Oct 21 2016

A Review of Impaled by the Incubus: A Sexual Demon by J. D. Braxton

Impaled by the Incubus: A Sexual Demon by J. D. Braxton

Impaled by the Incubus: A Sexual Demon by J. D. Braxton

The thing about writing very short stories is that there are opportunities missed. The semblance of a plot gets left to the side, characters that need to be explored become afterthoughts. Most of all, and this is the largest issue. compression of detail becomes the need to summarize. For story, never mind erotica, this never works well.

The transformation of a character from who they were to something they never were to be, offers the possibility of adding layers to a story. To bring about conflict, passions, needs and, most of all, the desires to be fulfilled. Handwaving and summarization does not do justice to what could be the better story by far.

It tells the story of:

Heidi McCormick wanted nothing more than just to be a normal happily married housewife. It was all put in jeopardy when an Incubus Vampire Hybrid takes possession of Heidi. Lucky for Heidi she comes from a family of powerful witches.

Heidi wishes for something more, out of her own sense of her life spiralling away from her. Answered by an incubus, who offers something she desires, her life transforms and she is called to him. But there are those that want the Heidi they love returned and that battle will come to pass for them all.

The thing about this work is that it reads, very much, like a summary of a larger story. That’s to say there’s not a lot of time spent in character development, little in the way of a cohesive plot. There’s no understanding about who the incubus character is, they aren’t even given a name. Actually, from the perspective of this being a story about having incubi appear, they really don’t do much for the majority of the story.

When they do appear, it is a fleeting moment that reads as being very disjointed and hard to follow at times. The erotica, such as it is, has little to no heat in it for me, the incubi themselves are barely characters overall. There’s more time spent in telling about what are minor characters in the story than there is for Heidi, or for that matter her husband and family. This is a shame because there should have been more time spent in telling about Heidi’s life, telling about those that live around her. The scattered explanation about the incubi leaves so much that could be told, but isn’t as well.

Then, beyond all of that, comes Heidi’s transformation. It happens so quickly, the moment passed with little bits of change that are skimmed over. These are important things, they could have happened over time, or there could have been more of a reality shift that what actually happened. The “new” Heidi was an opportunity which the author didn’t do anything with. I could see, and really it’s so very obvious, that Heidi’s new self could have been, and really should have been, a succubus. But that didn’t come. What did left a enthralled soul and not a character behind. It sucked, quite literally, the life out of the story and the possibly for something better to be told.

The chase after Heidi, which brings in additional characters, is a series of short little moments, disjointed and not really connected or telling about what happens other than in passing. That again is a missed opportunity for expanding on the story. The seduction isn’t, the moment is fleeting and when the climax comes it falls flat for how rote and insignificant it reads.

The work really needs to be expanded on. I could see ten moments that could have been pages upon pages of exposition, character development and more. But none of that was used and it needed to be. Summarizing erotic scenes doesn’t work. Skimming over events doesn’t help in understand the story. Most of all, the telling of redemption, of fighting for someone, can’t be revealed in two sentences and a footnote scene. This could have been so much more, I expected that, but it didn’t happen. That’s the real shame here.

One pitchfork out of five.

The opportunity to use Heidi’s transformation further in the work than what was is the single most disappointing point of all. There was a clear path to take, but the author didn’t touch it, or try to explore it. Instead the just used the new Heidi as a means to get to the next scene, to pull the other characters along. Passing over plot, character development, even story for what amounts to a series of moments of teasing doesn’t make for a good story.

Taking what amounts to an outline, expanding on it, making this the story that is needs to be, would be. That, most of all, would interest me just for the sake of Heidi being more than the sexy threat she became. A lot more.



Oct 21 2016

A Review of Consuming His Passion by Quinn Dixon

Consuming His Passion by Quinn Dixon

Consuming His Passion by Quinn Dixon

The thing about creating succubus characters is that they can’t be simply “evil” or “have a need” alone. To say that they appear in a story for a singular purpose is one thing, but then to offer some other story ideas and not allow them to play out is a little disappointing.

Sometimes in the telling of a story, the characters become thin, almost transparent to the reader. It’s more of a problem when there isn’t a connection with them, and that’s more the shame when the erotica comes into play. Heat without passion isn’t really all that desirable… No matter how skilled of a succubus the main character is.

  • Title: Consuming His Passion
  • Author: Quinn Dixon
  • Length: 45 Pages
  • Publishing Date: April 9, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

It tells the story of:

Angelica is intent on finding this year’s victim to gain her power and live another year as a gorgeous 25-year-old. But this year she is having a hard time finding the right man – until Joseph shows up.

Rude and overly confident, he fits the bill. But will he leave the room alive once the succubus is done with him?

Angelica is on her annual hunt to find someone to give her the thing she needs. But she is particular about whom she takes and Joseph ticks all of the boxes in the worst way possible. A sip turns into something more when he awakens her dark side and what comes next is more than Joseph expected things to be.

The work is told from Angelica’s perspective and it’s a rather odd one overall. She’s very clinical in her thinking, there’s little or no passion, no emotion. She simply is looking for a victim to draw into her power and then take a portion of their live to continue her own. Angelica seems to be not quite a stereotypical succubus in that she has certain rules that she feeds by and i have to admit that those rules I thought offered an interesting view into who she is.

The problem is that all of the hints, the thoughts about her past, the moments of decision, really aren’t explored very much. While the work is said to be 45 pages in length, there is a bonus story, which means Angelica’s story is slightly over 25 pages. Thus the work is more of a hot flash with some introduction, some set up for the erotica, and then the majority of the work is Angelica having her way with Joseph before his personality grates against Angelica’s own and then the work takes a turn for the darker.

There’s some succubus mind control and manipulation which was quite good, but beyond that the actual erotica didn’t have much heat in it for me. I didn’t like Angelica nor Joseph from the beginning of the work and that makes it very difficult to care about either of them, or see the heat simmering as the story is told. There’s a distinct lack of emotional connection overall and it’s the single flaw in this work.

Being privy to Angelica’s thoughts, it’s odd to see her thinking about things outside of what she is doing with Joseph. It seems very much like she’s done this so many times that she is acting by rote, almost bored. Even when Angelica is pleasuring herself and Joseph, there’s not any emotional heat in her words. It takes Joseph being very unkind for Angelica to find her emotions, to push herself into a different state of being in the moment.

At that point, the story became hotter, but at the same time, what Angelica’s attentions do to Joseph are odd. There’s a kind of reality disconnect around Joseph, which is odd, and when the story comes to a close, the ending left me wanting for how dispassionate Angelica returned to being and her last thoughts about what had happened.

I just found Angelica simply dislikable from the first to the last, the heat in the work wasn’t what I had expected it to be either. There’s some real difficulty to finding heat when both main characters simply do not make a connection with the reader. I wish the author hadn’t taken the story in the direction they did, being rather a stereotypical direction for Angelica as a succubus to take.

Three out of five pitchforks.

I found myself thinking of a better story, actually two of them. What would Angelica’s reaction be to taking from someone good, which she avoids, or more interestingly, what if she took from someone that thought they were “evil” but weren’t? What happens then? That’s the story that I wonder about for who Angelica seems to be. This story had its moments, but didn’t find its footing in my eyes.



Oct 20 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 457

There hasn’t been a cheerleader Succubus as the Succubi of the Week for some time… I think that needs to be corrected with a cute image of one…

Cheerleading Succubus by Dino-master

Cheerleading Succubus by Dino-master

This art is called Cheerleading Succubus and is by the artist Dino-master on DeviantArt. You can find the original page on DeviantArt where I found this work here and this artist’s page can be found here.

This is simply fun. Just so much cuteness, playfulness and joy about her. The only thing I wish she had was a tail and horns instead of her headwings, but she is an anime Succubus and they are a bit more popular, mainly because of Morrigan. Nonetheless, her entire look just works in the best possible way.

I like the idea of Succubi Cheerleaders, not just for the really fun and silly stories that can be told, but there’s just something about the concept, how to make that work that appeals to me at the moment…

Must ponder I think…



Oct 19 2016

Once more they say Delight, but I’m not so sure

Devilish Delight CostumeThere are so many devil costumes that claim to be a “delight.” Really that is in the eye of the beholder, or the one that wears the costume. Still, the designers do have to give the costume a name, and it is as good as any other one really. However, when the “delight” isn’t so much in the costume as one of the accessories… That can be a problem…

This is the Devilish Delight Costume and it comes with the dress, but not the tutu which otherwise would seem to be part of it. The horns and the gloves the model is wearing are included, but not the stockings or the shoes. It sells for $45 US.

So, the thing that bothers me about this is that the entire image here is a bit of a mirage. Really the costume isn’t complete without some accessories and adding them brings the cost of this to about $140 US. Which is simply too much.

There are so many other costumes that are as expensive, are more complete, and actually stand out compared to this.

However, I will admit to rather liking the stockings, and recalling a story I wrote here on the Tale called “Knee Socks” and giggling a bit over them.

I don’t really care for the horns, the costume itself is rather plain. As such, as it is the stockings, and for that matter, the shoes, that attract me the most, I can’t say that I would really think about this costume as an option for Halloween…

Too much ballerina for me I think.

One and a half pitchforks out of five.

There’s better. Really there is.



Oct 18 2016

A Review of Taken By A Demon by Georgia Lucas

Taken By A Demon by Georgia Lucas

Taken By A Demon by Georgia Lucas

A review of a new series in which one of the main characters is an incubus, but one that I dearly hope, all things considered, won’t turn out to be stereotypical before the story comes to a close.

Some see the art of summoning as a lark, a game, something to play with. The thing is, if you happen to have something the summoning, or rather the summoned wants, then it’s not a game anymore.

Then one can find themselves being the toy and being toyed with.

The work tells the story of:

When college student Rose participates in a silly fertility ritual, she thinks it’s all in dumb fun. Little does she know of the true consequences–unknowingly forming a pact with an incubus. She owes her virginity to a demon, and he has the right to enjoy for as long as he pleases.

Can Rose survive the ordeal? Will she be able to gratify this demon of lust before the morning breaks?

Rose finds herself in the midst of a ceremony that’s supposed to make her sex life better. The thing is that she doesn’t have one to speak of… because she’s never done it before. Still, fun with friends is fun and when it’s over, there no harm done. Except soon after an incubus comes calling and Rose discovers that the summoning is very real and she’s made a deal with the incubus, who intends to collect on it.

The work is rather short, honestly I think there was a lot of opportunity for Rose’s story to be told more outside of her group of friends than it was. Beyond that, Rose is just an interesting character and there’s a lot to like about her. For me, the loss of what makes Rose who she is left a lot behind. Rose has some issues to work through, she has some thoughts and ideas to explore, but the ceremony she gets dragged into pushes that telling away for a little bit of teenage fun and games.

This, of course, leads into Rose a bit later in the work finding herself at the mercy of an incubus that she unknowingly summoned. The incubus, who isn’t named, appears at first rather demonic in appearance before transforming into a sex god who has his way with Rose. He’s very dominant, pushing Rose to her limits, and has one thing in mind which, sadly, is having sex with Rose in every way possible.

The erotica is a pair of hot flashes, mostly focused on the incubus having his way with Rose, but allowing that she has what she wants from the encounter. There are clear hints of stereotypical behavior by the incubus such as Rose not being able to move, he teasing Rose until she submits to him and so on. There’s also a darker side, suggesting that Rose’s situation is dire which can be a theme going forwards as well if the author pushes that point in the series.

I didn’t find the erotica all that hot, really it was a bare simmer for me and I think most of that came from the attitude and dialogue of the incubus himself. He just didn’t interest me, certainly not in the same way that Rose did. He read as being very much one-dimensional and I think he doesn’t need to be. As well, referring to him as incubus throughout the work became bothersome and didn’t allow for any sort of connection to be made with him.

There is a story here and I’d like that story to be more than a night of Rose at the mercy of the incubus. It doesn’t need to be a love story, but it needs to be more than just Rose being used, over and over again which seems to be the theme so far. I can see three really interesting paths for the series, the question is which the author will go with or will they only write about the sex. We’ll see what comes next, if anything does.

Three out of five pitchforks.

There’s an interesting story underneath the erotica that’s trying to come out and I hope that the author manages to do so. Rose has a past to explore, the incubus needs a name, and the question of where all this winds up I think is very open. Because of that I’m hoping the author can avoid making the incubus as stereotypical as he could turn out to be. That doesn’t have to happen, there’s hints it doesn’t but only time, and hopefully another work in this series, will tell.



Oct 18 2016

A Review of Succubus: A Scary Erotic Tale by Trystana Towers

Succubus: A Scary Erotic Tale by Trystana Towers

Succubus: A Scary Erotic Tale by Trystana Towers

There are some stories where I’m not exactly sure about several things. Sometimes that is the question of what the story is about. Sometimes that is trying to put the method of telling the story into better focus for myself. And many times the question is: Is there a succubus in this work or not?

Perception is everything. It is said that what your reality is comes back to the question of how you deal with what you encounter. Many times that is your own needs and wants, sometimes that comes to what others think they are able to give. Either way, whomever is right, someone is going to be wrong.

  • Title: Succubus: A Scary Erotic Tale
  • Author: Trystana Towers
  • Length: 9 Pages
  • Publishing Date: April 6, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

A wannabe Goth goes insane after he has a strange sexual encounter with some kind of wraith… succubus… or might it be… something else?

A story of confused memories, needs and wants that might tell of an encounter with a succubus, or not, it depends on what your reality is.

This is a very short work, and being so there’s not really a lot of character development or telling much beyond what is a very short piece of slightly odd to read erotica. The work isn’t written in what might be called an expected method. It is, in a way, a sort of internal monologue the main character has with himself. Being so, there’s many moments when the reality is oddly warped, shifted, and to say what is real and what isn’t cannot be well told.

There is an air of mystery around what happens, the events that unfold, which then brings the question of if a succubus is actually part of this story. From one perspective, the answer is no, from another, the answer might be yes. There’s really no clear answer either way simply because the main character cannot say themselves.

The encounter at least has the overall air of being slightly succubus-like, tending towards a bit of a more horror erotica aspect which, while interesting, didn’t really do much for me. Part of that was a lack of heat and part of it was simply how odd things were to read.

It is a unique work, there’s no question. As for the question of the succubus herself, that depends on who’s perspective, who’s reality you tend to hold.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

An interesting concept overall, though how things are displayed gets somewhat confused along the way. Much too short, really this feels like the opening for something more somehow. Is there a succubus in this story? That’s hard to say really. Perhaps that, in the end, is the point after all.



Oct 17 2016

The Second Coming – Part III By TeraS

Part Three of the ongoing story I’ve been working on for Halloween this October on the Tale. If you’d like to read the prior two parts of this story, you can find them here on the Tale.

Sometimes we do things that, at the moment they happen, we believe to be the right thing. We make a choice and pray that the best happens. However, there are those that set events into motion where knowing what will happen and looking forward to the result. Because not all things are as they seem, and many of them can turn out to be the worst things of all …


The Second Coming
Part III
By TeraS


The hotel was a speck in the distance as Mandy fumed, time ticking away from her. The cab was stuck in traffic, and it was taking ages to get to Cleo, time that she feared she couldn’t afford to waste.

It did, however, allow her to think about what she’d learned about her Cleo. Thinking of Cleo as being her’s, even if that wasn’t exactly true, caused a smile to appear. She loved Cleo, really had from the moment they’d met, ages ago. The guilty wish that she made with shocking regularity came to her thoughts once more: “If only …”

The rest was between herself and those above that might be listening.

The smile ebbed away as the apprentice put the pieces together as best she could. Cleo and … whomever he was—damn him for not saying his name—had been caught in the whims of otherworldly beings and had suffered for that. Somehow, and she didn’t know how, exactly, they’d both managed to get free, cover up the mess and moved on.

At least Cleo seemed to. He, on the other hand, Mandy wasn’t so sure about. She scanned the buildings around her as the cab started to move again, her thoughts now picking apart his story. Was he the one to be possessed first, or was it Cleo? Did she take him, or vice versa? The story she had didn’t say one way or the other.

Either way, in the end it didn’t seem to matter all that much. He’d become the incubus and Cleo had been transformed … probably … it was so unclear … into a succubus. Mandy couldn’t help but pull on her hair in frustration over that, wondering why it had failed, how they had become themselves again. But most troubling of all: how was it that someone else had been possessed by a succubus, and what did she want? Something in all of this didn’t make any sense, and it was bothering her.

The rumbling of the cab over a curb finally announced that she’d arrived at her destination. Throwing more money at the cabbie than the ride could have possibly cost, Mandy shoved the door open, rushing into the hotel in the next moment.

It wasn’t the most modern of hotels, and, if Mandy had cared, she might even be somewhat surprised at the “old world” charm of the place. But she didn’t, her focus being on the young receptionist. Idly, in passing, Mandy thought she looked a bit stern for her age, but then she supposed that was more a reflection of the hotel than the woman herself. “Room key for Sister Miranda, please?”

There was a palatable pause as the holder of the keys looked Mandy over, considering that the young nun didn’t exactly look like she was “religious”—whatever that meant. But Cleo’s assistant she had already slung the backpack onto the desk before pulling a card out of her pocket and handing across the oak tabletop. The pause continued a bit further, as Mandy wondered if, had she appeared in a habit, there’d be half as much delay. Her temper got the better of her: “Is there a problem? Shall we call Sister Cléophée?”

Her card vanished behind the desk and a bronze key attached to a plastic fob was placed in front of her. “Sorry, Sister. You …” again there was a pause, a delay, “… don’t look like what I expected.”

“How do you mean?”

The answer was, in its own way, telling: “I was expecting someone much older.”

And there it was, the entire issue between Mandy and Cleo: their ages.

“Of course you were. Sorry to disappoint.”

What came next was … confusing. The strawberry blonde smiled: “Oh … so not disappointed.” That smile followed Mandy right to the elevators … and it made her shiver.

Many floors above, Cleo was sitting beside the bay window in her room, not seeing the view outside—which only consisted of another building’s brickwork and a sliver of light that was heating the bricks. She had been considering what to do, and she didn’t particularly like where her studies had taken her. The case she had brought was resting between her chair and the window, the seals broken and one item from within the case now laid on the table in front of her. An ancient work, telling of banishing spells, orders of control, and more darker things that were, so it was told, the only means to overcome a succubus, or incubus for that matter.

Sacrifices would have to be made.

That thought was interrupted by a key rattling in the door: “Damn it, Cleo! You’d better be in there!”

Mandy? So soon? Cleo hadn’t expected her, wasn’t prepared for her. Her eyes fell upon the open page and, as Mandy threw the door open, she closed the book, hiding away what she knew she had to do.

Time came to a crawl. Mandy was framed in the doorway, her expression a mixture of worry, concern, and something approaching terror. Cleo’s hand rested on the book, her expression as neutral as she could make it … until Mandy spoke: “In God’s name, Cleo. I want the truth no matter what, and I want it right now!”

Cleo’s eyes turned away: “You met him. How … is he?”

She didn’t look as the door was slammed shut, nor as she heard the sound of Mandy’s backpack being thrown into a corner of the room. Cleo did look—she didn’t have a choice—when her cheek was touched by Mandy’s fingers.

Mandy stood there, her red hair wild, her expression pained and hurt. The saying on her shirt, asking for cuddles, made Cleo sigh: “Is … he …?”

“He’s there. Said to say ‘Hi’ … among other things.”

The senior partner brought her hand to touch her junior’s, carefully moving it aside: “Mandy …”

“No! Just … Damn it, Cleo, tell me what the hell’s going on!”

She didn’t want to. She was certain that telling Mandy everything would likely get her young lover damned. She’d be as cursed as Cleo was … and she wasn’t going to do that. This was her burden, and she’d make things right no matter the cost.

“He and I were … attracted to each other, a long time ago.”

Mandy nodded as she took the other chair by the table and focused her attention on Cleo: “I figured that.”

“Does that upset you?”

Mandy’s expression was hurt: “No! Why would it? I wasn’t around then, so how can I be upset about you being happy? For fuck’s sake, Cleo, haven’t you figured out that I just want you to be happy?”

“I’m … too old. You’ve got your entire life ahead of you, and …”

“… and it’s my choice who I want to be with, to care about, and yes, believe it or not, Cleo, you don’t get the right to tell me who I want to fuck, either.”

Cleo’s eyes were wide as she peered through her glasses, her voice being lost in that admission. But they got larger still as the redhead continued: “I don’t care about your age or mine. I don’t care who’s older. What I do care about is that I love you.” The dark-haired scholar was going to protest, but Mandy’s hand covered her own resting on top of the book: “You care about me, Cleo, I know that. You don’t have to say you love me back, but I am telling you I love you.” The passionate novice nodded at the book: “I want you to know that. I know you well enough to know that you, dearest Cléophée, are about to do something incredibly stupid. But, before you do, you’re going to know that I need you, that I’m not leaving you, and that I’ll do whatever I have to.”

The room was silent for a time, the two looking at each other for several moments before Cleo answered: “It is incredibly stupid.”

Mandy shook her head: “Of course it is.”

“She’s possessed by the succubus. This book explains that she’s a vessel, not in control of what she does. The succubus uses her body, growing in power, feeding. She’s building a nest for her thralls to protect her. That takes time. She probably has at least one by now. She probably has her hooks into a lot of others.”

Mandy’s thoughts turned to the receptionist downstairs: “How can you tell?”

“We can’t. There’s nothing, really, that would be obvious to us. Oh, they might be more sexually active, their sexual congress being a means for the succubus to feed faster.” Cleo nodded at the case: “There’s an item in there that warns when one is close by.”

“Have you checked?”

“I did when I arrived. It seems like we’re safe enough.”

Mandy’s tension ebbed slightly. That woman downstairs must have a thing for redheads or something. “Okay. What’s your plan, then?”

“We go to her.”

“That’s bad idea number one.”

“I have to get in the same room with her.”

“That’s bad idea number two.”

“I’ll have to be touching her when I recite the hymn to banish her back into the emerald she was imprisoned in.”

“Annnd that’s number three.”

There had been little conflict between them in all of the years they’d know each other, but this time there was going to be some. “Who else is going to do this? You? You haven’t a clue what to do!”

“I’ll learn! Cleo! Listen to yourself!”

“No! You are not! I will not let you!”

“Fuck that, Cleo! I’m not going to lose you because of some bitch from hell!”

“I won’t be lost!”

“Bullshit! You’re going to be a martyr, and I know what that means!”

Cleo’s next words were a whisper: “Miranda … I do love you.”

“Then … why?”

Cleo looked almost ancient as she replied: “I’ve been through this. I know what she’s feeling, trapped inside, not being able to act, to do anything to stop … it. Even if I had to kill the soul trapped. It’s what I would do if it was you that was possessed.”

“Cléophée …”

“You cannot understand what it’s like … The … need … how strong it is, what you’d do to feed it.”

“No, I can’t. Please …”

“I wasn’t possessed by a succubus, I was the succubus. I was—every part of me—a succubus in all ways that mattered. I threw him to the ground, rode him, fucked him, and made him cum over and over.”

Mandy’s eyes widened at Cleo’s admission. She’d never talked like this often, if at all.

“I craved his lusts, I suckled on his needs. I drove myself on his cock relentlessly. I was sex incarnate. I wanted more and more, but I couldn’t reach that perfect orgasm that I knew was there, just out of reach.”

“What … stopped you?”

Cleo laughed a bitter laugh: “I couldn’t have the orgasm that would complete me. Not that I didn’t try, not that he didn’t try. We fucked in the catacombs for hours, every possible and impossible way you can’t imagine.”

“What happened when it was over?”

“We were a sweaty mound of flesh, covered in dirt. Anything that I cared about him wasn’t there any more: a … pound of flesh for my not becoming the succubus that he wanted. We couldn’t even look at each other. We sealed up the damned place and went our separate ways.”

Not the complete truth, but good enough that Mandy nodded, accepting it: “Which explains why he went where he did, but not why this succubus appeared near him. Why not you?”

Cleo thought for a moment: “I think that Amber, the girl possessed, found the emerald somewhere on her travels; she’s an archaeology assistant. Her home’s here, the apartment the succubus is using as her nest. She might have come into physical contact with it at the university. The succubus would know that he was nearby and tried to draw him to her.”

“Instead, he called.”

“Yes. He did.”

“And now you’re here.”


“You do realize that this is a trap?”

“I know. I still have to stop this.”

Mandy’s eyes fell upon the book: “Wonderful. When do we …”

“The tomes say that we have to catch her feeding.”


“After midnight … before three in the morning.”

Mandy looked at her phone: “A lot of time till then.”

“Better get some rest.”

Neither did, if they were honest with themselves, but sometimes sleep isn’t as important as being.

They arrived at the apartment at one in the morning. The entire building was silent, lights out or dimmed. The hallways weren’t lit up, but why would they be? Sane people weren’t creeping around at one in the morning, after all.

The only light that was seen outside was coming from Amber’s apartment. But even if there hadn’t been a light on, the moans were calling out to Cleo and Mandy as the two made their way upwards.

Amber, or what had become her, was very much awake … and feeding … loudly. It should have been enough to keep the entire building awake, someone making that much noise would wake the dead, Mandy thought.

“She’s loud.”

“The place is under her spell. She’s feeding off their dreams and the one she’s …”

Mandy nodded: “I get it.”

The rest didn’t need to be explained.

The door to her apartment opened easily. It wasn’t locked; why would it be? The succubus controlled Amber, she controlled the building. There was no reason for it to lock the door. Once inside, they found a typical university post-grad’s meager apartment: put-together furniture, books for tables, a living room was strewn with take-out boxes, some empty, some not so much so. Clothing was strung here and there, some women’s, some men’s. It was clear that nothing really mattered around them.

Save for whatever was going on in the bedroom. Cleo held the book in her hands, a finger marking the page she needed in case she forgot the words. Mandy was beside her, waiting for the moment to rush in with Cleo. They hadn’t noticed the change when they came in, but it suddenly struck Mandy. The screaming and moaning had stopped. The apartment was as still as a tomb: “Fuck. She knows we’re here.”

Cleo nodded as they approached the bedroom door. Cleo motioned to Mandy to stay behind her as she looked around the corner. She hoped, dearly, that it wasn’t going to be how she remembered things from so long ago.

It wasn’t. But it was worse in so many ways.

Amber—what had been Amber—was hovering over her victim, who had a glazed look in his eyes. Her hair was red, so amazingly red, cascading down her back in a mangled wave of curls. But it wasn’t as red as Mandy’s. Somehow that thought made Cleo nibble her lip and catch her breath.

Amber bent over at her waist, her hands on either side of him. Cleo couldn’t see exactly what the succubus was doing, but the sound of her thrall sucking in a breath made it clear. She’d wrapped her lips around his cock, taking him deeply. Cleo was mesmerized by her back undulating as she caressed his shaft with her tongue and lips. He bucked every time her lips bottomed out on him.

Cleo tried to look away, but Amber’s hand, her long red nails appearing between her legs then starting to toy with her clit, held her. Cleo shuddered, her vision held by the scene, her ears hearing nothing but the slurping and needful moaning of her thrall.

It took Mandy pulling Cleo back to break the spell. Even so, the sounds didn’t stop now. Amber’s moans mixing with her thrall’s as she continued to take him deeply. Mandy looked at Cleo with worry. Cleo nodded and managed a wan smile, even as her sex trembled and weeped from what she’d seen. Mandy pushed her way around Cleo, then looked herself to see what was going on.

The assistant found the succubus’ host stoking her thrall’s shaft, it being slick and wet with her saliva. She licked the tip, he cried in need, and she pushed him back on the bed. Many watched the succubus tie her victim up with scarfs, holding him fast, before she straddled him and his cock, which was pointing upward. He tried to thrust himself upwards, to envelope his need in her slick hot sex. but she refused him.

He was hers. Not the other way around.

Mandy looked back to her mentor, she reading the page in the book, mouthing the words to herself in preparation. The succubus wasn’t feeding, just yet. Cleo had explained what that moment was. When she looked again, Mandy found Amber playing with her food. She lowered herself, achingly slowly, onto him. No human could possibly have managed what Mandy witnessed, as it took almost an entire minute for Amber to edge him slowly within her sex. Inch by inch she took him until with a lustful cackle of pleasure. She had trapped him beneath her.

As Mandy watched, Cleo stifled a moan in surprise. She could feel it. She felt every bump and ridge as Amber lowered herself upon him. It became far worse when the succubus started to ride him, her glistening folds gripping his shaft, milking him, drawing from him what she desired. The elder nun’s hips bucked in time as the succubus screamed in pleasure as she came … as she fed.

That realization broke the spell, and Cleo rushed past Mandy before she could react. The door slammed shut the moment Cleo was inside and all that Mandy could do was beat her hands against it, screaming Cleo’s name.

The succubus didn’t turn to look: “Cléophée.”

In spite of the slickness of her sex, Cleo managed a growl of anger: “Demon spawn.”

Amber laughed: “It takes one to know one.” A grunt of pleasure came, then Amber turned to look at her visitor, her wild mane of red framed seduction. Her curves were mesmerizing, and there, in the middle of her cleavage, was that damned piece of jewelry, bound to Amber’s body, warping her.

Cleo’s hands gripped the book tighter: “Release her.”

Amber giggled, then looked at her thrall and purred: “Cum.”

His scream was ecstasy, pain, and submission mixed into one unforgettable sound. Amber licked her lips and savoured the taste: “mmm … Never. So deliciously wanton they are. So easily corrupted to serve … me.”

The wave of his soul that washed through the room drove Cleo to her knees. The book fell to her side, one hand on top of it, the other desperately searching for her clit, trying to make herself orgasm in spite of herself. Her breath caught, her vision blurred.

“Nnnnnooo … I … I won’t let you.”

Outside of the room, Mandy heard the screams, and her banging on the door became more and more frantic. Seeing no other choice, she ran outside of the apartment. A fire axe was nearby and, in the next moment, she was trying to smash through the door, screaming Cleo’s name at the top of her lungs. The pastor’s warning echoed in her mind: “Do not leave her alone with the succubus.”

Cleo stumbled to her feet, the book left on the floor. Her legs wobbled, her sex drooled, her mind was awash in the pleasure the succubus was taking. As her fingers took hold of Amber’s hair, Cleo’s thoughts were of Mandy.

Then, she spoke the words. Words of banishment, her other hand taking hold of Amber’s arm. Words of damnation, her body pressed against Amber’s back. The Word as her hand moved from Amber’s hair to touch the jewel above her cleavage from which the succubus had come.

Mandy smashed the door open as a wave of red light exploded from within and threw her away from the door, leaving her crumpled in the middle of the living room. She looked at the open doorway, the room dark, the red light vanquished. She groaned in pain, crawling over to see within, fearing, praying.

The scene within was nothing that she expected. On the bed was the man Amber had been feeding from, out cold, but alive. draped over him was … Amber … Amber from before the succubus came into her life. Mandy stumbled over to them both, checking to be sure they were breathing. Amber was face down on the bed and Mandy turned her over. Amber was just another ordinary girl, nothing more. Between Amber and the man lay the emerald. It looked harmless, ordinary, nothing like the threat it was holding within itself.

Then she saw Cleo’s legs on the far side of the bed. It was but a moment before she was holding Cleo in her arms, her body like a rag doll. Mandy said a prayer as she watched Cleo’s chest rise and fall.

They’d won. They’d saved Amber, Cleo was alive, and things were going to be okay. She hugged Cleo’s body to her own, her hands stroking through Cleo’s hair aimlessly. Cleo looked to be asleep, she didn’t seem to have any broken bones, and there weren’t any bumps or bruises.

Mandy smiled softly as she pushed some of Cleo’s hair, with its enchanting red highlights, away from her forehead, which she kissed gently.

Then something brought her up short: Cleo’s hair had never had any red in it.

But this red was almost as brilliant as her own.