that seems to be somewhere between surprise and amusement that she has been discovered… Of course the next question is I wonder who’s she looking at and if she did that on purpose?

Angels can be a little devilish too you know… I know one in particular who’s halo turns a nice shade of orange when…


Well, you’ll have to use your imaginations on that now won’t you?

Last Friday I shared an image of a Succubus that had been summoned by an unwary mage that Bruce had created. You can find that post here.

Bruce was kind enough to give me one other image from this book that he said I could share here, which I think is the pinnacle of his Succubi works, and I’m going to share that work with you all today…

There is lots to see in it, and this work by Bruce is called The Covenant

It really is such a very sensual and delicious work isn’t it? I love the Succubus’ eyes… The darkness that fills them but with the little shine of simmering sexuality and power that she holds within her… The shape and texture of her horns which, for a moment, almost look as if they are her hair flying up, but then the truth of what they are kind of sneaks up on you… And of course her tail… That one perfect tail that I do so much love to see in all of Bruce’s devilish works…

The pose of the two models in the work is very erotic and powerful in so many ways… There is a lot of body language in the Succubus that makes the fact she is in control quite noticeable, and her pet, and I think that she is a pet, so very submissive to her…

One of the things that I have been focused on as been the writings in the image… I can’t quite make out what the words are, perhaps that’s on purpose, but I am curious… Seeing that there is a book positioned on the floor in front of the Succubus and her pet, makes me think that this was a summoning, but I am not sure that it went wrong this time unlike the image I shared last week…

The scene makes me think that the Succubus was summoned by the woman in white, and she succumbed to the Succubus soon after… Now she is being corrupted into a plaything or toy of the Succubus… I see that because of the white skin she has and the look of submission upon her face… Really a hot, sexy, erotic work that Bruce has created here…

After that wonderful work I am sure that you’ll want to visit Bruce’s website and see more of the erotic fantasies that his vision brings to life…

I hope that you will click on this link and visit Bruce’s site at: colero.ca

And you can preorder his new book Naked Desire at: http://www.sqpinc.com/

Once again I want to thank Bruce so very much for his kindness in allowing me to share just a small fraction of the beauty and ecstasy that he has created in the art he has brought to life…

*love and huggles*