Nov 26 2010

On Lost Girl, Two Succubi aren’t company…

I have seen waiting for more Succubi to appear on Lost Girl. Bo is, of course, the core of the show, but seeing what a Succubus is capable of… That would open a lot of plot lines, questions and more. But here’s the thing, just waving the fact that Succubi are supposed to be evil in Bo’s face does not seem to me to be a good storyline on it’s own…

Episode ten of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. We have several new characters arriving to tell their stories, the idea that speed dating isn’t a good idea, and that there are Fae that are the opposite to the Succubi in the Lost Girl universe… Oh and we have another Succubus appearing in the series named Saskia. Could we ask for more? I know I could after this episode was over…

Again, I will be posting thoughts every Friday of the week after an episode of Lost Girl is shown. I will be adding the individual episodes to the SuccuWiki somewhat sooner than that, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo meets Saskia and wonders what happens between two Succubi on…

The Mourning After

The episode begins with Bo (Anna Silk) and Kenzi (Kenzia Solo) in their apartment brandishing a collection of various weapons. While this goes on, they banter back and forth over Bo’s love life with Dyson, it basically sucks, and that Bo’s dating luck is lousy and getting nowhere, either with humans or with Fae.

We then switch to watching a couple in an alleyway talking. They seemed to be on a date and when the guy, Carter (Lee Rumohr) starts to leave, the woman, Allison (Sabrina Campbell), invites him back to her place for the night. They have a steamy sex scene together and then we time shift forwards to the following morning where Allison is alone in bed. She seems to be depressed and goes into the bathroom. Then she is seen writing terrible things about herself in various places from the bathtub she is sitting in before taking a hair dryer and intentionally putting it into the tub with her. Moments later she is dead from electrocution.

Returning from the opening credits, Dyson (Kristen Holden-Reid) and Hale (K.C. Collins) are at the suicide scene investigating what happened. The conclusion that they come to is that Allison’s death was a suicide. We shift to Bo and Kenzi who are talking to Allison’a sister Collette, (Natalie Lisinska) who claims that Allison’s death makes no sense. She hires Bo and Kenzi to prove that is was not a suicide. Bo then sees Dyson who gives her and Kenzi his files that show that is was a suicide. Bo brings up the possibility that this might be a Fae killing and Dyson reluctantly agrees to her theory, but he tells Bo that she will need to go to the Fae Labs to see if that is true. And that means Bo will have to see Lauren again.

Bo goes to the lab and sees Lauren (Zoie Palmer). Their relationship is no longer as friendly as it was, the two of them being very formal to each other and showing little emotion to each other. After some very cold talk about each other, Bo is told that no real proof exists of the death being involved with a Fae, though there are some that feed on emotions like despair. Lauren then mentions that Allison had sex shortly before her death. Bo then tells Lauren that she does not trust her opinion sexually, and they have a revisit on what Lauren did to Bo in the episode Vexed. Bo tells her how awful it must be to find out someone you thought loved you was just acting on the orders of someone else. Lauren attempts to apologize to Bo, but is rebuffed as Bo leaves.

Kenzi in the meanwhile is at Trick’s bar and asks him for a drink. After playing a bit of fun with Trick (Rick Howland), he gives her a bottle and tells her to help herself. Trick seems to be occupied with something else and moments later we find out what that is. Trick is confronted by a man who calls Trick “Fitzpatrick MacCoriegan of Clan Fin Arvin”. He tells Trick that he has been given his twenty-four hour warning to take possession of a coin that Trick holds. Trick tells Valentine (Jordan Prentice), that he is aware of it and then tells him to leave. Kenzi tries to ask Trick what is going on. but Bo suddenly appears, takes the drink that Kenzi was trying to enjoy and then drags her away from Trick, before Kenzi can get answers to what just happened, to see Collette and gain access to the apartment where Allison died.

The next scene is of Collette and Bo talking about her sister and Kenzi looking around the place. Collette leaves, Bo comments on a book that she and Allison both have bought, and on her lousy love life as well. She then finds a bowl filled with matchbook from a bar called Crimson and Kenzi finds receipts from the bar that show Allison had been there every Friday for the past three weeks.

Bo and Kenzi go to the bar, which turns out to be a place for singles to meet. They are confronted by a photographer (Robin Cunningham) who takes their picture, hands them a card and runs off again. They then see a sign indicating that there is a private event that happens in the club every Friday and go have a look. As they walk off to do that, we get our first glimpse of Saskia (Inga Cadranel) entering behind them and watching them go into the private room.

That turns out to be a sharing meeting of singles hosted by a man named Bertram (Arnold Pinnock), who welcomes them and gets both Bo and Kenzi to join in. The subject of the group talk being “my biggest regret.” They see this as a good chance to ask people there questions about Allison and for the rest of the scene we see Bo and Kenzi as if we are in the position of the person they are talking to. Bo uses her Succubus powers to make people answer her questions during all of this.

Then Saskia sits down at the table with Bo, grabs her, pulls her in for a kiss during which she takes a bit of Bo’s energy from her and then demands to know what Bo is doing hunting on her “turf”. We then see Bo, Saskia and Kenzi in the alley from the beginning of the episode. Saskia tells Bo that she wasn’t looking for a turf war being the new Succubus in town, and that Bo should have marked the club as being hers. Bo and Kenzi are confused by this and Bo manages to get Saskia to come back into the bar so they can talk.

She does so and Saskia tells Bo that she normally looks for sexier cities than the one they are in, she mentions that Succubi are “big in Berlin” as well. Kenzi seems unimpressed by Saskia, but Bo seems to be somewhat taken by her. She asks how long Saskia might be in town, her answer is just long enough to “get some sugar daddies”, and then move on again. When Bo tells her that she is a private investigator, Saskia is taken aback saying that Succubi do not work, and that she has so much to teach her. Kenzi tries to get Bo to leave with her, but Bo tells her to leave without her and stays to talk to Saskia further.

Kenzi leaves and goes to Trick’s bar, very upset with Bo just pushing her aside. She tries to talk to Trick about it, at first he doesn’t seem to care, but does apologize for that and then tells her that he needs her help. Trick then explains that he has possession of an item called the “Coin of Jahayla” which is supposed to bring luck in business to whomever possesses it. He explains that he and Valentine found the coin and they share it, one holding the coin for a century before giving it to the other. Trick’s problem is that the coin has vanished and he has no idea where it is. He goes on to explain that there is a Fae that will only talk to female humans which can help him find the coin. Kenzi agrees and they plan for the ceremony.

Bo in the meantime is still talking to Saskia. She has seen Allison before, and also notes that  she never talked to her because “she wasn’t my type.” When asked if she had seen any Fae around, Saskia says that Succubus do not have “Faedar.” Saskia then agrees to help Bo figure out who killed Allison, because if someone is hunting on her territory she wants to know who, and she wants to see what Bo is doing as well calling her “Nancy Drew.” But also so that she can teach Bo about being a Succubus as well when this is over.

We return to see Bo talking to Bertram about Allison and her time at the group meetings. After a time, Bo asks for the lists of people that attended the meetings, and is refused, but she uses her powers to get Bertram to give her the files she is looking for. Then she and Saskia leave the bar moments later.

Then Dyson gets a call from Bo asking him to check the lists she got, he agrees and we see that Bo is at home with Saskia there as well. But Kenzi is not there. Bo tells her about Dyson and she tells Bo to keep him away from her as she is a Dark Fae. Bo reluctantly agrees to her request and they talk for a while. Saskia reveals some information about Succubi to Bo. It is likely that her mother is a Succubus or her father is an Incubus, or both, but apparently Fae lineage is complicated. She adds that at least one of her parents must be sex Chi feeding Fae, but the other might be Yuki-onna, or Lilin or a Rusalka. Kenzi then walks in asking if Bo and Saskia have sex would it cause a black hole to form or something like that. Saskia replies that she doesn’t care for her own kind and that she is a “novelty whore.” She then leaves the apartment, Kenzi tries to talk to Bo but is brushed off as Bo goes to bed telling Kenzi that Saskia will be going with Bo to see Collette. Then we see Collette’s apartment as she opens the door and then screams before the scene ends.

Bo sees Dyson who tells her that the list came up with nothing, but he tells her that over the past five years several women have been committed suicide in a similar manner to Allison’s death. Dyson then comments that Bo seems different to which Bo brushes that off as just a late night of drinking. Bo leaves and them we find her and Saskia arriving to see Collette at her home, but she has committed suicide in the same way as her sister did. Saskia seems to be in a panic when she sees the writing on the walls and tells Bo they have to leave because a Fae called a Albaster is responsible for what happened.

Meanwhile Trick and Kenzi are preparing to summon the Fae that Trick needs. He explains that the Fae is called a Lightning Bird and what he needs is one of her eggs which is used by witch doctors to find things. Kenzi asks why Trick cannot tell Valentine that he does not have the coin to which Trick explains that it is part honour but mostly because he put his bar, The Dal, up as collateral. Kenzi tells him that they will not let Valentine take the place and Trick tells her to be back at the bar after sundown.

Saskia and Bo have returned to Bo’s apartment in the meantime and Saskia explains what a Albaster is. They are the enemies of Succubi who live from sexual shame unlike Succubi who live on and create sexual energy. Albasters create massive shame over sexual actions that leads to depression and eventual suicide, and they feed exclusively on women. Bo and Saskia continue to talk as Kenzi enters gathering things into a bag. She makes a couple of comments about how to figure out who the Albaster is, and remembers the photographer that took their pictures in the bar. They visit the photographer’s website and find an image of the man that was last with Allison and decide to go after him. Kenzi wishes them luck before walking out of their place to meet with Trick.

Trick and Kenzi then summon the Lightning Bird which makes lightning appear at their feet to which Kenzi panics a bit. When she calms down, Trick explains that they are like Magpies, they like to steal shiny things, and starts putting things away just in case. She then negotiates with Trick for her help. He says no to her requests of ten percent ownership in the bar, the coin for a year, and a unicorn. But he agrees to forgiveness of her bar tab and free drinks for life, as long as it is nothing top shelf. Moments later the Lightning Bird arrives in Trick’s bar in a blaze of thunder and lightning.

Bo and Saskia in the meantime are looking for Carter and find him on the prowl. They move towards him and then, using their powers they convince him to leave with the two of them with the promise of sex with them both. At the same time, Kenzi meets the Lightning Bird who calls herself Gloris (Abena Malika). They talk for a time, Kenzi trying to make Gloris see her as a friend while at the same time tricking her into giving up one of her eggs. She does so by making Gloris see that she could give Trick the egg in exchange for a future favour from him. Trick agrees to this and so, Gloris gives Kenzi one egg to give to Trick. Gloris goes to leave but gives Kenzi a pice of information on Trick. That being he could get whatever he wanted if he wrote in his book of blood again, but then the powerful are the most stubborn. She then leaves and Kenzi gives Trick the egg.

Bo and Saskia take Carter into the alleyway and continue to use their powers on him and discover that he did not kill Allison. Saskia then feeds on Carter, apparently killing him, but then she brings him back to life by sending her energy back into his body. Bo is shocked and tries to get Saskia to explain how she did it, but the only answer Bo gets is that she has a lot to learn as they walk away from Carter, lying in the alleyway.

Trick performs a seeking using the egg upon an old map of the city. Kenzi finds out that where the egg is currently is a cemetery. He then goes to get some muscle and flashlights for the search by calling Hale for help.

Bo returns home by herself and finds Bertram there waiting for her, he turns out to be the Albaster. The pair argue for a time, Bertram calling Bo a whore several times while Bo’s phone rings with a call from Saskis that Bo does not answer. Trick, Kenzi and Hale arrive in the cemetery and open a crypt which should be holding the coin. It is not there when it is opened. However, Kenzi notes that the egg would have shown where the coin was when it was used and then says she knows where the coin is telling Trick and Hale to follow her. Bo is fighting for her life at the same time.  Bertram attacks Bo and she tries to defend herself, but he resists her easily and begins to use his powers on Bo to make her kill herself. Saskia then arrives and she pulls Bertram away from Bo, managing to injure him. She then goes to Bo, who is obviously hurt and gives Bo some of her energy, which seems to make Bo want to take revenge on Bertram. Bo comments that “he’s not going to like this three-way at all.”

Back at Trick’s bar, Valentine arrives to claim the coin which Trick still does not have. Valentine tells Trick that it is time and Trick agrees that it is. Kenzi then confronts Valentine that he never gave Trick the coin, the one he had was a fake, and demands he give it up. He tries to refute the accusation, but when Kenzi asks Hale to frish Valentine, he relents and gives the coin to Trick, much to Kenzi’s pleasure.

Bo and Saskia have tied up Bertram in the meantime and the two Succubi play with him for a while before Bo stops and goes to call Dyson to have Bertram picked up. As she does this, Saskia feeds on Bertram and kills him. Bo is shocked and demands that she bring him back to live, but she refuses Bo’s request. Saskia tells Bo that she has killed before so what’s the big deal? Bo replies that it was in self defence and that since Bertram is helpless that it is murder. Saskia answers that as far as she is concerned it is an execution. She then tells Bo that he attacked one of her clan and so Saskia had to defend her. She then tells Bo that if the Dark Fae find out that she killed Bertram, they will make her pay. Bo is then confronted with the choice to tell what happened. She tells Saskia that she will not, but that she did not “sign up for this.” Saskia simply says “fine” and goes to leave.

Bo tells her that she needs to learn from her and Saskia agrees, telling Bo to come with her. Bo tells her that she isn’t what she had hoped for and Saskia says the same thing to Bo. But Saskia also adds the taunt that when Bo is ready to find out more about herself that she should find her. Then Saskia leaves, Bo still trying to save Bertram.

The next scene is Bo, Dyson and Lauren in the Fae Lab with Bertram’s body. Dyson notes that Bertram was not a local, but Bo confirms he was Dark Fae. While that is a problem, it appears that Bertram attacked Bo in her own home after pursuing her and that should make things easier to deal when the Dark Fae protest over her actions. Dyson tells Bo that he will make it go away, to which she answers that she wishes he could. Lauren in the meantime looks uncomfortable at Bo and Dyson’s growing relationship. Bo then leaves without another word.

Kenzi in the meantime is still at Trick’s bar past closing time. Trick asks her why and what’s going on between her and Bo.  She says that there is no reason to go home anymore because Bo is making new friends. Trick tells her that a little bird told him that people rarely take you for granted unless you let them. Kenzi replies that a Lightning Bird told her something about Trick, that being Trick is powerful and that he has a book of blood. Trick claims not to know what she is talking about, but Kenzi tells him that “it takes a con to know a con”, and that he has secrets. Trick’s answer to that is that Kenzi has an imagination and that she should go home and remind Bo why she needs her.

The last scene is back at Bo and Kenzi’s place, Bo laying in bed being close to tears when Kenzi walks in. Kenzi makes light of things for a moment before Bo hugs her tightly and tells her that she missed her. Kenzi asks if she wants to talk, but Bo says that they always talk about her and she wants to hear what Kenzi has been up to. As Kenzi does so, at first Bo pays close attention to her, but then something catches her attention behind Kenzi. That turns out to be a leather jacket that Saskia left behind when she left Bo behind. The last image is of Bo staring off in the direction of the jacket, Kenzi’s voice barely heard.

Fade to black…

First things first. Saskia was a stereotypical Succubus. Evil, occasionally nasty and generally just a bit over the top sexually which is fine. The problem comes with the lines she had such as “girlfriend, Nancy Drew and Faedar. That all seemed to be very forced and, to be honest, a Succubus that has known about herself for as long as Saskia must have, would be more dominant and less flippant.

I also didn’t think  much about her calling herself a “novelty whore.” It is a harsh contrast between Bo, being more true to herself, than Saskia’s constant sexual flippantness. It did grate after a while and that’s a shame because the idea of a Succubus to tempt Bo towards being Dark Fae is an interesting one.

There is another part of the episode that wasn’t explained, but I can come up with one possible explanation. Bo changed a lot over the course of the episode both in what she was wearing and her attitude. That all seemed to start right after Saskia kissed her when they first met. Seeing that Succubi can alter emotions and minds, I think it is possible that Saskia tweaked her mind a bit at that point, and at others when she shared energy with Bo.

it would explain the sudden cold shoulder to Kenzi, the lack of caring about anything other than Saskia and the sudden, almost snapping out of itreaction at the end of the story when Saskia killed Bertram. It’s not likely that Bo would have done all of that by herself, it seemed completely out of character for her.

I’ll make one more comment on Saskia before moving on. I did like the actress, I think she was a decent choice for a Succubus in the series. However the character just wasn’t right for her. She didn’t have the looks to be “flippant” as she was over the episode I think. But if she would have been very dominant and perhaps a bit more serious I think that would have clicked for me.

I’ve talked about Bo already in the episode. I think that at some points, particularly the “sharing things” moment at the bar, were uncomfortable for Anna Silk for some reason. She seemed to not be comfortable at that moment, whether the fact she was nose to nose with the camera, or the position she was in was hurting her back or something else, but, the look in her eyes didn’t match what she was saying or doing at that moment.

Otherwise, I think that Bo’s character grew a bit this time, but the effect of Saskia on her I think will cause more harm than good overall.

Lauren appeared this episode again. The tension between her and Bo was severe, which is what you would expect when someone betrayed you. The one thing that bothered me a little was the almost total capitulation that she showed when Bo changed the subject. It would have been nice to see some talk, if not a resolution between the two of them.  And, to be honest, the only thing that brings me to is that something is going to happen to Lauren. I hope not, but it’s looking more and more like that.

Very little Dyson this episode. one good scene with Bo and at the end when she embraces him, that was well done between the players. I liked Hale’s appearance as well, the comment from him about hating cemeteries was funny and with his helping Kenzi at the bar I think made him a better, more rounded character in the series.

That brings us to Kenzi. As much as the series is about Bo, the side stories with Kenzi are becoming my favorite parts of the series to watch. The actress is amazing to watch, I love her eyes, so very unique when she focuses on someone, and her character, expressions and most of all. lines, make any appearence of Kenzi a moment to stop and enjoy the ride.

Trick was overall the highlight of the episode for me. We learned a good deal about him, doors were opened towards Kenzi knowing about him, but the one thing that matters most of all was that I think Trick now respects Kenzi more than he has in the past. I think that this makes Kenzi more of a bridge between humans and Fae than Bo is really. She seems to get, if not respect from the Fae she encounters, at least they see her value to them.

And it’s a good thing to be wanted, which is what I think Kenzi’s ultimate goal in the series is. The pain that she showed when Bo focused alone on Saskia was played exactly right with all of the hurt and need that I would have expected someone like Kenzi to show in real life.

So this week, Kenzia gets my applause and my thanks for her amazing work…

So, as much as the details of what Succubi can do in the Lost Girl universe is good, the level of dislike for the way that Saskia was portrayed just turned me off a lot of the time. It’s hard to enjoy a show where you have the need to fast forward through some moments because they are just so over the top you can’t stand them… But contrasting that was the joy of watching Kenzi and Trick make progress in their friendship, so…

My rating of The Mourning After

Keeping my interest – 5 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 5 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 3 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 5 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 4.3 Pitchforks out of 5

You would have expected a higher rating because of Saskia’s appearance and the focus on the mythos of Succubi in the series in this episode wouldn’t you? But the problem is the stereotyping of Saskia’s character. She was all out Dark Fae and acted like the traditional Succubus for most of the episode. What really bothered me the most was the condescending  attitude she had. It seemed as if the entire purpose of having her in this episode was to simply show Bo just what a Succubus, at least Saskia, is in this world. And that is something that really didn’t have to be that way. Bo has enough guilt and uncertainty as it is.

This Sunday, Episode Eleven: When Dyson wakes up bloody and without the last eight hours of memory, he finds himself accused of murdering Ba’al, a close associate of The Morrigan’s pet psychopath, Vex, and takes refuge in Trick’s bar, invoking sanctuary.

We haven’t seen The Morrigan since episode one of the series, lots of The Ash, so this one might be a Dark Fae centric episode. Vex returns, to be honest I didn’t expect that so soon, but it is welcome, he is probably the most interesting of the Dark Fae we have seen so far. Dyson is finally at risk in the series, other than Bo nibbling on him occasionally. I wonder if push comes to shove in the episode if Bo will have to kill for Dyson?

He’s done it for her… a lot.


Nov 25 2010

Succubi Image of the Week 152

I was looking through a website that has all sorts of wallpapers for your computer on it. There were the usual things to be seen such as models, cars, landscapes and so on.

And, as it matters to me, one very delicious Succubus wallpaper that I am going to share here…

Now, when you click on this image, you will see a larger image which is a good thing because whoever created this work put so very much into this Succubus…

She has my most favourite tail shape, I know it very well since I have used it on many of my own photo manipulations. She looks like a 3D program created her and then some little additions were Photoshopped in, but that’s just fine… She looks playful and sexy in her pose, her tail being mischievous as all tails are meant to be… I really like her clothing and heels, they match so perfectly with her look that I really can’t think of anything else that would work better for her in this setting…

This image reminds me of a manip that I did several years ago… It was an image of a Succubi playing a fiddle and a story that was a play on the song The Devil when down to Georgia…

It’s one of my personal favourites for all of the joy that came from that work….

Should anyone have an idea who created this work, could you please leave a comment here on the Tale and let me know?

I really would appreciate it!


Nov 24 2010

A Flaming Hot Succubus Costume This Isn’t…

I think I have found a Succubus costume that falls into the What the heck category of costumes… It’s not available as yet, it won’t be until next year, but I thought I might as well get my frustrations out a little early…

Because it really is that frustrating and more.

Sometimes I wonder about the names they give costumes… This costume is described as the Fever Flamin Devil Costume and comes with the red dress as shown in the pictures here. It also includes the flame style bodice and the gold and red tutu with an attached red tail as well, plus a headband with devil horns in red to complete the package.

It does not include the shoes nor the stockings as is normal with most costumes, nor does it include the pitchfork that the model is holding either.

To be honest, this is a case of only liking the horns and wanting to toss the rest of the costume away… The tail is wrong, the tutu does nothing for me, the bodice is just so over the top I can barely stand it…

So, this just isn’t something I would consider as my Succubi costume for Halloween…

However, if you like it, it’s available on the web for about $65 US, but you won’t see it until 2011. I hope that it’s worth the wait for you…

I probably won’t be…

I’m giving this one pitchfork out of five, just not something I would like to see any Succubi wearing…


Nov 23 2010

Temptations 87

The doors to one’s heart can be found when you listen hard enough… The path to a Succubi Queen’s Tail is not as simple, but is as worthwhile…


Temptations 87

By TeraS and JHB

He stood up. He felt embarrassed for having offended–it was only that this was what he had been taught to do in the presence of Queens.  But, as soon as her finger touched his nose, and her smiling words touched his ear, he knew that embarrassment was as unnecessary (and unwelcome, he guessed) as the deference.  He needed to stop being so self-conscious and just start reponding with what was on his mind . . . and his heart.

He took her hand, tentatively, at first, and then warmly.  He looked into her eyes.  He felt so much safer, so much more confident, when he looked into her eyes.  “Tera, I would like to learn from you.  I would like to walk with you. I would like to share with you.  I can not imagine anyplace I’d rather be or anything else I’d rather be doing.  Would you be willing to do that with me?”

Tera replied, still with that little smile playing at her lips as she did, “What to teach? Hmmm… I think that something to remember in all things is something that a great man wrote in a book from your world once… Time is an illusion… Lunchtime doubly so… It does in fact explain a great deal of the universe in general when you think about it…”

From a little bit behind her, a small white kitten with black angel wings came fluttering around the corner carrying in it’s paws a little clipboard and a pen…

Tera looked over for a moment to the kitten and then back to him, saying as she did, “And speaking of the illusion of lunchtime… I’m starving… Would you like something in particular to eat? The library does not have a no eating or drinking policy… Though I would try not to feed the Dragons in the grotto at this time of day…”

James noticed the kitty, which was interesting, but still not as fascinating as Tera’s voice, eyes, and smile.

“I have all the time in the world, illusory or not,” he said, taking her hands in his, “and, yeah, I could eat.  I’m not a bad cook, so what would you like?  Salad?  Sandwiches?  Burgers?  Fish?  Pizza (believe it or not, pizza is a specialty of mine)?”

Tera giggled and replied, “You are in my Realm now my dear… As your host it’s my pleasure to provide for you… Though I will have to insist that if we have pizza that there are no anchovies on it…”

Her tail pointed at the AngelKitty fluttering nearby, “The Kitties tend to attack those pizzas with anchovies on them in their Kitty forms… If they are in their human-looking form it’s not quite so bad…”

The smile didn’t leave her lips, “They have been known to flick the anchovies off the pizza and create food fights on occasion… Rather messy you know…”


That would have been interesting, but like my Tail, the Kitties are just a bit too over the top on occasion you know…


Nov 22 2010

The Third Succubi’s Tale Anniversary

The Third Succubi’s Tale Anniversary is today… It’s been a fun three years, with lots of things shared with you all..

And here is one more thing on this day I hope is enjoyed…


Tale Cooking

By TeraS

It was a special day in the Realm:  not as important as a birthday, or the day that Tera and Keith met, or anything else that important …

… but important for Tera, nonetheless.

She spent a long time in her library, looking through her cookbooks, trying to figure out the right thing for this year. The stack of those she decided against was getting taller and taller by the minute, and she was about to give up, when her tail poked at a book on the table and flipped it open.

She looked at the recipe there for a time, a small smile on her lips, and she hoped that it would be a hit for the three she was baking for that day. This day was to celebrate not just an important moment for her and Tail, but to share it with three of her family who supported her every day.

So it was on that morning that she found herself in the kitchen, working away, her hands busy with one thing, her tail stirring something else, and, all around her, plans in various states …

… none of them quite ready as yet.

Her evil toaster, Toastie, watched, somewhat miffed that Tera wasn’t making toast with her. AngelKitties fluttered around the kitchen, occasionally getting a swat from Tera’s tail as they sampled the batter or knocked over the sugar, as they tended to do. Just once, her dog peeked in; there was a confused look on Brit’s face before Tera tossed a cookie in her direction and closed the door behind the dog to keep her from being underfoot …

She continued to beat the eggs, sift the flour, and, eventually, finish what she was working on and put it into the oven.  Closing the book of recipes and putting it away once more, Tera cleaned up the mess and sniffed the air approvingly as her confection baked in the oven. Finally, with everything cleaned up and the kitchen spotless once more, she took off her apron, hung it away, and then waited for the oven to finish its job.

As she had nothing to do but wait, she closed her eyes and rested a bit … but, as she did, her hair turned red, her tail turned black, and Tail appeared to inspect Tera’s work.

She sighed a bit at what Tera had been making … and she sighed a bit more … and then she called upon a friend to help her, one she knew would make her baking exactly so:  she found the book Tera had been using and opened it again, the secret within the pages letting her call for help once more. Her friend arrived in a flash, with a hug and smile for her as he did, looked over the baking, and explained what they needed to fix.

And so, around mid-day, what Tera had been working on all morning was finally finished. The bell on the oven sounded and Tera awoke, looked around, shrugged, and then went off to check how it all had gone. Opening the oven, she looked her effort over with a critical eye.  “Flaky crust? Juicy filling? It looks to be a ‘yes’ to those questions,” she thought, thankfully, with a relieved sigh.  She set it on the windowsill to cool for a bit, gathered her utensils and other things, then, finally, carried it all to the sitting room of her home in the Realm …

Waiting there for her were three who most mattered to her on this day …

The first was, of course, her Eternal, Keith, a smile spreading on his face as soon as she entered. He had been entertaining two others, one being her only Incubi brother, known as Freeze, and the other being her heart, the Poet Laureate of the Realm, James …

Tera set what she had been cooking on a table there, along with knives, forks, and plates. Snapping her fingers she exclaimed, “Darn it! Forgot something! Back in a sec!” and then vanished back into the kitchen once more …

At this point the three in the room looked at each other with some trepidation in their eyes. This was something Tera did every year on this day and–so far, at least–the results hadn’t been the best.

Keith looked at what Tera had baked and said, “Well, it’s not a pound cake. Remember three years ago? You couldn’t take a bite of it.”

Freeze smiled, “And the Hellhounds wouldn’t touch it.”

James chuckled, “But we all managed to get it down, didn’t we?”

Freeze shot him a look, “And last year’s Angel Food cake was more of a waffle, wasn’t it?”

A hearty laugh from James, “Well we did have it with maple syrup, as I remember, so that sort of worked.”

Keith’s tail pointed at the kitchen, “I think what didn’t work is how she mixed up the ingredients a bit.”

The sound of Tera opening cupboards and moving utensils focused them all and Keith asked, “So who’s taking the first bite, then?”

James answered, “Well that’s your duty, is it not?”

Freeze nodded, “That’s right, bub.  Your taste buds are toast.”

Keith smiled slyly as he exclaimed, “Oh no, my friends, this time we all get it all together and all get a taste at the same time.”

It was all in jest, of course; that was part of the fun.  Tera did her best for them in cooking, but sometimes the recipes won.

Then she returned, placing a container on the table with a flourish.  A knife appeared in her hand and then she began to start serving. The first piece went to James–a nice slice of it he got, with a lovely “Thank you, Dear One” in reply.  But then he gave a careful eye to the treat.

The next went to Freeze, exactly the same size.  He gave a smile, a tail wave, and the words, “Thanks, Sis” … but again a careful eye.

The next one went to Keith, exactly the same.  Tera’s and Keith’s tails entwined … and then Keith appraised the dessert just like the others had.

Tera took another piece, leaving one in the dish.  Onto her plate it went, and then she said, “Enjoy!”

You could have cut the silence with a knife as they all poked into what Tera had made. A pie of some kind, but just what she had not said.  Each man took a small bit on the end of his forks … and then down it went.  Tera’s eyes were closed, so she didn’t see their reactions. They seemed surprised at first, then quite glad.

Keith was the first to comment, “That’s really quite nice!”

James was next with, “Lovely work, Dear One; really the best!”

Freeze was his usual self. A pause, some thinking, and then, “Pretty damn swell!”

Tera laughed a bit and offered whipping cream to the three of them … of course you need that when you have warm cherry pie…

But what she didn’t say, and wouldn’t, just cuz, was that it wasn’t she that had created this one. No, Tail did this with the help of her friend, Baker, the one who taught her that baking was more than the ingredients there. Cooking was art, but so was the fun, and what Tail really liked was cooking with Baker (and he with her, too) …

Tail watched this all and then, to everyone’s surprise, bumped a sign which said “Add some whipped cream, you guys.”

They all laughed at that, but finished the pie—with whipped cream–just happy they could share it together.

But Later that night, when James and Freeze were off for home, Keith was out with Brit, and Tera was all alone …

… Tail returned to the fore and took the last slice, opened a portal, and vanished from sight.  She appeared in a bakery on the other side of the Realm, knocked on the door, and then …

… Baker opened the door, asking, “How did it go?”

Tail’s answer was to take a fork of the pie and feed it to him, nice and slow. They took turns eating the slice, laughing a bit, knowing that, this year, the story would be about the excellent treat Tera had made as a gift.  But to Baker and Tail, the truth was well known …

This was the third anniversary of the Tale, and, really, who else could make a cherry pie the right way on this special day except a Succubi’s Tail?


Thank you all that read the Tale and I hope for many anniversaries more…

More thank you’s to James for helping my writing look better than it is as always…



Nov 21 2010

The 2010 Succubi Realm Flash Challenge Part II

The 2010 Succubi Realm Flash Challenge happened earlier this year… October to be exact.

The concept of the challenge was to write a story based on the idea of there is a support group for people who have met Succubi and then returned to their regular lives. They share the stories of those meetings. Since Halloween is approaching. legend has it their Succubi will return. Some are thrilled and anxious, some are terrified.

There were two lovely entries that were shared on The Realm, the Forum of This is the last of two entries to the Challenge to be shared this year. This work is by a dear friend named S.B. who’s words are wonderful emotional things to be shared…



By S.B.

When I met the Succubi Queen, I was ready to die. It was on October 31st, 2009, it was raining cats and dogs, and I was standing on the railing of a bridge, looking down at the murky waters of a river eager to claim my soul. I was hopeless and pathetic, carrying along a semblance of humanity only on the outside, for within there was nothing but a hollow space and billowing winds of despair.

She materialized out of thin air less than two metres from where I stood about ready to say “Yes!” to oblivion. At the time I knew not who or what she was, but was immediately convinced of her supernatural origin. Though I was soaking wet, she managed to stay clear of the downpour, and her green eyes shone like two powerful lighthouses in the eye of the storm. I failed to consciously notice[ the small red horns partially hidden underneath cascades of dark, flowing hair and the tip of the tail peeking from behind her skin-tight long dress; yet my mind’s eye saw it all, and perceived she hadn’t shown herself to me without a clear purpose.

“Such a waste…” she said quietly as she tried to reach for one of my hands. “Are you really going to do that?”

“I’ve got nothing left to do,” I remember replying, drowning in self-pity over the untimely loss of all of those that had been dear to me in the recent past. “At least this way, I’ll find peace.”

“In the abyss?” she inquired, raising both her eyebrows and her voice ever so slightly but not in a threatening way. “In the darkness that loathes everything except itself and will do anything in its power to tear your memories apart and torture you until the Universe dies as well?”

“You don’t know what I’m feeling right now! I’d rather have the abyss than the pain of loneliness!”

“You’re right”, she admitted. “I don’t know, though I can sense it, as well as the potential you still carry within you. It’s currently buried under thick layers of grief that are beyond my powers. I can’t make them go away with a snap of a finger. I can, however, offer you a chance of deliverance.”

“How?” I asked. “How can you do such a thing?”

“I’m from a Realm where possibilities work differently than what you’re used to, where certain laws you think immutable are, in fact, easily bent. It’s My Realm for I’m its Queen and I’m in need of trustworthy subjects to keep it running harmoniously.”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying…”

“I’m aware of that. That’s the sorrow doing the talking for you. You’ll come to terms with it if you honour me with a simple wish.”

“And that wish is that?”

“Live. Fight the bareness of being! In exactly one year from now, I’ll return to this very place and, if you’re ready by then, I’ll give you the keys to the first door of The Realm and all the answers to your questions. Please don’t disappoint me.”

Just as quickly as she had appeared, she vanished into the night. For a few seconds, it was as if the rain still felt a trace of her regal presence and hesitated to fall in the spot she had occupied. When it finally did, I was no longer on the edge of forgetfulness but rather walking away with her words in my mind. I could feel mystic ripples in them, notes of a melody waiting to be played if I dared to learn the instrument to do so, and that meant I had to confront the titanic fiends of isolation and abandon that fuelled my desolation. Beyond the bridge, the world was waiting….

* * *

A year has already gone by and I followed her wish through. Though I’ve yet to overcome all the barriers that bind my thoughts, most of the self-imposed ones already lie in the deepest recesses of past anguish, never to be erected again. The bridge looks much more inviting now, and no rain is expected over the course of the next few days according to the weather report. All that’s left is for her to appear once more so I can thank her for the strange kindness and compassion she has shown me.

“You’re welcome”, a rich voice resonates everywhere around and, as I turn my head to ascertain the source of the sound, I see her with wide open eyes and spirit. Although, I’m sure she was as beautiful before as she is today, I can’t escape the impact of her loving gaze as it evokes in me a blissful sense of completeness unlike anything I have ever experienced.

“Your soul was broken, but I can see it’s started to mend. The flickering potential I saw before now burns brighter than an Olympic flame, and that’s exactly what The Realm needs to thrive and prosper. Will you grant me the honour of your service for as long as I require it?” she asks gallantly, as her heart-tipped tail swishes from side to side in an almost perfect hypnotic rhythm.

She already knows the answer before I even dare to utter the words. Her radiance surpasses even what I used to conceive as ‘angelic’. She wears no crown, but she’s My Queen and her ruling is pleasurable and just. I know for certain she’ll never command me to do so yet I’m already kneeling in devotion as I plant a small kiss on her latex-gloved hand.

The keys of The Realm burn passionately between my fingers… As my story ends, true deliverance begins…

Thank you for sharing your story with us dearest S.B…. A heartfelt story that touched my heart and soul so very very much…
Thank you…


Nov 20 2010

A Heroes of Newerth Succubus Drawing YouTube…

In September of this year, I found an artist named Kingaby and shared with readers of the Tale a YouTube of a work he did of a Succubus and a Samurai… You can find that Tale post here if you are interested in it…

This week I found that he has drawn another delicious Succubus and so…

And if you can’t see the embedding:

And an image, a small one, of the completed work he did of this Succubus:

This art is called Succubus and is based on the Succubi that appear in the Heroes of Newerth video game.

While I did find this on YouTube, Kingaby also posted this work on his DeviantArt site here.

I like this quite a lot, especially the tail that is so very slinky and sexy really… I’m a bit unhappy with all of the darkness around her though, it hides so much of the details in this work that it bothers me a bit.

And I really would love to have seen more of the work that Kingaby placed into this, there are so many hints of it, but darn it, you just can’t see them well…

Regardless of that, she’s sexy and has a hint of seductive evil in her which is delicious…

Her expression is a bit away from sexy, it’s more like controlled evil, but that I think is artistic license more than anything else… I think it’s interesting as well how the muscles are so well defined, she’s obviously quite strong and that’s something that you don’t normally see in images of Succubi…

Hoping that you visit Kingaby’s sites and enjoy his work!